Aaron James “Ghost”

We were very pleased to check out the second single “Ghost” from Memphis based alt-folk artist Aaron James . Ghost is off the singer-songwriter’s forthcoming album,Nobody Really Makes Love AnymoreOut November 4th on Memphis based indie label UnapologeticIs a delicate well crafted artistic statement that feels like one meaningful conversation about love .

Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore is not about any particular relationship. It was written during a time where it felt virtually impossible to choose love, and it felt irresponsible to even search for it,” the Memphis-based indie folk artist says. “I feel that dedicating an album to this emotion is almost my retaliation to that guilty feeling of searching for love in what often feels like a loveless world. I hope these songs can inspire and encourage people to choose having human experiences and not give up on love for the comfort of simulation.”

On “Ghost” Aaron James tells the ever modern tale of being “ghosted” by a long distance love interest. I was really in a relationship with my phone for a whole year,” Aaron says with a good-natured laugh. “There is no more emotionally unforgiving lover than our cellular devices. When I wrote this, I really started to become aware of the facade that comes with relationships, beyond just intimate ones, that are totally maintained over social media.”

We were really drawn in by the simplicity and no thrills approach to “Ghost”. Aaron James is a gifted and relatable storyteller who’s heart and soul rises front and center in all of his wonderfully crafted song .

You can check out the video for “Ghost” below

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