We Have A Feeling That The Latest Single From LOVEBREAKERS Is Going To “Spark” A Lot Of Interest…. This Song is Phenomenal

LOVEBREAKERS release new song “Spark” off their upcoming full length ‘Wonder’ out later this year on Wiretap Records


Upcoming Tour with Reminders

We had the privilege to check out the new single “Spark“ this is power pop punk at it’s absolute best . I mean these guys are like Brit-pop but with a punk rock soul. This band is absolutely flawless and not to mention they write the kind of music that you hum for days (that’s a good thing )

You can check out “Spark” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here you can also check out the video below

Frontman Jack Perry says ‘’“Spark” portrays a person who has lost all motivation and as a result, become fed up with who they are. Some days we bathe in self-pity, whether that is disliking the way that we look, the way we treat ourselves or simply through boredom in our lives. “Spark” is a song which represents a lack of activity, alongside a constant battle of trying be a better person.’’

The new material was produced by Thomas Mitchener ( The Damned, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, The Futureheads, Gallows) & mixed by Grammy Award-winning Chris Dugan (Weezer, Green Day, Iggy Pop). Completing a 6-week European & UK Tour with Social Distortion after being asked personally by Mike Ness himself to open the tour, the band head out on a headline UK tour at the end of January.

Catch them kicking out the jams in Glasgow, Nottingham, Manchester, London, Bath & Birmingham with Reminders.

You can check out the dates below

29/01 • Glasgow • The Old Hairdressers

30/01 • Nottingham • Bodega

31/01 • Manchester • Castle Hotel

01/02 • London • The Black Heart

02/02 • Bath • Moles

03/02 • Birmingham • The Flapper

If your still looking for a new song to obsess over in 2023 we think “Spark” by LOVEBREAKERS is an excellent choice . We think the boys from Birmingham, UK (Jack,Chino,and Nathan are about to have an incredible year

RAGS AND RICHES Gives US An Epic Party Anthem With “Holiday”

We recently Checked out the epic new party anthem “Holiday” from Lexington, Kentucky based brother duo RAGS AND RICHES ( Brothers Tanner and Peyton Whitt) ,. All we have to say is … If this song doesn’t get your pulse moving nothing will .

You can listen to “Holiday” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here and you can check out the amazing video below

“Holiday” comes in like a rocket , starting 2023 off with a huge bang, their latest single “holiday.” is the ultimate feel good track to add to your party playlists. Seeing the duo head towards a more mainstream pop sound, “holiday.” is reminiscent of Foster the People and Glass Animals. Radiating good vibes, this is a carefree anthem about living your life to the fullest, with Tanner explaining, “It came from a place of feeling burnt out on the schedule we were living. We had been doing the same schedule for a few years and this was our “get me out of this way of living” mindset.”

Oozing attitude and bursting with energy, Tanner continues, “Peyton produced the beat and then we called our good friend DeMarko Murphy in to help write this one. Between the three of us I think we nailed the carefree/get me out of this “normal” way of living.”

We are absolutely digging RAGS And RICHES and their blazing song “Holiday “

We can’t wait for more

It’s Friday And… We Get A New Track From Dead Alright???? It’s Like We Won The Lottery.

Montreal’s Dead Alright (the solo project of Brand New Lungs frontman Louis-Charles Berthiaume) releases new single “Strong Enough To Fail”

We are so excited to check out “Strong Enough To Fail “ from Dead Alright . This song is an absolutely punk rock gem.

The track is an upbeat pop-punk rager about being strong enough to learn from your mistakes, whether it be bailing on a kickflip or opening yourself to something new.

We hope the tracks keep on coming because, more epic songs from Dead Alright means more epic Friday office dance parties

Stream “Strong Enough To Fail” on DSPs

Long Island’s Gone Stereo Gives Us An Epic Video For “Don’t Think I Forgot About You”

We recently checked out the epic new video that premiered today on Blank TV from Gone Stereo for, their song “Don’t Think I Forgot About You”

Singer Matty Lupinacci says Getting dumped sucks, but sometimes you move onto better things and you don’t look back. When your ex hits the dating pool, realizes you’re great and wants you back…it may be too late.”

The band has announced a string of shows in Jan/Feb including supporting stints for Boys Of Fall on Jan 28 in Williamsburg and Hidden In Plain View in NYC on Jan 29. See all dates below.

Show dates:

Jan 28 at The Meadows, (Williamsburg) Brooklyn, NY with Boys of Fall

Jan 29 at Gramercy Theatre, New York, NY with Hidden In Plain View

Feb 25 at Mr. Beery’s, Bethpage, NY with Skappository (live album recording)

Gone Stereo’s latest 2 song single is out now via Negative Progression Records, which is available to stream here: https://orcd.co/dontthinkiforgotaboutyou

Recorded and mastered by John Naclerio at Nada Studios, and mixed by Sam Guaiana (Silverstein), “Don’t Think I Forgot About You” is an early 2000s pop-punk flashback reminiscent of MxPx, Autopilot Off, The Ataris, Allister to name a few. Catchy hooks, driving melodies and memorable choruses, We are absolutely hooked we can’t wait for more

Stay Out Deliver An Instant Classic With “Don’t Trust Your Government” Featuring Quin Manchester

We were super excited to check out a brand new track from East Bay punks Stay Out

You can listen to Don’t Trust Your Governmentfrom Stay Out featuring Quin Manchester on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

The new single “Don’t Trust The Government “ ft Quin Manchester is an absolutely amazing song. Stay Out delivers an instant punk classic.

Don’t Trust The Government “ is Stay Out at their absolute best. Once again they deliver a great song that has great lyrics coupled with an addictive epic melody that we can’t shake ( Seriously does anybody have better melodic hooks than Stay Out? )

The band will be releasing a brand new album in 2023 and to be honest… We can’t wait!! . Seriously the world needs more bands like Stay Out , they say what’s on their mind and have an absolute blast while doing it .

Sunshine Riot – “Looking At The Past”

We recently had the distinct honor to check out the new single “Looking At The Past” from Boston based Alt-Grunge band Sunshine Riot .The song will be on their new EP that was recorded with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago “Loud,Bright, and Violent “ set for April 2023 release .

You can listen to “Looking At The Past” on Spotify here and on Apple Music here

“Looking At The Past” is a gritty well written single that is absolutely spectacular. Sunshine Riot are masters at their craft and it truly shows on this outstanding track .

New single “Looking at the Past,” like the EP that cradles it, was recorded with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, returning to the Midwestern studio where the band concocted the equally-abrasive Electrical Tape EP. Like the person trapped in an unsatisfying real world, knowing a return to the care-free campus college days are in the past, a look back to the angst and energy of youth is fueling this new chapter for the band. And it begins anew with “Looking at the Past.”

“The song sort of exists in two places,” says vocalist and guitarist Jonny Orton. “The first half, I think, is the internal narrative of a character who has taken a long time to change, I suppose for the better, and is reflecting on their past while attempting to assure themselves and others they weren’t too late in putting their wilder and lesser ways down. The song then transitions, fairly loudly, to the story of a completely fictional character named John Prescott, who is being sentenced to death for murder and eventually finds himself in purgatory — which he determines to be a fate worse than death.”

We are absolutely all in on “Looking at The Past “ and we cannot wait until April for the EP.

Cade Hoppe Delivers Big Time With Latest Single- “Labels

You can listen to “Labels” Here

We are thrilled to get a new single from the amazing Cade Hoppe with his latest gem “Labels” It has been an absolute joy to watch Cade grow with each release. He is most certainly a young talent on the rise .

Cade teamed up with his frequent collaborator and co-producer Harper James (Eighty Ninety, James Bay, Aaron Taos) on “Labels.” With its driving synth-pop production and anthemic instrumentation combined with Cade’s distinct baritone vocals, “Labels” is an instantly addictive listening experience.

This is a song about having a relationship with someone that will never give you the reassurance you need — and then finding a way to justify that in order to have that relationship at all,” Cade says. “You keep telling yourself that you don’t need a label until you might actually believe it.”

We have said it before and we will say it again , Cade Hoppe is a tremendous artist that is just getting warmed up and we can’t wait to see what’s next .

Photo credit: Will Shellhorn

Santa Barbara, CA’s Versus The World (Feat. Members of Lagwagon, Good Riddance) Sign With SBÄM Records; Announce New Album “The Bastards Live Forever” Out May 25, 2023

Some awesome news …. Santa Barbara, CA’s Versus The World have joined the SBÄM Records family. The band’s upcoming Cameron Webb-produced album “The Bastards Live Forever” will be released in May 2023. On February 24, the first of four singles prior to the album will be released.

I can’t tell you how much work went into this collection of songs.I’d always been taught that if what you were working on wasn’t (what you thought) was your best… start over. Never put anything into the world that you were not absolutely sure of”, says singer Donald Ashley Spence.

And that is what happened: “The Bastards Live Forever” is due May 2023 via SBÄMRecords and consists of 11 songs crafted to perfection. VTW’s unique style of melodic post-punk elevates every member’s skill from their other projects including Chris Flippin of Lagwagon. Obviously Versus The World are not all about musical craft but you can hear a passion and an urge to scream out deeply rooted feelings in every syllable throughout the record.

Italy’s Demikhov release Spectacular new album “The Chemical Bath”

We recently checked out the absolutely epic new album “The Chemical Bath “ on Epidemic Records from Italian post-hardcore/noise band Demikhov.

You can listen to “Chemical Bath “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

This record is more than just a record. “The Chemical Bath “ is a stunning audio and artistic statement. “The Chemical Bath “ is a carefully sculptured concept album in which the events of contemporary history intersect with the theoretical horizons of the scientific avant-garde.

In particular, the events of Russian scientists and cosmists, who at the beginning of the 20th century propagated the idea of a science destined to defeat death as the last enemy of humanity.

In particular, the events of Russian scientists and cosmists, who at the beginning of the 20th century propagated the idea of a science destined to defeat death as the last enemy of humanity.

It was precisely the body of the first leader of the October Revolution, Lenin, that was made the object of such interests: through the 6 tracks, the record traces the events to which that body was subjected, from the first attempts at embalming, through the ultimate preservation treatment (the “chemical bath” that gives the record its title), to the construction of the imposing mausoleum harbinger of a religious cult still intact today.

We were introduced to “The Chemical Bath” with the release of the single “The Leader is Dead and Everyone is Grieving” We were completely mesmerized by the level of musicianship exhibited by Demikhov with this simply magnificent piece of music .

Other standout tracks from “The Chemical Bath” include “Science! Science! Science!” ,”Abrikosov” and the brilliant title track “The Chemical Bath “

The album was recorded at Produzioni Rumorose, the recording studio founded and run by the band itself, and mastered by James Plotkin (Isis, Sunn O))), Horseback, Khanate, etc.).

The album features the participation of Italian ambient and noise artist Mauro Diciocia (Torba), and American multi-instrumentalist and composer Monika Khot (Nordra, Zen Mother).

This was an incredible album performed by an equally incredible band . Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to this spectacular album.

We love Music That Touches The Soul…“Fading Moon” From Oregon Folk Rock Duo Alma Mater, Does This Perfectly.

We are absolutely in love with “Fading Moon “ from Oregon folk-rock duo Alma Mater. The stunning track is the debut single from Alma Mater, Alma Mater is Dirk Sullivan and Andrew Paul Woolworth .

Fading Moon”, the track is the debut single from the veterans of the Los Angeles and Oregon music scene. The pair teamed up with producer Gregg Williams (Sheryl Crow, The Dandy Warhols, Blitzen Trapper, Emmylou Harris

You can listen to “Fading Moon” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

The two musicians are veterans of the Los Angeles and of the Portland, Oregon music scenes. Sullivan was signed to Interscope Records with his band Love On Ice and Woodworth fronted Elephant Ride, signed to Sony Records. They have since spent two decades recording and touring in various projects.

Looking for some music therapy during the pandemic the two started meeting in Woodworth’s garage .

Sullivan was enthralled with an alternate tuning on his guitar and found himself writing songs at a blistering clip, totally inspired by this fresh reverence for his instrument. He found the perfect partner in Woodworth, who could add pathos and melody to his already provocative landscapes. Sullivan was wrestling with a recent divorce and with the slow demise of his mother. By contrast, Woodworth was about to welcome his first child. They found a kinship in the intensity of their disparate stories. Somehow those contrasting life experiences brought out something completely raw and beautiful and melancholic and utterly explosive in their writing.

Both men love hard and laugh big….both were suddenly unafraid to be uniquely and totally themselves, understanding that in a world full of temporary things, we are a perpetual feeling. The sound became a portrait of combating themes….time versus eternity, strength versus surrender, hard love versus fake hate. With Gregg Williams in the producer’s chair (Sheryl Crow, The Dandy Warhols, Blitzen Trapper, Pete Droge, Emmylou Harris) the recordings became orchestral and vibrant and full of page-turning narratives. It is a dream team for these three Oregonians who have amassed decades of honest, soulful and heartfelt music.

Leading single “Fading Moon” is a poignant folk dipped indie pop track. Andrew of the band confides, “I was never afraid of dying until I had a child. Fading Moon, on the surface, seems like a love letter to my two baby boys. But, in reality, it’s a means to comfort myself from my overwhelming fear of leaving them behind when I die. When pure and intense love is experienced, there is a level of pain associated with it. I’ve never been more happy, but I’ve never been more scared. So this seemingly sweet, folky ditty is really a pretty dark, anxious proclamation.” Musically, the hypnotic guitar riff of “Fading Moon” was written when Dirk was in hospice care, visiting his sick mother. Performing for her brought her joy and “Fading Moon” also represents the magic and healing nature of music.

Fading Moon represents the universal celestial beauty of music. There is most certainly a quality of peace and calmness associated with this track that is so beautiful and beyond words . We felt deeply moved and touched by “Fading Moon” , and we can not wait for more music from Alma Mater

joan Delivers An Absolute Top Notch Pop Gem With Latest Single “Nervous”

We continue to be completely amazed by Little Rock , Arkansas duo joan , as they craft infectious pop masterpieces. Their latest gem, “Nervous” is pop music at it’s absolute best.

You can listen to “Nervous “ on Spotify Here and you can watch the video Here

Alan Benjamin Thomas and Steven Rutherford are modern day musical visionaries that write music with smart pop sensibilities.

Today along with the release of the remarkable single and video for “Nervous” They are also announcing a 20 date nationwide U.S. headlining tour beginning May 13th to support their upcoming highly anticipated debut album superglue

Their latest single ‘nervous’ takes listeners back to their own memories on the school yard experiencingzqesSSsaAsSSssssasssAsEassees their first crush. This kind of infatuation stirs a myriad of intense emotions and with ‘nervous’, joan brilliantly depicts that thrilling yet unsettling feeling. The emotional and nostalgic single entices with honey-dipped vocals over a unique kaleidoscope of sounds including beatboxing, clapping and wistful acoustic guitars. The accompanying video showcases joan singing against radiant light-filled hues of neon pink, blue and green.

The band share “we wrote this song with the lovely Emily Falvey of Nashville and Jonathan Capeci from Nightly, and the second we all walked into the room together there was immediate chemistry between us. We wanted to get as close to the emotion of a sort of school like love story, where you constantly want to be around them but you also literally feel like you’re going to throw up because you’re so… nervous (wink), and you don’t want to say the wrong thing around them. it’s such a cool and distinct feeling, we hope this song takes you back to that place.”

We are over the moon for “Nervous “ and are absolutely beyond excited for the release of superglue on April 19th via Photo Finish Records.We are also looking forward to catching the band out on tour this spring ( dates below)

joan U.S. tour dates

May 13 – The Masquerade (Hell Stage): Atlanta, GA 

May 14 – The Basement East: Nashville, TN

May 16 – Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 

May 17 – The Lounge @ World Cafe: Philadelphia, PA 

May 19 – The Black Cat: Washington DC

May 20 – The Sinclair: Boston, MA

May 23 – The Velvet Underground, Toronto, ON

May 25 – Subterranean: Chicago, IL

May 31 – Parish: Austin, TX

June 1 – Club Dada: Dallas, TX

June 3 – Valley Bar: Phoenix, AZ

June 4 – Voodoo Room @ HOB: San Diego, CA 

June 6 – Constellation Room: Santa Ana, CA

June 7 – Teragram Ballroom: Los Angeles, CA

June 8 – Popscene @ Rickshaw Shop: San Francisco, CA 

June 10 – Polaris Hall: Portland, OR

June 11 – Barboza: Seattle, WA

June 13 – Soundwell: Salt Lake City, UT

June 14 – Larimer Lounge: Denver, CO

June 16 – Little Rock Music Hall: Little Rock, AR

Here’s Your Daily Dose Of Warm Fuzzy Content


Here’s more proof that Punk rockers have the biggest hearts : A legendary punk rock singer ( Scott Russo) singing to the baby of another punk legend (MEST’s Tony Lovato) as the sold-out crowd ooh’s and aah’s over the adorable performance of Unwritten Law’s “Rest of My Life.” This video was filmed by Crystal Sibson at Unwritten Law’s sold-out concert at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, Arizona, which was hosted by Lucky Man Concerts

Credit- Crystal Sibson

German Punk Rock/Punkabilly Band The Bloodstrings Give Us An Absolutely Amazing Track With “Heartache Radio”

As soon as you hear the drums on “Heartache Radio” from Germany’s The Bloodstrings you know instantly that this song is going to absolutely rock . And guess what ? This Song 100 % rocks . We are hooked .

You can listen to “Heartache Radio” Here

Heartache Radio” is the first single and title track off of their upcoming album. You can check out the video for “Heartache Radio “ below .

A song that finds the punkabilly band screaming into the past: Heartache, youthful recklessness and discovering a love for music.

The idea for “Heartache Radio” came from reminiscences of our youth,” the band says.

We’ve known each other for a long time, we were punk rock kids of 15. There, of course, every heartbreak, every street conflict was a huge topic. Back then we found our feelings in music.”

Photo Credit – Chiara Baluch

We absolutely Love !Love! this song and we can’t wait for music from The Bloodstrings

The Bloodstrings will be playing SBÄM Fest (alongside Rancid, Flogging Molly, Frank Turner, Less Than Jake, Anti-Flag and many more) in Linz, Austria June 3-4.

First We Got An Amazing Song “Misbehave” From Your Angel… Now We Get The Amazing Video.

We are absolutely taken by the latest single Misbehave” from Your Angel which is the project of LA-based singer, songwriter and producer Maddy Boyd. Well, now we get a video that dropped this past Friday for Misbehave. ( spoiler alert) … this video is amazing!

Inspired by 90s romcoms and Sex and the City, the “Misbehave” visual is a playful, feminine wonderland. While the song was inspired by the early days of her relationship with her boyfriend, the music video is an ode to the female friendships that empower and lift us up as we navigate falling in love.

We had a crew of mostly women which made bringing such a femme video to life very natural,” says Maddy. “We filmed the video in 3 days and we had to finesse a lot of it as we had big ideas but a small indie artist budget. For example, the restaurant scene was filmed in a fast food burger place that let us use their space for free. We spent hours putting up wallpaper and decorating it to look cute. It took a lot of hard work and very kind people lending their time and skill set to pull this video off.

You can check out the video for “Misbehave”below

You can listen to “Misbehave” Here

Wow It’s Tuesday and …. We get a New Track “Expendables “ From Fake Names???? – This is Amazing!

Photo Credit: Danny Clinch

If every Tuesday in 2023 means we get incredible music like “Expendables” from equally incredible bands like Fake Names Well…. It’s going to be an amazing year .

We are totally obsessed with Expendables” from post-punk dream team Fake Names

You can listen to “Expendables “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

The epic track is the title track from their upcoming record out on March 3rd .

Boasting modern production paired with Bad Religion-esque backing vocals, Brian Baker says, “That song has so much classic Michael Hampton in it that I just laugh every time I play it. It’s just so hooky and it’s got this soaring chorus that still excites me now and I’ve heard it, like, 175 times.”

We couldn’t agree more this song is a flawless creative work of art .

Fake Names is comprised of members Brian Baker(Minor Threat, Bad Religion, Dag Nasty), Michael Hampton (S.O.A., Embrace), Dennis Lyxzén(Refused, INVSN, The [International] Noise Conspiracy), Johnny Temple (Girls Against Boys, Soulside) and Brendan Canty (Fugazi, Rites of Spring.) Formed in 2016, Baker describes the band as a “mutual admiration society,” saying that once the five members got in the same room together, it felt as if they had already been in the band together for years. There’s this intangible energy, a clairvoyance that comes from our shared experience,he explains. On Expendables,’ the result pairs their unparalleled pedigree with a pop sensibility that’s slightly unexpected and wholly satisfying.

Fake Names will be on tour this Spring, kicking off on April 13th in Asbury Park, and ending April 23rd in Los Angeles more info below .

Montreal’s The Speakeasy Has Us All Aglow With Epic New Single “Bright Side”

We had the distinct honor to check the amazing new single “Bright Side” from Montreals The Speakeasy (In case you wondering?… This song absolutely kicks ass)

You can stream “Bright Side” Here

The Speakeasy are best know for their are best known for their energetic live shows and their blend of heavy skatepunk While we haven’t had the honor to see The Speakeasy live ( we hope to fix that soon ) judging on the electricity you can feel on “Bright Side” We have absolutely no doubt how electric this band is .

Led by Karl Bullets with his distinctive gravel-throated voice tone, the band caught everyone by surprise in 2019 when revealing the music video for “Death Sentence.” The same year saw the release of their debut EP “Tales From The Moonshiner Part One: Death Sentence”, with songs like “The Night of the Living Dead” and “Death Sentence” quickly becoming fan favorites.

In 2020 The Speakeasy joined the fine folks at Thousand Islands Records releasing a new EP entitled “Tales from the Moonshiner Part Two: Requiem”. which spawned the single “Sunday Blues.”

Now here we are in 2023 and The Speakeasy has released what we think will be your new favorite song “Bright Side “ With crusty, drum beats with melodic chords and optimistic lyrics, “Bright Side” is The Speakeasy’s new mantra and a hint of what’s to come from one of Montreal Punk’s finest.

We can’t wait to hear more from The Speakeasy

Melonball Delivers An Absolutely Melodic Gem with “Sicker” Debut Album “Breath” Out March 31st via Thousand Islands Records/ Lockjaw Records

Photo- Nadine Rodler

We recently checked out Nuremberg Germany’s Melonball and their absolutely epic new single “Sicker” which is the fourth single off of their upcoming debut album “Breath” which will be out on March 31st via the fine folks at Thousand Islands Records and lockjaw Records.

You can listen to “SickerHere

If you need an example of what world class melodic punk rock sounds like ….. look no further than Melonball . This band is flat out spectacular.

Oli (vocals),Basti (guitar /backing vocals ) , Mally (guitar) , Jens, (bass) and Julian (drums/backing vocals are an electrifying group of gifted musicians that flat out shine

We loved everything about “Sicker” it is a melodic work of art with flawless vocals .

Of the song, the band says, Certainly the most personal song for Oli. It is about the fact that– while for many, “family” means support and positivity– for some, it can also be a burden that you carry with you throughout your life.”

The band will be heading out on a Spring tour in April.with HEATHCLIFF and special guest Drunk Talk We have listed the dates below

We absolutely can not wait until March 31st and the release of “Breath”

Grade 2 Shares Epic New Melodic Punk Song “Midnight Ferry”

We are beyond excited to get to listen to another new track from UK punks Grade 2

This time around we get the brilliant melodic tune “Midnight Ferry . We were immediately entranced by the absolutely stunning and catchy guitar sounds on this one .

You can listen to “Midnight Ferry “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We are not going to lie after just one play through we were singing along.

The band had this to say about “Midnight Ferry” “This song is our story, a tale of a night out and the truth of growing up in a rural town,” the band explains. “Capturing the adventurous spirit, trying to escape any mundane responsibilities, if just for a night. Just know you’ll be brought straight back down to earth on that journey home.”

We can not wait for February 17th when their self titled album is released. In the meantime we will have this one on constant repeat.

Photo Credit – RYAN MACKFALL

We Feel Beyond Lucky To Check Out Swan Hill and Their Amazing Single “Unlucky”

We recently had the absolute privilege to check out Swansea (U.K.) based indie-grunge four piece Swan Hill and their amazingly epic new single “Unlucky” and to say we’re impressed is a massive understatement.

You can listen to “Unlucky” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Swan Hill has a familiar 90’s vibe that reminds us of The Smashing Pumpkins, Spacehog and Collective Soul

Unlucky’, is all about being in either the right place at the wrong time or vice versa. Inspired by tales of woe such as Roy Cleveland Sullivan, a man who got struck by lightning 7 times, or iconic Simpsons character Frank Grimes, a hard worker perpetually overlooked by his archenemy and bumbling fool, Homer. It’s a tale as old as time that all people can relate to – a life comprised of moments just not quite aligning, whether you missed the bus, didn’t get that promotion, or even got struck by lightning (although probably not 7 times).

Musically Swan Hill are absolutely brilliant . The band are both a tight knit and highly skilled group that are supremely talented. (In other words these guys freaking rock)

“Unlucky” is a lyrically solid composition that stuck with us long after the last note .

Swan Hill are Chris (Vocals/Guitar), Dan (Guitar), Rory (Drums/Vocals) and Owain (Bass)

Lead vocalist and guitarist Chris has this to say about “Unlucky” – “Unlucky”is a song loosely about the concept of accepting the misfortunes of everyday life and even finding comfort in them. The guitar parts just formed one evening whilst playing around with some fuzzy chords after a few pints at the local pub. It’s a song we’re proud of as a band and one we’ve all been enjoying playing live”

We absolutely loved “Unlucky” and we cannot wait for music from Swan Hill

Dosser Delivers an Absolutely Stunning Collection of Musical Greatness With Their Debut LP “Violent Picture/Violent Sound”

As we sit here on January 23 just twenty three days into the new year we can say with absolute certainty that, we have just listened to one of the years best records. We completely understand that the new year is just getting started but…. The boys from Baltimore have without a doubt crushed it way out of the park with “Violent Picture /Violent Sound”

You can check out “Violent Picture/Violent Sound “ Here

We were first introduced to Dosser this past September , with the release of the song “Joy Thief “ which is the first track on “Violent Picture/Violent Sound”

As we said when we reviewed “Joy Thief” Dosser have crafted a sonically melodic driven masterpiece. We hear shades of shades of 90’s favorite Hum as well as early Foo Fighters.

We absolutely love the beginning of the second track on the record “Kids” The guitar at the beginning is so addictive we found ourselves humming it out loud . The melodic composition on “Kids” gives the song a whole new dimension. We are also massive fans of the music video for “Kids “ You can watch the video below. If your a fan of water balloons and feel like we do that, water balloons should be an Olympic sport then this video will make you smile .

Photo credit- Zack Pohuski

Dosser, are master sound architect’s as they artfully layer and manipulate sound to absolute perfection throughout the album .

We were completely captivated by the latest single “Dark Air “Sometimes you hear a song for the first time and you are instantly hooked.. “Dark Air “ is one of those songs for us . “Dark Air “ was a tidal wave of melodic greatness and we loved it .

Other standouts on “Violent Picture/Violent “ include the immensely catchy “No Halo” (We may have even serenaded the bank with this song as we waited in line) The title track “Violent Picture/ Violent Sound “ had us instantly dancing around the office “ ( luckily we didn’t have much of an audience. )

“Glazed Over “ is an absolutely brilliant song and sounds best loud . The musicianship of Dosser is on full display on “Glazed Over “

We are 100% all in with Dosser these guys are the real deal and, if music is your thing you would be doing you ears a major disservice if you don’t go check them out immediately.

Party Nails featuring Boy Slim Brings It Big Time With The Ultra Amazing New track “Like U”

Let’s get one thing clear, if you are not looking to dance then the massively addicting, dance causing , epic beyond belief new song Like You “ from Party Nails featuring Boy Slim might not be for you . However, if shaking and dancing you butt off is your thing ???? Well then you have hit the jackpot baby !

You can listen to “Like U ” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Before she was Party Nails, Elana Carroll was a guitar-toting tween songwriter, playing any open mic she could near her hometown of Chatham, New York. Performing solo or with a band of seasoned adult players backing her up, she wailed lyrics about her family’s divorce, dreams of leaving her small town, and a then-undiagnosed anxiety disorder across biker bars and community centers, often met with tears from patrons moved by her fearless expression of raw emotion. At home she recorded herself with Garageband, instigating a love of music technology which continues to this day (she moonlights as a software tester and composer for boutique synthesizer company Noise Engineering).

Party Nails debuted in 2015 on Neon Gold’s famed blog with “Break”, a heartbreak dancepop single following the footsteps of happysad classics such as “Dancing On My Own” and “Blue Monday”. The party is still going as strong as ever and 2023 looks to be a mega year !

We love the new single Like You” it is an instant dance party- holy smokes , you better have the fire department on stand by because it is a smoking track that is even hotter because Party Nails is joined by Austin based queer pop icon , Boy Slim ( who if your scoring at home) … co-wrote and produced the track

“You can be iconic and true to yourself and also full of love for others,” Party Nails says about the song. “‘Like U’ is about how the best love and support is from people who want you to shine as bright as possible. I like to think of it as our homage to ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’—that line where Cyndi Lauper sings ‘I wanna be the one to walk in the sun.’ That. It’s meant to be danced to alone or with friends. We even thought about releasing it with a surgeon generals warning: this music may cause severe dancing.”

We are over the moon for Like U” from Party Nails featuring Boy Slim we can’t wait for more music

Beth Crowley Gives us the absolutely stunning “The Ghost Who Is Still Alive”

We recently had the absolute pleasure to check out the Amazingly stunning new track “The Ghost Who Is Still Alive “ from the amazingly talented Beth Crowley .

The artist states “The Ghost Who Is Still Alive” based on The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by Victoria “V.E.” Schwab

You can listen to “The Ghost Who Is Still Alive” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here you can also check out a visual for the song below

The song begins with a very simple but elegant piano intro . The intro then gives way to both a strong and powerful vocal performance from Beth Crowley . “The Ghost Who Is Still Alive is simply a breathtaking musical composition that needs to be heard

We were simply entranced by the beauty of “The Ghost Who Is Still Alive “ and the magnificent artistry of Beth Crowley

Chloe Star Is Definitely A Star On The Rise …. Drops Phenomenal debut single “Element”

Today we had the honor of checking out Persian-Native American pop singer and songwriter Chloe Star and her stunning debut single, “Element.” Along with the track there is also a NFT collection that includes 20 unique pieces that showcase the song’s lyrics. Each NFT is an exclusive visual piece that gives fans a glimpse into the world of Chloe Star.

You can listen to ElementHere

“Element” hits you right from the get go . The track has a lively hypnotic feel . The clear star of the show is Chloe Star and she is most definitely in her “Element” as she brings her fresh and honest style front and center

“Element” is a carefree anthem about feeling yourself. “It’s a song about me just being in my element,”says Chloe. “My element is all about confidence, strength, not giving a flying fuck about anything, constantly pushing the limit, living life on the edge, and enjoying every moment that life throws at you.”

Chloe Star is an indigenous singer, songwriter, visual artist and tribal advocate. Growing up she split her time between Los Angeles and her family’s reservation in San Bernardino. With a childhood that was chaotic and often unstable, she found solace in journaling and writing poetry. She taught herself to play piano and guitar and soon started transforming her prose into lyrics.

We have a feeling that 2023 is going to be absolutely amazing for Chloe Star . “Element” is just the beginning, her forthcoming EP is due later this year .

Smartpunk Records Expands Roster, Signs LA-Based Indie Rock Artist M.A.G.S. and Announces New Music

Image credit- Pocholo Itona

We are super beyond stoked about this.. Coming off a coast-to-coast stint with Oso Oso, M.A.G.S., the indie rock project of singer-songwriter and producer Elliott Douglas, has officially joined the Smartpunk Records family. The Orlando-based label is home to notable acts in the alternative space such as Less Than Jake, RIVALS, The Swellers and Alive in Barcelona. The signing comes with the announcement of new music on the horizon for M.A.G.S. as his upcoming single, “Elephant,” will hit all streaming services February 3.

Known for his eclectic guitar work and energetic, punk-riled performances, M.A.G.S. has been featured on MTV News, Alternative Press, Pigeons & Planes, and UPROXX for his debut 2021 album Say Things That Matter. Since release, M.A.G.S. has toured with bands such as The Happy Fits, Oso Oso, Snarls, andAnxious while simultaneously working on new material.

Here is what he had to say about starting his new journey with Smartpunk Records

It feels incredible to be a part of a community that embodies the spirit of punk and DIY. I’m blessed to be working with a label that goes the extra mile for its artists.” – M.A.G.S.

Similarly, label manager Matt Burns of Smartpunk is excited to expand the punk driven roster.

If you’ve seen M.A.G.S. live, you know the absolute raw power that Elliott brings to the stage. If you haven’t, his performance will certainly fill a void you might not know you had.

While we embrace all different genres at Smartpunk, we’re glad to work with artists that have very strong values and a good head on their shoulders. Working with Elliott has been no different, and we’re stoked to welcome him to the family.” – Matt Burns, label manager of Smartpunk Records

In support of new music, M.A.G.S. will be headlining an eight-date west coast album preview tour with support from Blvck Hippie. Fans can purchase tickets on M.A.G.S.’ official website here.

Tour Dates:

February 02 – Voodoo Room at the House of Blues San Diego – San Diego, CA

February 03 – Nile Theater – Mesa, AZ

February 04 – The Usual Place – Las Vegas, NV

February 05 – The Holland Project – Reno, NV

February 07 – The Vera Project – Seattle, WA

February 08 – Doug Fir Lounge – Portland, OR

February 10 – Bottom Of the Hill – San Francisco, CA

February 11 – The Echo – Los Angeles, CA

Reno,NV Punks Boss’ Daughter Release A Killer New Video For New Single “Away” Off Upcoming Album “Bouts With Bummers “Out February 10th via SBÄM Records

photo credit: Lindsay Dimitri

First off we must say we love Boss’ Daughter !

Not only do they flat out rock, they always seem like they are having an absolute blast and, we are all about having fun! but, seriously we are super stoked for the new video for the new single “Away” as well as the new album “Bouts With Bummers” ( One of the Coolest album titles ever ) which comes out February 10th .

Away” is an absolutely melodic gem that our ears simply can’t get enough of . (The Chorus is absolutely epic )

Not only does the song kick ass but…. They also have a freaking awesome video for “Away” . The video was put together by Video by Stan, Kellen Dimitri, Chris Fox, Lindsay Dimitri, and Boss’ Daughter. You can watch the video below .

We can’t not wait for more music from these guys. They are currently on tour till February 18th you can check out the dates below

Stuff We Dig Right Now……

So much great music happening in the first few days of 2023. So let’s take a minute and tell you about some of our new favorites…

First up- We are totally loving the new track from Connecticut based artist Jake Huffman Martyr” Jake possesses a vibrant voice that soars over equally vibrant melodies. We were absolutely singing along to this one .

You can listen to “Martyr” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We absolutely love “Get High” from Amsterdam trio Mike Rogers . “Get High “ is a wickedly addictive track that one you hear it you can’t shake it . Mike Mago, TWR72 and the lead singer of Kita Menari truly have something special with this track . You can listen to “Get High on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We recently listened to Bay Area sister duo OTRA and their absolutely dreamy new single “Dream Machine “ It’s such a beautifully crafted angelic piece of music. We found ourselves entranced by the inviting melodies.

You can check out “Dream Machine” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We have to be honest ZYE CA$H really wow’d us with his latest “Love Someone “ This song is epic. It has soul it has country we love it

You can listen to “Love Someone “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Make your you keeping check back for more amazing music in 2023

Montreal’s Dead Alright (The Epic Solo Project Of Brand New Lungs Frontman Louis-Charles Berthiaume ) Gives Us His Debut Single “Smoke And Mirrors “

Lighting fast and fun as heck “Smoke And Mirrors “ from Dead Alright ( which is the epic solo project of Brand New Lungs frontman Louis-Charles Berthiaume ) is a song that you will be playing over and over ( trust us ) The song has a kick ass chorus and you can’t help but sing along .

You can listen to Smoke And Mirrors “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

The song talks about being stuck at home reliving the good days of the past inside your head, and building up the courage to get back out there.

Smoke And Mirrors is the first of what’s expected to be a series of new songs that will be released throughout 2023 . We can’t wait !!!

French Punks Topsy Turvy’s Give Us An Absolutely Amazing New Record “It Can’t Be Easy”

Today out on Thousand Islands Records we get the amazing new record “It Can’t Be Easy “ from French punks Topsy Turvy’s . This record does not disappoint.. from the opening track “No Surrender “ your ears are treated to catchy melodies that you simply cannot resist. You can listen to “It Can’t Be Easy” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Topsy Turvy’s use of both male and female vocals give their sound another dimension.

We absolutely love the spectacular singles “You Don’t Know” and “Perfect day “ but the joy of this record is that every track is like finding buried treasure. “Are We Still Alive “ , “Last Summer “ and the title track “It Can’t Be Easy” absolutely blew our socks off . Our only hope is that the band comes to the U.S. as we have a feeling they put on a spectacular live show.

Smart and memorable lyrics coupled with a sound that is a jolt of energy that could probably power an entire city . Topsy Turvy’s does not lift their foot the gas for the whole record, giving the listener an experience they soon won’t forget.

So stop whatever you are doing immediately and go listen to “It Can’t Be Easy” We promise it will the best thing you do all day .

Life In Mono reveal live session of double A-side singles “Blackout/Sex to White Noise”….. It is Remarkable

When it comes to music there isn’t anything cooler than watching it come together organically live . We’re not necessarily talking about a full till live show… rather watching it all come together in one shot , no retakes or fancy fixes . Bristol (UK) alt-rock quartet Life In Mono have accomplished just that by performing a one-take live studio session of their recent singles “Blackout/ Sex To White Noise” recorded in one take with one camera – no edits, no stops , what you hear in the video happened in the room .

We think there needs to be more of these types of performances in the world . Life In Mono gives an absolute world class performance . While watching the video we found ourselves totally connected to the music and performance, both emotionally and visually . Every note and every word felt more powerful than the next .Sarah Clayton gave such a moving and delicate performance, that was bolstered by the tremendous and skillful playing of James Davis (Guitar ) , Adam DT (Bass) and Mike Gill (Drums)

The videographer and director Andrew Wildey of Zeyus Media ( who did and absolutely brilliant job with this project) had this to say about the session: “The live video for ‘Blackout // Sex To White Noise’ was a true undertaking of choreography as not only did the camera have to be in exactly the right place at the right time, but I was also controlling the lighting from an app mounted on the camera rig. This has also influenced the direction of the forthcoming music video for ‘Blackout’ with the two videos sharing much of the same DNA.”

You can watch the absolutely stunning performance from Life In Mono below . You won’t be disappointed You can listen to Blackout” on Spotify Here and you can listen to “Sex To White Noise” on Spotify Here

UK Indie/Punks The Subways Roar into 2023 With an Absolutely Spectacular New Record “Uncertain Joys”

We recently had the magnificent opportunity to check out the brand new record “Uncertain Joys” from U.K. Indie/Punks The Subways and it is freaking brilliant.

You can listen to “Uncertain Joys” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here.

The Subways always put out great music and their latest offering is no exception. “Uncertain Joys is a stunning collection of musical perfection. The record was produced by frontman and producer extraordinaire Billy Lunn, mixed by the Grammy Award-winning Adrain Bushby (Muse ) , Foo Fighters, Everything,Everything) and mastered by Katie Tavini ( Mykki Blanco, Arlo Parks , Nadine Shah

Along with Billy Lunn, (vocals/ guitar , Charlotte Cooper (bass/ vocals “Uncertain Joys” features new drummer/ permanent member Camille Cooper (The Ramonas)

“Uncertain Joys” has such a “cool” vibe to it . From top to bottom the record shines .

We are absolutely obsessed with the opening track “You Kill My Cool” the vibe that it gives off is down right electric.

We loved “Love Waiting On You when we first heard it back in August. ( It was definitely love at first listen ) “Love Waiting On You” just spills out of the speakers with a catchy guitar riff that will make anyone move their feet .

We are also loving the 8-bit animated video for “Love Waiting On You “ you can watch it below .

Other standouts on “Uncertain Joys “ include the vibrant title track “Uncertain Joys” , “Lavender Amelie” and their latest single “Black Wax “ (Such a wicked riff” You can check out the video for “Black Wax “ below

The Subways play their final London Takeover Album Release Show @ Paper Dress Vintage Tonight January 13th ( Full Set) w/ Molotovs and kickoff their rescheduled January/ February 2023 UK Headline Tour January 26th – Manchester Gorilla see more info below .

The Subways absolutely slay it with their amazing new album “Uncertain Joys” You can’t deny your ears this record… it’s simply brilliant.

Your Angel Shares Beautiful New Single “ Misbehave”

We recently check out the positively radiant new single “Misbehave” from Your Angel – The pop project of L.A. based singer, songwriter, and producer Maddy Boyd.

We were immediately captivated by this absolutely stunning composition that is simply awe inspiring. You can’t help but get lost in the melodic beauty of “Misbehave”

You can listen to “Misbehave” on SpotifyHere and on Apple Music Here

. “I wrote ‘Misbehave’ when I met my now boyfriend of 2 years,” she says. “It’s about wanting to throw all of my boundaries out of the window and move super fast with him because I felt like I had known him for my whole life.”

We simply cannot wait for music from Your Angel .

TJ Stafford Shines Brightly on New Single “When We Hit The Ground “

TJ Stafford is an artist. He writes amazing songs and just seems like he is having an absolute blast . His latest single “When We Hit The Ground “ On “When We Hit The Ground “ TJ explores the life of a relationship without the constraints of society .

You can listen to “When We Hit The Ground “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

TJ’s newest project Nipple Wisk” was started after battling depression during the pandemic is due out next month .

“When We Hit The Ground” is a track of sonic perfection.

A slow-burning electric guitar riff burns and bursts to a layered and emotional chorus. Explosive at its core, the track celebrates the freedom of being yourself and how it can change how we face our relationships and ourselves. Transparent and transcendent, the billowing lo-fi beat is the heartbeat of the love story itself, carrying the story from a quiet hum to a full-throttle expression of a love that might live or die – but either way is worth exploring.

You can check out the video for When We Hit The Ground “ below ( we think this video features one of the coolest and cutest drummers ever )

Great songs and great artists need to be shared . Do yourself a favor and checkout When We Hit The Ground “ you’ll be glad you did .

Foo Fighters, The Lumineers, and Paramore to Headline Boston Calling 2023

We are over the moon to report that Boston Calling the acclaimed annual three-day music festival taking place Memorial Day Weekend, May 26 – 28, 2023 in Allston, MA, announces its 2023 lineup today. Headlining the festival on Friday, May 26th are Rock & Roll Hall of Famers Foo Fighters; The Lumineers, the soulful alt-folk hit makers from Denver, CO, will headline Saturday, May 27th; and alt-rock darlings Paramore, who are soon to release their upcoming sixth studio album, This is Why, will bring their energetic headlining set to Boston Calling on Sunday May 28th.

But wait….. there’s more!!!!…..

These renowned acts will top an incredible lineup of over 50 performers, including 20 artists with local ties. Rounding out the weekend are a slate of artists, ranging from breakout stars to heavy hitters, including seven-time GRAMMY® Award-winning singer/songwriter Alanis Morissette, playing her first show in Boston since 2012, influential art-punk trio Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and the pounding hard rock of Queens of the Stone Age. Joining these acts on this year’s lineup are The National, Noah Kahan, Bleachers, Niall Horan, The Flaming Lips, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Mt. Joy, Maren Morris, and many more.

The weekend also offers festivalgoers the chance to fall in love with new sounds, a Boston Calling hallmark since the festival’s debut in 2013. Look for Chelsea CutlerLÉONFletcher070 ShakeTeddy SwimsJoy OladokunThe Linda LindasTheBeachesBrutusGenesis OwusuThe Aces, to name just a few. 

Boston Calling will once again champion New England artists, featuring 20 acts this year with local ties who are performing on both the festival’s local and main stages throughout the weekend. Exciting area talents include NeemzQ-Tip BanditsGA-20JuiceAlisa AmadorMint GreenBlue Light BanditsAli McGuirkCoral MoonsActor ObserverWorkman SongBrandie BlazeCouchLittle FussNajee JaneySummer CultSorry Mom, and Chrysalis

Boston Calling always proves to be an exceptional experience, from its iconic mix of musical performances to its commitment to new forms of entertainment and extensive food and drink offerings.   

New to the festival this year is the GA+ experience. General Admission passholders can step up their experience and add the GA+ upgrade to their ticket to gain unlimited access to the festival’s Thomas Tew VIP Reserve Lounge, an oasis within the festival including access to a cash bar featuring craft cocktails, plus an expanded beer & wine menu and complimentary water and soft drinks. There will be plenty of shade and seating to relax and escape the elements, as well as upgraded restrooms.

In addition to the full bars and unique comforts of the lounges, VIP and Platinum ticket holders will be treated to exclusive viewing areas within the VIP and Platinum sections. Also returning is Boston Calling’s double-decker VIP experience with dramatic views of both the Red Stage and Green Stage. On top of access to all VIP amenities, Platinum pass holders also have an expanded viewing deck within the Platinum section where menus by some of Boston’s best chefs will be served throughout each day. Finally, Platinum pass holders have exclusive access to a full specially priced bar featuring premium beer, fine wine and craft cocktails, a daily gifting suite with complimentary products, and a daily complimentary parking pass (3-day passholders only). Additional information on the festival’s VIP and Platinum experiences can be found on Boston Calling’s website.  

Specially priced presale 3-Day General Admission, GA+, VIP, and Platinum tickets, as well as Single Day General Admission, GA+, VIP and Platinum tickets are on sale this Thursday, January 12 at 10:00am ET. For more information and to purchase, visit www.bostoncalling.com.  

More details on the festival’s food and drink components will be announced in the coming months.

We will bring much more information about Boston Calling in the coming months so be sure to check back on The Whole Kameese for more information

Check out the poster below

We Just listened to The Magnificent New Single “Mind Rider From Hail The Sun …. It is Absolutely Stunning

photo credit – Alex Bemis

We recently had the distinct pleasure of checking out the progressive alternative quintet Hail The Sun and their amazing new single “Mind Rider “ We were beyond impressed with “Mind Rider “ . The band which consists of Donovan Melero ( vocals), Aric Garcia (Guitar) , John Stirrat (bass) , Shane Gann (Guitar) and touring drummer Allen Casillas (who appears on their new song)

You can listen to “Mind Rider “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

“Mind Rider”is such an amazing song, it is not just a music track, as it is more of an otherworldly musical experience. It’s a true audio delight that is combined with epic song writing . The song grabs your attention immediately with electrifying melodic energy that is just magnificently awesome.

The band has this to say about the message of their new song: 

“Temptation is all around us and can be magnified at various points of our life. Why does it feel so good to give into it, even when we know we shouldn’t? Not sure it is ever worth it, but we live and learn based on our individual moral compasses”

You can watch the video for “Mind Rider” below. This past Friday , the band hit the road with The Sounds of Animals Fighting on a month long North American tour. We can not wait for more music from Hail The Sun

We Just listened to “Life’s So Lonely “ from Stay Out featuring Joe Queer from The Queers And….. It was Freaking Epic!

Before last Friday … We were starting to think our lives here at The Whole Kameese were a tad bit incomplete ( I guess you might say we were a bit lonely) . I mean sure we had the basics- food,water and shelter. But….. Do you want to know what we didn’t have in our lives??…… Well my music loving friends …. We didn’t have the punk rock musical joy that is the band Stay Out . (If we had crazy sound effects and confetti they would go here )

On Friday we powered up the old music playing machine and listened to the newest single “Life’s So Lonely “ from Bay Area punks Stay Out . So not only does the song freaking kick ass but, it features Joe queer from the legendary punk band The Queers . We were hooked on the addictive melodic greatness of “Life’s So Lonely “ The track is a smart and well written punk gem that we simply can’t get enough .

You can check out “Life’s So Lonely “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

“Life’s So Lonely “ is just the tip of the iceberg for Stay Out in 2023 as they will be releasing a new album in March titled “Just Pretend “

Stay Out is an absolute blast to listen too. Memorable melodies and lyrics ( We can neither confirm or deny we were singing “Life’s So Lonely “ in the bank drive up line this morning) The chemistry and musicianship between Grant Pack, Mason McGeorge , Carl Pospiech and Nate Reynoso is absolutely electrifying and top notch.

We’re super excited for more music from Stay Out . We will have more about the band in the coming months so stay tuned !

Swiss Army Wife Gives Us Everything and then Some with Their Debut Full Length LP “ Medium Gnarly”

We recently sat down and checked out Portland, Oregon based Emo/Pop-Punkers Swiss Army Wife and their new epically awesome LP “Medium Gnarly “

You can listen to “Medium Gnarly “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

First off let us start by saying this album is an absolute electrifying collection of songs . Swiss Army Wife bring so much raw emotion and energy to every single track it really is freaking amazing.

From note one of “This # Is No Longer In Service “ you get the feeling you are in for a musical experience that is going to kick some serious butt.

The band remind us of a group of chemists working frantically in the lab to come up with the right dose of musical goodness.

While the band shines when they push full force they are also impressively versatile where in they can artfully dial it down a notch without loosing their edge , examples of this would be “Halloween “ and “New Best Friend” which really shined brightly on this collection of songs . The melodic and sonic balance exhibited by Swiss Army Wife is a thing of beauty .

We usually like to pick a favorite track when we review a record. However, we couldn’t pick just one …. So we went with two “CBS At 7:00” and “Your Bathroom “ these 2 tracks where down right perfect . We honestly couldn’t get enough

Make sure you check out Swiss Army Wife and their amazing new LP “Medium Gnarly

Ryan Hamilton Gives us an Absolute Gem Of A Song “Haunted by The Holy Ghost”

You can listen to “Haunted by The Holy Ghost” Here

We recently checked out the latest single from critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Ryan Hamilton “Haunted by The Ghost “ The song is also the title track to the upcoming album that will be released March 10th via the wicked awesome folks at Wicked Cool Records.

Now being someone who went through four years of Catholic High School this song totally resonated with us .

Of the song, Hamilton says, “I grew up in a VERY conservative Church of Christ. We used to go to church 3 times a week. There are parts of that upbringing that I will never shake. The “fear of God” is ingrained in me, & will seemingly be a part of me forever. Like a ghost, haunting me. This song is about that.”

Hailed by Spin Magazine as one of the ‘35 Best Lesser Known Artists of the Last 35 Years’, the Fort Worth, Texas-based musician released his first solo album, ‘Hell of a Day’, back in 2015. Prior to this, Hamilton had experienced success across North America and Canada with former band Smile Smile.

We are all in with Ryan Hamilton and we can not wait for more music .

Trashed Ambulance Gives Us an Epic New Single “ Cyntax Error “

We are not going to beat around the bush here… We Love Trashed Ambulance ! The new stand alone single “Cyntax Error “ absolutely rocks!

You can listen to “Cyntax Error” Here

If we were to sit and list all of the reasons why we are huge fan’s of one of the best things to come out of Alberta , Canada we would be here for a while .

Seriously Trashed Ambulance is everything we love about punk music …. Great songs that just freaking rock oh and they are a great bunch of guys that “just get it “

So why do we think there great guys??? Well looking no further than their kick ass new single “Cyntax Error “ which, they wrote as a tribute to Thousand Islands Records label co-owner and label manager Cynthia Charpentier in honor of her recent birthday.

The band says, When a great friend/mom-ager turns 40, you have to make sure she feels the love. This song is an ode to Cynthia for always kicking ass and taking names while being the best gal East of the Saskatchewan River!”

Now if that isn’t awesome enough for you , then we don’t know what is . (Happy Birthday Cynthia!)

So grab a cold one and crank “Cyntax Error “ to 11. If you can’t get enough of the musical greatness that is Trashed Ambulance check out their third LP, 2022’s critically celebrated ‘Future Considerations you can listen to it Here

Allen Epley Releases His Debut Solo album “Everything… It is Absolutely Stunning.

We are so excited today to finally listen to Allen Epley’s debut solo album “Everything “out now on Spartan Records.

Epley who is most known as the frontman for Shiner and The Life And Times , gives us an absolutely sonically and melodically collection of songs on his debut solo album “Everything

We were especially excited for the album because, we were absolutely mesmerized by the first three singles ( “Thousand Yard Stare, “Evangeline” and “The E.M.T.

You can listen to “Everything “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

The first track “Thousand Yard Stare” has this otherworldly feel that draws you in . It is the perfect opening.

Evangeline “ features an almost hypnotic drum part that sits beautifully with entrancing guitar melody that is absolutely stunning.

The song that really jumps out of the speakers in our opinion is “Spider Rico “ This song actually served as the catalyst for the album that we are so lucky to have . In 2018 Allen was writing cues for reality TV when one the cues sparked a sound from Epley’s past…. This became “Spider Rico “ which luckily put things in motion for the album “Everything”

While listening to “The E.M.T” we can’t help but close our eyes and picture Allen Epley almost like a world class painter or sculptor delicately put the melodies together as a perfect detailed artistic statement. There is also a sense of sadness that it is felt in the track as well .

The EMT” is a story about a flight paramedic who has a crush on someone from his town that he’s never met. He’s been content to just live in that world until one evening fate intervenes and his crush ends up in a near-fatal car wreck. As he arrives on the scene he realizes who the victim is and instead of being distraught by his discovery of who she is, he’s delighted that he’s able to finally help her and be with her and hold her hand like he’s always dreamed of.

The title track “Everything” features absolutely haunting lyrics from Epley . There is such real and raw emotion on this album. Allen Epley uses the universal language of music to bring us a magnificent body of music.

If you are looking for a record that will send you on a wondrous musical journey….. then you found it with “Everything” from Allen Epley .

Adult Leisure Gives Us A Magnificent Debut EP With “The Weekend Ritual”

Since we were on a hiatus back in December when Adult Leisure presented the world with it’s epic debut EP “The Weekend Ritual “ We wanted to give our thoughts about the EP.

This music loving music reviewer has been reviewing music for a really long time (I’ll never tell how long ) Certain records just feel different maybe it’s a new tone or voice that makes it standout. When we picked a comfy chair and started to listen to “The Weekend Ritual “ from Adult Leisure we heard something special, something magical. We can’t exactly put our finger on what we heard but, this band and this EP definitely has “it”

You can listen to “The Weekend Ritual “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Adult Leisure is a Bristol (UK) based alt-indie four piece.

After previously helping to usher in Bristol’s indie boom of the 2010’s, guitarist David Woolford and bassist James Laing (Moon Club), vocalist and lyricist Neil Scott (Aztecs) and drummer Nathan Searle (Towers) came together to form this new project following a thirst to create during the pandemic, formed via countless video calls during the heart of 2020’s UK lockdown.

The Weekend Ritual was written, recorded and produced by the band themselves in its entirety and mixed by Ollie Searle.

The first track on the EP “Happiness” has this sneaky electric feel to it . ( We hit repeat a couple times on this on ) The band truly is in the groove on this brilliant gem of a tune.

The next track “Modern Son” has a great cadence to it that is very memorable. We are big fans of smart and well written lyrics Modern Son definitely checks all those boxes.

If we had to pick our overall favorite track on the EP….. It would be the EP’s lead single “Control” If “Control” was a car it would be a Rolls Royce. The song is both melodically and sonically Perfect.

The bass line on “I Don’t Wanna Talk “ sets the tone to an absolutely stellar track that really highlights the amazing musicianship in the band these guys are flawless.

The EP closes out with the spectacular “Things You Don’t Know Yet “ The track has a great rock feel to it . We enjoyed listening to this one with the windows rolled all the way down.

Adult Leisure is the total musical package. If your looking for a new favorite band …. Look no further than …. Adult Leisure.

The Veils Give Us A Stunning New Track “Time” With Equally Stunning Visuals

We recently had the distinct pleasure of checking out the absolutely beautiful new track “Time” from English/New Zealand indie rock band The Veils.

You can listen to “Time” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

The song “was written during the first lockdown in New Zealand a few years back when it felt as though we all simultaneously became aware of the presence and passing of time in a way we had possibly never experienced before. The words have a mantra-like quality which I think is the result of me walking back and forth in my flat and losing my mind a bit like that mad polar bear at the zoo,” confides lead singer/songwriter Finn.

The accompanying visuals which, is vintage footage taken on the Main Street in San Francisco only three days before the disastrous great earthquake in 1906. It is incredible footage that fits perfectly with the track .

Composer Victoria Kelly’s soaring string arrangements perfectly complement the song making it absolutely mesmerizing.

We absolutely loved the track and visuals and cannot wait to hear more from The Veils. You can watch the visuals for “Time” below

Allen Epley Delights with new video for “The EMT” Off Upcoming Debut Solo LP “Everything” – Out January 6th

Allen Epley gives us an absolutely mesmerizing video for “The EMT “ which is on his debut solo album “Everything”

There is this wonderful almost mystical quality to both the song and video for “The EMT “

Of the track, Epley says, “The EMT” was laying around my folders for a few months and was called “Spider Rico Two” because it had been written around the same time and had a similar vibe as “Spider Rico” which I had finished earlier. I remember having a hard time finding my footing on this one until I just stopped fighting it and went with my original intentions and just kind of allowed it to be what it was. It all fell together when Mike Burns put his lap steel line on the song and changed everything.

“The EMT” is a story about a flight paramedic who has a crush on someone from his town that he’s never met. He’s been content to just live in that world until one evening fate intervenes and his crush ends up in a near-fatal car wreck. As he arrives on the scene he realizes who the victim is and instead of being distraught by his discovery of who she is, he’s delighted that he’s able to finally help her and be with her and hold her hand like he’s always dreamed of.

You can check out the absolutely magnificent video for “The EMT “ below. We cannot wait to listen to “Everything” which will be out Friday January 6th

Celebration Guns Delivers Big Time with Their Spectacular New E.P. “Midlife Vices”

Those of you who have been following The Whole Kameese are fully aware that when we hear something we like …. We like to shout it from the rooftops. Well here we are in 2023 and we want to scream and shout about Celebration Guns and their flawless new E.P. Midlife Vices” ( Yup we said the F word… because it is in our opinion Flawless.

You can listen to “Midlife Vices “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

The four songs on “Midlife Vices” are sonic works of art. The way that Celebration Guns artfully weld lyrics and melodies on the opening track “Dawgy” is down right majestic.

“Existential Love” is the absolute shining star on the E.P. The track is a delicately woven composition that really spotlights the expert musicianship of the band .

Too Many Bandifesto” is a smartly written song that we have been singing in the car for the past few days . ( We love it )

The EP comes to a close with “Wrong Number“ There is a real electric energy with this track. We were sad to see the E.P. end . ( But we quickly hit play again )

Do yourself a favor and check out “Midlife Vices” from Celebration Guns you won’t regret it .

Stalking Gia – “Happy Birthday “

Photo credit – Lauren Eliza Dunn

New York based alt-pop artist Stalking Gia gives us the absolutely stunning new track “Happy Birthday “

The track is “a very bitter birthday anthem to sing to your favorite toxic situation-ship!” proclaims Stalking Gia.

“Happy Birthday “ is perhaps one of most well crafted songs we’ve heard in a while . “Happy Birthday “ is chock full of pop sensibilities. Stalking Gia has given us an absolute gem.

You can listen to “Happy Birthday “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Our Top 22 Of 2022 From The Whole Kameese

We can’t believe that 2022 is coming to a close.It was an absolutely amazing year for music . We filled The Whole Kameese with so many amazing and talented artists. Today we will be counting down the top 22 albums from 2022 that appeared on the site . ( Note we are including both LP’s and EP’s on this list ) let’s begin……

#22- Caroline Romano- Oddities And Prodigies

“Oddities & Prodigies “ from Caroline Romano is a spectacular debut full of amazing songs . Among the highlights are “Ireland in 2009”, “Panic Attack “ and “I Wish I had it On Film”

#21 – Jeff DeVito – Sagittarius

Jeff DeVito makes great songs . He has a sound and vibe that is one of kind . “Sagittarius” is full of just flat out great songs . We loved “Bullets On The Brain” , “Peaches and Pie “ and “ Landmines “

#20- Krooked Tongue- No Vacancy Hotel

“No Vacancy Hotel” is the absolutely thunderous debut E.P. from Bristol (UK) based alternative rock band Krooked Tongue. This E.P. delivers big time with tracks “Vampyre”, “Freaky Love “ , “Swarm” and the title track “No Vacancy Hotel”

#19- Shaylee- Short Sighted Security

Shaylee gives us an absolutely indie rock masterpiece fronted by Elle Archer who’s guitar playing is otherworldly. A great record from start to finish . We love “Ophelia” , #1 Destroyer Fan, and “Danger Decides “

#18- GoldparkGoldpark 2

We were so elated to be introduced to the music of Nashville based indie-rock trio Goldpark. Goldpark 2 is absolute joy to listen to we found ourselves making it our driving music of choice . Every song is amazing we love “I Guess It’s Never Enough “ , “Lady Lightyear “ and “Covered In Sunshine “

#17-Rocky Votolato- “Wild Roots”

Rocky Votolato gives us an absolutely Stunning record with “Wild Roots” a deeply personal record that stays with you long after the last note. Rocky Votolato has one of those once in generation voice . Highlights include “Evergreen “, “There is A Light”, “Little Black Diamond “

#16- A Vulture Wake- One.Kingdom.Animal

A Vulture Wake gave us 2 E.P.’s in 2022 “Kingdom “ and “Animal “ which together make up the L.P “One.Kingdom.Animal “ A Vulture Wake has an amazing and unique sound that we can’t get enough of . We love “Sage”, “The Fool Must Be Killed “ and “Lost Cause Of The Year”


“Limb” from Timeshares is a batch of well crafted songs that are flawless and timeless. “Limb” is the type of record that never gets old or feels outdated. We love “Siren Sound “, “Still Awake” and “Living Boy “

#14- SORAIA-Bloom

“Bloom” from SORAIA flat out rocks, this record is a spectacular rock record . “I Seek Fire” is a timeless rock masterpiece. We also love “Already Dead “ and “Jackson’s Song “

#13 The Rumjacks – Brass For Gold

Celtic punks “The Rumjacks “ give us an absolute gem with “Brass For Gold” we dare you not be humming along after you listen. We love “One For The Road” , “Bounding Main and “Across The Water”


“Tedious & Brief” from Xondra is absolutely beautiful collection of songs that are deeply moving . We loved “Inner Child “ , “Tedious” and “Dead Girl”

#11- Aaron James – Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore

The smooth soulful folk sound of Aaron James is absolutely mesmerizing. We loved “Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore “, “The Breaker” and “Barefoot In The Snow”

#10 – Nervous Eaters – Monsters + Angels

Boston punk rock legends absolutely rock out on “Monsters + Angels The band , the record everything sounds phenomenal. We could listen for days . We love “End Of The World Girl”, “Chad” , “Superman’s Hands “ and “Hop Sing Said”

#9 – Cherie Amour- Spiritual Ascension

Cherie Amour delivers an absolutely epic album with Spiritual Ascension. Formerly known as One Life To Lead , Cherie Amour is a musical juggernaut that is poised for greatness. We love “On Deck” , “Love’s not Your Thing “ ,”God Be a Woman “ and “Spiritual Ascension “

#8- KiKi Holli-Chemical Love

With KiKi Holli you get honest , deep, meaningful music that touches your soul. KiKi is at her absolute best on her E.P. Chemical Love. We love “New High”, “Play To Lose”, “More Than This” and “Sun Playing Tricks”

#7- The Color Study- Future Past Present Tense

The Color Study delivers a vibrant and lively collection of songs with Future Past Present . The album presents like a piece of fine art , each detail perfectly and crafted to perfection. We loved “Future Past Present Tense” , “1983”, “Satellite “ and “Savior II Death “

#6- Palps – Black Heart

Palps gives us a genius concept album with Black Heart . The record is accompanied with eight videos that introduce us to four characters, the story’s protagonist Matt, plus Rose, Charlotte and the plaque doctor. We highly recommend watching the videos as well as the musical tracks . We love “Ava”, Love,Always , “Consequences “ and “Imprint “

#5-Dr. Mary’s Monkey- Velvet Dreams

Velvet Dreams from Dr. Mary’s Monkey is an absolute party from beginning to end. The energy that is generated on this album is electric. We love “(She Said) This Girl is free”, “Brave New World “ , “Downtown “, and “She”

#4- Archer Monk – Joy Ride Opus

Joy Ride Opus is tumbleweed pop at it’s absolute finest. Archer Monk is a true musical treasure. We love “Lost In Translation “, “Hollywood Choir” , “Just Another Morning “ and “Love On Layaway”

#3- Goalkeeper- I wish I Met You Sooner

I wish I Met You Sooner” is a spectacular collection of pure musical gems . We have had this one playing in the office ever since we got our hands on it . If you love music you need this record in your life . We love “Sooner”, “Talk About “ , “Car Wreck” and “Former Lives “

#2- Sic Waiting – A Fine Hill To Die On

Sic Waiting has given us a pop-punk masterpiece with “A Fine Hill To Die On” Every single song on this record is pure gold . If you haven’t heard the record yet….. What are you waiting for ??? We love “Uncommon Veins “, “Good Things”, “Life On Fire “ and “Fireworks

And our # 1 record for 2022 on The Whole Kameese……….

#1-Taxes- Retirement Home

We mentioned in our original review of Retirement Home that we were so into the record that we almost forget to publish the review. Hands down the #1 record on the site for 2022. Robby Cronholm is a master storyteller and the creative chemistry with band mate Aishlin Harrison is electric . The track that we can’t get enough of is Frozen Lake it’s also our top track for 2022. We also love “Foie Gras & Sancerre” , “ Last Call” and “Asbestos”

So there you have it …… that is our top 22 records for 2022. We want to thank all our readers for all your support as well as all the amazing artists for making amazing music.

We will see you in 2023”

IOTA- Debut E.P. “Tyrants” Is A Brilliant Collection of “Must Hear” Music .

This our final new review of 2022…. IOTA- “Tyrants

We are absolutely stoked that we finally got to hear the amazing debut E.P “Tyrants” from Bristol (UK) based rock group IOTA . We have been captivated by the singles, so to have a four song E.P. is just awesome.

The band has had a bit of unfortunate luck as of late as there was a delay in the release of the E.P. that was originally scheduled for November but, was pushed back to December. ( We can tell you that this E.P was definitely worth the wait . ) The band’s self built recording studio Omni Rooms burned down due to an electrical issue. A Go Fund Me has been established for Omni Rooms you can learn more Here

You can’t help but get caught up in the mysterious and mystical aura of IOTA . Lead singer Jodi Robinson along with guitarist Josef Parkes , Bassist Sam Mattison, Drummer Thomas John and guitarist Joe Dean are a stunning creative force that simply cannot be ignored . You can listen to “Tyrants” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

From note one from “Demons “ you can feel an undeniable energy . Jodi Robinson has such a powerful vocal presence that makes you immediately take notice .

Track 2 on the E.P. “Control” is the latest single off of “Tyrants” It is a song about fighting against the confines and restrictions holding you back.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the single the band state, Control was formed in a headspace of feeling confined by people and unspoken rules in our lives; it was our way of fighting back. Control started with Josef writing an instrumental guitar part. The chord progression felt aggressive but assured and imbued an emotion that we could all connect with. The instrumental helped us uncover themes that were ongoing in our lives. Lyrically, we wanted to put a positive spin on the band’s collective feelings and taunt the restrictions over us.”

As we said in our original review of “Ballet Box” the song is beyond brilliant. The band is sonically perfect, they put on an absolute clinic on what a great song should sound like .

The final track on Tyrants is our favorite, “Sometimes” There are some songs that just bring you in.You don’t know why but you want to keep listening to it over and over . Sometimes” is hands down one of those songs . Jodi Robinson is absolutely flawless on this track and the rest of the band display a level of musicianship that is second to none .

Tyrants“ is our final new review for 2022. As we approach the final hours and minutes of 2022 we can’t think of a better way to spend twelve minutes and thirty four seconds than to listen to the absolute masterpiece “Tyrants” from IOTA .

“Interstellar” From Annabel Gutherz is Truly Otherworldly

Annabel Gutherz has absolutely out done herself with her latest single “Interstellar”We have updated this review to include the amazing video for “Interstellar “

We recently checked out the new single “Interstellar”from Montreal based singer/ songwriter Annabel Gutherz. We loved “Retrograde” but Annabel Gutherz is in a whole new galaxy with “Interstellar “

Blending her angelic vocals with theatrical, full-bodied instrumentation, the single takes listeners on an impassioned and emotive journey of love and loss. Annabel worked on “Interstellar” with producer Dominique Messier who also contributed to her 2021 debut album, Loose Ends.

Annabel elaborates on the inspiration behind her new single: In a relationship, many times you can feel like a star in your partner’s universe — special, seen, and cherished. In the case that the relationship ends, you fall from their constellation, alone again and lost amongst a sky of wandering stars. ‘Interstellar’ is a song about just that and struggling with the tug-of-war dynamic between emotional dualities in the reverberations of a breakup. I wanted to honor the full scope of emotions and thus leaned into a very theatrical production. If this song resonates with you, I hope you know that you’ll find your way to the right orbit, where you won’t just be someone’s star, but their whole world!”

We are absolutely over the moon about “Interstellar “ Songs like “Interstellar “ and artists like Annabel Gutherz are everything we love about music .

Annabel recently shared the absolutely stunning video for “Interstellar “

Directed by Dany Foster and produced by Sean Dubé, the “Interstellar” music video is a galactic visual wonderland. The video, which stars Annabel against a backdrop of lights, stars and planets, pulls inspiration from the opening scene of Robert Zemeckis’s 1997 film, ‘Contact.’

We wanted the video to feel anchored in reality yet galactic to best depict the lyrical throughline and melodic sentiments, a challenging dichotomy that Dany and Sean managed to capture with ease,” Annabel says. “This was my first full-scope music video, and to be on set with such a talented crew of cinematographic experts for a song I wrote in my bedroom was surreal.”

Annabel Gutherz once again proves that the brightest stars aren’t just in sky . You can listen and watch the amazing video for “Interstellar “ below

You can listen to “Interstellar “ Here

November Spotify Playlist List November 13-19

What an amazing week of music on THE WHOLE KAMEESE. We added 19 amazing tracks from 19 amazing artists. Be sure to subscribe to the blog below so you can get all the latest music on THE WHOLE KAMEESE and don’t forget to like us on all the socials @thewholekameese

First we have the Amazing band Fire Sale with their 2 song single “A Fool’s Errand “ Check out “A Fool’s Errand “ it’s freaking amazing.

Next up is Thomas Day and his stunning new single “The End” He continues to impress with every thing he releases

Next we have singer,dancer and creator Jordi and her debut single “Hate You” The song is spectacular.

BENTLE — the project of New York-based Australian artist Josh McVey “Darkest Blue” is a mesmerizing track

“Last Meal” from Penny Rich just absolutely rocks these guys have so much energy and emotion it is electric.

We continue to be amazed by Cade Hoppe his latest “Past Time” is most certainly one of his best .

Adult Leisure gives us their epic new single “Control” We can’t wait for their new EP “The Weekend Ritual “

Jeff DeVito recently released his spectacular new album “Sagittarius” Check it out to see why we think he has one of the best voices in rock . We love the track “In The Rye”

We love everything about DR. Mary’s Monkey and their stellar new record “Velvet Dreams “ The track Brave New World “ straight out rocks . Play it loud .

The Color Study recently released what we think is a spectacular record with “Future Past Present Tense” We love the track “1983”

KiKi Holli gave us her extraordinary new EP “Chemical Love” this week . we love “It’s Chemical”

joan made us so happy this week. First they announced their debut album superglue will drop April 19th 2023 and they also gave us the awesome new single “Flowers”

We were super pumped to get the new single “Good News” from SARCHASM it is absolutely incredible

It is definitely getting here in the east, we’ll just listen to Autumn Luz and her phenomenal new song “Heat”

Cherie Amour recently released their amazing new record Spiritual Ascension We think it’s awesome so is the track “God Be A Woman “

We love Opāru The music is otherworldly we recommend “Gold”

We were totally taken with “Replay(Lounge) by Cal In Red

Steakhouse are freaking incredible we love their latest “Shoot The Lights Out”

UK punks Grade 2 hit us with their killer new single “Under The Streetlight” which rocks . They will have a new self titled album out February 17th

We Just Listened To Not 1 But 2 New Fire Sale Songs From The Fool’s Errand 2 Song Single And It Was Freaking Amazing.

To say we were excited to listen to the new Fire Sale 2 song single “A Fool’s Errand” is the understatement of the year .

Way back in April 2021 (seems forever a go) before we were known as THE WHOLE KAMEESE we were known as BIG LEAGUE MUSIC around that time Fire Sale released their first single “Dark Hearts” We were a new blog and had first heard of Fire Sale through guitarist Chris Swinney and his podcast “That One Time On Tour “ ( Tremendous podcast by the way !) We ended up reaching out to Chris ( Who was super Cool ) and we ended up reviewing “Dark Hearts” and having been following them ever since.

Which brings us to Today where they have released a brand new 2 song single “A Fools Errand” via Negative Progression Record

Fire Sale is a punk rock supergroup comprised of Matt Riddle (Face to Face and No Use For A Name), Chris Swinney (The Ataris), Pedro Aida (Ann Beretta), and Matt Morris. Their new 2-song single was mixed/mastered at The Blasting Room (owned by Bill Stevenson of The Descendents) and has hand-painted art by Mark deSalvo, known for classic album covers (NOFX, Lagwagon and Pulley).

A Fool’s Errand” is Fire Sale at it’s absolute best . The song starts with a dynamic bass line that pushes the spectacular melody all over the fretboard. With plenty of “woahs” to go around, fans singing along in front will be squished against the stage by the inevitable circle pit.

Matt Riddle says of “A Fool’s Errand”: I wrote the music to this song while I was extremely ill about 10-12 years ago. The bassline came about by testing myself, to see if I could still play at all. It has a weird picking style, kind of a banjo-ish thing. Thumb and first two fingers. It’s a pretty simple chord progression, but when I showed the guys, they seemed to really like it. Pedro wrote this killer vocal melody with rad harmonies, Chris tracked the guitars and Matt laid down these insane drums and I was like, wow!”

And… as if “Fool’s Errand wasn’t enough,we get a B-side “We Dance For Sorrow “ (It’s like winning the punk rock lottery !) is a mid-tempo roam that has a “hey! hey! hey!” chorus so catchy, that we may or may not have been singing in it the pick up line grabbing the kids from school.

Of the track, Chris Swinney says: We Dance For Sorrow started off as just the verse. I have had that riff knocking around for years, but could never turn it into a song. One night last year, I couldn’t sleep, so I went out to the studio. I wrote the chorus progression and the chromatic bridge riff. When the other guys wrote their parts, it really took shape. We have written and recorded a lot of songs over the last couple of years, but this is one of my favorites. It has a cool melancholy vibe to it, perfect for the fall.”

Fire Sale are the absolute real deal with stunning vocals and master class musicianship. Fire Sale is that melodic sound you remember from back in day but better.

The Fire Sale single marks the third release for the recently relaunched indie label Negative Progression Records. Over the course of 18 years, NPR became known for discovering, developing, and supporting young bands, taking them out of the garage, and helping them hit the road.

The label (which went on to sell over 100,000 records, host a stage on the 2003 Vans Warped Tour, and release 30 titles) became a trusted curator in the underground punk scene, bringing to the world a number of albums now regarded as classics. Now, after an 8-year gap where label founder Seth Hyman focused exclusively on his career as an attorney, NPR is back not to relive the past, but to stay true to its original mission and find your next favorite band.

Thomas Day Gives Us A Song Straight From The Heart With New Single / Video For “The End “

With over 30 million global streams and 7 million social followers, 20-year-old singer-songwriter Thomas Day is back to share his next single & video, “The End,” out on Arista Records.

We were absolutely taken with The End “ The power and beauty of this song is absolutely breathtaking. Thomas Day speaks from his heart and the results are absolutely stunning.

Opening with gentle guitar strumming and Thomas’ captivating vocals, the song soars towards an explosive chorus. “The End” spreads a heart-wrenching yet powerful message about not giving up, even when the pain feels overwhelming.

You can listen to “The End” Here

“This song is definitely the most emotional I’ve released so far and this was actually the first time I’d ever cried while I was recording a song,” says Thomas.

The music video for “The End” was directed by Brenton Giesey, a Nashville-based visual artist who worked with Thomas on his last two music videos, “Wildflower” and “not my job anymore.” Thomas elaborates on the visual concept:The water described my emotions towards the entire concept of the video, and emotionally allowed me to get into it, which I knew I needed to do with this song. It was really fun too.”

You can watch the video for “The End” below .

Jordi Shares An Absolute Gem with Debut Single “Hate You”

There is just something about a really good song . A good song has this glow around it and even when you hear it for the first time you just know….

Recently we had the privilege to check out the debut single“Hate You “ from Singer, dance , creator Jordi and what we heard was an amazingly good song .

You can listen to “Hate You “ Here

Hailing from Myrtle Beach, 19-year-old Jordi has spent most of her youth writing songs, dancing in studios, performing on stages across the US and creating online content that has earned her a dedicated fanbase. Her stunning covers, captivating vocals and creative online content have drawn over 12 million followers across social platforms.

“Hate You” is a beautiful piano-led pop ballad that introduces Jordi’s introspective songwriting and standout vocals to a wider audience. For her debut, Jordi collaborated with songwriters Riley Biederer (Nessa Barrett, Echosmith) and Nate Cyphert (Carly Rae Jepson, Hayley Kiyoko, Keith Urban) and producers Rob Grimaldi (BTS, Noah Cyrus, BLACKPINK) and Leo Mellace (jxdn, Nessa Barrett).

“When I wrote this song, I remember having to be honest with my most-vulnerable self,” says Jordi. “I know a lot of people are going through the same thing, so I hope the song embodies the emotions of still loving someone that hurt you.”

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Sabrina Carpenter and Olivia Rodrigo, Jordi blends story-driven lyricism with fresh pop sounds. Having grown with her followers over four years, Jordi speaks to the understated commonalities and interests of her generation like romance, heartbreak, and adventure – and her fans are listening.

Jordi has delivered an absolute gem in “Hate You “ Jordi is a welcome shinning star in today’s musical landscape. We can’t wait to see what she will do next but… We have a feeling she will totally shine .


We recently checked out BENTLE and the hypnotic new single “Darkest Blue” The track is simply an extraordinary musical statement .

BENTLE is the project of New York-based Australian artist Josh McVey .

Brimming with hypnotic pop production wavy synths and soulful vocals, “Darkest Blue” is an emotive and instantly captivating listen.

BENTLE elaborates on the inspiration behind the new song: ‘Darkest Blue’ is very much about the connection between color, texture and circumstance. There’s been a few times over the past year where it feels like I’m not able to stop myself from sinking or falling into a certain state of mind or state of being. ‘Darkest Blue’ is kind of an exploration of that falling sinking feeling and what it would feel like if I explored it…the visual I had when writing the song was that I fell into the night sky (which was scary and unknown) but I woke up in this ethereal new environment where, though it was still unknown, it was equally intriguing and enlightening.”

Josh McVey (aka BENTLE) is a singer, songwriter and producer originally hailing from Brisbane, Australia and now living in New York City. Producing and writing all of his own material, he delivers glowing indie-pop tunes packed with reflective and introspective lyricism. He’s been laying a foundation over the past few years with a number of single releases, including his 2021 hit “MONDO,” and is now preparing to reveal his debut EP.

You can listen to “Darkest Blue” on Spotify and on Apple Music

A great song sticks with you “Darkest Blue” absolutely accomplishes this . “Darkest Blue “ takes the listener on a spectacular journey that allows them to completely get lost in the beauty that is “Darkest Blue”

Penny Rich Serves Up Latest Single “Last Meal”

Cardiff-based punk three-piece Penny Rich returns in huge with their latest thunderous single ‘Last Meal’, taken from their upcoming debut album due early next year.

You can Listen to “Last Meal” on Spotify Here

Batten down the hatches Penny Rich is bringing it full force with an electrifying sound that definitely makes you take notice . Born from a shared passion for 90’s grunge and noise and a need for cathartic expression, their evocative melodies and introspective lyrics speaking to the insecurities inside all of us. “Last Meal” comes in like a carefully choreographed hurricane. Penny Rich are freaking brilliant.

Since forming in 2016, the band (Anthony B ,Vocals /Guitar, Chris Hampson, Vocals/Bass and Tobias O’Reilly ,Drums)have been energising audiences across South Wales, sharing the stage with the likes of Death Cult Electric, Sœur and False Advertising, and playing slots at Oxjam Festival, while tracks from their EPs Nomad and Revolving Door have been supported by the likes of BBC Radio Wales, with Adam Walton himself describing the band as ‘noisy and great’.

Taken from the album, their upcoming single Last Meal draws lyrical inspiration from the concept of the last meal served to inmates on death row in the US, whereby they can request all of their favorite comfort food prior to their execution.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, the band state, “The song explores the idea of a last meal as a metaphor for empty, superficial pleasures, indulged in to temporarily escape the anguish, anxiety or depression the consumer may be experiencing. It’s the juxtaposition between feelings of superficial satiety and profound emptiness. In short: empty pleasures that fail to cure the real issues at play.”

Penny Rich bring so much raw energy and emotion they could probably power a small town. Seriously, A lot of people ask us “Hey can you recommend any “real good music” Penny Rich more than fits the bill for real good music

So find a good spot and crank it till the knobs come off .

You can check out the visual below for “Last Meal”

Cade Hoppe Scores Big Time With New Single/ Video “Past Time “

It has been really exciting to watch indie pop singer and songwriter Cade Hoppe lately the guy has simply been incredible. We were amazed by his recent single “Faded Love “ and now he’s back with the amazing new single and Video for “Past Time”

You can listen to “Past Time “ Here

Opening with simplistic keys before livening with glittery synths and anthemic percussion, “Past Time” is an instantly catchy track. “‘Past Time’ is about relationship nostalgia and the selective memory that comes with it—in this case, not only are you positively selective in your memory, but you’re really hoping your ex is not being negatively selective,” says Cade. “Being stuck in the past can be a dangerous drug.” Cade co-produced the track with his frequent collaborator Harper James (Eighty Ninety, James Bay, Aaron Taos).

It really truly has been an exciting time for Cade Hoppe. Cade broke out in 2021 with the release of his debut EP, ‘Tell Me How It’s Worth It.’ He quickly followed it up with his sophomore effort, ‘Everything That’s Wrong with You,’ in Spring 2022. His discography is a continually unfolding process that evolves with confidence and clarity with each new release. With his steadfast determination and undeniable talent, Cade is well on his way to becoming an indie-pop mainstay.

It’s no secret how we feel about Cade Hoppe here at The Whole Kameese. He is the breath of fresh air that is needed today in music . We can’t wait to see what he does next. Because, we know it will be great . You can watch the video for “Past Time” below

Adult Leisure Reveal Debut EP “The Weekend Ritual” And Release New Single/Video For “Control“

We have found the perfect song to get you in to weekend mode . Bristol based alt-indie four piece Adult Leisure have released their latest single “Control” and if we are being honest it’s absolutely Phenomenal. Taken from their upcoming debut EP “The Weekend Ritual “,that will be released December 2nd 2022

Their upcoming debut EP The Weekend Ritual was written, recorded and produced by the band themselves in its entirety and mixed by Ollie Searle. With their signature jangly guitar swells and heartfelt vocals, coupled with their heart-on-sleeve subject matter, this is Adult Leisure truly announcing themselves as a band not to be missed.

Reflecting on the EP, the band state, we’ve always wanted to produce an honest and homegrown debut selection of songs which both showcases our ability as musicians, but also keeps in line with our honest grass roots style. We wanted people to hear us with no filter or 3rd party influence. In an industry where so much is insincere, we wanted to give people us and us alone.”

The EP’s leading single “Control” was written, recorded and produced by the band themselves. Combining gorgeous melodies, infectious choruses and glistening guitar lines that are otherworldly “Control” is a tale of tortured love, yet sugary sweet from start to finish. We have this track stuck on repeat for days, one listen and you will understand why

After previously helping to usher in Bristol’s indie boom of the 2010’s, guitarist David Woolford and bassist James Laing (Moon Club), vocalist and lyricist Neil Scott (Aztecs) and drummer Nathan Searle (Towers) came together to form this new project following a thirst to create during the pandemic, formed via countless video calls during the heart of 2020’s UK lockdown.

You can listen to “Control” on Spotify and on Apple Music

Speaking about the inspiration behind the single the band state, “Control focuses around an immeasurable love to which it’s clear the object of affection isn’t the wisest choice, yet still the lover is drawn ever closer, due to the overwhelming presence the recipient of their adoration has within their life.They are drug they can’t seem to pry themselves away from. They are hell,yet they are home and this is the battle the lover is having with themselves”

You can watch the video for “Control” below.We are beyond excited about Adult Leisure! We can’t wait for the release of their debut EP “Weekend Ritual on December 2nd . Time to put “Control” on endless repeat !

Jeff DeVito Shares His Great New Album “Sagittarius “ And…. We Are Glad He Did Because…. It’s Fantastic

We recently checked out the Sophomore album “Sagittarius “ from New Jersey based artist Jeff DeVito ( Spoiler Alert ) It is Fantastic

Jeff DeVito was just looking to set up a home studio a few years back so he could sharpen his mixing skills. He some songs to mix so, he dusted off a few old songs and wrote some new ones . He soon found, unexpectedly, that he was pursuing a solo career. Down in the lab he concocted an aesthetic best described as new indie music for classic rock fans.

You can listen to “Sagittarius “ on Spotify and on Apple Music and Sound Cloud

So now here we are today and Jeff DeVito gives us Sagittarius his loosely conceptual and vibrantly eclectic second album .

There’s a clear ‘hold on’/ ‘holding on’ lyrical theme in several of the songs, including a play on the name ‘Holden’, which also ties into references from The Catcher in the Rye on a few of the tracks,” Jeff says of the 11-song album. He continues: “The mood might seem dark or violent at times, but there’s an underlying hopefulness weaving its way through. Hope is a theme I lean on often in my songwriting—it seems there’s always a need for it, and it pairs well with arrangements that steadily build in volume or intensity.”

Two things stand about Jeff DeVito. First he writes great songs period no tricks or gimmicks just real solid songs .The songs that Jeff writes have a deep soul making them relatable. Jeff draws his sound from 1960’s Classic Rock , 1980 Synth pop and New Wave and 1990’s quirky Alt rock . The diverse influences of sounds are why the songs hold up so well.

The second thing that stands out about Jeff DeVito is that he has in our opinion , One of the strongest and unique rock voices we have heard in while .

He has a very distinctive tone that sounds perfect with the sonic and melodic hum of a driving rock guitar. We hear a little Beck and maybe a little Tom Petty . But at the end of the day it’s a sound that’s all his own .

We were excited to listen to Sagittarius as a whole as we very much enjoyed “Peaches and Pie and Landmines.

The opening track “Bullets On My Brain “ has a real 90’s feel to it . Explosive chorus and mellow verses . This would most definitely would have found a home on 90’s alt radio. This is a storyteller tune with an eerie scene-setting narrative that never fully resolves and an opening passage that immediately sets the chilling tone. Here, Jeff sings: It’s been raining for days / Feels like it’s always gonna rain / I went out anyway / I saw what happened at the cave / I saw what happened at the cave / I always thought I’d be brave.

The title track is an impressionistic song delivered with Hemingway-like conciseness as it bounces along to a Kinks-style guitar riff groove. One choice passage here is: I can never be a preacher / I don’t have enough to say / But as I got off on the tenth floor / I shot an arrow through the doorway.

Jeff really shines with the simple but stunning acoustic song “Song343” it’s an absolutely beautiful song . Originally the idea for “Sagittarius “ was to record a small number of sparingly produced, acoustic guitar-based tracks,similar to “Song343”

A hallmark of Jeff’s artistry is his interest in favoring strong songs over strict adherence to any genre, and the balmy bossa-nova song, “In The Rye” (ft. Fabiana Mendes), showcases his adventurous songs-first approach. “In The Rye” is the album’s most lushly produced track, including horn lines arranged by Jeff and recorded in Nashville.

We are so happy that Jeff decided to build that home studio a few years ago . He is a gifted musician and storyteller with wonderful stories and music that needs to be heard by all.

You Need To Follow Dr.’s Orders and Check Out The Amazing new Record “Velvet Dreams” From DR. MARY’S MONKEY This Record Absolutely Rocks

First off let us start by saying we are more excited than a wild night on Bourbon Street to finally get to listen to the absolutely amazing new record “Velvet Dreams “ from perhaps one of the coolest names in rock… DR. MARY’S MONKEY .

You can listen to “Velvet Dream on Spotify and Apple Music

Our ears first came in contact with the band when we had the privilege of checking out their song “(She Said ) This Girl is Free” As we said when we first reviewed the song , we fell hard immediately for the song and it was definitely love it first listen .

Dr. Mary’s Monkey is a mod/punk/power-pop/soul movement from New Orleans, Louisiana based around the songs of singer-songwriter Shawn Gwin, nicknamed “The Sage” by his band and producers. The four-piece band is Sage, guitar, vocals; Robin Sherman, bass, vocals; Yàno, keys, vocals; and David Shirley drums, vocals; plus special studio guests. Combining a love of music from Motown, Memphis, London and New Orleans with Sage’s distinctive songwriting craft and lead vocals, their unique synthesis of styles makes for rock music that catches the ear, engages the mind and never forgets it’s got to roll. Velvet Dreams was tracked in legendary New Orleans studio, Neutral Sound Studio; produced by Grammy-winning and Oscarnominated record producer and mixing engineer “BassyBob Brockmann (Aretha Franklin, Herbie Hancock, Prince); and features an A-list of New Orleans sidemen.

“Velvet Dreams” has something really for everyone it is a well seasoned collection of songs brimming with spectacular musical flavor

The jolt of inspiration to write and record this sprawling flavorful punk rock ‘n’ roll opus came when Sage took a 4-day vacation to San Francisco and visited the Beat Museum. There, inspired by the heady cocktail of art, literature, social commentary, anti-establishment ethos, and psychedelia, Sage began to envision the music and conceptual arc of Dr. Mary’s Monkey’s Velvet Dreams. The album took 10 days to track, but a year to finish due to the pandemic. It is one of many out-of-his-hands career setbacks and natural disasters Sage has endured over the years.

We found ourselves a comfy spot and let Dr. Mary’s Monkey be our musical guide through “Velvet Dreams “

As the introduction (Up from Dream) blared into our ears we felt like we were embarking on a magical musical journey in another dimension. (Good thing we packed a lunch ) As the introduction faded into “Brave New World “ we were immediately taken with track. “Brave New World “ is a loud raucous punk rock delight . We heard shades of IGGY POP/ The Stooges as well MC5 . If this track doesn’t get you excited then we suggest medical attention. The vocals are dead perfect and the energy the band brings is off the charts.

As the album continues, tracks like “Energy” and Ocean Rider “ show the unbelievable musicianship assembled on this recording . The horn work on “Ocean Rider” is absolutely stunning. We love the 60’s vibe on this track as well .

We found ourselves playing feverish air drums on “Baby,Don’t You Feel Alright?” This song is down right electric .We closed our eyes and imagined a crowd going crazy when this is played live . (The keyboards were on fire!)

She” is a touching an poignant song that was beautifully orchestrated it truly is a shining moment on an album loaded with absolute gems

What makes “Velvet Dreams and Dr. Mary’s Monkey so incredible is the passion , love and dedication to the craft of making absolutely amazing music . You can hear it and you can feel it .

The Color Study “Future Past Present Tense “ A Beautifully Crafted Record That Touches The Mind And Soul

We picture singer /songwriter Scott Oliphant in a room with a whiteboard feverishly arranging various idea’s on post it notes that later were set to music to become the sophomore album of The Color Study “Future Past Present Tense “

The Color Study who are based in Bend Oregon started as a solo project for Scott Oliphant now features Melissa Atillo on keys and vocals Matt Jackson on bass, Miguel Mendoza on horns ,Andy Jacobs on drums and vocals, and Steve Reinhardt on lead guitar .

You can listen to Future Past Present Tense” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

While the band’s eponymous debut record was consciously mired by the sadness of a relationship lost, Future Past Present Tense takes a turn for the more heady and existentially philosophical – though still in one aspect or another touching on the impression interpersonal relationships can leave. Having spent much of his career behind a drum kit, a soundboard, and in positions involving more of the mechanics and less of the actual songwriting process, Oliphant fruitfully toiled with putting the pieces of each song on the album together in a way that was instrumentally luminous – with a whole band now in tow – as well as lyrically poignant.

Each song on the record feels like a deep philosophical thought that is expanded and brought to life ever so delicately with music .

The opening track “Somewhere” feels like a magnificent symphonic collection of sound brought together to form an unbelievable musical statement. We were absolutely speechless.

Being of a certain age 1983” felt like a familiar trip back into time that was melodically perfect and made us long for those bike rides from the past .

The Title track “Future Past Present Tense” as we said in our original review “ This song is why music is such a beautiful form of communication. “Future-Past-Present- Tense is a big beautiful orchestral work of musical goodness . Scott Oliphant has crafted a pure masterpiece that brings you on a delightful journey filled with a million sounds of wonderment.”

As a single father, Oliphant began pondering the dynamics of interpersonal connections—how even the slightest interactions have the potential to change the course of one’s life, how they’ll live and how they may, or may not, experience love in life. That’s how the album title itself came to be, serving as a mini grammatical roadmap for how an interaction that hasn’t even come to be yet could affect who you are in the present, and how you’ll remember your past. Sonically, it’s greatly reminiscent of early 90s alternative, power pop and flowy neo-psychedelia—think a fusion between Spiritualized and The Dandy Warhols—where the sounds are heavily textured and expansive, allowing space for peak absorption and introspection.

The song that we really connected with was “Satellite “ The themes and feelings in this song feel universal and something that we can all relate to at one point or another .

With Savior || Death” It felt like the song is centered around being baptized. By becoming baptized will mean that you are Saved “ but there is a sense of uncertainty in that maybe you are not being “Saved” but, maybe it means that the baptism is not the beginning, but the end . I think either way the track is another example of Oliphant asking and pondering a deep question.

Future Past Present Tense” is more than just an album it is Chance to listen with our ears and feel with our heart and soul. It is truly an album will stay with you long after the music has faded .

The New EP “Chemical Love” From KiKi Holli Will Leave You Feeling Absolutely Euphoric

Photo Credit – Randy Shropshire

We were positively ecstatic to listen to Los Angeles indie-pop vocalist KiKi Holli and her new amazing EP Chemical Love.

You can listen to “Chemical Love” on Spotify and Apple Music

KiKi Holli has an undeniable original unique sound and style that allows her to craft absolutely beautiful and stunning musical masterpieces.

The EP opens with the strong and powerful New High” KiKi gives an absolutely majestic vocal performance as her voice climbs effortlessly through perfectly placed melodic melodies.

The music was inspired by long trips down the coast from Highway 10 to the PCH, a trip I take often with my husband. It helps me find my center again to see and sit by the ocean. It’s my happy place. I think that ‘NEW HIGH’ is a good song for all of us, transitioning out of our houses and from looking at each other through screens. That separation really does a number on your brain. ‘NEW HIGH’ is saying that we’re going to be all right, we’re making it through and coming out stronger,”she explains.

“Play To Lose” was our first introduction to KiKi Holli . As we said in our original review of this amazing song

“This song spoke to us right away with the seductive groove and the incredible soul and tone in KiKi Holli’s voice it is simply an amazing track that reels you in and doesn’t let go till the final note.”

In “Play To Lose”, KiKi examines leaving a toxic relationship and finding your voice and confidence in the end. With layered vocals full of confidence and depth, and acoustic guitars dripping with nostalgia, “Play To Lose” is a radiating groove-infused roots pop single. “Play To Lose” reminds the listener to know your own worth and find your power even in the most hopeless of situations.

Because, we are so into music here at The Whole Kameese we sometimes play a game called “Better Than The Original “ It’s where we compare a song that is covered to the original.

“More Than This” is without a doubt better than the original. No disrespect to the wonderful Roxy Music but, KiKi absolutely makes this song her own and the results are absolutely magical.

We absolutely loved the single “Sun Playing Tricks On Me”

KiKi once again brings her original, soulful approach to a hypnotic and seductive track that catches your attention right away.

“Sun Playing Tricks On Me” is KiKi at her absolute best . This song will stay with you long after the music has ended .

We absolutely love the vibe on “Chemical Love” it has a groove that you can’t help moving . We feel KiKi is totally in the groove in this song and it’s just perfect.

Just when you feel like this EP can’t get any better KiKi drops “New High Lux Mundi Remix” All we can say is that if this song isn’t number 1 on the dance charts we would be shocked. This track is epic .

“Chemical Love” from KiKi Holli is your favorite collection of songs that you haven’t listened to yet . So do yourself a favor and check it out !

Your Wednesday Just Got Better…..joan new single/visual announce debut album via Photo Finish Records

Photo Credit Connor North Goad

You can listen to the brand new single “Flowers on Spotify and Apple Music

We are so excited that alt pop duo joan today announce details of their long awaited debut album superglue, out April 19th via Photo Finish Records. The twelve-track full length is over three years in the making, following their beloved EPs portra, cloudy, hi and bye, and is an existential journey influenced by the duo’s recent transition into fatherhood.

joan explain: “It’s totally wrecked our world and we both have been going through a lot of the same growth that comes alongside being a parent. It’s changed our whole process of writing, and way more than just like having a kid and making every song about them. It’s made us think more about who we are as people, what we want to put into the world and what we want to get out of it, just reflecting on life way more than I think we ever have. This album as a whole is about the past and the present happening at the same time, it’s about dreams for the future and hoping for a better tomorrow but missing yesterday. It’s by far the best and most meaningful music we’ve ever made, it has something for everyone, and we hope it means something to you too.”

To accompany the news they’ve also shared the record’s second single and video ‘flowers’, the last song joan wrote for the album which became one of their personal favorites. The highly emotive and nostalgic narrative discusses how time is fleeting and how people grow and change, paired with wistful acoustic guitar riffs under cinematic synths and heartfelt melodies. The accompanying video shows captures joan’s riveting performance against bright hues of yellow.

You can check out the video for “Flowers” below

The band share “I remember running around the streets of my best friend’s neighborhood after midnight, skipping around from friend to friends house. I remember rushing to my friend’s house after school to rehearse our new songs in his garage. I remember driving around town after the sun went down just because we could. you make so many memories in those formative years. You never think to yourself, “this won’t last forever”. but then you grow. It happens slow – years go by, seasons change. That’s just life. If you’re lucky, some of those people stick around. but for a lot of us, you’re left asking, “why don’t we talk anymore?”. That’s what this song is to us.”

You can check out the video for “Flowers” below

We can’t not wait till April when Superglue is released.

joan tour dates

Nov 25 – Senayan Park (Spark): Jakarta, Indonesia 

Nov 27 – Very Festival @ Thunder Dome: Bangkok, Thailand 

Nov 30 – Space Odd: Tokyo, Japan

Dec 3: Sorpresa Music Festival @ Enchanted Kingdom: Laguna, Philippines

Sarchasm New Single / Video “Good News” … Will Be The Best Thing You See And Hear All Day

Today we had the amazing privilege to check out East Bay based indie punk trio SARCHASM and their new single and video “Good News . The song is the second single from the band’s forthcoming final album Conditional Love out via Asian Man Records on December 2nd

Photo Jonathan Botkin

We think we can all relate to the feelings behind “Good News” is an energetic counterpunch to doomscrolling culture and a news environment that feeds off misery

You can listen to “Good News “ on Spotify and on Apple Music

We are absolutely smitten with this track . It’s simple and to the point-Brilliant. SARCHASM basically puts to music what we all feel .

“There’s never the letup, and there’s never a payoff to feel like you have any reason to be happy with anything; even if there’s a positive thing,” said bassist Alex Botkin. “There’s instantly another bad thing.”

“It’s not just that we get bad news, it’s that there’s always bad news,” Stevie adds. “The media thrives on bad news, and they want us to feel like shit, because that’s how they get more clicks. There were so many times where I saw articles during the pandemic and just in general, where I’m like, ‘Yeah, things are really shitty.’ But also, they’re definitely leaning into the worse things that are happening. Good news doesn’t really sell in the same way. It is, unfortunately, up to us to create the good news that we want to see.”

You can watch the video for “Good News” below

Sarchasm will be playing their album release and farewell shows at This Year Sucked 8 at 924 Gilman Street in Oakland, California on December 30 and 31.

Autumn Luz Is Just Getting Warmed Up With Her new single + video – “Heat”

We recently checked out Philadelphia based alt pop artist Autumn Luz and her red hot debut single “Heat”

Autumn Luz has spent much of her life longing for the opportunity to pursue music in a serious way. As a child, she begged for piano lessons, but her family couldn’t afford them. During arts high school and college, she taught herself piano on gorgeous, in-tune Steinway pianos she found hidden in practice rooms. Today, the Philly-based solo artist boldly steps outside of music room nooks and give us “Heat”

You can listen to “Heat” on Spotify and on SoundCloud

“As with a lot of people, the pandemic became a time when I started to connect with what really mattered to me, and to make room for that in my life,” Autumn says. “It’s been a long journey to get here. I’m not sure what felt scarier, thinking about what people would say, or facing the topics and lyrics I put in my songs. In the beginning, I whispered them because I wasn’t ready to say these things out loud. Now, I am not afraid of being the woman I am.”

Autumn has been a welfare kid, a prep school kid, a University of Chicago dropout, a complex trauma survivor, a ballet director, an MBA grad, and a data tech leader, all while managing a genetic medical condition. All of which has made her what she today ,a focused artist with a well-developed signature aesthetic that embraces hues of blues, jazz, and alt-rock. Her songs glower with the passion of working through inner conflicts and contradictions, and the search for truths and wholeness. “What attracts me in music is raw authenticity. I am not afraid to explore dark places. That’s the only thing I hope to follow: the courage to be passionately authentic,” she says. With her on these revealing musical explorations are genre-busting multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and arranger Samwe, and composer, pianist, and guitarist Sarun Charumilind.

Autumn Luz give an absolutely phenomenal vocal performance with Heat” it has this real unique retro feel and sense of authenticity that really makes you take notice . “Heat” is the kind of song that you not hear but it has a deep soul to it that you can feel

We found it fascinating to learn that the single, Heat, in concept and execution, is aligned with its evocative title. Those little click noises are samples from Autumn recording turning on her stovetop burner. The song is a dizzying cocktail of achingly soulful vocals, sensual blues melodicism, jazz chordal sophistication, and unvarnished alt-rock groove. Thematically, Heat, oozes a fierce sensuality that only can come from empowering self-discovery. One standout lyric passage is: Give me that heat from my feet to my cheek / Make it flow, make me burst like caviar / Give me paprika, comino, saffron(Ginger and cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon) / Give me that sweetness to make me feel weakness / Melt into my dreams of all your sugar and lime, but / I will burn myself every time.

Heat was probably the first time I really got in touch with my soulful side as a songwriter, and it coincided with also uncovering some powerful parts of myself that had been hidden away for a really long time,” Autumn reveals. ““Heat was probably the first time I really got in touch with my soulful side as a songwriter, and it coincided with also uncovering some powerful parts of myself that had been hidden away for a really long time,” Autumn reveals. “It illustrates the arc of intense feelings for a romantic flame, from the first spark of connection through the depth of that connection, passion, fantasy, desire, and the underlying fears of taking a risk and potential consequences to vulnerability.”It illustrates the arc of intense feelings for a romantic flame, from the first spark of connection through the depth of that connection, passion, fantasy, desire, and the underlying fears of taking a risk and potential consequences to vulnerability.”

The song features the smooth bass stylings of Mitch Beer (Digable Planets, Stereo League); and the vocals were recorded at the legendary Milkboy Studios (Lana Del Rey, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus) by Grammy-winning engineer, Sam Rosen (H.E.R., Diandra Ailene, Jazmine Sullivan) who also mixed the track. Grammy-nominated engineer Ryan Schwabe (Baauer, Pussy Riot, Cochise) put his golden finishing touch mastering Heat.

You can check out the video for “Heat” below

We cannot wait for more music from Autumn Luz .

CHERIE AMOUR Didn’t Just Make A Record with Spiritual Ascension (Equal Vision) They Made A Work Of Art

We recently checked out the absolutely stunning debut album Spiritual Ascension from Baltimore based quartet Cherie Amour.

Cherie Amour who were previously known as one Life To Lead , are using the name change as fresh start. The band felt that the group’s evolving style and sound deserved a name that matched their overall style .

When asked about the new record “Spiritual Ascension the band had this to say

“ Spiritual Ascension feels like it picks up where [previous release] ‘Internal Discussions’ left off. Since the release of our first EP we’ve all gone through huge life changes not only musically, but in our personal lives too. We’ve grown a lot as people and as musicians and we really felt that while writing this record. We dive deeper into our heavier side as well as our RnB and HipHop side. When you listen to this record we hope it brings you peace of mind that we’re all trying to find our place in this world, and no matter what you’re going through you will always have the people around you.”

You can listen to Spiritual Ascension Here

Spiritual Ascension is more than just a record , it is a spectacular work of art . If you love music then you will absolutely Love this record . From the moment we pressed play I think we said “wow! “ at least 500 times (ok maybe not 500 but pretty close ) The opening Welcome “ felt like we were about to enter whole new dimension.

On Deck “ comes at you full force . It absolutely rocks. All we could picture is a club going crazy for this absolutely blazing track .

A lot of bands claim to be versatile artists and shake an album up with different styles. No disrespect to other artists but, if you look up the word versatile there should be a picture of Cherie Amour they are truly beyond talented in every aspect

“Sin City” has a real driving rock feel that’s just electric. Trey Millers vocals are an absolute thing of beauty . He effortlessly weaves his voice around the expert musicianship of Casey Reid (Guitar) Brendan Willis (Guitar) and Ronnie Sherman (Drums)

One track that literally jump out of our headphones was “Minds Eye” it’s Cherie Amour at their absolute best . It’s smooth , It’s It’s funky . It’s freaking brilliant.

We loved the original vibe with “God Be a Woman” Cherie Amour spins and bends genres boundaries making music for everyone that speaks to everyone .

You can check out the video for “God Be a Women“ below

There is truly something for everyone on “Spiritual Ascension “ We kept hitting shuffle and let it play throughout the office . The title track “Spiritual Ascension “ (may have started a mini dance off ) In all seriousness this is an extraordinary band who has just crafted a work of art with “Spiritual Ascension “

The band will be hitting the road starting November 18th with Capstan,In Her Own Words and Shallow Pools dates below

Opāru Shines Brightly with new EP “Gold”

We were absolutely delighted to check out the new extraordinary new EP “Gold” from cinematic experimental indie pop artist Opāru. The four track EP represents the transformation of the human mind as it moves from the dark to the light . “Gold” is a stunning and brilliant artistic statement.

You can listen to “ Gold” on Spotify and on Apple Music and you can check out the video for “Gold” below

Opāru is the in musical endeavor of Los Angeles-based songwriter, singer, and actress Dianna St. Hilaire. Opāru’s music can be described as electro with a dark ethereal undertone. Combined with dreamy operatic vocals, Opāru’s work creates a unique depiction of modern synth-pop culture.

Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, St. Hilaire started to write and perform music at a very young age in choir and musicals. Self-taught, her first instrument was the piano and she worked tirelessly at the craft of reading and writing music. When St. Hilaire was in her late teens she began performing with punk bands and for producers as a backup/ studio vocalist in New Mexico, where she took on her first musical alias, the highly successful group Versailles. Partnering with the infamous Kim Fowley (The Runaways, Kiss, Joan Jett, Alice Cooper), she has toured the US extensively, been featured on the official Grammy ballots, as well as charting on Billboard. Versailles’s music was also on rotation with popular stations across the U.S. including KROQ and NPR tastemaker KCRW.

St. Hilaire reinvented herself in late 2015 with the new project Opāru, deriving from the Japanese name of the birthstone opal. Opāru’s roots stem from experimental electronic, 80s synth-pop, and alternative rock. She confides, “The underlying theme in my music is the workings of the inner voice. The internal person that lingers buried under insecurities and fears. Why are there so many? Why do we as human beings tolerate environments where these feelings are projected onto us?” Her influences range from Madonna, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, The Cure, Lykke Li, Lana Del Rey, Halsey and SOHN.

Currently, Opāru is working with various music libraries in the United States including Megatrax, MPath and APM. Overseas EMI, and Universal Music. She recently just finished her second release with Megatrax music We Are Eternity which can be found on all major outlets including Spotify and Pandora

From the first mystical note of “The Other Side” it is clear that the listener is in for unique musical journey .

“We Will” is easily our favorite track. The vocals are simply awe inspiring. The feeling and message of determination rings true in this simply amazing track .

“The Empire “ has a very cinematic quality to it . You can’t help but get swept away in the spectacular melodic landscapes that unfold in your ears as you listen . It is a truly beautiful musical composition.

The final track “Gold” is a track that has all the feels .There is an overwhelming feeling of joy and triumph .When listening to “Gold “ there is a real sense that the other 3 tracks have lead you to the beauty that is “Gold “

Gold” is an absolutely amazing EP that needs to be listened to and experienced by all .

Dynamic Duo Cal in Red Give us Amazing new Single +Video with “Replay(Lounge )”

Today we checked out the new single and music video from Grand Rapids, Michigan born and bred brother duo Cal in Red. Entitled “Replay (Lounge)” You can listen to “Replay(Lounge)” Here and check out the video below

The song narrates a deep and important bond and friendship complete with ultimate trust. The duo confides that the track “is a tale of camaraderie that’s all dressed up to dance.” Featuring pulsing 80s drum machine inspired beats fused with swirling synths, blazing horn solos and atmospheric vocals, “Replay (Lounge)” is a delicious first taste of the duo’s sophomore EP On The Dance Floor.

The band is named after their youngest brother Cal, who at one point had a particular fascination with red t-shirts.

We love the vibe on this track it has a very retro feel that is absolutely perfect. We had this playing as we went out for a drive and we got into a pretty good groove. We are also big fans of the chill vibe colorful video . We have listed some upcoming tour dates for Cal In Red below

We can’t wait for more music from Cal In Red especially the upcoming EP “On The Dance Floor”

Tour Dates

12/10 Pyramid Scheme w/Devin Hopwood Grand Rapids,MI

3/22-26 Treefort Music Festival- Boise,Idaho

New Steakhouse Single+Video “Shoot The Lights Out” Is What Great Music Sounds and Looks Like

We loved everything about the new video and single “Shoot The Lights Out” from San Francisco post punk / country western quartet Steakhouse. You can listen to “Shoot The lights Out on Spotify and on Apple Music

You can also check out the video for “Shoot The Lights Out “ below

The song has this old time Outlaw country feel to it with a little pinch Social Distortion. You can feel the retro country but the punk vibe really makes it a bad ass track .

Over broodingly sticky bass and drums, the story of a tryst unfolds—booze-fueled loving and lusting over one another and the money won, only to steadily fall apart for the moment. Think Paris, Texas if it were in Vegas; Mad Men minus the rigidity of careers; krautrock meets jangle pop as a backdrop for the strange beauty in illicit affairs carried out between motel sheets. As vocalist Mark Lee puts it, “The man pays for the room, leaves his chips for her, writes her a note saying shoot the lights out when you go. Let’s leave it all in this room and never come back… but they probably do.”

Steakhouse is the right brand of cool that everyone needs in their lives right now . We can’t wait for more from Steakhouse.

Steakhouse is Mark Lee on vocals/keyboards, formerly of Toiling Midgets and Reid Black on guitar (ex-Innaway; currently of Into Another), who are the principal songwriting team, along with drummer Brian Michelson and bassist Ville Vilpponen.


Today, UK punk band Grade 2 announce their third studio album eponymously titled ‘Grade 2’ due for release on February 17, 2023 via Hellcat Records.Their most representative work yet, the record is a thumping fifteen track tour-de-force melding the uncompromising ethos of punk with the howl of contemporary injustice, personal identity and frustrations of Gen-Z youth, authentically told by three lads with punk coursing through their veins.

Today, Grade 2 also share a new music video for “Under The Streetlight” ahead of the album. The high-energy track with a spirited, hopeful melody comes with a feel-good music video that praises the power of community. The band comments, “Even though there are times when life can feel stagnant or things aren’t going to plan, there will always be people there to support you whether it’s mates, a partner, or your family.” Watch the video below!

We absolutely cannot wait for the new album from Grade 2 . We are all in with these guys we love their sound . They are a no thrills authentic band that kicks some serious ass. We can’t wait until the new LP “Grade 2 “ is released on February 17th 2023

The Second The Whole Kameese November Spotify Playlist (With Videos)

We had another fantastic week of great music on THE WHOLE KAMEESE this week ! We added 21 great new tracks to the November Playlist . Don’t forget to subscribe to The Whole Kameese below so you can keep up with all the spectacular music we feature on the site . Also remember to follow us @thewholekameese on all the socials

First we begin with Moon Fever from Seattle and their absolutely rocking new track “I’m Gone” these guys flat out rock . You can also check out the video for “I’m Gone” below

Boston Rock legends Nervous Eaters released their amazing new album Monsters+Angels The album is outstanding these guys sound amazing check out their song “Chad” from the new record we also included the video below

The amazing artist PLVTINUM dropped his tremendous new EP ‘AN HONEST ACCOUNT OF cTHE MORE UNSAVORY ASPECTS OF MY BEING’ this week proving why he is an artist on the rise. Check out “Where We Go @ Night

ROSIE Gives us a beautifully crafted song in “Good For Me “ we said it before but, honesty shines brightest when put to music .

Bath (UK) based indie-rock four piece Chasing Kites are impressive and so is their brand new single “Shiver”

Krooked Tongue Gives us their latest sonic masterpiece “Lupines”

French Punks Topsy Turvy’s give us the very excellent and melodic “You Don’t Know”

Besides being our favorite color, “Green” from Mae Mae is an absolutely beautifully written song. We also think the video is pretty great too.

We totally love the new track “Quicksand” from Skofee . we love her originality. We think the video is pretty cool… It has balloons in it !!!

If you have never heard of TJ Stafford now is the perfect time to get to know his music. “The World’s Gonna Love Me “ is an absolute blast and the video is just as fun

The Veils are back with the wonderfully crafted new “Undertow” it was well worth the wait

“Lords and Ladies “ from Rutherford Royal is one of the most soulful tracks we have heard in a while .

Carolyn Kendrick is an absolutely amazing talent . We loved “Break Of Day” we can’t wait for more from Carolyn Kendrick

Cal Wilson gives us a magnificent meaningful song with “I Assume “

Aaron James gives us “The Breaker” from his amazing new album Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore “

We loved the new album “Retirement Home” from Taxes it was so hard to choose what song to pick but, we went with the amazing track “Last Call”

The guitar work in “Just For A Moment “ from Lion Trail just flat out rocks

“Interstellar “ is truly otherworldly. Annabel Gutherz gives a flawless performance.

We can promise you that you will definitely be hearing more from Andie Mechanic she and her song “Call It Even “ are extraordinary.

Alexa Cappelli delivers an absolutely incredible song with “Lose Lose”

Harbour gives us a great song in “Swimming In My Head “ We have been singing along happily for days .


We recently checked out the brand new single “I’m Gone” from Seattle rock group Moon Fever . We are not going to beat around about this song it absolutely rocks !

You can stream “I’m Gone” Here

Moon Fever, is surely a band on the rise – with their single “Life Fast Die Young” being featured in Loudwire and Audacy along with greats like Alter Bridge, Ayron Jones and Ozzy Ozbourne. Today, Moon Fever releases their newest single, “I’m Gone

The new track is a song that we can all definitely relate to. It’s about saying, “Enough, I’m done, I’m gone.” Be it a job, relationship, or partnership, sometimes you have to walk away, block people, take care of yourself and not buy into their games any longer. “I’m Gone” was written by the band in their studio above Seattle’s El Corazon. Guitarist Mitch Micoley describes the single as a “mid-tempo banger” and says, “I think we really captured a rainy rock Seattle banger. It has throw-back vibes but done our way”. Produced and co-written by Jim Kaufman in Santa Monica, CA, Mitch says the process was “very collaborative”. He goes on to add:

This song is about moving forward from bull sh*t you‘ve experienced and saying, “I’m gone” to that and cheers to the future! Turn this up, it’s a heater that can warm the depths of the gloom and doom of Seattle.”Mitch Micoley

Image : Jim Louvau

You can check out the video for “ I’m Gone “ below. Moon Fever is exactly what rock roll should be about . They are a tight unit who play loud honest rock. We can’t wait to see what they have coming next

Nervous Eaters Bring Down The House With New Album“Monsters+Angels”

We are wicked excited to finally check out the brand new Nervous Eaters album “Monsters+Angels “ We also, think that it is highly appropriate that the album is being released via Stevie Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records because as we say in Boston The new Nervous Eaters album is “Wicked Pissah “( Which means Outstanding;awesome )

You can listen to Nervous Eaters “Monsters +Angels” Here

We’ve said it before and we certainly don’t mind saying it again Nervous Eaters are absolute Boston rock legends .

The new record is absolutely spectacular. The opening track “Wild Eyes is the perfect opener. The opening chord of “Wild Eyes” feels like the band is saying “We’re Here Let’s Go!”

Of the single, original frontman Steve Cataldo says, Stevie Van Zandt chose “Wild Eyes” as the first single from our new album Monsters & Angels. A textured, melodic rocker that paints a portrait of a beautiful, complex woman who views life through the lens of her sophisticated imagination.”

You can check out the video for “Wild Eyes” below

Listening to “Monsters and Angels “ there is real strong energy within the band that definitely comes to life with the songs.

Photo by : Carissa Johnson

We love the melody in “Superman’s Hand “ It has this really great groove that is not over done, it’s perfectly played . When asked about the track Steve Cataldo had this to say The song is a metaphor to relay the thought to every person that no matter what your lot in life may turn out to be, or the condition you find yourself in, that even the weakest of us can summon up the power of Superman to help those in distress. You don’t need a cape to fly, or shooting lasers from your eyes or the strength of 10, Kryptonic men,” as long as your heart has the capability of love and a true desire to help your fellow man, then any person can possess the strength and dependability within Superman’s Hand’s.”

You can check out the video for “Superman’s Hand’s below

Nervous Eaters really bring it with “Hop Sing Said” The band absolutely slays it in this song The vocals and harmonies are spot perfect and the guitar work on this one…. Flawless

Picking a favorite on “Monsters + Angels is almost impossible. But, the one that really stood out to us was “Want you Like Before “ it’s raucous, rowdy vintage Nervous Eaters

The closing track on “ Monsters + Angels “ End Of The World Girl “ is the final track on the Album (We absolutely wanted more ) Of the track, singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer Steve Cataldo says, “When I wrote “END OF THE WORLD GIRL” last year, I had no idea the song might turn out to be somewhat prophetic. With so many world leaders talking about WW3 and atomic warfare, there’s no telling what might happen. I would say, today, right now, is the best time to “Heat up the oven and get some Good Lovin” going on or better yet, how about a date with a “streetwalking, sweet talking, End of The World Girl”

You can check out the video for “End Of The World Girl “ below . We absolutely loved “Monsters + Angels . Nervous Eaters have been in punk for 40 years! And we think they’re just getting started


The thing that jumps of the page and something we respect PLVTINUM for is his absolute honesty . PLVTINUM is who he is all day everyday . The brand new vibrant and beats galore EP “AN HONEST ACCOUNT OF THE MORE UNSAVORY ASPECTS OF MY BEING’ is out today and it is better than great .

You can listen to “An Honest Account OF The More Unsavory Aspect Of My Being” Here

More than just great tracks, PLVTINUM presents the EP in great fashion. We love the intro “Chaos Is The Only Constant “ It has this “Willy Wonka” vibe to it . The introduction bleeds into “D4MB” ( DIE4MYBITCH) Like we said when checked out the single back in the summer , The title may turn heads but the track is electric.

We love that PLVTINUM has a sense of humor. We won’t give it away but “Conversation With Kenny (Interlude) is pure gold.

“Stress Me “ is PLVTINUM firing on all cylinders bringing that electrifying energy that sets him apart from others.

“Touch” shifts gears a little, slowing it down then building up again . We really like the beats and vibe on this one .

“Where We Go @ Night” and “Jaded” see PLVTINUM bring down the tempo somewhat and really excel he brilliantly weaves in and out of stunningly layered beats . We have had “Where We Go @ Night playing in our head for days ( That’s a good thing ) “Jaded” has all the making of a huge song . “Jaded” could be a club anthem before you know it .

Do yourself a solid and check out PLVTINUM you will thank us later

Alexa Cappelli Delivers An Explosive Alt-Pop Anthem with “Lose Lose”

We recently checked out the new single Lose Lose from singer/songwriter Alexa Cappelli.

Alexa Cappelli has been hailed by MTV as the voice of a generation and it’s easy to see why .

Her latest single Lose Lose is an explosive alt-pop anthem about cutting the cord on a toxic friendship.

Co-written with Skyler Stonestreet (Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber) and Pom Pom (mxmtoon, John Legend, renforshort),

You can listen to “Lose Lose “ Here

“I wrote ‘Lose Lose’ while going through a friend breakup,”says Alexa. “It helped me process and validate myself after consistently validating this person for years, only to still be blamed for their problems and sadness. I hope my fans can find relief in it from any toxic relationships, as a marker to realize enough is enough. Everyone is responsible for their own emotions and decisions, and friendships are meant to help build each other up, not tear down.”

Cappelli is a gifted songwriter who crafts honest and heartfelt song that are extremely relatable. Going all in on whatever is on her mind she applies no filter to her traffic-stopping voice . People are definitely are definitely listening to what she has to say In the midst of the global pandemic, her single “Forbidden” gained traction, amassing over 2.5 million Spotify streams. She captivated audiences on TikTok with powerful performances and candid posts. During 2021, “SAY SOMETHING” generated over 3.2 million Spotify streams and paved the way for her independent Confused @ 22 EP.

In addition to sharing her new single, Alexa will also be opening for ANDI on November 15th at Los Angeles’ Moroccan Lounge. Tickets are available here.

Alexa Cappelli is an exceptional talent and we can not wait to see what she does next .

Rosie Delivers Heartfelt New Single with “Good For Me”

We continue to be amazed by Rosie the 22 year old singer/songwriter delivers yet another beautifully crafted song in “Good For Me “ we said it before but honesty shines brightest when put to music .

What you see is what you get with ROSIE— no filters, no Facetune, no makeup, no bullshit.

You can listen to “Good For Me “ Here

Guided by ROSIE’s emotive vocals, “Good For Me” is a propulsive exploration of recovering from heartache. She adds, “‘Good For Me’ is about my journey with self-love and how it took me loving and losing someone else to see that I need to find my worth within myself. The song taught me that you can’t feel joy without feeling pain too and that love isn’t linear.”

“Good For Me” arrives as ROSIE embarks on her month-long US tour supporting Jake Scott. Tour dates and tickets can be found here.

Role models like Rosie are exactly what is needed today more than ever . The New York-native gained a massive online following over the course of the pandemic with her introspective songwriting and refreshing approach to discussing mental health. “I want to be transparent. Everything is exactly as it appears,” she says. “The scale of emotions that everyone feels is such a spectrum. The bad days are equally as important as the good days. Be strong when you’re feeling strong, be vulnerable when you’re feeling vulnerable.”

We look forward to more incredible music from Rosie .

Chasing Kites Dazzle With “Shiver”

We recently checked out Bath (UK) based indie-rock four piece Chasing Kites and their brand new single “Shiver”

You can listen to “Shiver” on Spotify and on Apple Music

Starting life in 2016 as the solo project of vocalist Matt Donnelly, Chasing Kites arrived at their full and final lineup in June of 2022, thanks to a series of ‘Band Members Wanted’ ad’s and the miracles of social media. The band have since gone on to be chosen as BBC Bristol’sBig New Sound’ in July with the release of their most recent single ‘Slide’.

As a unit Chasing Kites ( Matt Donnelly Vocals, Guitar, James Hunt Drums ,Liam Hope Guitar, Nathan Price , Bass ) are skilled musicians that craft a melodic sound that may remind of other bands but, Chasing Kites has a clear unique robust sound that coupled with Donnelly’s memorable vocals makes Chasing Kites stand out .

Speaking about the writing process, vocalist and lyricist Matt Donnelly explains, ‘’Shiver came together extremely quickly. I’d had the lyrics lying around for a very long time and felt they fit perfectly with the sonic side of the track when the melody was written. As we built on the skeleton of the song, our aim was to take us back into the realms of indie rock through powerful injections of energy in the choruses, while maintaining our commercial sound throughout.’’

We can’t wait for more music from Chasing Kites. The horizon looks very bright for them.

Krooked Tongue Deliver Another Sonically Perfect Gem with Their Spectacular New Single “Lupines”

Just when our speakers were starting to recover from their epic song from the summer “When The Beaches Bleed” Bristol based rock trio Krooked Tongue gives us an absolute gem in “Lupines” .

One of the cool things about doing what we do is that we get to watch really bands/ artists blossom and be successful it’s honestly why we do what we do . Krooked Tongue is a prime of example of this.

Krooked Tongue has been together since 2019. We first got to know Krooked Tongue back in 2021 when they released “Freaky Love “ as a single . We all remember sitting in the office hearing the opening riff for the first time , then the vocals kicked in and….. We knew the boys from Bristol( UK) had something special.

Then “No Vacancy Hotel” hit in February hit. Songs like Swarm” , “Vampyre” were just so undeniably electric”No Vacancy Hotel” has since amassed over 140,000 streams and saw support from the likes of Ones To Watch, HardBeat Magazine and Distorted Sound Mag.

In July of this year came the thunderous wave crashing single “When The Beaches Bleed “ The track saw great success as “When The Beaches Bleed” was celebrated by the likes of Loudwire, Noizze and also cinching the top spot in the Dutch Indie Charts

Now all of this has lead up to the brand new single “Lupines “ The band absolutely slays this amazing new single, the follow up to July’s thunderous single “When The Beaches Bleed”, surrounds you in a dark euphoria from its opening note. Explaining the single, vocalist and lyricist Oli Rainsford says, “‘Lupines’ is in some ways the antithesis to Krooked Tongue’s prior single ‘When the Beaches Bleed’. Though explosive in it’s catchy choruses, it shifts the tone slightly in creating a sense of swaying ecstasy. Lupines is a sexy, psychedelic journey through a field of the most colourful flowers you could imagine, yet also stands to challenge you to use that imagination to fight the limitations of your mind. Lupines is a lesson in relinquishing control and enjoying the ride.”

You can listen to “Lupines” on Spotify and on Apple Music

Krooked Tongue are sonic masters of the highest order . Oli Rainsford commands the low sounds in “Lupines” as if he has the ability to cause seismic activity. Guitarist Dan Smith brings “Lupines “ alive with his melodic energy that gives the track it’s deep soul. If Smith is the soul then the absolute heart is drummer Harry Pritchard truly the god of thunder . In the center of the sonic brilliance Oli Rainsford gives stunning vocal performance that is simply breathtaking.

We can’t wait for what Krooked Tongue does next .

French Punks Topsy Turvy’s Release “You Don’t Know” The Second Single Off Upcoming LP ‘It Can’t Be Easy’ Out January 13

We recently checked out the new single “You Don’t Know” From french punks Topsy Turvy’s which, is the second single off their upcoming LP “It Can’t Be Easy “ due out on January 13th 2023.

You can listen to “ You Don’t Know “ Here

This is our first introduction to Topsy Turvy’s and we have to be honest this band and their new single “You Don’t Know” absolutely rocks.

TOPSY TURVY’S is a melodic punk rock band, with female & male vocals, born in 2008 in Poitiers (France).

Its influences range from classic melodic hardcore from the 90s to modern indie punk stuff, with a lot of melodies with emo vibes and tons of energy. We heard pieces of different bands in TOPSY TURVY’S sound but, they have a style and sound that is uniquely their own .

After having played over 300 shows around the world (in 26 countries) and releasing 3 albums and 3 splits/EP since their debut, they keep touring and sharing their music wherever they can, still questioning their music practice in a world collapsing.

We absolutely love “You Don’t Know” from TOPSY TURVY’S and we can’t wait to hear more from Noemie Topsy (Bass,Vocals) Dam’s Topsy (Guitar,Vocals) , Cyp Topsy(Drums , Back Vocals) ,Bato Topsy (Guitar , Back Vocals)

Thousand Islands Records will release the new album from French punks Topsy Turvy’s in the U.S. and Canada. The LP ‘It Can’t Be Easy is slated for release on January 13th.

Green Means “Go” So… Go! Check Out The Amazing Mae Mae and The Excellent New Single and Video For “Green”

We recently checked out singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mae Mae and her stunningly beautiful new single and video for Green

You can listen to Green” on Spotify

We are going to be honest (because it’s the best policy) Up until today we were not familiar with Mae Mae (Boy we’re glad that’s changed )

The track will be featured on her upcoming EP, due out in early 2023. The track’s upbeat, pop-driven sound offers a stark contrast from its lyrics, which focus on Mae Mae’s inner struggle with pessimism. The music video follows Mae Mae as she dances around gorgeous expanses of California desert.

When asked about the single Mae Mae had this to say “I wrote ‘Green’ in the midst of feeling pessimistic about the future. I wasn’t necessarily believing what I was writing at the time, but rather trying to change my outlook through the process of creating it. The song grew into its own thing that I feel really embodies the idea of looking ahead to greener pastures while sitting in the dead space of a creative rut.”

We found Mae Mae to be a vibrant and entertaining artist who has a style and vibe all her own. Mae Mae doesn’t box her sound into a corner she takes all aspects of music ( Rock, Pop, Dance and she makes it her own and…. It sounds amazing. ( Oh By The Way… Green is our favorite color)

You can check out the video for Greenbelow . We can’t wait for more music from Mae Mae

Skofee Gives us A New single and Video for “Quicksand”

We recently checked out the new single and video from left of center pop artist Skofee entitled titled “Quicksand” the song is “my ode to hitting a breaking point. It’s about the sinking realization that you have to let go of someone that you’ve been desperately trying to hold onto,” confides Skofee.

Co-written/produced by Grant Boutin (Jillian Rossi, J Que Smith), “Quicksand” features striking synths, 90’s pop-fused melodies, and shimmery pristine vocals for an alluring anthem all about letting go.

We loved everything about this song . It has this dark but really interesting tone / vibe to it that really makes the track stand out . Oh and the vocals are just flawless.

The visuals, directed by Holy Smoke Photography, combines balloon people, a plexiglass box and Skofee floundering in a kiddie pool with a GoPro for a novel and imaginative take on dealing with tangled emotions. And what’s a video without balloon people?

You can watch the video for “Quicksand” below

TJ Stafford Gives Us an Amazing New Single and Video for “The World’s Gonna Love Me”

We recently checked out the new single and video for “The World’s Gonna Love Me” from Los Angeles rock artist TJ Stafford.This song is sneaky brilliant. If “The World’s Gonna Love Me” doesn’t make you crack a smile then we don’t know what will.

You can listen to “The World’s Gonna Love Me” on Spotify

A performer and songwriter, Stafford’s career spans everything from collaborative band work to solo songwriting and film placements. His gritty emotion-focused sound is a favorite of music supervisors, who’ve placed his tracks on dramas like AMC’s Walking Dead, HBO’s True Blood, Parenthood, and Riverdale, to name a few. As a solo performer and songwriter, he’s sold out shows in iconic venues including The Troubadour, The Roxy, and The El Rey Theater. His new release is the first single off his upcoming project “Nipple Whisk.”

“THE WORLD’S GONNA LOVE ME,” starts off with a slow solo electric guitar that beats beneath Stafford’s baritone vocals. It’s a reflective moment that heightens a sense of uncertainty as slowly but surely the instrumentation surges. The second chorus creeps up on you, teetering on the edge of something bigger with its layered harmonies and burgeoning rhythms. Suddenly listeners are hit with an explosive electric guitar riff as Stafford howls over a reverberating atmosphere, “And we’re desperate for your attention/And we don’t care what you think/And what you think is the only thing that matters.” It’s a track that explores the dichotomy of wanting to be loved and hating it, giving listeners insight into the ever-constant creative battle of a true artist.

The originality that TJ Stafford brings to this song is off the charts . Earlier we said the song was “Sneaky Brilliant “ What we mean is the lyrics ( Which in case you are scoring at home) are beyond spectacular they sneak up on you . You might not think much of it when you first listen (We were drawn in by the hypnotic low guitar sounds ) But, if you find a comfy chair and put in your ear pods and really listen… you can’t help but (A) Smile and (B) Think wow TJ Stafford is a freaking genius!

BUT Wait !!!! ……,. There’s More

The song like we’ve mentioned is fantastic but… Not only did our ears get a treat but there is a video !!!! ( We know… pretty crazy for a Thursday ) The video is the absolute perfect companion for the song . You can watch the video below . To say we’re excited for more music from TJ Stafford is an understatement.

The Veils- “Undertow”

We were super excited to check out “Undertow” from indie rock outfit The Veils.

You can listen to “Undertow “ Here

The track is the first off their new album six years in the making which the double album …And Out Of The Void Came love

Finn of the band confides, “In the year before I started writing this album, I really didn’t think I’d ever write another album again. I was done. I’d irreparably broken my wrist on stage. Then this song came shimmying down the drainpipe, and it really seemed to be willing me to carry on. It is, embarrassingly enough, a song about writing songs, written at what I admit was a pretty low ebb for me emotionally. Both my parents are writers, and though I am grateful to it for the life it continues to afford me, it is a complex genetic inheritance.”

“The Undertow” has this mysterious, mystical feel to it . The vocals have a subtle but powerful feeling that is almost mesmerizing.

We especially love the drums on this track as they have a tribal hypnotic vibe that really gives the track a heartbeat.

Not only do we think the track is fantastic but. It also earns high praise and approval from directors Tim Burton and David Lynch

Rutherford Royal Shows his soul with “Lords and Ladies”

we were happy to listen to the latest single from Nashville singer/songwriter Rutherford Royal “Lords and Ladies “ Rutherford absolutely delivers on “Lords and Ladies by bringing a soul drenched indie rock /Americana blend that is coupled with dreamy melodies and melancholic soundscapes.

You can listen to “Lords and Ladies “ on Spotify and Apple Music

Speaking on the release , Rutherford Royal states, “You know that feeling when you finally get a free moment to think and the world is still spinning a bit, and you notice that hole – that pang you’ve been tuning out? This song is about that.”

The track is the second single off of his forthcoming debut album.

Carolyn Kendrick Gives Us The Delightful “Break Of Day”

We recently listened to the very delightful “Break Of Day” from Northern California based Americana singer/songwriter Carolyn Kendrick.

There is such a welcomed and familiar feeling with “Break Of Day” Carolyn Kendrick has such a genuine and relatable style .

You can listen to “Break Of Day” on Spotify and on Apple Music

It is no surprise that Kendrick who is lifelong musician was weened on Willie and Billie ( Nelson and Holiday respectively) Kendrick has nurtured a signature aesthetic that draws on both of these artist’s traditions, all the while adding in sprinklings of her love of old-time music, bluegrass, and indie-rock.

In the last five years, the North California-based fiddler, singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and composer has blossomed as a solo artist, boldly venturing beyond her role as an eclectic and virtuosic instrumentalist.

Carolyn’s latest single the beautifully crafted “Break Of Day “ features a beautifully spare arrangement that exudes a back porch elegance with its crisp upright bass and Carolyn’s breezy vocals in the forefront. The song is a bittersweet existential meditation that, in the end, offers the joyful resolution that unexpectedly wonderful and surprising twists happen in life all the time.

Here, Carolyn’s lyrics are both vulnerable and insightful. One choice passage reads: Sometimes I try so hard I pull a muscle / Sometimes I try so hard it ruins my day / Sometimes I try so hard to be special / That I get in my own way. The song’s powerful wisdom comes from looking back with honest reflection. Carolyn says: “I was wondering how it was possible that so much time had passed so quickly in my life, that I was already 25 in the blink of an eye, all while trying to let go of forcing a life path to appear.” She sings with winsome beauty the telling lines: I’m 25 now, someday I’ll be 30 / I’m 25 now, someday I’ll be 40 / I’m 25 now, someday I’ll be 50 / But I’ll never be young again and that’s what scares me.

In addition to her solo career, Carolyn has produced and written music for the award-winning podcast You’re Wrong About (Podcast of the Year, iHeart Radio) and You Are Good—in 2021 she issued a collection of musical vignettes culled from her You Are Good compositions.

Cal Wilson “I Assume “

We recently check out Vancouver,Wa based singer -songwriter Cal Wilson and his new single “I assume “

In June 2020, singer-songwriter Cal Wilson received the early morning phone call no son wants. He was informed his father had COVID-19.

Unfortunately, Cal’s work brain kicked in during his heartbreak over his father. After his father’s death, Cal found he couldn’t turn to music to process his pain. His feelings were blocked. “I felt like when my dad went away, my ability to create went away—he was also a songwriter and my first musical inspiration,” Cal shares. To process his feelings and express himself, Cal started exploring Artificial Intelligence as a co-writer and an emotional support.

Prior to his father’s passing, Cal hadn’t had any experience with AI. He had, however, built a lot of macros in Excel—a process that allowed for the automation of repetitive tasks—and he wondered if he could apply this methodology to writing songs. Cal attempted to build some songwriting macros, but soon found he couldn’t achieve what he wanted in Excel. From research, he found some AI platforms that worked; one for music and another for lyrics. Finally, he had found a workaround for his inaccessible emotions and artistry. “I’ll never forget when I first realized it was working, and I heard lyrics being sung back to me that sounded like me. It was a life changing moment—I felt like I heard the future,” Cal says.

The single, I Assume, was one of the first songs Cal wrote with his AI co-writer. The song feels aligned with a Dylan-esque folk-rock tradition replete with elegantly rustic organ overlay, and soulful harmony vocals. The lyrics here feature imagery plucked from Cal’s real life. It is a personal grief narrative sprinkled with brief moments of comic relief. “This song captures me getting to know who I was emotionally after the loss of my dad. I was having a lot of trouble allowing myself to feel anything because allowing myself to feel emotions was a real slippery slope into days of deep depression,” Cal says. “The lyrics discuss this feeling directly. It’s a song about one part of me walling myself off from the world, and another part of me trying to come in and lift myself out of those walls.”

The song references a respite from the pain that involved visits to Hillbottom Pie, a little pizza and soup place down by the water in Port Townsend, WA. It is one of Cal’s favorite places in the world to visit. As a comforting ritual during the height of his mourning, Cal would visit that beloved place in his mind. He would imagine taking himself out to dinner, drowning his sorrows in beer, soup, and pizza, and then walking through the night to find some life. The song also sneaks in some comic relief with a surrealistic swirl of fun passages such as: so precious savior / pack your wine, babe / and get that flavor / the pool is burnin’ / see all reflected rays / be all perfected gifts / If you’re in denim / you’ll be doin’ fine / come this Saturday night.

Music is such a great healer because, It lets us find our way guiding us through our troubles and pain. Cal Wilson gives us a magnificent meaningful song . We are grateful he shared it with us can not wait for music.

Aaron James Gives Us an absolutely Beautifully Brilliant Statement with “Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore “

We recently checked out the absolutely beautiful new record from Aaron James “Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore “ via Memphis label Unapologetic

You can listen to “Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore” on Spotify and on Apple Music

When we sat down and listened to Aaron James’s new record Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore” We felt like we were part of an in-depth conversation on loved mix in with wonderful musical compositions that expounded on the subject .

We were particularly drawn in by the 3 conversions with 3 different men and their views on love ( including James )

Aaron James has the incredible ability to have a lo-fi presence in his songs but at the same time with his perfectly crafted vocal approach and dreamy melodies and ambient sounds the songs are very vibrant and full of heart and soul.

The opening musical track “Dear” Is an intimate folk song textured with airy lead vocals, and sweetly trippy electronic ambience. The song is almost playfully pleading for the “one,” with passages such as: Dear love, above / Your moon don’t align with my rising sun / And I heard that’s not good for relations / You said, you’d send / A strand of your hair in a letter you penned / But instead, you sent just the pages.

We were absolutely taken by “The BreakerAaron speaks how the person in the song has always has had his heart broken and has not been the one to break someone else’s heart . It’s a fascinating take on the dynamics of a relationship and how some have only lived with being heartbroken and others are the heartbreaker.

The awe and wonder of feeling a romantic connection and the heady possibilities of love course through the sweetly sparse folk stylings of “Barefoot In The Snow.” Here, Aaron’s lyrics exude a poetic excitement—he sings: We washed clothes, and washed each others bodies/We woke up dirty yet I know/That my heart is fuller with your body/In my home.

Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore concludes with the pastoral folk song, “Your Secret Name,” a sweetly innocent and intimate guitar and voice track that calls to mind a modern indie-folk Cat Stevens.

The 13-track album was recorded with a team of three producers and multi-instrumentalists, featuring co-producer Kid Maestro (Miss Lauryn Hill), and keyboard/piano/harmony vocalist Eillo. Aaron wrote all the songs, sang all the leads, and played all the guitar. The album is definitely a COVID baby, produced in ad hoc studio settings, including a shed. “It mostly worked okay, except the sound canceling wasn’t great. It was frustrating, but a lot of stuff actually made it on the album and it was a great exercise in capturing the DIY vibe of the time and just not taking things too seriously,” Aaron says. “I also hope the rawness translates and helps make this dialogue on love feel more honest as opposed to something that was way over produced.”

This album was an absolute joy to listen to. You feel the passion and love that went into making this record. This is one record you can’t miss.

We Would Have Reviewed The Amazing new Record “Retirement Home “ From Taxes Sooner But… We were Too Busy Hitting Repeat

There are good records and then there are really really great records. San Francisco based Taxes have in our opinion have made a really really great record with their latest release “Retirement Home “

Growing up , kids dream of being famous musicians and making incredible records and playing on stages all over the world .

Singer Robby Cronholm first decided at 5 years old that he would pursue his musical dreams . As a teen he played in (original) Crumb an emo punk band that toured with the likes of The Get Up Kids and Jimmy Eat World ( Some of us vividly remember listening to Crumb’s “Romance is a Slow Dance “ )

Crumb dissolved and Cronholm developed personal demons and persistent despondency that lasted close to a decade. It’s been awhile now since Cronholm has felt the tingling of excitement before an album blows up, and he’s now a seasoned enough musician to understand that that’s okay.

Active now since Cronholm’s self-imposed recovery in 2010, the Bay-area conglomerate’s vigor is renewed on their newest album Retirement Home. “Sonically, I’m really proud of this record,” he says. “ I think it’s the best work I’ve done, and maybe that’s enough for right now.”

A record like “Retirement Home” is what happens when it becomes about creating and writing really good songs, songs that remind you why you do what you do . “Retirement Home “ is tremendous because it’s about the adventures of tomorrow without forgetting about the journey’s of the past.

We sat down many times to write our review for “Retirement Home” but, we found ourselves getting lost in every nook and cranny of the record.

You can listen to “Retirement Home” on Spotify and on Apple Music

The opening track “Asbestos “ plays like a vivid personal journal entry. The poetic flow and melodic composition surrounded lyrics that have a melancholy feel to them but, seem to resolve themselves as the song progresses.

“Last Call” has this clever sensibility to it that is just perfect . Cronholm’s ability as a skilled lyricist is on full display on the heartfelt Last Call “ we were particularly struck by the lyric “When the coffin closes I hope the bars are open”

One thing that really stands out with Taxes is the flawless vocal collaboration between Robby Cronholm and bandmate Aishlin Harrison ( daughter of Talking Heads’ Jerry Harrison).

The song that really stood out to us and is a beautiful display of the wonderful vocal chemistry between Cronholm and Harrison is “Frozen Lake “ We’ve been wearing the repeat button out on this once since it was released as a single . “Frozen Lake “ isn’t exactly a song of bliss and happiness as Cronholm sings mournfully and uncertainty about relationships in his past that he now recognizes were toxic, drawing comparisons to walking farther and farther out onto a frozen lake even though everyone warns him to stop.

We were captivated by the energy in “The Screen Actor’s Guilt” The song started slow but as the song unfolded there is powerful burst of emotion and electrifying energy that can’t be ignored.

We thoroughly enjoyed “Retirement Home “ by Taxes . It’s the kind of record you will remember long after the last chord has been played .

Lion Trail “Just For a Minute”

We recently had the privilege to check out Lion Trail and the very impressive single and video “Just For A Minute “

Lion Trail is an alternative rock/psychedelic /hard rock solo project .

You can check out “Just For A Minute” on Spotify and Apple Music

We were drawn to “Just For A Minute “ right from the get go . It’s a sonic guitar driven track that flat out rocks. It reminded us of Nirvana circa the “Bleach Era” We also heard some Melvins in there as well circa “Ozma”

The Lion Trail project has a strong DIY appeal to it .Even though Lion Trail boast a familiar sound Lion Trail overflows with originality.

You can watch the video for “Just For a Minute “ below

The guitar wizardry from Lion Trail is absolutely off the charts . The raw emotion and passion felt in each really made this a special and memorable track.

Do yourself a favorite and check out Lion Trail and the amazing track “Just for a Minute “

Andie Mechanic “Call it Even”

We recently had the distinct opportunity to check out Boston based singer -songwriter Andie Mechanic and stunningly brilliant new single “Call it Even “ it’s now available to stream now on all DSP’s worldwide. The track plays like a moody alt-pop letter to the people you don’t talk to anymore but haven’t forgotten about and still care for.

Andie had this to say about Call It Even” “What does it feel like to be so lonely that your heart yearns for the last person you touched? What does it feel like to want the comfort of someone you don’t talk to anymore? To me, it feels like this song. Cathartic, melancholy, and wearing its heart on its sleeve. ‘Call it even’ is just a really simple message to a person you haven’t forgotten about,”

“Call it Even” is a delicate beautifully written song that has all the feels . We found Andie Mechanic . She has an amazing gift as song witter to look deep with in a situation and find the song within .

Currently, Andie is finishing her last year at Berklee College of Music, where she spends the majority of her time writing with and for other artists. Her focus on open communication, trust, and human connection creates writing rooms with space for honesty and affection. Helping an artist turn an experience into a song is by far the greatest joy of her life.

We can’t wait to hear more from Andie Mechanic she is definitely a bright shining talent and we can’t wait to hear more .

You can listen to “Call It Even” Here

HARBOUR’s New Track “Swimming In My Head”is a Gem Of A Song That Stays With You

Image credit-Alex Don

We recently checked out the latest single from the pride of Cincinnati HARBOUR “Swimming In My Head “ As the third single “Swimming In My Head “ marks another milestone for HARBOUR’s upcoming , fourth full-length album due for release early next year .

Swimming In My Head” is an electrifying catchy song that stays with you long after the music stops . We found ourselves humming the catchy tune while in line at the grocery store . The song has such a positive vibe , coupled with cheerful guitar riffs and comforting vocals and a smooth lazy hook. The whole band is firing on all cylinders- it’s next level brilliance.

As shared by lead vocalist Ryan Green, the track is a cathartic, upbeat ode which aims to silence the intrusive thoughts that tend to tread in our heads late at night.

“I actually started this song while on vacation in Florida. I was just lying in bed trying to go to sleep but couldn’t quiet my thoughts, so I decided to write them out instead.”Ryan Green, Lead Vocalist of HARBOUR.

You can listen to “Swimming In My Head” on Spotify and Apple Music and other streaming platforms as well

Harri Larkin Serve Up Sweet New Video For “Bonfire Toffee”

Photo Credit – Zowie Alexander

We recently were honored and Privileged to check out the brand new video for the song “Bonfire Toffee” from Sheffield (UK) based Harri Larkin .

Harri Larkin is a female fronted indie trio made up of Cornish singer songwriter Harri Tape , Sheffield boy drummer Danton Laromani and Glaswegian born bassist Oscar South

Harri Larkin is a fresh vibrant welcoming sound in an otherwise mundane musical land

Bonfire toffee” has had 3 plays on BBC Sheffield and been featured on BBC Upload. “Bonfire Toffee “ is the first single that the band has played together on since the release of their extraordinary debut album “Beach City” The band has enjoyed their share of good fortune since the release of “Beach City “ The album has been played (11 tracks in its entirety on BBC Music “introducing… Sheffield since it’s release. In July of 2022 Harri Larkin opened up Tramlines Festival 2022 main stage for Polydor recording artist Sam Fender.

The chemistry in Harri Larkin is what makes this trio so special. Lead singer/ guitarist Harri Tape displays stunning vocals on “Bonfire Toffee” The musicianship on “Bonfire Toffee” is truly remarkable . Drummer Danton Laromani is a skilled steady keeper of the beat for the band . Bassist Oscar North keeps the band artfully in the groove .

We really enjoyed the vibrant vibe that was present in the video. The vibe really matched spot on with the song . To be honest after watching the video we found ourselves wanting to hang out with the band .

When asked Harri Tape what “Bonfire Toffee” is about she shared : “The track is all about the excitement of new love! The honeymoon period we look back on with fondness and nostalgia and the harsh realities that set in once you have been together for a long period of time

Harri Tape also shared with us that she wrote the song for her girlfriend who, appears in the video along with the band and Harri’s housemate.

The video for “Bonfire Toffee” was directed by Benji Wilson and the audio track for “Bonfire Toffee” was produced by Federico Telesca

You can watch one of our new favorite bands and their wonderful new video for “Bonfire Toffee” below . You can also listen to “Bonfire Toffee “ on Spotify and Apple Music We can’t wait to see and hear more from Harri Larkin

The Whole Kameese First November Spotify Playlist (With Videos)

Hello Happy November !

We got some great music this week . We have 19 amazing songs to kick off November We also got a lot great videos this week so if the song had a video we added that here as well. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog below so you get all the playlist updates . Also remember to like us on all the socials so your in the know @thewholekameese

playlist Below

We will start with “Haunted” from Pollyanna Blue The Bristol (UK) alt-rock gave us the perfect Halloween song in “Haunted” and on Halloween they gave us an amazing video for “Haunted “ check it out below .

Staying with Halloween theme we have the very excellent Ska-Goth Collective with the very spooky “Wake The Dead “

Next we have Boston Punk Legends Nervous Eaters who sound better than ever with their track “End Of The World Girl . We have also included the video as well

We have been rocking out to “Kids” by Baltimore’s Dosser since we added it and now.. we have the awesome video for the song

It was an amazing busy for Xondra first we got the single “Tedious” which is amazing and today ( Friday ) we got the spectacular EP “Tedious & Brief “

We had the opportunity to listen to the Sheffield (UK) based female fronted indie trio Harri Larkin . This band is really amazing check out their equally amazing track “Bonfire Toffee” We are happy to include the brand new video for “Bonfire Toffee”

We reviewed the brilliant new LP from Goalkeeper this week . If you haven’t checked it out go do it now . We love the track “Lost Reality” featuring Nik Bruzzese from Man Overboard We love the video as well

If you haven’t checked out Whitehall from Charleston,SC We think now would be the perfect time to do so especially check their new track “Don’t Check Your Phone”

San Francisco Art Punks released an amazing video for their track “Dead When It Started”Great song , Great video

If “Lost And Found “ from Princess Nostalgia doesn’t get you dancing then honestly we don’t know what will . This song is tremendous

Caroline Romano gives us the incredible new single “Me After September “ If you have never had the pleasure of listening to Caroline Romano we suggest you start with “Me After September”

Tampa based singer-songwriter Malachi Gagnon gives the well crafted gem “On My Mind “ he is a talented well beyond his 15 years .

Maggie Cubillos gives us the beautiful “Old Shoes “ In a sea of Singer-songwriters Maggie Cubillos stands out as a fresh bright voice. She is a rising talent who, we feel is just getting started. We can’t wait to hear more.

New York City lo-fi alternative project Marcyline gives us the mystical and stunning “The Clearing”

East Bay punk favorites Sarchasm knock it out of the park with the brand new single “Crazy” from their upcoming new LP “Conditional Love”

We are loving the melodic masterpiece that is A Fine Hill to Die On “ from Sic Waiting one of our favorite tracks is “Good Things”

We absolutely love “Bombs” from Sloth Fist We love the energy from Sloth Fist

If it’s hard hitting earth shaking music you crave you, have to check out Alive In Barcelona and their melodically work of art “Decay

We loved the previously unreleased B -Side “Spit It Out” from Sloth Fist that we had to include it

Alive In Barcelona Shakes The Earth with Hard Hitting New EP “Flatline” and New Video for “Decay”

Today west coast hard rock band Alive In Barcelona release their emotionally heavy and sonically tremendous “Flatline” EP via Smartpunk Records. Alongside the release is a special music video for the final single “Decay.” The collection of tracks, co-written with Landon Tewers of The Plot In You, is equal parts heavy and melodic, showcasing the band’s range of masterful rock instrumentals and soul-penetrating vocals. Their mission is equally important – their struggles with loss, emotional pain, and grief have paved the way for them to develop their mission statement: “to inspire hope in those that have none.” This EP is a true example of that mission coming to fruition:

You can stream the new EP “Flatline” Here

We are really excited to release this EP. Our roots are seeded in heavy music and I think these songs do a great job staying true to that, all the meanwhile, trying to encompass the way that people in different societies around the world are feeling. We hope that our music speaks to fans and newcomers alike and that each listener finds a deeper personal meaning in each track.” – Matt Hoos, Vocalist of Alive In Barcelona

“Flatline” is a spectacular sonic masterpiece. As heavy as “Flatline” Alive In Barcelona present these powerful songs in almost cinematic form, truly breathtaking.

You can check out the video for “Decay” below

The five-piece from the Pacific Northwest have been to hell and back, suffering losses both personal and public. Persevering through the death of Jesse’s Father, a mentor and confidant for the band, AIB has set out to seek the lost, the broken, and the hurting. The group refocused their efforts in order to pursue a message of hope after losing many friends to depression, substance abuse, and consequently, suicide. These trials paved the way for AIB to develop their mission statement: “to inspire hope in those that have none.” The band uses their own stories of personal hardship, struggle, and loss, to relate to their fans, in order to achieve this.

2022 AIB teamed up with Landon Tewers of The Plot In You to write new tracks for what would become the Flatline EP. Tracks Parasite and Asphyxiate were co-written instrumentals that Jesse and Matt collaborated on with Landon.

Alive In Barcelona is

Matt HoosVocals

Jesse BartonGuitar/Vocals

Chase WilliamsDrums

Cameron DouthatGuitar

Colton AndersonBass

Unplug From The World And… Check Out “Don’t Check Your Phone” From Charleston, SC’s Whitehall

Photo : Nicole Mago

There is no denying it , Whitehall from Charleston,SC can flat out write amazing songs . Their latest song “Don’t Check Your Phone” they have completely out done themselves. If we could use one word to describe “Don’t Check Your Phone” we probably would go with “Spectacular”

The track was inspired by a situation that should be relatable to anyone who has ever waited impatiently for a romantic interest to reply.

“Don’t Check Your Phone” began in the moments between texting a crush and waiting for a reply, my brain buzzing with all the potential outcomes. I wrote this song to pass the time while waiting for that text and to prepare my mind for when things didn’t work out.”Whitehall

You can check out “Don’t Check Your Phone” Here

The band’s run with Goo Dolls runs through November 20. See dates below.

Don’t Check Your Phone” follows the recent release of “Rose,” the first single off their upcoming Enci Records label debut.

Opening For Goo Goo Dolls

NOV 05 Coronado Performing Arts Center – Rockford, IL

NOV 06 Embassy Theatre – Fort Wayne, IN

NOV 07 Morris Performing Arts Center – South Bend, IN

NOV 09 Louisvlle Palace Theatre – Louisville, KY

NOV 11 Stiefel Theatre For The Performing Arts – Salina, KS

NOV 12 Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa – Catoosa, OK

NOV 14 ACL Live at the Moody Theater – Austin, TX

NOV 15 Tobin Center For The Performing Arts – San Antonio, TX

NOV 16 The Buddy Hall Of Performing Arts & Sciences / Helen Devitt Joes Theater – Lubbock, TX

NOV 18 Kiva Auditorium – Albuquerque NM

NOV 20 Plaza Theatre – El Paso, TX

Malachi Gagnon Delivers a Well Crafted Gem of A Song with “ On My Mind “

We checked out Tampa,FL based viral pop artist Malachi Gagnon and his new single “On My Mind”

You can stream “On My Mind” Here

Malachi had this to say about “On My Mind” “If you’ve ever had a hard time moving on from someone because their memory continues to fill your thoughts, this song is for you!”

Hailing from a small town in New Hampshire, the Florida singer-songwriter is unveiling “Without You,” an impassioned ballad in which Malachi shares his feelings for a girl he never wants to leave. For Malachi, it’s the logical follow up to his two break-up songs, “Craving Me” and “Psychopath.”

“I had written two break-up songs so I thought I should put out a love song, so people don’t think I’m a morbid singer,” he says with a laugh. “It’s a cool representation of the pain you feel when you don’t want to lose somebody who you love. I think all of us feel that way. It relates to a very broad group of people.”

Malachi has announced a live performance at Tampa’s Crowbar on Sunday, December 18th. Tickets are now available here.

Malachi Gagnon is a gifted musical talent who is wise beyond his 15 years . A debut EP is due soon. We can’t wait to see what he’ll do next

Sloth Fist Drops Latest Single “Bombs/Spit It Out” (Unreleased B Side”

Today we checked out the new single “BOMBS” and the previously unreleased B-side Spit It Out”

Check out BOMBS/SPIT IT OUT Here

Sloth Fist are a 5 piece punk / rock ‘n’ roll band that combine the melodic sense of Descendents and Teenage Bottlerocket with the fierceness of bands like Motorhead and Turbonegro. The result is an eclectic mix of songs that will satisfy anyone who likes their music hard and heavy, but still catchy with hooks galore.

With lyrics written mainly during the pandemic, the band’s new EP ‘Bombs Away’ (out now on Mindpower Records) takes a much darker turn than past efforts.

Stream “Bombs Away” Here

Order The Vinyl Here

The band has released the EP’s latest single “BOMBS / Spit It Out,” the latter of which is an unreleased B-side.

Of the track, the band says “Someone ever tell you a story, but they just can’t get to the point? Spit it out already!”

Sloth Fist will be playing a show w/Riverboat Gamblers and Nervebreakers at Three Links in Dallas on Sunday, November 6th.

Sloth Fist bring their brand of punk rock full throttle with everything they . They have this amazing electrifying energy that is undeniable. We are all in with Sloth Fist