We love Every Single Thing About British Alt/Rock Band WESSON And Their Amazing New Song And Video For “Made Me Happy “

Photo – Nichola O’Donnell

We don’t like to mix words here at The Whole Kameese. (only mixed drinks) So we’ll get to the point . We 100% absolutely love “Made Me Happy “ from British alt/rock band led by singer/songwriter Chris Wesson.

You can listen to “Made Me Happy “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here ,and… Not only is the song freaking amazing but the video is freaking brilliant! ( I mean you can’t go wrong with neon and emojis!) You can check out the video below.

Not only do we love “Made Me Happy “ but, we love how the band came to be ( we are a sucker for a good band story ) Based in Milton Keynes, the four-piece band was formed under the mutual decision to find like-minded souls who needed music as part of their everyday life and essence to their being. Along with bassist Callum, guitarist Jimmy, and drummer Dale, WESSON creates music which is relatable, conversational and meaningful.

WESSON are the real deal ,emitting a gritty rock undertone, bold melodic bass riffs and driving drum beats, WESSON delivers a soundtrack to everyday life events, touching on reflections and memories that pass them by. Their organic approach to songwriting allows their music to be honest and identifiable. Spreading messages of living unapologetically, the band shares, “We hope to inspire others to be honest with their life and not be frightened to be themselves.”

Following the release of their 2022 hit “Voices”, the band returns with “Made Me Happy” a track stemming from personal life experiences. With a raw and honest touch, you can feel the intimacy of the lyrics and emotions behind them. Chris shares, “I believe that everyone has a unique perspective to every situation and we try to tap into that, to create a distinctive experience for every listener.” Showcasing their unique character, “Made Me Happy” is an infectious indie/rock anthem, bursting with energetic instrumentation, soaring harmonies and a catchy as hell chorus. Taking the listener on a musical journey, “Made Me Happy” keeps you engaged from start to finish.

We are all in on the melodic goodness of WESSON . So give yourself a musical treat and check out “Made Me Happy”

We Just Checked Out “Action Figures Fighting “ From Hotel Ugly And We Can’t Stop Pressing Repeat

We just had the distinct honor of checking the new single “Action Figures Fighting “ from Hotel Ugly and we can’t get enough.

Hotel Ugly which, is the moniker of Mike Vince brings it full force which such a chill cool hip hop/ indie vibe and flawless vocals that is so easy to get swept up in this track . “Action Figures Fighting is the new pop anthem you didn’t know you needed but can’t live without

You can listen to “Action Figures Fighting on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We can’t wait to see what’s for Hotel Ugly

One To Watch: Havanna Winter -“Deathwish”

We recently checked out rising viral modern pop star Havanna Winter and stunning new single “Death Wish” The track was produced by David Arkwright (Bella Poarch, NCT DREAM, Illenium) and written by Maya K, Havanna Winter, Anette Winter, and David Arkwright

16 year old viral teen sensation Havanna Winter is a musical artist, actress, and influencer. In 2020 she gained worldwide attention after going viral on TikTok and currently has a fanbase of over 6 million followers across her social media platforms.

Havanna was born in Oslo, Norway, but spent her childhood summers in Spain. With Spanish summers and Viking winters running through her veins, she made the transatlantic move to Los Angeles, California at the age of 9.

On “Death Wish “ Havanna Winter delivers an absolutely flawless and captivating vocal performance that is well beyond her 16 years

You can listen to listen to “Death Wish” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Havanna says, Deathwish is about love and how romance is unpredictable and a bit of a double edged sword if you will. Sometimes it’s a blessing and other times a lesson, but you never know in advance, and you have no choice but to gamble, even with your heart at stake, because if you don’t, you might miss out on the most incredible part of life and something true, real, and meaningful.

Havanna continues “The inspiration behind it came from one of my favorite movies: Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ I am so obsessed with the theme of the movie, with a mix of Shakespearean and the Roman Catholic, modern-fashion-pop-culture, being the most beautiful, yet most tragic love story of all time.”

Havanna Winter is definitely one to watch in 2023 and beyond

Belgian Alternative/ Punks Captain Kaiser Come Full Speed with Epic New Single + Video “Drive”

We just checked out the new amazing new single and video for “Drive” from Belgian Alternative/Punks Captain Kaiser.

You can listen to “Drive” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Drive” is off the band’s forthcoming album Jay Mass-produced LP RHYME&REASON, due out later this year on [PIAS] Recordings.

We were instantly infatuated with “Drive” , what hooked us was the harmonic beginning that slowly built to a perfectly played energetic melody that was absolutely freaking brilliant.

“Drive” is the perfect loud and clear announcement for a new phase of Captain Kaiser ( and we freaking love it ) With a punchier, heavier and more emotional sound, the band’s frontman Sascha Vansant wrote “Drive” after the passing of his mother. Even without knowing this, one can easily hear the pain of loss and the feeling of driving senselessly into nothingness.

Vansant’s lyrics soothe the soul as much as they cut it like a knife. You hear him search for every word, and in the end, the catharsis is deserved. It’s easy to imagine how he looks up to the sky, his band giving it all one more time in a rare euphoric moment on this quite dark, yet life-affirming record

Along with the single the band has also released an epic video for “Drive” you can watch the video below

You can Captain Kaiser on tour in the UK (Feb 18-25) and Germany ( April 3-9) check out more details below .

Captain Kaiser have crafted an absolutely brilliant song that not only plays to your ears but , to your heart and soul as well.