Housewife Doesn’t Mix Words On New Single And We Absolutely Love it

Photo credit- Luke Rogers

We recently checked out the amazing new track “Fuck Around Phase” from Housewife which, is out today via Hazel Street Records.

You can listen to “Fuck Around Phase “ Here

Housewife – the project of Toronto-based singer and songwriter Brighid Fry (She/They )

The new song reunites Fry with frequent co-writer and producer Gabe Simon (Lana Del Rey, Noah Kahan) in Nashville, TN and includes a co-write from fellow singer-songwriter Savana Santos.

We are absolutely over the moon with “Fuck Around Phase”is a perfectly written pop gem that is overflowing with originality. Beyond the stellar sonic melodic sound of “Fuck Around Phase” , the song stands out because it has this authenticity that you can’t fake . Brighid Fry aka Housewife is the real deal .

“Fuck Around Phase” is the first taste of new music from Housewife this year and introduces a more mature and intentional indie-rock driven sound. Guided by a lush mix of distorted guitar riffs and pop-flavored melodies, “Fuck Around Phase” is a stealthily infectious song. “This song is about learning to enjoy yourself and be present after going through a difficult time,” says Fry. “I want to embrace being messy and not take things too seriously!

20-year-old Brighid Fry (she/they), aka Housewife, creates effervescent indie rock interwoven with timeless and perspective songwriting. Already touting several independent Canadian music awards for their previous releases, their most recent EP, ‘You’ll Be Forgiven,’ received praise from outlets such as FLOOD Magazine, FLAUNT, BrooklynVegan, and more.

Housewife’s music regularly touches on the experience of being a young, queer, AFAB person existing in a male-dominated industry.In addition to exploring these themes in their music, Fry is also an advocate for 2SLGBTQ+ rights, reproductive freedom, and environmentalism, proudly fighting for immediate government response to protect ecological catastrophes as a founding member of the Canadian chapter of Music Declares Emergency.

Do yourself a favor go checkout “Fuck Around Phase “ from Housewife you will be glad you did .

Listen to “Fuck Around Phase” on all streaming platforms: Here

Upcoming Housewife Tour Dates:
March 4 – Montreal, QC @ Rialto Theatre*
March 5 – Toronto, ON @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre*
March 11 – Toronto, ON @ Cameron House^
* opening for Paolo Nutini
^ w/ Skye Wallace

The Veils ….And Out Of The Void Came Love, Is A Magnificent Musical Achievement

We felt beyond privileged to check out the highly anticipated album “..And Out Of The Void Came Love”from English/New Zealand indie rock band The Veils fronted by singer/Songwriter Finn Andrews . The 15-track double album out via Ba Da Bing Records was seven years in the making following their acclaimed album Total Depravity.

You can listen to “…And Out Of The Void Came Love..” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Just by listening to this record, you can hear throughout the whole record how much of a labor of love this record is . We have never met Finn Andrews or the other fine musicians on this amazing album but, if we did we would extend out our hand and congratulate them on an absolutely magnificent record.

…And Out Of The Void Came Love….is an album intended to be listened to in two sittings with a short break in the middle. This record does a brilliant job of a presenting a diverse offering of rock music. Featuring expansive lush indie rock, to Americana dipped roucous tunes, and introspective slow-burned folk tunes, …And Out Of The Void Came Love is a spellbinding musical journey.

So we went and found a comfy spot , put on our headphones and began listening…. The first track “Time” is just the Perfect opening song it has such a timeless feel to it . We highly recommend checking out the amazing video that accompanies the song .

We were very taken with “Bullfighter (Hand Of God )” It has a very hymnal feeling . The percussion on the track stayed with us long after the track ended .

We found it very easy to connect with the songs on …And Out Of The Void Came Love… All of the songs have a way of touching the heart and soul.

One Song that really caught our attention on the record was “The Epoch “ The song has this haunting yet eclectic feel and sound to it, that you just can’t ignore . The vocals also have energy to them that are electric.

Ring Of Saturn “ is such a beautifully constructed song but the star of this stunningly brilliant song , is the flawless vocals. We listened to this one for a while .

The orchestration of the album as a whole was simply breathtaking Composer Victoria Kelly’s soaring string arrangements play an integral role in bringing the songs to life, as do musicians Cass Basil (bass), Dan Raishbrook (lap steel, guitar), Liam Gerrard (piano), Joseph McCallum (drums) the NZTrio and special guests the Smoke Fairies on backing vocals.

As we moved on to the second half of this incredible musical achievement, we found ourselves like explorers ready to uncover musical treasures. We found a feeling of deep emotions with “Made From Love With Far To Go” That feeling of deep emotion continued with absolutely gorgeous melody “Someday My Love Will Come “

We loved the haunting appeal of “The Day I Meet My Murderer” We picture this song AA the perfect song around a campfire.

Some may say that making a meaningful record is a lost art . We would point to And Out Of The Void Came Love” from The Veils and that this record is more than a work of art .. but a masterpiece.

The Abruptors Gives Us Total Ska Goodness With New Album “Noticeably Cheerless”

We promised ourselves we would be nice and calm with our review for Buffalo based The Abruptors and their new record “Noticeably Cheerless. But…. We pushed play and as soon as we heard the first track “Best Wishes And Warmest Regards “ we couldn’t contain our excitement. Truth be told we have been super psyched about this record for a while.

You can listen to “Noticeably Cheerless on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Even though “Best Wishes And Warmest Regards “ is a song about someone you are happy to see leave , it has a melody that is upbeat and fun . We love the Chris Graue directed video it’s wacky and extremely entertaining. You can watch below

We were instantly smitten with “The Selfish “ The Abruptors write insanely catchy songs that provide the perfect soundtrack to life.

Vocalist, saxophonist, and keyboardist, Toni LaMantia said about Noticeably Cheerless, “Heavy lyrics can transcend no matter what type of music you’re listening to. It’s all about how you shape it.”

If we had to pick a favorite track off of the new record ( Which is so hard !!!) It would have to be “ Waiting Forever “ We really felt a connection with this track . The melody is absolutely brilliant and even though the track deals with loneliness we couldn’t help but feel the energy on this one . You can check out the video for “Waiting Forever “ below

“Noticeably Cheerless” is an absolutely spectacular collections of songs .We may have to replace a few floors in the office because, we would put on the record and it was an instant dance party. It truly is a record that you can listen from start to finish without skipping a single track . So find a spot where you can dance your heart out with The Abruptors ( made up of Mike Geraci , Lead vocals/ guitar,Toni LaMantia , Lead vocals,keys,saxophone, TJ Izzo , valve trombone, Alex Schultz , drums, and Kyle Gustafson,trumpet,trombone

Photo- Chris Graue

Attention: Bands and Artists Show Us Your Stickers!!!

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Maybe we are showing are age but , we remember a time when band stickers were a big deal . Well we want to bring them back ! We are looking for Artist/Bands/Labels to send us your stickers . You can send them virtually or via snail mail . Send us an email at thewholekameese and we will let you know where to send the snail mail . Starting next week we will pick a few stickers and showcase the sticker and the band ( so let us know of any new shows or tracks and we can spotlight it for you .

We can’t wait to see all the stickers !!!!

Critically-Acclaimed TX Singer-Songwriter Ryan Hamilton Announces the ‘A$$Hole Celebration’ LiveStream/Listening Party on February 13; New Single “A$$hole” Out on Valentine’s Day

Some cool news from the equally cool Ryan Hamilton!

Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 8.49.16 AM

Critically acclaimed TX-based, singer-songwriter Ryan Hamilton has announced a listening party, & acoustic performance of his next single “A$$hole.” The event– dubbed the ‘A$$hole Celebration’ –will take place onFebruary 13th at 3pm CST via StageIt, one day before the track officially hits streaming sites on Valentine’s Day

Ryn says, I hope you’ll join me! Come celebrate the release of my new single, “A$$hoIe”! Not only will you get an exclusive early preview of the new song, listening party style, but I’ll also be chatting, & taking requests to play acoustic from my home studio! Fun!”

Get tickets to the live stream event

Hamilton’s upcoming studio album ‘Haunted By The Holy Ghost,’ will be released on March 10 via Wicked Cool Records.

You can check out the amazing title track “Haunted By The Holy Ghost Here

Pre-save the ‘Haunted By The Holy Ghost’ LPHere

Belgian Alternative/ Punks Captain Kaiser Come Full Speed with Epic New Single + Video “Drive”

We just checked out the new amazing new single and video for “Drive” from Belgian Alternative/Punks Captain Kaiser.

You can listen to “Drive” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Drive” is off the band’s forthcoming album Jay Mass-produced LP RHYME&REASON, due out later this year on [PIAS] Recordings.

We were instantly infatuated with “Drive” , what hooked us was the harmonic beginning that slowly built to a perfectly played energetic melody that was absolutely freaking brilliant.

“Drive” is the perfect loud and clear announcement for a new phase of Captain Kaiser ( and we freaking love it ) With a punchier, heavier and more emotional sound, the band’s frontman Sascha Vansant wrote “Drive” after the passing of his mother. Even without knowing this, one can easily hear the pain of loss and the feeling of driving senselessly into nothingness.

Vansant’s lyrics soothe the soul as much as they cut it like a knife. You hear him search for every word, and in the end, the catharsis is deserved. It’s easy to imagine how he looks up to the sky, his band giving it all one more time in a rare euphoric moment on this quite dark, yet life-affirming record

Along with the single the band has also released an epic video for “Drive” you can watch the video below

You can Captain Kaiser on tour in the UK (Feb 18-25) and Germany ( April 3-9) check out more details below .

Captain Kaiser have crafted an absolutely brilliant song that not only plays to your ears but , to your heart and soul as well.

Aaron James “Ghost”

We were very pleased to check out the second single “Ghost” from Memphis based alt-folk artist Aaron James . Ghost is off the singer-songwriter’s forthcoming album,Nobody Really Makes Love AnymoreOut November 4th on Memphis based indie label UnapologeticIs a delicate well crafted artistic statement that feels like one meaningful conversation about love .

Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore is not about any particular relationship. It was written during a time where it felt virtually impossible to choose love, and it felt irresponsible to even search for it,” the Memphis-based indie folk artist says. “I feel that dedicating an album to this emotion is almost my retaliation to that guilty feeling of searching for love in what often feels like a loveless world. I hope these songs can inspire and encourage people to choose having human experiences and not give up on love for the comfort of simulation.”

On “Ghost” Aaron James tells the ever modern tale of being “ghosted” by a long distance love interest. I was really in a relationship with my phone for a whole year,” Aaron says with a good-natured laugh. “There is no more emotionally unforgiving lover than our cellular devices. When I wrote this, I really started to become aware of the facade that comes with relationships, beyond just intimate ones, that are totally maintained over social media.”

We were really drawn in by the simplicity and no thrills approach to “Ghost”. Aaron James is a gifted and relatable storyteller who’s heart and soul rises front and center in all of his wonderfully crafted song .

You can check out the video for “Ghost” below

Krooked Tongue- No Vacancy Hotel

Krooked Tongue- No Vacancy Hotel

From the moment you press play on the Krooked Tongue debut EP No vacancy Hotel, you know you are listen to the future kings of music. The Bristol UK based alternative-rock 3 piece made up of Oli Rainsford Vocals/Bass , Dan Smith Guitar and Harry Pritchard Drums formed in 2019 and they are ready to dominate.

No Vacancy Hotel opens with the sonically driven hauntingly beautiful “Vampyre “ The trio gives a well connected thunderous performance leaving the listener charged up and ready for the tremendously explosive brand of music that is Krooked Tongue.

The band shows a playful side with “Freaky Love” Oli Rainsford does not only a masterful job in holding down the low end on bass but, is equally impressive with a brilliant vocal performance.

On “Swarm” you get a tour de force of driving unapologetic rock . Guitarist Dan Smith is on full display with a sound bending experience that is the equivalent of fireworks for your ears .

Drummer Harry Pritchard is truly the God of Thunder. He is consistent throughout the EP but on the title track “No Vacancy Hotel “ he really brings it and give the well crafted and lyrically stunning track the perfect punch .

You can listen to “No Vacancy Hotel “ Here

This was an extraordinary listening experience from start to finish.