J. Graves – “Fortress Of Fun”Choose Your Own Adventure L.P.

We are so excited for the release of FORTRESS OF FUN from Portland,Oregon based Post-Punk , Dance Punk band J.Graves .

We love everything about this record from the concept ( We will get to that in a minute) to the sound we love all of it .

Bandleader Jessa Graves is a musical wizard her latest album is an outpouring of wild fury and plaintive sadness with a dark, angular sound. You can listen to “Fortress Of Fun” on Spotify Here and on Bandcamp Here

The Themes and performance on this record are absolutely brilliant and stand magnificently on their on own however, the music is only half the story as this is a Choose Your Own Adventure Album.

Wanting to do something with a little more depth that would engage audiences creatively while welcoming listeners into their experience, the idea was borne from finding a choose-your-own-adventure book in a sci-fi themed studio during the recording process of previous album Deathbed. Early 2020 was tough for the band; like many artists, their built-up momentum was quickly shuttered by COVID’s insurgence. So, in mid-2020, the band went on a getaway to the coast, and the house they were staying in – lit up at night next to the dark ocean – became known as their “fortress of fun,” a title that seems immediately at odds with the album’s often-dark undertones, but one that nonetheless suits Graves’s fight to stay in the light.

We love the fact there are two components to this record. the first a mournful and mysterious effort that parses waves of difficult emotions. The second a lush, eclectic undertaking that puts listeners and viewers at the forefront of the band’s collective imagination. Each song from the album comes with a video, through which viewer/listeners can make choices that will lead to further interactive videos. Though the songs are, thematically and contextually, fully distinct from their choose-your-own-adventure video counterparts, the emotion remains raw and real, and J. Graves, with the help of mixer/producer Sylvia Massy, has fine-tuned their sound like never before into something simultaneously painful and buoyant.

You can choose your own adventure with Fortress Of Fun Here

*Before listening to “Fortress Of Funby J.Graves we would advise making sure that you are ready to dance your butt off this one the most danceable records our feet have experienced in a long time!!!!

Fortress Of Fun” kicks of with the explosive “Valentine” The track starts with the “stand up and take notice” vocals from Jessa Graves .We love how the song builds and becomes this full on dance party that you can’t ignore.

We can feel the raw , deep emotion in “Marauder “It’s the emotion and pain throughout the record that gives the record such a delicate tone .

One of our favorite tracks on this epic record that we truly enjoyed was “Ass U Me “ this song has it all . The vocals on “Ass U Me” are truly other worldly. We found ourselves totally entranced with this track. We were also deeply taken by the musicianship on “Ass U Me” J.Graves are a well oiled machine that are 100 percent in the zone .

Another track that is an epic display of musical greatness is the closing track “Mad” The song builds and washes over you with such emotion and intensity. We truly couldn’t get enough of this song. You can watch the video for “Mad” below .

Fortress Of Fun” is a can’t miss record that is a stunningly beautiful work of art .

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