Peach Martine “Romeo & Juliet

We were so excited to check out Peach Martine and her new single “Romeo & Juliet”

“Romeo &Juliet is pure pop-punk gold it pairs high energy production mixed with Peach’s on point vocals. It’s a crank it to 11 kind of song that you just want to scream out as loud as you can .

‘Romeo and Juliet’ is the perfect song for your chaotic yet awesome love story,” Peach says of her new single. “It’s loud and high energy, with the same wit and flirtatiousness in the lyrics that keeps a relationship’s flame alive.”

You can check out “Romeo and Juliet “ Here

We can’t wait to hear more from Peach

Jamie Beale “Borderline “

Jamie Beale- Borderline

We recently listen to Jamie Beale and his latest new highly addicting song “Borderline”

“Borderline” is a big bombastic tune that grabs you with the opening bass line and doesn’t let you go . Jamie Beale who is known as the vocalist and lyricist for the rock band “Novatines” soars to thunderous new heights with the absolutely stunning “Borderline”

Jamie Beale is a masterclass vocalist and it is on full display on “Borderline” You can listen to “Borderline” on Spotify Here and Apple Music Here

We can’t for more music from Jamie Beale

Ralph Of London – Yellow Sky Highway E.P.

Ralph Of London- Yellow Sky Highway

We have heard the future of music greatness and their name is Ralph Of London . Currently based between London and the North of France . Ralph Of London who formed in 2016 as a solo project by songwriter ,drummer and producer Ralph Phillips .

Ralph Of London are master craftsmen of perfectly perfected pop music . We here at The Whole Kameese have decided if we ever have to have bad news delivered to us , we want it done in song by Ralph Of London. They have an unbelievable ability to take any subject matter and give a danceable happy spin .

The wonderful rich wall of sound that is developed on Yellow Sky Highway is an absolutely stunning display of the amazing musicianship between (Ralph Phillips , Vocals,Guitar , Diane Verspeeten , Vocals, Synth, Léopold Lecoq, Backing Vocals, Synth,Bass , François Brekmans , Drums , Synth ) is an absolute thing of beauty .

Ralph Of London make spectacular use of having both lead male and lead female vocals in the band. The opening track “Rose Of Shame” is a brilliant pop tune that has a very upbeat tone matched with marvelous vocals by Diane Verspeeten accented with gorgeous harmonies.

“White Bred Blues “ comes across as a bright larger than life tune that seems like the perfect song that could energize a whole arena .

The video for “White Bred Blues “ was shot

by Sheherazade Bodin, follows a former homeless man of over twenty years through the streets as he takes her inside what his life once was.

On “Guillotine Kisses “ Ralph Of London, once again sprinkle their magical brand of pop music goodness and bring upbeat tones to an otherwise somber subject.

We liked the change of pace with “Lys” it has an almost hypnotic feel to it . Both the vocals and instruments are in perfect rhythmic sync .

The final track on the masterpiece that is Yellow Sky Highway is “Flowers Of Edo is a dreamy pop tune that flows perfectly and has almost a futuristic feel to it .

We were beyond impressed with Ralph Of London and their epic masterpiece Yellow Sky Highway because not only do they put out incredible music but the have a video game !!!!

It’s an online climate conscious video game that you can check out Here

You can check out Yellow Sky Highway on Spotify Here and on Apple music Here

Do yourself a favor and check out the amazing Ralph Of London and their masterpiece Yellow Sky Highway

Nine Inch Nails Added To Boston Calling !

We are super pumped to learn that Boston Calling the acclaimed three day festival making it’s much awaited return to Allston MA this Memorial Day weekend May 27th -29

Announced today is the addition of Rock & Roll hall of fame inductees and Grammy award winners Nine Inch Nails as a headliner to this years festival. Making their return to the road for the first time in four years !!!

Nine Inch Nails will close out the first night of the festival on Friday night May 27th .

As previously announced, the festival will be headlined on Saturday, May 28th and Sunday, May 29th by alternative rockers, The Strokes, and rock & roll icons, Metallica, respectively. These three powerful rock bands will lead a lineup of over 50 performers, including the largest collection of regional talent ever to take the stage at Boston Calling, and an incredibly diverse mix of globally recognized music stars, including RüfüsDu Sol, Weezer, HAIM, Glass Animals, Run The Jewels, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Avril Lavigne, Black Pumas, Modest Mouse, Goose, Cheap Trick, Oliver Tree, EARTHGANG, Orville Peck, The Struts, and many more.

We here at the Whole Kameese are so excited for Boston calling . Not only is it a great festival but, it is also right in our backyard.

We will have much more on Boston Calling in the coming weeks .

Chateau Chateau – Push Your Luck

We absolutely love the amazing energy Tucson based Chateau Chateau give off in their music it is absolutely electric . we recently listened to their latest single “Push your Luck” which will be on their new full-length Push Your Luck via Kill Rock Stars in May.

“Push Your Luck” is a catchy straight ahead speeding bullet of a song that grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go . You can check out the video for Push Your Luck below .

Jake Benjamin – Broken Stars L.P.

Jake Benjamin- Broken Stars

We consider it a treat anytime we get a chance to listen to music from Jake Benjamin . We recently checked out his latest 12 song L.P “Broken Stars “

The remarkable sounding record includes the five songs that were included on the Broken Stars E.P. That means we are treated to seven new songs this time around .

The opening track “It Comes as A Friend “ featuring Carey Clayton is a mesmerizing track that shows Jake Benjamin’s voice at it’s absolute best . The vocal power exhibited in the song is just magnificent.

We really enjoyed “Under The lights” featuring Elena Escudero . The song is note perfect and is an elegant and beautiful composition.

There is a very mystical and playful feeling with “Of water and Air “ we especially liked how it felt like it melted into “A sun set too Soon featuring Adelide, and Dominic Ingham.

The delicate “4 Hours “ is a brilliantly crafted love song that we enjoyed completely.

The title track “Broken Stars “ finds Jake Benjamin at the absolute top of his game . He is a master of projecting beautiful and amazing imagery that add a such a wonderful additional dimension to his already outstanding musical compositions.

We highly recommend that you treat you soul to the magic and beauty that is Jake Benjamin . you can listen to Broken Stars Here

Old Currents- “The Glory”

Photo Credit Ryan Struck -Daily Grime Media

We listen to a lot of music here at The Whole Kameese and it’s all kinds of music from rock,chant , dance and punk . Sometimes a band and or a song comes along that just really stands out to us . A few weeks ago we listened to “The Glory” by Trenton NJ Alt rockers Old Currents .

“The Glory” is hands down one of the most authentic rock songs we have heard in a while . The song has this grit and honesty to it that you just can’t fake . No magic just a group of musicians who clearly put their hearts and souls into the music .

We can not wait for “The Glory,The Defeat “ to drop we have a feeling it’s going to be one hell of a record .

You can watch the video for “The Glory “ below

That Summer “ Dangerous Backgrounds “

That Summer “Dangerous Backgrounds “

We recently listened to the amazingly awesome new single “Dangerous New Backgrounds by That Summer .

That Summer who is fronted by Charles Rocha has a major future hit on their hands with Dangerous Backgrounds.

This song is like a fully loaded SUV… it has everything great melodies punk under tones and strong vocals with killer lyrics. The song has a very mid west working class feel almost reminds us of John Mellencamp you can watch the video for Dangerous Backgrounds below

You can also listen to the track Here

We can’t wait to hear more from That Summer

Deaf Lingo- Reception

We can only hope some day we get to hang out with Deaf Lingo . I mean their fourth single “Reception “ which will be on their up coming record “Lingonberry “ later this month is about a pool party .

Deaf Lingo

Deaf Lingo’s singer and guitarist Sandro comments:

”The song is about what happened on our way back from a walk in the mountains. That afternoon went to our singer Sandro’s place and there was a pool party without us knowing. Our landlords were away on vacation, and their son was secretly having a party, with pools and lots of free booze. It was a really fun day and Mauro, our drummer, was thrown into the pool all dressed as a hiker.”

The song is everything we love about Deaf Lingo . It’s fast , fun and it absolutely rocks you can check out the song below