Belgian Alternative/ Punks Captain Kaiser Come Full Speed with Epic New Single + Video “Drive”

We just checked out the new amazing new single and video for “Drive” from Belgian Alternative/Punks Captain Kaiser.

You can listen to “Drive” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Drive” is off the band’s forthcoming album Jay Mass-produced LP RHYME&REASON, due out later this year on [PIAS] Recordings.

We were instantly infatuated with “Drive” , what hooked us was the harmonic beginning that slowly built to a perfectly played energetic melody that was absolutely freaking brilliant.

“Drive” is the perfect loud and clear announcement for a new phase of Captain Kaiser ( and we freaking love it ) With a punchier, heavier and more emotional sound, the band’s frontman Sascha Vansant wrote “Drive” after the passing of his mother. Even without knowing this, one can easily hear the pain of loss and the feeling of driving senselessly into nothingness.

Vansant’s lyrics soothe the soul as much as they cut it like a knife. You hear him search for every word, and in the end, the catharsis is deserved. It’s easy to imagine how he looks up to the sky, his band giving it all one more time in a rare euphoric moment on this quite dark, yet life-affirming record

Along with the single the band has also released an epic video for “Drive” you can watch the video below

You can Captain Kaiser on tour in the UK (Feb 18-25) and Germany ( April 3-9) check out more details below .

Captain Kaiser have crafted an absolutely brilliant song that not only plays to your ears but , to your heart and soul as well.

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