Party Nails Delights With New Single “Bull In A China Shop”

We recently checked out Los Angeles based producer, alt pop singer/songwriter and engineer Party Nails and her new single “Bull In A China Shop” This song is absolutely electric Party Nails has an innovative and fresh sound that we can’t get enough of

You can listen to “Bull In A China Shop “ Here

The song was written during lockdown when everything was beginning to feel scary, confusing and weird.

Party Nails confides, “I had so many weird dreams about basically all of the scary and hard stuff I’d ever lived through, and I would write about it. I thought this song was about someone from my past. But now I’m realizing it’s about me too. I wanted the production to emulate that image and overall sense of confusion, and to somehow be fun in spite of the dark subject matter.”

You can check out the visualizer for “Bull In A China Shop” below

Party Nails will be heading out on the road . We have details below

Versus The World Delivers Absolute Brilliance With New Album “The Bastards Live Forever “

We had the privilege recently to check out the amazing new album “The Bastards Live Forever “ from Santa Barbara, CA based Versus The World….. It’s wicked good from start to finish.

You can listen to “The Bastards Live Forever” Here

We have been looking forward to the new album from Versus The World for a while ( We have had May 26th circled on the calendar for quite some time ).

The album which was produced by Cameron Webb and is available via SBÄM records is in our opinion the best way to spend 35 minutes and 44 seconds of your day

Photo credit : Casey Pinckard

Of the album, singer Donald Spence says, I can’t tell you how much work went into this collection of songs.I’d always been taught that if what you were working on wasn’t (what you thought) was your best… start over. Never put anything into the world that you were not absolutely sure of.”

“The Bastards Live Forever” consists of 11 songs crafted to perfection. VTW’s unique style of melodic post-punk elevates every member’s skill from their other projects including Chris Flippin of Lagwagon. Obviously, Versus The World is not all about musical craft but you can hear a passion and an urge to scream out deeply rooted feelings in every syllable throughout the record.

We were hooked on this record as soon as we heard the first note on “Frank Sinatra “ Front man Donald Spence has given an absolute stellar vocal performance on this record , The band which features members from Lagwagon and Good Riddance are a well oiled post punk outfit that is firing on all cylinders.

This album is a treasure trove of well crafted and well written gems from “Roadsick/Roadsick , “Poison In The Weil “ or “Goin’ Out For Smokes “ ( Which, if you are scoring from home is where the album title “The Bastards Live Forever “ comes from. Oh and the opening drum part? Straight genius. You can watch the video below . We hate picking favorites especially with a record of this caliber. But… The one that stood out to us ( and the one we had on constant repeat ) is “Your Wedding and a Funeral “ This song is a total masterpiece, sonically, lyrically and vocally Perfect

The band has announced some west coast shows and will also be on tour in Europe. You can find details below .

Do yourself a favor and find a good spot and experience the goodness that is “The Bastards Live Forever “ from Versus The World.

West Coast Shows:

June 16 – Long Beach @ Supply and Demand w/ Mercy Music and Love Equals Death

June 17 – Los Angeles @ Permanent Records Roadhouse w/ Mercy Music and Love Equals Death

July 7 – Portland @ Dante’s w/ Diesel Boy

July 8 – Seattle @ El Corazon w/ Diesel Boy

Versus The World will be on tour in Europe this summer.

28.07. Berlin @ Wild At Heart

29.07. Hohenstaufen @ Vert Rock w/ Urethane

30.07. tbc

01.08. Erfurt @ Tiko w/ Urethane

02.08. Brussels @ Le Lac

03.08. Wermelskirchen @ AJZ w/ Authority Zero & Cigar

04.08. tbc

05.08. Duffel, B @ Brakrock

06.08. Düsseldorf, D @ Pitcher w/ Diesel Boy

08.08. Stuttgart @ Im Wizemann w/ Pennywise

09.08. Vienna, AUT @ Rhiz w/ Diesel Boy

10.08. Tolmin, SLO @ Punkrock Holiday

11.08. Bologna, ITA @ Freakout Club

12.08. Rimini, ITA @ Bayfest

Spoilers Give Us A Sweet Sounding New Single With “ Peaches And Cream”

UK melodic punk band Spoilers (featuring Dan Goatham of SNUFF) release new song “Peaches and Cream” Announce New EP “There or Thereabouts

You can listen to “Peaches and creamHere and you can watch the video for “Peaches and Cream below

We recently checked out the sweet sounding new single “Peaches and Cream“ from melodic UK punks Spoilers

Living the dream – You can have everything in life you ever wanted and dreamed of… and it does make you happy most of the time. People making their lives look like a fairy tale and insanely happy… and then when you run into them they’re actually having a really bad time.”

Inspired by anxiety and depression this high energy song kicks ass but tells an important message at the same time: Being stuck between living the dream and feeling out of place, between feeling great and being envious.

It was something a bloke I used to drink with would say, he’d have a really positive story always ending somehow on a downer.”, says singer Dan Goatham (also known for being in SNUFF). And he once said “well, it ain’t all peaches and cream.” So I stole it.”

The hammond organ on the song is played by Simon Short, known as a member of Seattle based band The Drowns.

Full disclosure: we have been playing “Peaches and Cream” from Spoilers on repeat since 9:00 am this morning ( Friday , May 26th ) We love the energy on this song and the melodies are drop dead perfect .

The Band will be hitting the road in the UK starting on June 22nd details below

We Are Absolutely Mesmerized By Sumbuck – Latest Single’s “Hey Honey” And “How Long “ They Are Stunningly Beautiful

So we not only write a music blog but, first and foremost we are music fans . Every once in a while we stumble across an artist that we absolutely love . Today we would like to shout from the rooftops about Sumbuck

Sumbuck; a slang found in the last pages of a good book. It is the pen name and side project of Taylor Meier, who is also in the band Caamp In
this project he curates a wide sonic pallet, ever changing members and moods. All the songs
are about love in one way or another, just woven differently

You never forget the first time that you hear a really good song , it stays with you like the lingering smell of an apple pie on a cool crisp autumn day. When we heard “Hey Honey “ we were absolutely taken hook line and sinker . The song simplistic in nature perfectly displays flawless “traffic stopping vocals” that pair beautifully with the memorable melody

Single artwork by Austin Sterpka

You can listen to “Hey Honey” Here

Soon after discovering “Hey Honey “ We then found “How Long “ (Single Version)

“How Long “ has this sweet soulful sound and vibe that comes across so easy and effortlessly. We love how “How Long “ (Single Version) shows a completely different musical dimension than “Hey Honey “ We found ourselves happily caught up in the easy groove of “How Long “ (Single Version)

single art by Austin Sterpka

You can listen to “How Long” (Single Version) Here

We are so thankful that we happily stumbled upon Sumbuck . We are totally smitten with not one but two tracks … “Hey Honey” and “How Long “ ( Single Version)

“All I Need” From Sammy Shepard Is An Absolute Must Listen

We recently had a chance to check out the single “All I Need “ from Sammy Shepard .

All I Need “ is the debut single for the Georgia born singer/songwriter and we think you are really going to like it .

You can listen to “All I Need “ below

Multi instrumentalist Sammy Shepard comes from a long line of musicians , his father and grandfather are products musical families . To say Music is big part of his life is putting it lightly.

Sammy grew up around all kinds of music , from classics to heavy jazz fusion. He comments “The music that stuck with me the most influence would have to be John Mayer, The Beatles of course, and Jack Johnson along with many others

You can definitely hear the above mentioned influences. However, Sammy Shepard has a soulful and authentic sound that is all his own.

Sammy Shepard is currently honing his craft by playing show 3 times a week as well as working on his debut album .

“All I Need “ from Sammy Shepard is must hear music that you will definitely have on repeat for quite some time

With A Voice That Is Out Of This World … JANE Gives US Her Amazing New Single “Moon”

Art credit Katrina Benzova

Recently we had the distinct honor of checking out 17 teen year old alt-pop newcomer JANE and her otherworldly new single “Moon”

You can listen to “Moon below

We listen to a lot of music here at The Whole Kameese ( We’re a music blog it’s what we do) If we are being honest ( we always are ) we hear a lot of great music , but a lot of it tends to sound the same . However, this is not the case with singer:songwriter Jane who’s amazing and distinctive voice is really something special.

“Moon“ definitely has a Pink Floyd vibe to it but, JANE’s unique authentic vibe makes “Moon” a track that needs to be heard .

Since age 10, JANE has used songwriting as a therapeutic outlet for self-expression, making timeless music that embraces youth and individuality. JANE became an instant success after the release of her debut EP Fall Into Place, which garnered more than half a million views and 200,000 streams on Spotify. For the past year, the multi-talented artist built her streaming presence upon the release of her hit songs, “Free,” “Skinwalker,” and “Grace.” Her celestial sound and knack for blending pop and indie rock vintages with trends are some of the few elements that make her compelling among the rest.

“Nothing can dim the light that shines within,” says JANE on the song. “When you lose the light of the moon, keep shining your light.”

Jane, is the kind of artist that is needed in today’s musical landscape. “Moon” is a mystical tune that we simply can’t get enough of.

Only Child Gives Us Debut EP “ Srs One” And…. We Love It

We recently Checked out the debut EP “Srs One”- (pronounced Serious One) from Only Child – the camp-pop project of queer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Christopher James Martin has teamed with Boston electro queen and producer Casey Desmond, who issues the EP on her Jungle Up Records label.

You can listen to “Srs One” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here and on Bandcamp Here

“Srs One “ from Only Child is one collection of music that you can’t help but fall madly in love with and…. Did we mention how fun this EP is ? An absolute treat from start to finish . We were seduced by Only Child’s layered brand of bratty electronic-pop; a glittering body of work that combines whipsmart lyricism, a penchant for dramatic melody, and wink-and-nod allure.

On the opening and title track Srs One , you are immediately greeted by Christopher James Martin’s incredible vocals that are paired with absolutely dreamy melodies.

We loved the feel and vibe ofDon’t Call Me BB” it has this indie doo wop feel that is as sweet as your favorite kind of candy .

There seriously is not a bad track on this brilliantly put together EP . We loved “DEFEATER” and “PALAVER” as they are both had us completely mesmerized with their stunning beats and melodies.

The final track on the EP “Girls With Glasses “ was without a doubt our favorite song on “Srs One” There are some songs that you can’t resist and “Girls With Glasses” is one of those songs . Vocally and melodically we were hooked from note one .

“Srs One” from Only Child is an absolutely spectacular EP that you can’t miss , this EP will quickly become your absolute favorite.

Chasing Kites Bittersweet New Single “Two Towns “ Is Absolutely Stunning

We recently had a chance to listen to the new single “Two Towns” from Bristol based indie-rock four-piece Chasing Kites. We were huge fans of their single “Shiver” So we were eager to check out the new track (Spoiler Alert, It’s phenomenal)

You can listen to Two Towns “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Recorded with Sam Winfield (Amber Run, Bring Me The Horizon) at Studio 91, Two Towns lyrically explores the end of a relationship brought about due to being separated by distance and the aftermath of an unwanted breakup.

Chasing Kites ( Matt Donnelly,vocals, guitar , James Hunt,drums,Liam Hope,guitar and Nathan Price ,bass ) have such a well defined and unique sound that we feel will take them very far .

“Two Towns “ from Chasing Kites is a well written song coupled with perfect melodies and flawless vocals

Discussing the inspirations behind the single, vocalist and lyricist Matt Donnelly explains, Two Towns dives into the frustration of having a relationship taken away from you through no fault of your own. It also explores the period of time immediately after the relationship’s breakdown, when you’re unable to keep your ex partner off your mind even when you’re sleeping.”

You are going to want to keep your eye to the sky, as we believe that Chasing Kites are just getting warmed up and the sky is the limit

rlyblonde Delivers Her Epic New Single “Hot Girls Always Win “

We recently checked out the new Single “Hot Girls Always Win” from rlyblonde the project of Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Carina Allen – shares her new single, “Hot Girls Always Win,” from her upcoming debut EP, ‘Fantasy,’ releasing on June 2nd.

You can listen to “Hot Girls Always Win “ on Spotify Here on Apple Music Here and on SoundCloud Here

A well crafted and written song “Hot Girls Always Win” is an empowering anthem filled with fuzzy guitar riffs, catchy pop melodies, and slick lyricism. The new single follows the EP’s previously released singles, “Fantasy” and “Spiltmilk,” which landed widespread support from tastemakers like The Luna Collective, Enfnts Terribles Magazine and Unpublished Magazine.

rlyblonde is 100 % the real deal her honesty and authenticity shine through loud and clear and it’s something you can’t fake . You either have “It” or you don’t …. rlyblonde definitely has it .

rlyblonde elaborates on “Hot Girls Always Win”:At the heart of it, I find this song quite endearing. Sometimes life has a funny way of reuniting you with the right people, karma doing its thing, etc. I went through a breakup that really left me having to rebuild my confidence and this song was kinda my triumph of realizing I didn’t have to worry about anything because the right people will always finds me. And it’s not about being hot in a physical way, but more about being compassionate, creative, thoughtful and confident.”

We can’t not wait for rlyblonde’s debut EP “Fantasy” to drop on June 2nd

Moon Taxi Gives Us The Uplifting New Single “Set Yourself Free”

Photo by Bethany Reed

Set Yourself Free,” the title track from their 6th studio album, out 6/9

We recently got the exciting opportunity to check out the new single “Set Yourself Free” from Nashville based indie/alt band Moon Taxi . Set Yourself Free” is also the track to their 6th studio album which arrives June 9th

You can listen to “Set Yourself Free” below

“Set Yourself Free “ is our first introduction to Moon Taxi and… We are very impressed.

Set Yourself Free” has the very “uplifting “ vibe to it. We found ourselves connecting with the song instantly ( We hit the repeat button many times ) .

Their upcoming album will be out on June 9th, followed by the Set Yourself Free tour – a 3 month US run with support from The Stews including stops in Atlanta, Nashville, Boston, Cleveland, and many others.

Set Yourself Free” was written over a 5-way FaceTime call, mirroring its lyrical themes about the importance of collaboration and community. “During the pandemic, we got used to FaceTime songwriting. For better or worse, it’s been a great way for everyone to collaborate remotely,” said Trevor Terndrup. “The idea of falling back on someone you trust is so important nowadays. But truly it’s how we’ve tried to operate as a band for all these years.”

Moon Taxi (vocalist/guitarist Trevor Terndrup, lead guitarist Spencer Thomson, bassist Tommy Putnam, keyboardist Wes Bailey, and drummer Tyler Ritter –) are master musicians with impeccable musicianship. We are all in on the latest single and new album title track “Set Yourself Free” from Moon Taxi “ and cannot wait for more new music with the release of the new album

Check out tour dates below

Tour Dates

8.4 Isle of Palms, SC @ The Windjammer (tickets)

8.5 Isle of Palms, SC @ The Windjammer (tickets)

8.6 Isle of Palms, SC @ The Windjammer (tickets)

8.9 Virginia Beach, VA @ 24th Street Park (free)

8.10 Savannah, GA @ Victory North

8.11 Ponte Vedra, FL @ Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

8.12 Augusta, GA @ Imperial Theatre

8.24 Tuscaloosa, AL @ Druid City Music Hall

8.25 Chattanooga, TN @ Signal

8.26 Athens, GA @ Georgia Theater

8.31 Greenville, SC @ The Foundry

9.1 Wilmington, NC Greenfield Lake Amphitheater

9.2 Asheville, NC @ Salvage Station

9.15 New Orleans, LA @ Tipitina’s

9.16 Mobile, AL @ Soul Kitchen

9.20 Nashville, TN @ Jrodconcerts Americanafest FIESTA II

9.22 Huntsville, AL @ Mars Music Hall

9.28 Columbia, SC @ The Senate

9.29 High Point, NC @ The Stage @ Cohab

9.30 Macon, GA @ Capitol Theatre Macon

10.4 Baton Rouge, LA @ Varsity Theatre

10.5 Oxford, MS @ Lyric Theater

10.6 Little Rock, AR @ The Hall

10.7 St. Louis, MO @ The Big Top

10.12 Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues

10.13 Cincinnati, OH @ Riverfront Amphitheater

10.14 Louisville, KY @ Paristown Hall

10.20 Birmingham, AL @ Avondale Brewing

10.26 Columbus, OH @ The Bluestone

10.27 Indianapolis, IN @ Vogue

10.28 Peoria, IL @ Premier Event Center

11.1 Charlottesville, VA @ Jefferson Theater

11.2 Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club

11.3 Richmond, VA @ The National

11.4 Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr Smalls Theatre

11.6 Portland, ME @ State Theatre

11.8 Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club

11.9 Philadelphia, PA @ Brooklyn Bowl

11.10 Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bowl

11.11 Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theater Block Party 

11.18 Chicago, IL @ HOB 

11/30 Houston, TX @ Last Concert Backyard & Amp

12/1 Austin, TX @ Emo’s

12/2 Dallas, TX @ Granada Theater

12/3 Tulsa, OK @ Cain’s Ballroom

12/5 Oklahoma City, OK @ Jones Assembly

12/6 Omaha, NE @ Slowdown

12/8 Kansas City, MO @ The Truman

12/9 Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall

Annabel Gutherz Gives Us A Sensational Live Performance Video For “Saturn’s Rings

We are simply mesmerized by Annabel Gutherz and her live performance video for “Saturn’s Rings.

You can watch the video for “Saturn’s Rings below and you can listen to “Saturn’s Rings Here

Filmed at golden hour in a seemingly endless field of sunflowers, the video is a stunning counterpart to the effervescent song.

“‘Saturn’s Rings’ is about being enveloped by your thoughts and feelings for an ex, despite the amount of time that has passed between you two,” Annabel says about the new song. “I wanted the production to reflect the push-and-pull dynamic of the lyrics and the discordant emotional undercurrents contrasting each song section.”

We are simply over the moon for this wonderful visual companion for “Saturn’s Rings. We’ve said it before but, it bares repeating Annabel Gutherz continues to soar with each new release and we can’t wait to see what’s next

BENTLE Continues To Amaze With Latest Single “BEAM”

We recently checked out new single “Beam” from BENTLE– the project of New York-based Australian artist/producer Josh McVey

You can listen to “Beam” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

There is something so hypnotic and mystical about BENTLE and the latest offering “Beam” is no exception.

Combining lush synth work, hypnotic vocals, and pop-laced melodies, BENTLE delivers a blissful track perfect for the incoming Summer. “Beam” is a vibey, feel-good anthem destined to soundtrack those sun-soaked days ahead.

BENTLE elaborates on the inspiration behind the song:“‘Beam’ is my personal animation of what being caught in an endless thought loop looks like on a summer morning.I wrote it beachside with some friends while traveling through the Caribbean last year — I was processing so many new experiences and feelings at that time and ‘Beam’ takes me straight back to that night. As I woke the next morning I couldn’t stop humming the “honestly, I can’t be free” lyric and melody — I can remember it ringing in my head from the early hours of the morning and it was just so contagious I had to get it down on paper. I love this song because I can still smell the fire and see the hazy horizon from that night.”

Josh McVey (aka BENTLE) is a singer, songwriter and producer originally hailing from Brisbane, Australia and now living in New York City. Producing and writing all of his own material, he delivers glowing indie-pop tunes packed with reflective and introspective lyricism. He’s been laying a foundation over the past few years with a number of single releases, including his 2021 hit “MONDO,” and is now preparing to reveal his debut EP later this year.

Josh McVey aka BENTLE is an artist who creates music that is simple otherworldly. “Beam” is a vibe and emotion that continues to resonate long after the music has ended .

Music is creativity and expression at it’s purest form . BENTLE takes it to a whole new level with “Beam”

Mayor’s House Gives us An Absolutely Beautiful New Single “Emma”

Photo Carina Allen

We recently checked out the new single and video“Emma” from alt-rock band Mayor’s House – The New York-based project of Emily Morris (guitar/vocals), Eli Meyers (drums/guitar/bass), Jeffrey Allen (bass/ukulele) and Chris St. Pierre (guitar)

You can listen to “Emma” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here and you can watch the video below

We were instantly captivated by Mayor’s House and the beautifully crafted song Emma” The new single seamlessly fuses Morris’ heartfelt storytelling with tender harmonies, lush guitar lines, and driving percussion. The flawless vocals on this track were simply magnificent. Mayor’s House has this magical chemistry that really shines through on “Emma”

The genesis of the song was inspired by a young woman named Emma who the band met at a music festival last summer. While hanging out, she opened up to Morris about her experience being a gay woman in a conservative Canadian town, which really struck a chord with Morris as a queer woman herself.

Emma’s openness really moved me and when I got home from the festival, I knew I had to write about us meeting,” says Morris. “The song is her story intertwined with a little bit with my own. It’s about the immediate bond that queer people have and our mutual understanding and respect for each other. This is the first song I’ve written that really is a gay song — I mean all of my songs are gay songs because that’s part of who I am, but this was the first song I’d written that really openly addressed that part of myself and it was important for me to do that.”

Photo Credit Carina Allen

Mayor’s House is the project of lifelong friends who first began playing music together in high school. All multi-instrumentalists, the group is uniquely capable of switching from electric guitars and drums to ukeleles, harmonicas, cajóns, and trumpets, giving them the ability to try just about any instrumental combo. They made their official debut earlier this year with their first single, “Poetry.”

If you have been following The Whole Kameese , you know we love a well written song . “Emma” from Mayor’s House is a song that truly touches both you heart and soul.

The Chelsea Curve Does It Again… Giving Us A Magnificent Video For “How Can I (Resist You) ? “

We don’t what we did to be so lucky . But… Not only did we get the better than great new single “How Can I (Resist You)?”from The Chelsea Curve…. We now have the hot off the presses new video for “How Can I (Resist You)?

You can listen to “How Can I ( Resist You )?” On Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here And now you can check out the new video for “How Can I ( Resist You )?” below via the YouTube channel of the good people at Red On Red Records

It is such a blast to watch The Chelsea Curve do their thing live , it’s a lot like watching a master painter work their magic on a blank canvas. The energy between Linda Pardee,bass and vocals, Tim Gillis, guitar and vocals and Ron Belanger,drums is absolutely electrifying (they could probably power a small town with all that energy)

Photo Credit – Joshua Pickering

And… in case your scoring at home ( and we know you are ) the video was edited by the band’s own Linda Pardee

So now not only can you hear and feel the cool vibes from The Chelsea Curve and their way cool single “How Can I (Resist You)?” You can now see the cool vibes as well with their new amazing video for “How Can I (Resist You )

Moonraker Prove That They Not Only Rock… But They Also Know How To Have Fun

Photo – Joe Hunt

Moonraker Celebrate The Year Anniversary of Latest LP ‘The Forest’ With A Game of Whirlyball in New Music Video “I Really Wanted To”

So Cal punks Moonraker have released a new music for “I Really Wanted To,” a track off their 2022 LP ‘The Forest.

You can watch “I Really Wanted To” below

The band says, In honor of our record ‘The Forest’ being out for a year, we thought it’d be fun to go to Texas and play the sport of kings: Whirlyball. Anytime we go through Fort Worth (or Chicago. I also believe they have it in Atlanta and Seattle) we try to get in a quick sesh and we always wanted to bring a camera crew with us to capture the chaos. We thought it fit well with our song, “I Really Wanted To” and the result was one of the most fun crazy weekends we’ve had in recent memory. Thanks to Matt and Hot Katsu Video for killing it as always and HUGE thanks to Snowy and everyone at the Whirlyball place for being so cool and letting us go so long and bring in all sorts of outside food and booze and ninja weapons and all that. And thanks to all of you for making the last year with ‘The Forest’ so special!”

You can stream “The Forest” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here and on Bandcamp Here

We Found Your New Favorite Song: “Burn Out “ From Mise En Scene

We recently checked out the new single and video for “Burn Out “ from Winnipeg,MB based grunge pop/garage band Mise En Scene

You can listen to “Burn Out” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here and you can watch the video for “Burn Out” below

It is such a cool feeling when you hear a song for the first time , and immediately fall insanely in love with it and have it on permanent repeat. This is exactly how we felt when we heard “Burn Out” from Mise En Scene ( Stefanie Blondal-Johnson,vocals,guitar, Jodi Dunlop , drums)

Burn Out” from Mise En Scene is the kind of song that reminds us why we love music so much .

The melodic garage/indie/garage sound reminds us Letters To Cleo , Liz Phair and a touch of The Breeders . Mise En Scene does a phenomenal job of having a familiar sound while skillfully and uniquely making it flawlessly their own .

You can absolutely count us as fans of Mise En Scene and we can’t wait for more music from them


Low Coast Gives Us The Outstanding New Single “Out There”

Debut Album “Existing The Dream” Available May 26th on LP / Digital via Spartan Records.

We are straight up giddy for the new single “Out There “ from Low Coast, the new band from indie rock mainstay Jeff Caudill (Gameface) “Out There” has this ultra cool vibe that you can’t ignore.

You can listen to “Out There” Here

Photo credit- Billy Small

Caudill says, Out There” is a love song. It may not sound like it at first but the sentiment is really sweet. It’s about loving all of your partner’s quirks and imperfections. The riff is fire – burned into my brain. It had been on a constant loop in my head long before it turned into a song. It was one of those things that I just kept playing and the lyrics just sort of presented themselves.”

After over two decades of releases with the fan-adored band Gameface, Caudill’s new band marks a distinct departure from the SoCal melodic punk rock world and a foray into the direction of artists like Wilco, Gin Blossoms, and Death Cab For Cutie.

We have long been fans of Gameface and we were excited to sink our teeth into Low Coast and we can tell you we are straight up loving this sound from Low Coast .

I’ve been dreaming about this album for decades, and waiting years to release it. I feel like my patience is finally paying off. Low Coast is the band I’ve always wanted to have. These guys take my songs to places I could never get to on my own.We made this record during a really volatile time in history – and the songs reflect that,” adds Caudill.

We are all in on Low Coast and can’t get enough of their electrifying new single “Out There” We are super pumped for “Existing The Dream” on May 26th

Pre-order the album on limited edition vinyl to get an instant download of the song now.

First pressing limited to 300 copies:

• Desert Dusk (Gold / Black / Blue Swirl) (300)

Full color jacket printed on reverseboard stock and full-color printed innersleeve

Luck Thief Shines Bright With Epic New Single “Landlubber”

We recently had the distinct honor of checking out “Landlubber” from Bristol(UK) based rock multi-instrumentalist Lucky Thief

Lucky Thief is the project name for multi-instrumentalist Ed Jefferson. Everything you hear on this amazing new single, is played by Ed .

You can listen to “Landlubber” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here. You can also check out the lyric video below

The blazing new single is from Luck Thief’s upcoming debut full-length “DIY, the very impressive “Landlubber” was recorded at Humm Studios with Dom Mitchison (The Manatees, Pet Shimmers, Heavy Lungs), mixed by Ky Witney (The Naturals) and mastered by Pete Maher (Pixies, Jack White, The Rolling Stones) and explores relationship insecurities and how people can change for all of the wrong reasons.

Discussing what inspired the single, Lucky Thief explains, Landlubber looks at themes of paranoia, insecurity and regret in relationships, all of which I have experienced. In changing for the worst in a relationship, new behaviours come to light, even within yourself which you may never have expected.”

Someone better throw us a life preserver because , we have fallen over board with our excitement for “Landlubber” from Lucky Thief .”Landlubber” is an absolutely amazing track . This song checks all the boxes perfectly put together with flawless vocals and a melody that could part the ocean . This one is a can’t miss.

Mauricio Morales Gives Us Stunning New Single “Grey” Featuring Mark Pelli And Josh Shpak

Recently we had the privilege to check out new single “Grey” from Los Angeles-based composer, bassist, and arranger Mauricio Morales featuring Mark Pelli and Josh Shpak(Spoiler Alert it’s amazing)

You can listen to “Grey” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here you can also check out the video for “Grey” below

On his new single, “Grey,” Mauricio Morales incorporates his jazz influences to create an eclectic and fiery take on how heartbreak forces us into growth whether we accept it or not.

Grey” follows the story of a man reflecting on his youth and how heartbreak changed him — for better or worse. Co-written with Jonah Levine and Mark Pelli, the collaborative creative process started as a break-up song that morphed into a new perspective on letting go and growing up. A calm and collected start turns to layers of warm vocals climbing over a synthy jazz-influenced piano. Suddenly, it morphs into a cascade of instrumentation, from brass horns to percussive rhythms, and listeners feel the sense of tension and release that comes from emotional and personal growth. With a wall of sonic atmosphere built around every turn of the story, it perfectly represents Morales as a composer and artist.

“Grey” is a stunningly brilliant and beautiful musical composition. Mauricio Morales is a phenomenal musical composer who along with Jonah Levine , Mark Pelli and Josh Shpak have skillfully crafted a true work of art .

Don’t Sleep Has Our Full Attention With Latest Single “Dead On The Inside”

Recently we checked out the new single and video for “Dead On The Inside “ from Don’t Sleep .

You can listen to “Dead On The Inside” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here and you can check out the video below

If you are a fan of hardcore and melodic punk , then Don’t Sleep is like hitting the punk rock lottery . Don’t Sleep ( Dave Smalley (DAG NASTY, ALL, DOWN BY LAW, DYS) on vocals, bassist Garrett Rothman (Junction), drummer Jim Bedorf, and guitarists Tom McGrath (Very Americans) and Tony Bavaria (The Commercials, Very Americans)

We are loving this one Big Time . Don’t Sleep are preparing to release their sophomore album, ‘See Change.’ The 9-track LP was co-produced by the GRAMMY-nominated team of Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland (August Burns Red, Silverstein) and will be out on June 2 via End Hits Records.

Of the track, Smalley says, I have had a recurring dream, both in sleep and awake, where I am a hawk or other bird, flying and looking down on the fields and streams and gliding on the wind. A continuation of that has been one where I am soaring through space like the Silver Surfer, passing stars and comets and nebulas. That feeling of freedom, of being away from the problems of life. Wouldn’t that be great? I sort of incorporated that vision into this song, and the idea of gliding on the wind or through space, contrasted with the reality of day to day struggles that make us feel dead on the inside, sometimes — that juxtaposition of light and dark, of elation and despair, that makes us all human beings. A beautiful sadness, as one friend puts it.

To the old school guys, that connection between hardcore and punk and skateboarding was so clear, like lightning in a dark sky. Music and skating were true freedom and independence. Both were risk-taking and about not being afraid to fall. No one would ever make fun of you if you ate it or sucked, because at least you were trying to express yourself, and express your soul. They were symbiotically connected — it was perfect. It still is perfect. Seeing these skaters in this video is pure. It’s real. It Is. Seeing it makes you soar.”

If your a fan of punk rock, you definitely are familiar with Dave Smalley . From being right in the middle at the birth of US hardcore punk with DYS to creating the blueprint of melodic hardcore with DAG NASTY, from helping to invent pop punk as we know it with ALL to finding himself in the middle of the west coast punk explosion of the 90s with DOWN BY LAW: Smalley was always on the forefront every time hardcore punk stretched its envelope.

Don’t Sleep is melodic hardcore punk at it’s absolute best and “Dead On The Inside “ is an absolute gem .

The Rupert Selection Gives Us An Epic New Video For “I Saw God “

We recently checked out the new video for “I Saw God” from Boston based alt-rock and psychedelic grunge band The Rupert Selection (guitarist and vocalist Reilly Somach,bassist Sam Bouvé and drummer Peter W. Bartash )

You can check out the video for “I Saw God “ below and you can listen to “I Saw God” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

The Rupert Selection have a sound and vibe that washes over you and makes you feel connected to the music . “I Saw God “ from The Rupert Selection is simply an unforgettable experience from start to finish , and the video for “I Saw God “ only enhances that experience.

Photo by : Peter McManus

The video brilliantly shows the band in it’s natural habitat, which is up on stage performing. We could see and feel the energy from the band as they reach thunderous heights right before our very eyes… and it is beautiful

“I like the idea of keeping the interpretation of this one as vague and open-ended as possible,” admits guitarist and vocalist Reilly Somach, who penned the “I Saw God” lyrics. “Whatever the listener perceives as being God within the song, that’s what it is.” Reilly continues…

I Saw God’ is a continuation of us trying to evolve and push our creative boundaries, trying new
things and seeing how far our sound can go,” Somach says, before issuing a sort-of mantra that can
double for the the band’s overall creative vision: “Keep everything progressing, but keep it still familiar
enough to our roots.”

We have been playing the heck of the “I Saw God” video from The Rupert Selection, and we can’t wait for more music !

SUPERBLOOM Gives Us A New Single With “Tiny Bodyguard “

Photo – Nia Garza

Band’s Highly Anticipated ‘Life’s A Blur’ EP Out June 8

We recently had the opportunity to check out the latest single and video “Tiny Bodyguard “ from Brooklyn based alternative rock band Superbloom

You can listen to “Tiny Bodyguard “ Here You can also watch the video below

“Tiny Bodyguard “ has this epically cool vibe to it . Superbloom has the skilled ability to come at you at full steam , like they did with previous single “Head First “ but, as the prove with “Tiny Bodyguard “ they can effortlessly switch gears .

The band will be plenty busy in the coming months , with the new EP “Life’s A Blur” coming out on June 8th , followed by a June 10 EP Release Show at Brooklyn Made with Guests Stay Inside and Woz

Superbloom will also be embarking on a European tour starting on September,21st details below

We can’t wait for June 8th and the release of the new EP “Life’s Blur”. But, for now find your favorite music listening spot, and check out “Tiny Bodyguard “ from Superbloom

Harker Gives Us The Brilliantly Melodic New Single “Out The Window”

We were beyond thrilled to check out the latest single “Out The Window “ from Brighton,UK punks Harker ( P.S…. This song is freaking amazing)

You can listen to “Out The Window “ Here You can also check out the video below .

First off let us first say that, when we start singing along immediately to a song when we hear it for the first time….. It’s a very good sign .

Harker has this amazing punk sound that is both sonically and melodically please . “Out The Window “ comes at you like a heat seeking missile then wins you over with the melodic and addicting chorus …. Yup we’re hooked

The track is inspired by the persistent existential angst of the impending climate crisis, ‘Out The Window ’is a furious, yet thoughtful modern protest anthem. Harker fits perfectly into the cultural zeitgeist, fusing elements of the post-punk revival with vintage power-pop hooks. Capturing the despair of a generation left to deal with the problem on their own, this is one of the most urgent punk songs to emerge from the UK this year.

Looking for that perfect song to crank to 11? Look no further than “Out The Window” it’s an absolute gem!!

The band is scheduled to hit the road in Europe beginning on June 24th we have more information below.

Live dates:

24th JuneBooze Cruise, Hamburg (Germany)

30th JunePrince Albert, Brighton (UK)

8th JulyRight To Roam, Bolton (UK)

15th JulyGuildhall, Portsmouth (UK) * Supporting Authority Zero

28th OctoberOne For The Road Festival, York (UK)

NORMY Turns It Up For New Single “Thanks For Nothing”

Punk Band NORMY Signs to Smartpunk Records & Drops New Track, “Thanks For Nothing”

We are super pumped to check out the new single from Cleveland punks NORMY “Thanks For Nothing “

You can check out the new single “Thanks For Nothing” Here

You can’t help but totally love the energetic fast paced “Thanks For Nothing “ ( This song is freaking epic . The band released the song today in partnership with Smartpunk Records, to announce the band’s signing to the independent label. Further details about a potential upcoming album have not yet been revealed, but the band has teased new music in the works.

On the new track, Eric Egan of NORMY states:

“Thanks For Nothing” is about an experience I had touring overseas for the first time; which had been something I’d been dreaming of for years; and one miserable person single-handedly making the whole experience kind of shitty.“- Eric Egan

On the signing to Smartpunk Records, label manager Matt Burns states:

While working on some artwork and ideas for Highway Sniper, George and I got on the topic of pop punk and he mentioned his project NORMY, referencing bands like Lagwagon as the main influence. He had sent me their (then new) EP, “What On God’s Green Earth” and I fell in love. He told me their new songs were even better, and I didn’t believe him. When I heard the mixes from what would become ‘What The Fuck Planet Are The Guys From,’ I kept putting them on repeat for like 2 hours. If I could skateboard, these songs would be the soundtrack to me shredding the gnar. Instead, I’ll just play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and blast the EP“ – Matt Burns

Normy formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 2021

Their current lineup consists of bassist/vocalist Eric Egan (Heart Attack Man), guitarist/vocalist Steve Perrino (Walking Wounded), and drummer George Lucarelli (Highway Sniper, You Die First). Their sound has diversified throughout their career – their pop-punk style blending catchy pop melodies with fast-paced punk rock. Their lyrics center on relationships, adolescent frustration, and maturity—or lack thereof.

Life can be kind of a crazy blur sometimes… It’s great to know that their are bands like Normy that can give us a killer tune like “Thanks For Nothing “ to make life a little more enjoyable.

Song Of The Day: Ålesund Gives Us Their Otherworldly New Single “Rode Off Into The Sun”

We were excited to check out the new single “Rode Off Into The Sun” … Our Song Of The Day from Bristol-based alt-pop outfit Ålesund .

You can listen to “Rode Off Into The Sun “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here You can also check out the video for “Rode Off Into The Sun “ below

“Rode Off Into The Sun is the second single from Ålesund’s EP

We instantly fell in love with this song . It has this real celestial/ summertime feel to it . Some songs can automatically put you in a good mood, and this is definitely one of those songs

Fronted by the ethereal vocals of British-Norwegian singer-songwriter Alba Torriset, Ålesund’s sound is a fusion of dreamy pop hooks, atmospheric soundscapes and alternative rock riffs, which have drawn comparisons to the likes of Kate Bush, Florence and the Machine and London Grammar.

Lyrically, Rode Off Into The Sun reflects on the admiration held for a character who knows her worth, who picks herself despite any adversity and makes the best out of any situation.

I was so impressed by a friend who had been dealt a rough hand and instead of wallowing and seeing the glass as half empty, she just dusted herself off and charged on with making the best out of her life. It was inspiring to witness and became the main theme of the song”,
says vocalist and lyricist Alba Torriset.

In addition to the new single, Ålesund has kicked off a UK tout which kicked off on May 4th and continues through to June 4th the dates are below


  • 4th May – The Underground, Stoke
  • 7th May – Cafe no.9, Sheffield
  • 11th May – Crofters Rights, Bristol
  • 12th May – The Phoenix Arts Centre, Bordon Hampshire
  • 13th May – I Shine Theatre, London
  • 18th May – The Chambers, Folkestone
  • 19th May – Kino Teatr, St Leonards E. Sussex
  • 26th-28th May – How The Light Gets In Festival, Hay On Wye
  • 4th June – The Stables, Milton Keynes
  • 4th June – Gullivers, Manchester

We were absolutely moved by the power and beauty of “Rode Off Into The Sun “ from Ålesund . It is definitely something you need to hear ! We can’t wait for more

JACK Keeps It Real With Amazing New Single “ Internet Rock Man”

For us here at The Whole Kameese it’s all about keeping it real and bringing it at full speed.

Omaha born musician JACK has been on the road as a musician since age 14 . He delivers his debut single “Internet Rock Man” ( Spoiler Alert : This Song is freaking amazing)

You can listen to “Internet Rock Man” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Jack is the real deal ( he has the road miles and voice to prove it )

Jack has an authentic style and sound couple with a memorable voice that is part punk, part folk and 100% Jack

“Internet Rock Man” is a well crafted song that packs a memorable melodic punch that you will feel long after the music has stopped.

Jack is skilled and authentic storyteller who is not afraid to keep it real, which is front and center on “Internet Rock Man “ as well as on his debut album Sad Songs In C Major.”

Written and produced with 5x Grammy nominated producer/engineer Rick Carson of Make Believe Studio, Sad Songs’ raw storytelling deftly explores and excavates the highs and lows of what it means to be (and choose to stay) alive.

You can count The Whole Kameese as being instantly impressed with Jack and “Internet Rock Man” and we have a hunch you will be too.

Once Again, We Get Another Out Of This World Song From Annabel Gutherz… “Saturn’s Rings” Is Positively Amazing

It is always an absolute treat when we get new music from Montreal based singer/ songwriter Annabel Gutherz .Today she gives us her latest single Saturn’s Rings .

You can listen to Saturn’s Rings Here

What we love about Annabel Gutherz is that her songs are beautifully thought out compositions with a very cinematic feel . We found ourselves instantly engaged hanging on every word and melody with the absolutely stunning “Saturn’s Rings”

Saturn’s Rings continues the intergalactic theme that Annabel first introduced with singles “Retrograde” and “Interstellar.” On “Saturn’s Rings,” her harmonic vocals float atop a rich soundscape of theatrical instrumentation. Produced by Los Angeles-based producer Bleu McAuley (Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Michelle Branch), the new single is a sweeping, celestial ballad that highlights the timeless mystique of Annabel’s music.

We are always in awe of Annabel’s flawless vocal ability. She really turns it up a notch on “Saturn’s Rings .

Saturn’s Rings’ is about being enveloped by your thoughts and feelings for an ex, despite the amount of time that has passed between you two,” Annabel writes. “I wanted the production to reflect the push-and-pull dynamic of the lyrics and the discordant emotional undercurrents contrasting each song section

You owe it to your heart and soul to check out Saturn’s Rings from Annabel Gutherz . You’ll be glad you did

Brooke Sause Delivers Stunning New Single “ How Long”

We recently had the distinct honor to check out singer / songwriter Brooke Sause and her stunningly beautiful new single “How Long “ which, was co-written with her sister and collaborator Breana, Brooke’s new single fuses her flair for pop-flavored melodies with gentle, acoustic driven instrumentation.

You can listen to “How Long” Here

How Long’ is about being heartbroken and realizing that the person who broke your heart never loved you like you loved them,” Brooke explains. “It’s about going through the memories and reanalyzing every details and facet of the relationship, trying to pinpoint where the lies began. While reflecting, you think of all the moments and signs you ignored because you were too in love to be logical.”

Brooke Sause has crafted an absolute gem. We were totally captivated by her flawless vocal performance and the absolutely gorgeous melody .

22-year-old Brooke Sause knows exactly how to make music that will tug at your heartstrings. The Florida-native began songwriting at a young age with her sister, Breana, who is still her main collaborator to this day. She released her debut single, “ex that’s not my ex,” in 2021 and has continued to come into her own as an artist with follow up hits like “More” and “fallin for you,” the latter of which organically crossed 100K streams.

Besides music, Brooke is currently juggling law school and a budding music career, Brooke is a young talent with impressive aspirations and steadfast determination. Stay tuned for her debut EP slated for release later this year.

We can’t for music from Brooke Sause as she is definitely an artist on the rise.

KTJ & CARLY Deliver One to Remember With Their New Single “In My Ways”

Photo Credit : Joseph Lee

We were absolutely excited beyond belief to check out the new single “In My Ways” from rising pop duo KTJ&CARLY.

You can listen to “In My Ways” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We can’t help but get excited when KTJ&CARLY releases a single. It seems with every single they release they level up and show why they are one of the most gifted songwriting duo on the planet ( and their latest “In My Ways “ is no exception)

Photo credit – Joseph Lee

On “In My Ways,” the duo really start to present a more developed and mature sound that resonates throughout every turn of phrase. The stripped-down production highlights the strength of their vocals, whether cascading harmonies that undulate over the chorus or an individual melody floating effortlessly alongside the pulsating rhythm, it’s here that the duo truly shine. On a track about reaching the emotional maturity it takes to learn when to speak and when to hold back, listeners sense this area of growth blooming thematically, emotionally, and lyrically. “What I mean is I don’t wanna be mean, but my capacity is smarter than it’s been, can’t hold a conversation if it’s about nothing, the sun is really shining on all my brain.” The lyrics explore the internal battle of holding their tongue when they have so much to say, flipping the script to focus on something as mundane as the weather. The lesson learned; that sometimes it’s better to suffer in silence than bask in the drama of speaking your mind.

We were simply mesmerized by the vocal performance on “In My Ways” KTJ&CARLY deliver and epically flawless vocal performance. We can not help but think that “In My Ways” is KTJ&CARLY at their absolute best .

Sweet Gloom Gives Us Another Epically Awesome New Single With “Deal Me Peace”

Credit : James Duran

We first happened upon LA– based pop-punk trio Sweet Gloom back in April when they gave us the simply amazing “Hollywood Love” Well it looks like Sweet Gloom are master’s of the universe as they have once again delivered greatness with their new single “Deal Me Peace “ and… we also get a killer video as well .

You can listen to “Deal Me Peace” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here You can check out the video below

“Deal Me Peace “ is a melodic pop-punk tour de force that we simply can’t get enough . Sweet Gloom are master song architects that have crafted an epic pop gem .

“Deal Me Peace “ showcases the band incredible musicianship ( Jaake Margo, lead vocals , guitar , Chris Clark, vocals, bass and Morris Carrillo on drums) it also highlights the flawless and distinct vocals of Jaake Margo

“Deal Me Peace” follows Sweet Gloom’s theme of wistful, poetic lyrics set upon a base of lively, rugged pop-punk. Perfectly emblematic of the band’s name itself, the song’s upbeat energy swings in tandem with a macabre story lead singer Jaake Margo described as, “reveling in misery and longing for a way out.” As Margo sings about melancholy in the track, the lyrics, video, and the band’s sound weave in a feeling of being comfortably familiar with the weight of it: “Something cruel beneath \ Plays its dirty tricks on me \ Drew that blade from its sheath \ Please just deal me peace.”

We’ve said it before and we will say it again … We are all in on Sweet Gloom we can’t wait for the band’s forthcoming album Reverie, due to release this summer via Asian Man Records.

Krooked Tongue Shows Us Why They Are A Band To Remember…New EP “Deathproof” Is “Jaw Dropping “ Amazing!

Friday is already an amazing day for new music however, when it’s a Friday and we get a new EP from Bristol (UK ) based rock trio Krooked Tongue ….. that brings Friday to whole new level. We are beyond thrilled and excited to check out Krooked Tongue’s new EP “Deathproof “

You can listen to “Deathproof” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Krooked Tongue are a band that , with every new release they are more impressive. It is almost like Krooked Tongue is a character in a video game who keeps getting stronger and stronger with each new level .

We were immediately mesmerized by the opening track “Backseat Therapy” Krooked Tongue really shines brightly on this track. We knew this track was good, when were singing the chorus while we were in line at the bank .

The second track “Velociraptor “ is a straight up classic blues rock stomp that not only rocks but is just so freaking cool . Krooked Tongue are proving that they are the de facto masters of cool and “Velociraptor “ cements that claim big time .

The third track on the EP “Lupines” is absolute sonic perfection. From our original review of “Lupines”.. Krooked Tongue are sonic masters of the highest order . Oli Rainsford commands the low sounds in “Lupines” as if he has the ability to cause seismic activity. Guitarist Dan Smith brings “Lupines “ alive with his melodic energy that gives the track it’s deep soul. If Smith is the soul then the absolute heart is drummer Harry Pritchard truly the god of thunder . In the center of the sonic brilliance Oli Rainsford gives stunning vocal performance that is simply breathtaking.

The final track on the EP is the title track “Deathproof” is an absolutely stunningly brilliant track . Krooked Tongue definitely saved the best for last .

Deathproof spearheads the frustration of an ever changing world with an explosive message that cries out with a big ‘fuck you’ to the everyday rhetoric and media influence.

“‘Deathproofis the sort of tune that feels like the climax of our newer tunes. It’s got that ‘grand finale’ energy. Lyrically, it ruminates on my outlook on the state of the world currently. Bad people disguised as good people, normal people being used and pitted against each other. The instinct to know there’s something, many things off kilter with the direction modern society is heading. I think it relates to people. If nothing else, we hope this EP helps to feed into your feelings, or helps you forget about all that noise and just enjoy the music”, explains vocalist and lyricist Oli Rainsford.

We have said it before and will say it again … Krooked Tongue is a band who are evolving and growing right in front of our eyes…. And we can’t wait to see what’s next .


  • 7th May – Dareshack, Bristol
  • 12th May – Tallinn Music Festival
  • 27th May – Lechlade Music Fe

We Are All Aboard The Spectacular New Single “Switching Tracks” From Travels With Brindle

We recently had the distinct honor to check out the new single “Switching Tracks from Travels With Brindle, Chelsea Spear’s Cambridge-based lo-fi ukulele-pop project. It’s available for streaming release today, May 5, and serves as the final single before the June release of debut album Notes From Undergrad.

You can listen to “Switching Tracks” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Switching Tracks” is the fifth single to be featured on Travels With Brindle’s forthcoming debut album,
Notes From Undergrad, out June 2. The record was made possible in part by a $5,000 COVID relief grant
from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, one of 3,000 awarded to artists from across the
commonwealth. Spear will air out this new composition, and others from the record, at Union Music in
Worcester on May 20, and the official Notes From Undergrad album unveiling party goes down –
appropriately enough – at the Somerville Public Library on June 1, the eve of the album release

Photo Credit – Jen Vesp

We have no doubt that the single will sound as lively and impactful in a public forum as it does on the streams. With its upbeat demeanor and melancholic bounce, “Switching Tracks” furthers the central themes of the album, which takes inspiration from Elif Batuman’s 2017 novel The Idiot. The book takes place over the protagonist Selin’s freshman year at Harvard University, not too far from where Spear once cut her musical teeth as a busker. And like previous singles “Ivan,” “Linden Street,” “Something’s Wrong,” and last holiday season’s “Rudolph’s Ranch,Spear’s latest indie-pop entry not only continues to illustrate her knack for melody and songwriting, but also pulls back the curtain on the themes of love, loss, and longing that glide through the record.

Switching Tracks’ is about the moment you cross paths with a crush and realize they’re not as great
as you thought they were, and that realization frees you,”
says. “It’s inspired by a moment at the
end of The Idiot when Selin and Ivan finally talk about her feelings for him and his inability to
reciprocate them. I also experienced two friend break-ups in a three-year period, so a lot of the fresh
pain comes from not being able to say some of the things I really wanted to say to them.”
Spear adds: “I think ‘Switching Tracks’ speaks to the disillusionment that can accompany the end of a
friendship or a crush. The mood is very ‘I was into that?’ It’s releasing that longing into the world, but
not without a sense of disappointment.”

We couldn’t help but fall in love with the brilliant honesty that is found within “Switching Tracks” from Travel With Brindle . We found ourselves having an instant connection with the magnificent and memorable melody and finding a relatable and honest truth within the lyrics.

So grab your tickets and climb aboard for a most delightful musical experience from Travels With Brindle and the absolutely stunning new track “Switching Tracks

Love You Later Delivers An Unforgettable Collection Of Song With Flawless New EP “From The Window Seat”

We are absolutely elated to finally get to check out the new amazing EP “From The Window Seat “ from Love You Later – the project of Nashville-based singer and songwriter Lexi Aviles . We need to be completely honest, we have had our copy of “From The Window Seat “ on constant repeat (Spoiler Alert: From The Window Seat will be the best 21 minutes and 27 seconds you will spend all day)

You can listen to “From The Window Seat” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

From the first note of “Girl With Headphones “ you can’t help but feel this amazing energy that doesn’t let up for one second. Lexi Aviles crafts songs that move both your heart and your feet . “Girl With Headphones” is a smartly written track that hooks you in with intoxicating melodies and beats .

Love You Later elaborates on the EP: “The past couple years of my life, I feel like I’ve been viewing my life from a bird’s eye view. I’ve been diving into my thoughts and my soul and self-reflecting more than ever. It’s a scary thing to do but I’ve learned more about myself. The title of the EP comes from a lyric in the chorus of ‘Girl With Headphones’ – ‘From the window seat, I feel so out of control, so I’ll be the girl with the headphones on.’ And lately, whenever I’m sitting at the window seat of a car, train, or a plane, I take a step back and think about where I’ve been and how far I’ve come. Each of these songs on the EP represent a thought or feeling I have from the window seat.”

The second track “Mars” is an otherworldly song that features absolutely flawless vocals . We loved the slower tempo on “Mars” as it really showcased the vocals.

One of our absolute favorites on “From The Window Seat” was “Not Done “ If “Not Done” was a painting, it would be on display at one of the world’s best museums…. Absolutely brilliant

Attracted by the the well placed melodies and beats “Are You Gonna Care When I Die “ has this “heart on sleeve “ quality that draws you into the song .

Commenting about “Are You Gonna Care When I Die” , Love You Later shares I wrote Are You Gonna Care When I Die’ in the midst of a time where I was drowning in rejection from the music industry, and in the real world,” she reveals. “No-one seemed to care or listen or take me seriously. I realized that the attention from these people was not worth my time or energy, and ultimately did not define me. The song is a constant reminder to myself to regain my voice and power to tell my own story. The ones that are meant to notice, will notice. Ultimately, it’s a song for anyone who feels insignificant and undermined.”

“From The Window Seat” from Love You Later is a memorable musical experience you won’t soon forget.

SMITH Give Us An Amazing Version Of Victoria Williams Cult Classic “Crazy Mary “

“Crazy Mary “ was also covered by Pearl Jam as part of Sweet Relief : A Tribute To Victoria Williams

There are certain songs that just stick with you over the years , for “Crazy Mary “ is definitely one of those songs.

You can listen to “Crazy Mary” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Grammy Nominated Artist/Producer/Writer SMITH is back with her amazing version of “Crazy Mary” a cover of the Victoria Williams cult classic that was made famous by Pearl Jam. When asked why she covered “Crazy MarySMITH says, “I covered “Crazy Mary” because I love it. It’s a brilliant song that does something to me every time I hear or sing it. Victoria Williams wrote a beautiful song and I’m grateful to her for this. Pearl Jam covered it years ago so I know there’s no need for improvement in my little version. I just wanted to record it because it’s a great song. It gets to me and almost always makes me cry. Cry with varied tears. Something about it felt familiar.

With over 75 million streams worldwide, SMITH is coming off a career year that saw her nominated for a Grammy as a writer/producer on the Jack Harlow album as well as becoming the only female artist to EVER have a Billboard Top 40 charting song at Alternative Radio (SCAB) and Urban Radio (PoppinThem Tags).

Despite all the success, SMITH has NEVER revealed her face or her identity. SMITH says, “The simple truth is, I hate seeing myself. I don’t know why, not exactly. Maybe it’s a disorder of some kind. Maybe it’s society and what I’m told a woman is to look like. Maybe it’s that it feels a little vain to me. Maybe it’s that I’m too vein. Maybe it’s a fear of people. Maybe image is a game I’m not equipped to play or keep up with. Maybe I’m afraid it’ll take something from the art vs. add to it. Maybe it’s my past. Maybe it’s my programming. Maybe I’m messed up and tomorrow it’ll all be different. It’s hard to know what might happen. Hopefully I won’t be this afraid forever. I just do what I can. The most important thing is the music. I live in service of the songs.

SMITH is absolutely flawless with her cover of “Crazy Mary” Do yourself a favor and check out this incredible song from an equally incredible and talented artist.

Caroline Romano Continues To soar…. “Mississippi Air” “ Is Spectacular

We were so excited to check out the brand new single “Mississippi Air” from Nashville based singer-songwriter Caroline Romano

You can listen to “Mississippi Air” Here

“ Mississippi Air” follows the release of her recent single, “Guts,” which kicked open the door for the next chapter in Caroline Romano’s already very impressive career. Propelled by indie-rock guitar and her tender vocals, “Mississippi Air” is a nostalgic and heartfelt ballad that pays homage to her home state of Mississippi and the kaleidoscope of memories attached to certain places.

She adds, “’Mississippi Air’ is really just a longing for something, or a feeling, that once was. It’s driving past a blur of trees spinning into a film reel, playing a movie of something you used to know, and briefly you are able to breathe. You’re able to know the love you once had without the pain associated with it. I think we all have those moments as we drive through familiar grounds that take us back to when something you’ve lost wasn’t lost at all. It is a deep surrounding type of breath you take in those moments. That’s ‘Mississippi Air’ — lavender bikinis, button downs, silver trucks, pools, and Harry Styles songs.”

Caroline Romano is the absolute definition of an artist. Caroline has proven that she is not afraid to explore new sounds and styles “Mississippi Air” is yet another exciting chapter from a book that is only just beginning.

Sadye Delivers A Powerful And Beautiful Debut Single With “Biblical “

We recently had the distinct honor to check out the debut single “Biblical” from dark alt pop singer/songwriter Sadye who is currently signed to vnclm_ x Atlantic Records.

You can listen to “Biblical” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We were immediately drawn to the energy and vibe on “Biblical

Addicting Melodies and flawless vocals make the debut track “Biblical” from Sadye make this track a must listen .

Inspired by her intense struggle with cancer, discovering self-worth, and dealing with toxic relationships, her lyrics are steeped in a sarcastic form of catharsis as she learns to love her literal, and figurative, scars; a theme beautifully juxtaposed by catchy, modern melodies and edgy pop production. Her music has received placements in ABC/HULU’s Abbott Elementary and Netflix’s Working

Sadye absolutely dazzles with her stunning debut single “Biblical” We have a feeling Sadye is just getting warmed up we can’t wait to see what’s next .

Weatherless Deliver An Epically Awesome New EP “In The Way “

We recently had the remarkable good fortune, to check out Boston based emo/alt band Weatherless and their amazing new EP “In The Way”

You can check out “In The Way on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Weatherless ( Alex IlyadisVocals/Guitar, Vlad Kolodyazhnyi – Guitar, Justin MarionJustin Marion,Bass and Joren CarlsonJoren CarlsonDrums ) have crafted a new EP “In The Way” that is an electrifying batch of carefully sculpted songs that are both sonically pleasing and magnificently melodic

Hailing from Boston, Weatherless was formed in 2021, in the middle of the pandemic, as an instrumental 3-piece including Vlad, Joren, and Justin. That was until a few months later when Vlad met Alex at his new job, where they connected over sad boy rock and their nicotine addictions. Now as a 4-piece, the new music fuses the instrumental trio’s noodly Midwest-leaning jams into a more vocally driven sound.

It is apparent from note one of the EP , that Weatherless is a tight musical unit with master class level musicianship.

The opening track “Watching You “ is an absolute work of art . We love the melody on this track . We also love how this track sounds sonically , it is absolute perfection.

Weatherless is firing on all cylinders through “In The Way “ They have crafted an EP that is good front to back , not a bad song in the batch .

The second track “Fade” has a great tempo to it . The pace on “Fade” is a little slower which allows you to really appreciate the flawless vocals from Alex Ilyadis.

We are totally smitten with “Always Something “ and “Irish Goodbye “ , Weatherless play with such emotion and heart and, it really shines through on these two tracks .

The closing track on “In The Way “ is “Alone” this such a well put together track , our only complaint with “Alone” is that it is the final track and we wanted more

Weatherless absolutely knocks it way out of the park with their new EP “In The Way” . We are all in on Weatherless . Everyone needs to experience the melodic goodness that is Weatherless.

Verses The World Gives Us The Stellar New Single And Video For… “Goin’ Out For Smokes “

We recently got the amazing opportunity to check out the latest single “Goin’ Out For Smokes from Santa Barbara’s CA’s Versus The World.

You can listen to “Goin Out For Smokes” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here you can also check out the rad video for “Goin’ Out For Smokes “ below

We are getting so excited for the new Versus The World album “The Bastards Live Forever “ which will be released on May,26th via SBÄM Records . To tie us over until May, 26th we have been listening to the latest single “Goin’ Out For Smokes “ on heavy repeat. We are absolutely loving the track , Versus The World sounds phenomenal ( per usual) We love the drum sound on this one , it gives the song a real punch .

Singer Donald Spence says, Goin’ out For Smokes is a song about weakness. Looking back on a moment you’re not proud of and admitting that you didn’t have what it took to pull it. It’s about a time in my life where I had to put myself back together and see where I failed and went wrong. There’s no resolve in the song, which I kind of like… no “the hero wins in the end.” Just “I fucked this up…. What do I do now.”

Find your favorite spot . and turn it up (all the way) “Goin’ Out For Smokes “ from Versus The World is one epic tune you can’t miss

Kait Warner Gives Us Her Breathtaking Debut Single “Over Again”

Photo credit- Sydney Tate

We recently had the distinct honor of checking out the debut single “Over Again “ from singer-songwriter, performer and writer Kait Warner who, is from Central Pennsylvania, currently based in New York .

You can listen to “Over Again” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here As well as bandcamp Here

We were absolutely taken by Kait Warner and her hauntingly beautiful debut single “Over Again” We were captivated in the way Warner carefully weaved images and tones of darkness and magnificently made them shine.

The artful use of perfectly placed ambient noises coupled with an absolutely stunning melody makes “Over Again” a must listen.

Kait Warner gives a flawless vocal performance that is full of honest heartfelt emotion.(We were hanging on every word) Warner brilliantly walks the delicate line of both a modern refreshing sound that also has a unique and intriguing retro feel that we absolutely could not get enough of.

“Over Again” was recorded with Hunter Davidsohn at Business District Recording in Binghamton, NY. “Over Again” is only the beginning for this incredibly talented artist, as a full album is expected later this summer.

Everyone is always looking for what or who is next … We think we may have just heard it… Her name is Kait Warner with her breathtaking debut single “Over Again”

Photo Credit- Sydney Tate

For The Love Of Music : Cape Crush Part 1

We had a chance to chat with Ali Lipman of Cape Crush and chat on various topics which we will highlight in a two part in depth look at the band . Today We would like to highlight the upcoming Cape Crush show tomorrow night (April 29th ) at Chagall PAC in Salem Ma with Sailor Down, The Blisters and Storax Sedan .The show is an all ages show 10 Bucks show starts at 7:00 .

One of the big things that stood out to us talking to Ali was the absolute passion for not only her band Cape Crush but for music as whole and all the local music scene/ community in the North Shore and Boston Ma area.

We asked her about other local bands and she was quick to let us know about Canadian Sailor, Me In Capris and Shiver . You could hear a real sense of pride and willingness to get the word out about other bands , again it was really awesome to her enthusiasm about the local scene .

Two of the bands she mentioned Me In Capris and Shiver will be joining Cape Crush on June 3rd for their EP soft release at O’Brien’s

The show is also a benefit show for Cape Crush drummer Cody Rico who is recovering from major spinal surgery ( Everyone at The Whole Kameese wishes Cody a most excellent recovery) We will have much more on Oh,Nice A Benefit For Cody Rico in a future feature closer to the show .

We of course talked about the bands amazing EP “San Souci“ which dropped on April 14th via Ancient Injury Records. You can check out “San Souci” on Spotify Here and Apple Music Here

We chatted on the actual recording process and Ali explained how great it was to record at God City where so many great bands have recorded such as Converge and Every Time I Die . Ali also spoke how great it was to work with Zach Weeks .

One thing was clear in speaking with Ali , all of the members absolutely love making and being around music either in bands or working on the business side of music .

We will have much more on Cape Crush including more on San Souci and other Cape Crush topics

Don’t forget to check Cape Crush April 29th at Chagall 24 New Derby Street Salem Ma ALL AGES 10 Bucks with Sailor Down , The Blisters and Storax Sedan

rlyblonde Spoils Us With Amazing New Single And Video For “Spiltmilk”

We recently checked out the amazingly amazing new single and video for “Spiltmilk” from rlyblonde – the project of Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Carina Allen

You can listen to “Spiltmilk” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

You can also watch the video for “Spiltmilk” below.

“Spiltmilk” milk is the second single off her forthcoming debut EP .

rlyblonde is no stranger to the music industry,she is an artist in every sense of the word . The New York-based twenty-something has long been the go-to photographer, videographer and creative director for numerous musicians. After years of supporting other artists and friends’ visions, she decided to put down the camera and pick up the guitar for a change. Her first single & video, “Fantasy,” landed widespread support from tastemakers like Enfnts Terribles Magazine, The Luna Collective, and Unpublished Magazine.

With her new track, “Spiltmilk,” rlyblonde seamlessly combines alt-rock instrumentation, catchy pop melodies, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics (“Wait why the fuck is there a line? / I’m freezing in this dress / My makeup is a mess / I need a drink before I lose my mind”).

She elaborates on the inspiration behind her newest single: “I’ve always been quite sensitive, even though I put on a tough face most of the time. For a long period of my life I felt like I was always one parking ticket away from a mental breakdown. Plus, living in New York City is pretty relentless. Everything is expensive and you’re exhausted every day just from walking around. Writing ‘Spiltmilk’ also let me laugh at myself in a way that was really comforting. Now when I’m having a bad day, I’ll just text my friends, ‘it’s a spiltmilk type of day’ and we just get it. It’s okay to cry, but also… you’re gonna be fine.”

Spiltmilk” is also being released with a new music video, which was directed by rlyblonde herself via her new creative production company, HOT CREATIVE. In contrast to the more narrative-driven “Fantasy” video, she took on a more campy and freeform approach when it came to the “Spiltmilk” visual. She pokes fun at the song’s subject matter with various little easter eggs like a child’s prop car, white clown-inspired make-up, and her selfie on the side of a milk carton with the words ‘CRYBABY WANTED.’ You can check out the video above.

The style and sound of rlyblonde is a welcome addition to the sometimes mundane musical landscape. We love everything about “Spiltmilk”

To celebrate the release of her sophomore single, rlyblonde will be playing a show at Arlene’s Grocery in New York City tonight. Tickets are available at the door.

Your Friday Just Got Better… Love You Later Shares Epic New Single “Long Sleeves “


We are not sure what we did to deserve this but…. We are thrilled beyond belief that Love You Later – the project of Nashville-based singer and songwriter Lexi Aviles , has released an absolutely gorgeous new single “Long Sleeves” the final single from her upcoming EP, ‘From The Window Seat,’ releasing next Friday, May 5th.

You can listen to “Long Sleeves “ Here

We love the tone of “Long Sleeves “ it shows a more mellow side to the Love You Later sound and we think it’s just perfect.

“‘Long Sleeves’ is about falling in and out of love to the point where you don’t know what’s real anymore,” Lexi says. “It’s an emotional rollercoaster that only seems to escalate up until the end where all control and hope feels lost. It’s one of the more brutally honest tracks on the EP and feels really close to me.”

We love everything about the latest single from Love You Later , “Long Sleeves “ it is a well written well crafted song that is full of both emotion and truth .

Long Sleeves” will join past singles like “Keepintouch,” “Are You Gonna Care When I Die?” and “Girl With Headphones” on Love You Later’s forthcoming ‘From The Window Seat’ EP, out May 5th.

Pre-save ‘From the Window Seat’ EP Here

Upcoming Love You Later Tour Dates:
May 5 – Nashville, TN @ The End
May 22 – Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right
June 21 – Los Angeles, CA @ Moroccan Lounge
* tickets for all dates are available here

Eddie Japan Delivers A Spectacular Pop Achievement With “Pop Fiction “

It is such an amazing feeling when your waiting for a record to finally be released, it literally feels like Christmas Morning (Minus the tree, decorations, and snow ) We are beyond excited to finally sink our ears into the new Eddie Japan record “Pop Fiction “

You can listen to “Pop Fiction “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Boston based Eddie Japan has crafted an album that you can’t help but fall in love with . “Pop Fiction” is the cinematic Boston septet at it’s absolute best.

Just one look at the packaging alone and it becomes crystal clear that this is a special body of work. With tone-setting artwork by acclaimed graphic artist Todd Alcott, Pop Fiction takes the 2019 EP The Amorous Adventures of Edward Japan and applies six new tracks to complete the kinda-sorta concept album, including a pair of recent singles: last fall’s infectious “Walk Away” and March’s pop-rock swirler “Time Machine,” featuring electronic-music pioneer Hawkes on synthesizer. ( We are still wearing out the magical “Time Machine “ on repeat) It was mostly recorded, mixed, and produced by guitarist Eric Brosius at his home studio, which also doubles as the official Eddie Japan rehearsal space. The band is set to showcase the record June 3 at Faces Brewing Co. in Malden, for the official release party alongside Magen Tracy and the Missed Connections and Carissa Johnson.

One track that we found ourselves going back to over and over is “The Dandy Of Suburbia “ We couldn’t help but close our eyes and picture this track part one of our favorite movies. “The Dandy Of Suburbia “ is a total masterpiece.

Photo credit – Joshua Pickering

We couldn’t help but be pulled under by the absolutely melodic “Undertow” We were mesmerized by the opening vocal exchange on this track . Nobody can craft a song like Eddie Japan it is absolutely Jaw dropping the amount of talent that exists in one group.

As if the electric energy of Eddie Japan isn’t enough they also have the unmistakable sound of Greg Hawkes on synthesizer.

“I can’t Wait” features Greg Hawkes and we are head over heals about the vibe on this track . ( We may or may not blasted this track out our moon roof on the highway)

When asked about the record, Eddie Japan’s David Santos commented

This record is really about this lost character who has sort of checked out of the system, so to speak, and is attempting to create what he imagines as an idyllic life of pleasure in the margins of suburbia, but always with the pull of what he left behind.”

Every song on “Pop Fiction “ is full of the kind of magic you find on the silver screen . Like we said earlier and it bears repeating. Eddie Japan is the kind of band that makes you fall in love with music over and over again .

We Think We Found Your New Favorite Song …. Homes At Night Deliver Big Time With New Single “Texaco”

We recently got to check out Homes At Night -the Nashville-based pairing of songwriters Hank Compton and Aksel Coe — present their new single, “Texaco,” out now on Hazel Street Records.

You can listen toTexaco” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We’ve said before but, we definitely think it bares repeating, it is such a phenomenal feeling when you hear an amazing song for the first time… It’s almost indescribable but, when you hear it you know .

We can say without a doubt we knew we were listening to an amazing song when we heard “Texaco” from Homes At Night for the first time.

Their new single, “Texaco,” ( Which is on constant repeat in the office) highlights the duo’s knack for delivering catchy yet heartfelt alt-rock hits. It’s a perceptive single about embracing life’s transitional moment and letting go of toxic habits in order to grow.

I wrote this song from the perspective of an unhealthy relationship that emphasized my addiction, which is somewhat biographical,” Hank says. “The production needed to sound like a release or detachment, hence the dramatic, massive final chorus. I really hope the song can give people comfort and support that they’re not alone in the process of cutting off the habits inhibiting their lives.”

Homes at Night stand out make you take notice because they blur the boundaries between genre and generation with their alternative pop/rock anthems. It’s a sound that’s both nostalgic and modern, layered with organic instruments, synth-driven soundscapes, cinematic hooks, and a percussive pulse. On their debut 2022 EP, If You Were a Stranger, the bandmates blend their indie sensibilities with story-driven songwriting, nodding to their Nashville roots while simultaneously pushing far beyond them.

In addition to their growing streaming presence, Homes at Night are also taking their explosive sound on the road with a US tour supporting Saint Motel. Their tour run started in Chicago on 4/24 and concludes at New York’s iconic Webster Hall on 5/1. Homes At Night will then head out with Arts Fishing Club starting 5/10 dates are below .

Homes At Night makes music that you can’t help but get excited about . Check out “Texaco” it might just be your new favorite song

Jonah Kagen Bares His Heart Soul With Heartfelt New Single “18”

We recently had the distinct honor of checking out the new single “18” via Arista Records from singer/songwriter Jonah Kagen.

You can listen to “18” Here You can also check the video out below

Pairing his signature acoustic-driven sound with lyrics that tug at the heartstrings, Jonah’s new single explores the trials and tribulations of young love.

He adds, “18’ is a song that I never thought anyone in the world except myself would ever hear. It’s about falling in love as a kid and how that same love can go from absolutely everything to nothing in just a few minutes. I wrote this song from the deepest part of my being, and I hope you find your own story somewhere in the lyrics.”

There is this authenticity with Jonah Kagen that you just can’t fake . It is obvious when you listen to “18” that Jonah puts his heart and soul into his music, and that’s what makes him such a special artist.

The 23-year-old singer and songwriter grew up in Savannah, Georgia and took up guitar at the age of six, diving deep into the instrument’s technical aspects after his jazz musician grandfather showed him performance videos. He further found inspiration in the music of guitarist Andy McKee, whose finger-style technique lit a creative fire within. “He opened my eyes to what an acoustic guitar could be,” he recalls, as he dove deeper into creating music on his own. “If you can bring somebody something with your music that they can’t get anywhere else, there’s nothing better than that.”

18” follows Jonah’s debut EP, ‘georgia got colder,’ which was released in December 2022 on Arista Records. He’s already cut impressive figures with over 130+ million global streams, a US tour supporting Maisie Peters, nearly 2 million Spotify monthly listeners, and was included on Shazam’s 2023 predictions list. An exciting new voice bringing an undeniable energy and sincerity through his multifaceted sound, Jonah Kagen is without a doubt an artist to watch.

Redshift Deliver Absolute Brilliance With Their Show Stopping New Album “Laws Of Entropy”

We finally got the chance to listen to the incredible new album from Bath (UK) based progressive-metal trio Redshift , “Laws Of Entropy via Pale Wizard Records. ( Spoiler Alert : This record is an absolutely mind blowing experience)

You can listen to “Laws Of Entropy “ on Spotify Here and Apple Music Here

A few weeks back we had the amazing good fortune to check out the lead single “Entropy” We were blown away . Redshift ( Liam Fear, Vocals,Keyboard, Bass , Joshua Boniface,Guitar and Jack Camp,Drums) work like master artists crafting and sculpting musical perfection.

Laws of Entropy follows closely in the footsteps of the first record “‘Cataclysm”, a concept album exploring the journey through life from birth to death.

Recorded at Axe and Trap Studios in Wells with Ben Turner (Hey Colossus, Part Chimp) and Joshua Boniface, mixed and engineered by Ben Turner and mastered by Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me), Laws of Entropy is musically more extreme, more technical and more left field.

Redshift, have this incredible electrifying energy about them that is absolutely phenomenal. You can definitely feel the undeniable power energy of Redshift in jaw dropping opening track “Birth”

The second track “Discovery” is a beautifully woven track that features some of the most intricate guitar work we have heard in quite sometime. Redshift have this artful gift to use different vocal styles within one song, which really adds another dimension to the song.

Redshift, really flexes it’s musical muscle on “Civilisation” and it is magnificent. We are in absolute awe of this track .

“Entropy” the track that introduced us to wondrous music of Redshift . “Entropy” is Redshift at it’s absolute finest . We love the theatrics of “Entropy “ You can watch the amazing video for “Entropy” below

Speaking about the inspiration behind the album, the band state: “Being a young man with the world at your feet, thinking you can live the life you want and then realising it’s not as easy and giving into the struggles and pressures of life, suffering a mental breakdown, eventually asking for help and then dying. Each song is a step in this journey. The 21 minute closer deals with all these themes from start to finish.”

Redshift have given us such a musical gift with “The Laws Of Entropy” Do yourself and check this amazing album out , immediately.

MY-HI Deliver Epic New Single “Phaser”

We were absolutely delighted to check out Brighton (UK) based alternative-rock four piece MY-HI and their tremendous new single “Phaser”

You can listen to “Phaser” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here and Amazon Music Here

The first thing that jumps out at you on “Phaser” is the unbelievable over all sound on this incredible track . The sound is downright electric. The sonic feel on the guitars is literally earth shaking.

MY-HI ( Daniel Veal, Vocals,Guitar, Benjamin Smith , Guitar, Daniel Pearse, Bass, Backing Vocals and Jack Taylor , Drums) are a well oiled musical unit with master class level musicianship.

Recorded at Brighton Electric Studios with Alex Gordon (The Cure, Blood Red Shoes, The Xcerts), the track started life as a live session. The guitars were then re-amped through various amps and pedal boards to create the gritty sound they were aiming for. (Boy, did get it right!)

Besides the overall melodic sound of “Phaser” We were also taken by the flawless vocal performance by Daniel Veal. The vocals are the kind that stop traffic and really add yet another dimension to an already outstanding track.

The song lyrically explores the concept of societal pressures; The constant pressure to perform, stand out amongst the crowd and to be the best version of ourselves.

Discussing the meaning behind the song, lyricist and vocalist Daniel Veal states: I’ve always pictured our brains as this phaser machine. A machine that can manipulate itself to adapt to whatever situation we find ourselves in, even when we are partially unsure of who we are at times. I suppose the song is a low key identity crisis, but from an angle of ‘it’s normal to be completely alienated from your own self’. You’re a phaser, yes you are!”

We are all in on MY-HI and their amazingly amazing new single “Phaser” We can’t wait for what’s next …..

Cooper Phillip featuring Durand Bernarr Give Us Pure Alt/R&B Magic With New Single And Video For “THE ANSWERS”

We recently checked out the brilliant collaboration between pop singer/songwriter Cooper Phillip featuring celebrated R&B artist Durand Bernarr as they give us the mesmerizing single and video for “The Answers”

You can listen to “The Answers” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here. You can also watch the amazing video below

We love everything about “The Answers” The pairing of Cooper Philips and Durand Bernarr is absolutely epic , their chemistry is downright electric. From the moment they start singing together you can’t help but feel and hear the amazing vibe , the two generate .

Cooper Phillip seems to set the bar higher and higher with each release of new music, “The Answers” (feat. Durand Bernarr) is no exception. The nocturnal beat underlines emotionally charged verses before she flexes her high register on the bridge. It climaxes with a hyper catchy chorus augmented by a rollercoaster crescendo with fluttering intonation, blurring the lines between cinematic sonic architecture, R&B spirit, and pop universality.

In the end, Cooper transmits an uplifting and undeniable message at the heart of her music.

I’m just a free soul with lots of ideas on how to make this world a happier place,” she leaves off. “When you listen to me, I hope you take away self-observation and power. I want you to know you can listen to your gut and your heart. Believe, create, be happy, and make your own decisions. I want to show you it’s possible to be strong.”

Do yourself a favor and get lost in the intoxicating musical treat that is “The Answers” from Cooper Phillip featuring Durand Bernarr

Ransom and the Subset Deliver A Perfectly Perfect Album With “Perfect Crimes

We were absolutely delighted to finally check out the new album “Perfect Crimes” from Washington State alternative rock band Ransom and the Subset . Ransom and the Subset which is the brainchild of songwriter RainDair Porter, is known for fresh pop-rock-driven melodies, infectious hooks, and insightful lyricism. With influences that range from Steely Dan and Elton John to the Nick Lowe and Jellyfish, there’s nothing in the modern rock world they won’t experiment with. This newest project comes after their critically acclaimed 2014 debut.

You can listen to “Perfect Crimes” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

What jumps out at you on “Perfect Crimes“ is the flawless and master class level songwriting exhibited on the record. What is also impressive is legendary featured musicians who are no strangers to hit songs.

The album grabs your attention immediately with the opening track and recent single “Sara Kandi “ We absolutely love the melody on this track . The song explores an imaginary relationship that can only exist in your mind

Legendary bass player Graham Maby (Joe Jackson, Marshall Crenshaw, Regina Spektor, Joan Baez) contributes a burgeoning bass line that undulates alongside the ruckus rocky pre-chorus. It’s a cacophony of vintage vibes and modern grooves wrapped in a storytelling style that makes room for the imagination.

We were head over heels in love with the lead single “Perfect Crime” From our original review “We first heard of Seattle based Ransom and the Subset and “The Perfect Crime” a few weeks ago. We were sitting in the office and had just poured the second cup of coffee, we hit play and ….. Absolute Pop magic .The Perfect Crime” hooks you in right away . The introduction of the song hits you harder than the most perfect wave imaginable, only this wave is the perfect wall of melodic goodness.

We absolutely love the sound and vibe of “Left Her at the Shinkansen” The beautifully written track is another imaginative story of a couple that never follows through on meeting each other. Infused with a toe-tapping rhythm and a bristling, bright chord progression, it imagines a lone woman waiting at the Japanese bullet train station for a passenger that never arrives. A 70’s Brit Rock feel reverberates with elements of steel guitar from B.J. Cole (Elton John , “Tiny Dancer”) and bass from Dan Rothchild (Tonic, Heart).

One of our favorite songs on the album is “Bring Him Home “ What stood out on this track is the absolutely stunning and flawless vocal . Inspired by the story of when his brother went missing in Mexico, “Bring Him Home” features a smattering of 1970’s influences. Despite the heavy subject matter, the doo-wop harmonies and pristine piano along with Robert Sledge’s (Ben Folds Five) melodic bass combined to create the perfect Mexican beach day vibes. The story has a happy ending as his brother came home , and RainDair has an absolute gem of a song

The opening drum beat on “Don’t Remember What Her Name Was,” has this classic 60’s pop feel that sets the perfect tone for this amazing track. We definitely had this one on repeat for quite sometime.

“Perfect Crimes” from Ransom and the Subset is more than an album it is an extraordinary musical experience that needs to be experienced by all .

Randair Porter and his impressive group of legendary musicians have crafted an absolutely stunningly brilliant collection of songs.

Your Wednesday Just Got A Huge Upgrade With Legendary Seattle Power Punks Dead Bars And Their Epically Awesome New Video For “Hidden Track”

Announce Sinkhole EP Out 5/9 via Really Rad Records

From the moment you hear the drums on “Hidden Track” from legendary Seattle power punks Dead Bars you just know your in for some power punk greatness….. Today to accompany the epic track we get an equally epic video that has major burned cd throwback vibes.

You can listen to “Hidden Track” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

You also check out the amazingly epic video for “Hidden Track” below

Vocalist John Maiello had this to say about the track and the video…

Lyrically, ‘Hidden Track’ serves as a reminder that there might be something beautiful waiting for you if you keep listening, keep trying and keep dreaming even when you think you’re at the end.”

“The night before Thanksgiving is the biggest party night of the year. Most people have off of work and school the next day so people go extra crazy. Some refer to this day Blackout Wednesday, but the real heads just call it amateur night. Dead Bars have taken this day back for the last couple years while honoring their service industry colleagues by throwing their annual hometown thanksgiving eve party appropriately titled Amateur Night. The Hidden Track music video features footage from the first ever Amateur Night at Bar House in Seattle, WA in 2021. This track is two chords and the truth. Have fun, drink your drink, and imagine finding this song at the end of your favorite album.”

Dead Bars represent all that is good in music. They make great songs with addicting melodies and catchy and memorable lyrics. “Hidden Track “ is an absolute gem of a song with a fun and enjoyable video .

You can catch Dead Bars on the road starting on May 12th, in Seattle at BYC details below.

Blame It On Whitman Gives Us Their Epic New EP “bait.”

We recently had the distinct honor to check out the brand new EP “bait.” from Boston based Blame It On Whitman. (Spoiler Alert: This EP is an absolutely electrifying batch of songs!)

You can listen to “bait.” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We are going to get right to point , “bait.” from Blame It On Whitman is a collection of emotionally charged music that must be heard. The opening track “Marigold “ is a well crafted and well written track full of brilliant imagery. Blame It On Whitman ( Daniel Duffy, Vocals/Bass, Kevin Duffy,Vocals/Drums, Max,Vocals/Guitar,Brian,Vocals/Guitar and Meagan,Vocals/Synth,Clarinet) are a tight knit group that demonstrate an expert level of musicianship

Blame It On Whitman is at it’s absolute best with the phenomenal “Pack Of Smokes” Once again Blame It On Whitman comes full force with a raw authentic burst of energy that gave us goose bumps. “Pack of Smokes “ delivers lyrically as well. We absolutely love the line “When I get it right I’ll write you a postcard”

“Carry On” really showed off how melodic Blame It On Whitman , truly are . There is always one track we keep pushing repeat on , and “Carry On “ was that track on this EP .

The final track “Easy In The Spring “ is the perfect closing track on just an amazing musical experience. “Easy In The Spring “ is a well written and well played track . We could feel the emotion and energy from Blame It On Whitman .

We are all in on the new EP “bait.” from Blame It On Whitman … Hook Line and sinker.

Blame It On Whitman opens for Off With Their Heads on May 15th at the Sinclair in Cambridge, MA

German Punk Rock/Punkabilly 4-Piece The Bloodstrings Come Fast And Furious With New Single And Video “Don’t Die”

Photo credit- Chiara Baluch

Don’t Die” The Next Single Off Upcoming ‘Heartache Radio’ LP, Out June 16, 2023 via Dackelton Records

We recently checked the new single and video for “Don’t Die” from German Punk Rock/Punkabilly band The Bloodstrings.

You can listen to “Don’t Die” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here You can also check out the video for “Don’t Die” below

We love everything about The Bloodstrings . We love their sound , their vibe , punk rock perfection.

Don’t Die” is about not giving up. The band members have had personal losses from friends over the last few years who have not made it out of their depression and desperation. Originally written for Nick’s father who was suffering from cancer, “Don’t Die” quickly grew and became the most emotional song on the Bloodstrings‘ upcoming album.

We have had “Don’t Die” added to our office playlist and every time it comes on it feels like a jolt of energy pumping out of the speakers.

The new album “Heartache Radio” will be released on June 16, 2023 via Dackelton Records.

Meg Smith Delivers Stunning New Single “Breakup With A Friend “

We recently check out Brooklyn based singer -songwriter Meg Smith and her latest single “Breakup With A Friend “ .

You can listen to “Breakup With A Friend “ on Spotify Here on Apple Music Here

So full disclosure “Breakup With A Friend “ is the first song we’ve heard from Meg Smith . We were absolutely taken by the energy and vibe on “Breakup With A Friend”

Meg Smith is an incredibly talented singer-songwriter. “Breakup With A Friend “ is a memorable, honest song with mesmerizing melodies that leave you wanting more

We definitely think Meg Smith is just getting warmed up. We can’t wait for more…

Thomas Day Delivers An Epic New Single And Video For “MASOCHIST”

We probably are beginning to sound like a broken record but, every new song we get to hear from Nashville based pop-singer and songwriter Thomas Day is better than the last and his latest “MASOCHIST” is no exception.

You can listen to “MASOCHIST” Here You can also watch the video below

With his new single, “MASOCHIST,” Thomas delivers a show-stopping pop anthem with an electrifying chorus destined to be sung by future crowds. In the same vein as recent singles like “VICIOUS” and “The End,” “MASOCHIST” showcases Thomas’ unique ability to channel his heartache into catchy, radio-ready hits. The accompanying music video was directed by Logan Meis (Da Baby, Mike Posner, Iann Dior) and is also out today –

“‘MASOCHISTis about a girl who I met and fell head over heels in love with, so fast and so hard that I didn’t care how badly I could get hurt,Thomas explains. I wrote this song with my two friends Steve Rusch and Quinn Lewis. We were talking about the subtle complexities in relationships, and this song poured out. It’s about not being afraid to be hurt. Actually, it’s about wanting to be hurt.”

Capturing the hearts of millions with his heartfelt songwriting and powerful vocals, Thomas Day has quickly emerged as one of pop’s most exciting new acts. After taking off on TikTok with his captivating covers, he signed to Arista Records in 2021 and has continued to evolve into a fully-fledged pop star.

There is this real genuine authentic vibe that comes through loud and clear with Thomas Day and his music. You can really feel this vibe on his latest single “MASOCHIST”

Answerman Checks All The Boxes With Their Extraordinary Debut Album “Black Light Poster”

When we think of anything having to do with Black Light , we immediately associate a sense of coolness with it . Back in the day if you had a black light you were “next level” cool.

The debut album from Boston based Answerman (Sam Pitino,Guitar,Vocals, Tom Murphy,Guitar,Walt Enright, Bass, Chris Orcutt,Drums) “Black Light Poster “ is without a doubt “next level “ cool .

You can listen to “Black Light Poster” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here.

We were first drawn to the light of Answerman with the first single “Black Heart” we were absolutely blown away by sonic force of “Black Heart” little did we know that Black Heart was just the beginning.. From our original review “Black Heart” comes at you at warped speed , like a loose asteroid hurling through space. A delicately crafted sonic composition that is the embodiment of an authentic rock anthem. The song has a pulse that frolics within the spectrum of post-punk,psych and surf-pop. “Black Heart “ is the perfect “jumper cable” “ to reignite the true spirit of rock.

After Black Heart” we were introduced to the second single “No Complaints” which was exactly how we felt …. We had zero complaints about this great track . From our original review of “No Complaints”-“ No Complaints “ is a sonic juggernaut thathas a fearless soul , “No Complaints “ is not a song you can forget.

We fell instantly for the third track on “Black Light Poster “ – “Smoof” We were absolutely mesmerized by the retro /psychedelic vibe on this track . “Smoof” is one of those magical tracks that are timeless. Answerman once again show of their “master class” level of musicianship and versatility on this stellar track. This one is one of our favorites.

Photo credit – Pat Piasecki

When asked about the album , guitarist and vocalist Sam Pitino commented “The album touches on such a wide range of human conditions: Love, loss, lust, depression, anxiety, disappointment, forgiveness. And we all experience these things every day, in real life situations: Our romantic relationships, our friendships, our workplaces our politics. It’s a whole world. And when you take a step back and start to put things into perspective, you see there is so much gray area and nothing is black and white.”

One of Answerman’s “super powers “ if you will, is to write incredibly catchy melodies that give you no choice but to belt it out along with the band … no matter how out of key you might be. Case in point …. “Jenny” We have rocked out with this amazing track everywhere from the bank drive up line to the shower ( our apologies to our neighbors but, when you gotta rock out , you gotta do it !)

In all seriousness , this is absolutely brilliantly written song Answerman is firing on all cylinders with this one .

From start to finish Answerman gives us an absolutely stunningly brilliant collection of songs with “Black Light Poster”

“Black Light Poster “ will get the record release party treatment April 22 at Faces Brewing Co. in Malden, with special guests The Love Shamans and The Grubs.

Sunshine Riot Reaches New Heights With Scorching Hot New EP “Loud,Bright And Violent”

Along with new E.P. “Loud,Bright and violent,we also get the new single “Man On The TV”

After being completely blown away by three absolutely blazing singles since January we, finally get Boston based Sunshine Riot’s( Jonny Orton, Guitars,vocals , Jeff Sullivan, Bass, Mark Tetreault,Guitar, Steven Shepherd , Drums,Percussion ) new EP “Loud,Bright and Violent “

You can listen to “Loud,Bright and Violent “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We pride ourselves here at The Whole Kameese in not pulling any punches so, where going to buck that trend today . “Loud,Bright and Violent “ from Sunshine Riot is a blistering, sonically perfect work of art .

Sunshine Riot recorded the record last fall with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, and it represents their loudest dose of melodic chaos yet.

One listen to the new EP and, it is crystal clear that Steve Albini and Sunshine Riot are an absolute perfect match, we can imagine the grunge gods are smiling down on this brilliant collaboration.

Opening track “So It Comes“ is the perfect track to set the tone for an absolutely powerful batch of well crafted alt-grunge gems . From our original review of “So It Comes – “ So It Comes”which, is the ultra explosive lead track to the band’s forthcoming EP Loud,Bright and Violent . “So It Comes “ has a swagger that is undeniable. The track absolutely simmers as the band lays down a bluesy tinged groove that straight out moved our soul . (These guys are a insanely tight group and it shows) Jonny Orton completes the track with vocals so good they could stop traffic .

Looking At The Past” is a gritty well written single that is absolutely spectacular. Sunshine Riot are masters at their craft and it truly shows on this outstanding track .

The third track on “Loud,Bright and Violent “ is “Man On The TV” and it is the final single of the EP . We always find it hard to pick our “favorite “ track, especially with the batch of songs on this EP. But, if we had to choose, it would be without question “Man On The TV” This song is Sunshine Riot at their absolute best . It’s well written, well played and it freaking rocks period!

Many bands may try duplicate the alt-grunge sound , but Sunshine Riot are different , we’ve said it before and it bares repeating Sunshine Riot has this almost “secret sauce” quality to their sound that makes it all their own.

I’m not sure we’re ever trying to make a uniform statement with any record… we just do the best we can to find some songs that we hope folks will enjoy. That said, I suppose we’re saying ‘Sunshine Riot ain’t dead yet and our distortion pedals still work’. We contribute to feel awfully lucky to still be making music together. Been a weird few years, in the music world and beyond, so it feels pretty darn good to put this one out.”Jonny Orton

The final track “Room To Moan” gives us all the feels .This is the perfect song to close out this spectacular EP . As we commented in our original review “We might be showing how much of a bunch of music geeks we are ( We don’t Care) but, “Room To Moan” is such unbelievable track we couldn’t help but imagine it mingled in the soundtrack to one of our favorite films “1991: The Year Punk Broke “ In our book “Room To Moan “ has that magnetic pull that you feel with really great songs”

Don’t miss out on Sunshine Riot and “Loud,Bright and Violent “ it’s a true musical experience that you can’t miss.

Mauricio Morales Gives Us The Mystical New Single “Tower In The Sky”

The positively magical new single “Tower In The Sky” featuring beautiful vocals from Josefina.

We had the distinct honor to check out the simply amazing new single “Tower In The Sky “ from Mauricio Morales .

You can listen to “Tower In The Sky” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here You can watch the video for “Tower In The Skybelow

The Mexico City-born, Los Angeles-based composer and arranger, Mauricio Morales, absolutely dazzles with his new single “Tower In The Sky” Mauricio was exposed to arts at an early age, picking up his first bass guitar at 12 years old, and continued studying music with a scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston. In 2018, he moved to Los Angeles, where he eventually released his debut album “Luna” in 2021 and his second album along with Anthony Fung and Edmar ColonEclipse” in 2022. His newest track “Tower In The Sky” is an otherworldly exploration of a mysterious tower that inspires the pursuit of accomplishment.

Morales‘ “Tower in the Sky” makes an immediate impact with powerful strings and a booming beat that transport listeners to another world. Josefina Silveyra weaves her enigmatic vocals into the fabric of the jazz inspired synth doused instrumentation. Each chord progression is more dynamic than the next building anticipation with every introspective lyric. As Silveyra sings, “Sometimes I look up high and wonder why I feel the need to climb the tower in the sky,” you can sense the uncertainty and desire to keep going. The track itself encourages achievement, even when you don’t know what the future might bring. It sheds light on the fight it takes to make our dreams come true and how lonely it can feel when we finally get to the top. Mauricio Morales brings listeners another unforgettable exploration of human desire on new single, “Tower in the Sky,” out now

We are completely captivated with Mauricio Morales and his stunningly beautiful new single “Tower in the Sky “ There is a cinematic quality to the track that we love . Do yourself a favor and check “Tower In the Sky” you will be glad you did .

Miranda Joan Reminds Us To Take Pleasure In The Small Things In Life , With New Single “I’m Good”

We recently checked out Canadian born / Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Miranda Joan and her epic new single “I’m Good”

You can listen to “I’m Good “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here.

We love everything about “I’m Good “ Miranda Joan is an effortless vocalist who, has this genuine laid back vibe that is absolutely stunning. There is this R&B / Alt feel that makes this song really stand out .

She confides on the release” I wrote this song on the heels of a year that kicked my ass. It was a time when my mind, body and spirit had suffered, long and slow and I was looking for a place of peace where I could rest. Standing in the midst of the wreckage of that year, all I could see at the time was the damage, and so I wrote this song to remind myself of what still was; of the love that remained. It looked different now, but there was still so much there.” With “I’m Good” Miranda Joan reminds us to take pleasure in the small things in life.

Miranda Joan has found success sharing the stage with high profile artists including Andy Grammar, Lorde, Shawn Mendes and more.

We are completely taken with Miranda Joan and her unique and soulful blend of pop, we have a feeling we are not alone .

Give your soul a treat and check out “I’m Good “ from Miranda Joan

Rachel Bochner Gives Us The Ultimate Breakup Anthem “If I’m Gunna Be Sad (I Might As Well Look Hot Doing It)”

We recently checked out the downright electric new single “If I’m Gunna Be Sad (I Might As Well Look Hot Doing It) from sensational alt-pop singer/Songwriter Rachel Bochner. The track is from her upcoming EP due out this Summer.

You can listen to If I’m Gunna Be Sad ( I Might As Well Look Hot Doing It) Here

Photo credit – Carina Allen

If I’m Gunna Be Sad (I Might As Well Look Hot Doing It)” follows the EP’s lead single, “Sucker Punch.” Produced by and co-written with her frequent collaborator Tiger Darrow, “If I’m Gunna Be Sad (I Might As Well Look Hot Doing It)” is the ultimate breakup anthem. Over moody, distorted alt-pop production, Rachel delivers relatable truth bombs about coping with a broken heart: Cuz if I’m gunna be… sad / I’m gunna look… bad / Might as well feel hot tonight.”

Rachel elaborates on the sentiment behind the single: When I showed up at Tiger’s studio the day we wrote this single, all I knew is that I wanted to make a song we could strut to. We started off writing something that embodied more of an IDGAF attitude, but after a while we realized it just didn’t feel super authentic. There was a moment when we were working on it when we realized, okay, maybe we do kind of give a f*ck… but if we’re going to be sad, we might as well look hot doing it.”

Rachel Bochner brings her absolute “A” game with a total mesmerizing pop gem. “If I’m Gunna Be Sad (I Might As Well look Hot Doing It) A flawless vocal performance make this track…. A Must Listen

joan Delivers Absolute Magical Debut Album “superglue”

Photo : Jacob Ruth

Holy smokes we have had April 19th circled on our calendar for months… Today we finally get the debut album “superglue” via Photo Finish Records from Little Rock, Arkansas based twosome joan (Alan Benjamin Thomas and Steven Rutherford and…. It’s amazing .

You can listen to “superglue” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

“superglue” was over three years in the making. The full length album is shared with accompanying visuals for the title track. The album follows their beloved EPs portra, cloudy, hi and bye. superglue is an existential journey influenced by the duo’s recent transition into fatherhood.

“superglue” is joan at their absolute best . Each song is beautifully crafted work of art .

We were drawn instantly by the intro track, “life death& everything between” joan does a phenomenal job of placing several audio nuggets between the tracks giving the album another dimension.

We love the vibe on “simple” it has this addictive drum sound that we just love .

“loner” has this cinematic quality. We can definitely picture this song on the big screen. We had this one on repeat for quite sometime

You can check out the video for “loner” below

nervous “ takes listeners back to their own memories on the school yard experiencing their first crush. This kind of infatuation stirs a myriad of intense emotions and with “nervous”, joan brilliantly depicts that thrilling yet unsettling feeling of intoxication. The single entices with honey-dipped vocals over a unique kaleidoscope of sounds including beatboxing, clapping and lush acoustics

Fatherhood is front and center with the absolutely stunning track “monsters” This one has all the feels , simply brilliant.

However, “monsters” is not the only track to dive into fatherhood. The title track “superglue” speaks to their fatherly bond with one of the most powerful, poignant, and poetic moments on the record. “As new dads, we were like, ‘What if we wrote this about our girls?’,” recalls Alan. “We want them to know we’re superglue for them. We’re the guys you can run to when you’re sad or you want to rejoice because something happy happened at school. If you’re not a parent, it can be about someone you really care about. We’re singing it to our little girls though.”

You can check out the video for “superglue” below

We are all in on joan and their beautifully crafted debut album “superglue”

They will be hitting the road for a u.s. tour starting in May the dates are below

joan tour dates 

May 13 – The Masquerade (Hell Stage): Atlanta, GA 

May 14 – The Basement East: Nashville, TN

May 16 – Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
May 17: The Lounge @ World Cafe: Philadelphia, PA 

May 19 – The Black Cat:  Washington DC

May 20 – The Sinclair: Boston, MA

May 23 – The Velvet Underground, Toronto, ON
May 25 – Subterranean: Chicago, IL 

May 31 – Parish: Austin, TX

June 1 – Club Dada: Dallas, TX

June 3 – Valley Bar: Phoenix, AZ 

June 4 – Voodoo Room @ HOB: San Diego, CA

June 6 – Constellation Room: Santa Ana, CA

June 7 – Teragram Ballroom: Los Angeles, CA

June 8 – Popscene @ Rickshaw Shop: San Fransisco, CA

June 10 – Polaris Hall: Portland, OR

June 11 – Barboza: Seattle, WA

June 13 – Soundwell: Salt Lake City, UT

June 14 – Larimer Lounge: Denver, CO

June 15 – Resonant Head, Oklahoma City, OK

June 16 – Little Rock Music Hall: Little Rock, AR

Welsh Rockers The NOW Unleash New Single + Video ‘Girl You Got Me’; Debut LP Produced By Oli Jacobs (The 1975, Harry Styles,, Pale Waves) Out This Summer

We are absolutely digging the new single and video “Girl You Got Me” from South Wales four-piece THE NOW .

You can listen to “Girl You Got Me” on Spotify Here and Apple Music Here

You can also watch the video below

As soon as you hear bass at the intro of “Girl You Got Me” you know that The Now are about unleash an absolutely brilliant sounding song . “Girl You Got Me “ has a vibe and rhythm that is so hypnotic that you can’t help but get lost in the tracks mesmerizing sound.

Photo credit – @lloyd_the_now

Recorded at Real World Studios and produced by Grammy Award winning Oli Jacobs, who has previously worked with Harry Styles and The 1975,Girl You Got Me” tells the story “When you believe you’re set not to fall in love again after previous heartaches, that one person comes around and catches you while you’re weak and brings you back to your feet – But at the same time you’re on your knees caught up in love !”

We can not wait for the debut album to drop this summer. In the meantime we will keep “Girl You Got Me” from The Now on repeat.

Upcoming Shows:

Apr 27- Poole, UK @ Lighthouse Tickets

Apr 29 Southampton, UK @ The Attic – supporting Smokin Prophets Tickets

Apr 30 Dorset, UK @ Teddy Rocks Festival

May 12 Merthyr Tydfil, UK @ Redhouse Cymru

Jun Festival Dates: Firenze Rocks (Italy), Isle of Wight (UK) and Prague Rocks

Snailosaur Brings Their “A” Game With Their First Mini EP

We recently had the distinct privilege to check out the first mini EP from Brooklyn based Snailosaur.

You can check out the mini EP on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

You can’t help but lose yourself in the melodic and poetic goodness of Snailosaur. Brothers Paul and Dean have this amazing chemistry between them that allows them to bring well crafted melodies to life .

The first track “Fake Cobblestone Alleys” “ immediately reminded us of Dinosaur Jr. We were drawn in by the expert level of storytelling and well crafted lyrics, these guys prove right out of the gate they are tremendous songwriters.

The second track “Rescue Of Your Reach” really shows off the sharp musical ability of Snailosaur.The drumming and guitar work on Rescue Of Your Reach “ is drop dead perfect . We hit repeat on this one quite a bit

The final track on the mini EP “Bill Murray Song” is actually our favorite among the three . The track is beautifully constructed, we especially love the acoustic feel of the song . Vocally, this track is pure perfection. There is a little different tone with “Bill Murray Song” and we are all about it .

Music comes from the soul and Snailosaur gives us authentic music for the soul that is memorable and meaningful.

Jetta Juriansz Brings Heart And Soul To The Beautifully Crafted“Mine”

We had the distinct honor of recently checking out LA based musician, actor and comedian.Jetta Juriansz and her absolutely stunning track “Mine”

You can listen to “Mine” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Best known for CBS Showcase 2023, playing Ali Mills in the Pre-Broadway run of Karate Kid The Musical, and cast member of sketch comedy TV show, Studio C Also recently seen on SWAT (CBS) and this month you can catch her on Station 19 (ABC).

Jetta’s original music has hundreds of thousands of streams around the world – reaching Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia and more! Including her most popular song, “My Nothin’”, (with 757K streams on Spotify and 85K views on YouTube).

We were absolutely taken by Jetta Juriansz and her flawless and stunning vocal performance on “Mine” Jetta Juriansz sing with so much heart and soul that the song truly comes alive . We have a feeling you are going to fall in love with this amazing and powerful song.

Carver Commodore Gives Us A Refreshing Summertime Vibe With “Drown Me In Emotions“ (Video and Single)

We recently we’re excited to check out the single and video for “Drown Me In Emotions from Florence,Alabama band Carver Commodore .

You can listen to “Drown Me In Emotions“ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here You can also check out the video below

The band is composed of guitarist and vocalist Payton Pruitt, guitarist Phillip Blevins, drummer Noah Freeman, multi-instrumentalist Clayton Christopher, and bassist David Smith.

In contrast to the “swampy, soulful sound” that put their hometown on the map, Carver is known for fusing garage, indie, and pop influences into stadium-worthy rock anthems. Modern alt-giants like Cage the Elephant, Jack White, and The Strokes tend to inform Carver’s guitar-laden hooks, recording aesthetics, and signature sticky songcraft.

There is so much to love about Carver Commodore and their dynamic new single and video for “Drown Me In Emotions “ We love the summertime vibe with this song . This is a tune with a vibe and soul that you can’t help but love.

Denison Witmer Gives Us Two Amazing Versions Of His Heartwarming New Single “It’s Okay To Live A Quiet Life”

We recently checked out sensational singer-songwriter Denison Witmer and his wonderful new single “It’s Okay To Live A Quiet Life” via Asthmatic Kitty Records

There are two versions of the song “For A” and “For E” It’s Okay to Live A Quiet Life,” in Produced and performed by Witmer with help from Thomas Bartlett (Doveman, Sufjan Stevens, Taylor Swift), and Andy Park (Death Cab for Cutie, Pedro the Lion, Noah Gunderson)

You can listen to “It’s Ok To Live Quiet” ( “For A” ) on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here and you can listen to “It’s Okay To Live A Quiet Life” (“For E” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Witmer wrote “It’s Okay to Live A Quiet Life” originally as part of a side project under the moniker of Uncle Denny (a nickname Sufjan Stevens jokingly gave him when they toured together) as a challenge to produce music as quickly as possible in a first-thought-best-thought approach. Witmer wrote and recorded a song a day for a month and then released them on Bandcamp immediately after. Songs ranged from “Hello 2020” (January 1) to “Kobe Bryant” (January 26) to “Constitutional Crisis” (January 30th).

The two versions of “It’s Okay to Live a Quiet Life” reflect the various personalities and tastes of Witmer’s children. “They have different musical tastes, and I thought it would be a fun challenge to make each one in the style of music that they like,” says Witmer.

Denison Witmer has been recording and releasing music since 1995 when he released a cassette titled My Luck, My Love, under the tutelage of the Innocence Mission’s Don Peris. Since then, Witmer has been steadily releasing music every few years. He now has over a dozen critically acclaimed EPs and LPs to his name.

Looking over the arc of a career, there are moments when you got it right and moments where you didn’t,” says Witmer. “For me, music’s always about the process. It’s not always about the final product; It’s a journey. You work song by song and album by album in pursuit of your idea —I try to trust that approach.”

Sometimes music gives you these magical moments, you don’t know when they might occur , but when they do you can definitely feel it with Denison Witmer and “It’s Okay To Live A Quiet Life”

We are Over The Moon For Cape Crush and Their Spectacular New EP “San Souci

Cape Crush and their sensational debut EP San Souci is absolute music perfection. If you consider yourself a music lover “San Souci “ should be required listening.

Cape Crush is a power-pop/emo band hailing from the North Shore of Massachusetts. The band consists of scene-veterans Ali Lipman on guitar and vocals, James Christopher on guitar, Jake Letizia on bass, and Cody Rico on drums

At the beginning of April we were lucky enough to check out the stunning track “Sandwich Wars” which, made us eager for “San Souci” We can honestly tell you that “Sandwich Wars” is only the tip of the iceberg. “San Souci” is one the most complete EP’s we have heard in a long time . From start to finish there isn’t a bad track to be found.

The opening track of the EP “Avec Souci” which is the band’s latest single is well crafted beautiful melody that is the perfect opener as it shows the full range and talent of the band as a whole.

The EP does a tremendous job of providing an excellent snapshot of various moments and memories gone by .

You can listen to “San Souci on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Of the bands debut EP, ‘San Souci’(out today, Friday, April 14 via Ancient Injury Records), Lipman says, “‘San Souci’ is a collection of six songs named for the neighborhood in South Carolina I lived briefly in my early twenties. San Souci means, “without a care,” in French and I always loved the irony of living somewhere called San Souci while being full of care and worries – hence why the opening track is named, “Avec Souci,” or, “with care.” It’s a mix of older songs and newer songs that were written in response to or as a continuation of the older ones. Each song is a reflection on that time in life when your mistakes feel colossal and irreversible. I feel like the EP as a whole looks back on events from the perspective of someone who has loved, lost, and learned a little about what’s important.

There are themes of homesickness and isolation written into the lyrics – whether it’s phoning your friends back home in “Sunny & Boone” to ask them how their pets are doing, or the description of feeling like a statue in a snowglobe in “Mother’s Day.” We also explore themes of addiction and loss in both “Avec Souci,” and “Del Water Gap.” There’s a lot of personal imagery, but these are relatable themes that I hope are as cathartic to listen to as they were to write.”

The title track “San Souci” has such an electrifying groove to it . We are head over heels for the harmony and melodies. “San Souci “ has that coveted “Timeless “ quality to it that makes it relevant in almost any musical era.

We loved the story telling and stunning melodies on “Sunny &Boone “ Throughout out the well crafted EP there is this wonderful “Heart on Sleeve “ honestly that is so refreshing.

We found ourselves captivated with “Mother’s Day” The song had some really nice imagery and the vocals were absolutely flawless . We love the EP as a whole but “Mother’s Day” is definitely a favorite.

The final track “Del Water Gap” is an absolutely beautiful track . We were drawn in by the track as the beginning had this real folk feel but as the song progressed it took on a more rock feel .

On the overall writing process Ali comments James and I began arranging these songs together in the winter of 2021-22. I had wanted to put together a band for a long time and James knew just what to do with my songs. He has an incredible gift for taking a folk song and turning it into an anthem. We developed a feedback loop with each other when it came to songwriting that helped to establish our overall sound. Cody brought even more vision when he joined on the drums. He was able to pick up quickly on what we were going for and gave us a lot of driving momentum. The same is true of Jake who plays bass. It’s helpful that we share the same inspirations but aren’t trying to emulate any one band.”

As for the recording of “San Souci” Ali confides Recording at God City was so cool. I think it was a dream come true for all of us to make our EP where so much important music has been made. Hearing the songs finally come together in their final form was so exciting. We spent 5 days in the studio with Zach Weeks. He’s a fast thinker and understood the vision very quickly. He helped us get what we needed to put together something we’re proud to share. The EP was mastered by Magnus Lindberg who is also a total pro.”

Jake also commented on recording ,

God City has always been one of those “wouldn’t it be so cool if…” places that I’d hoped to record at one day. Having Zach there just made the actualization of that ‘what if’ scenario even better. Despite being friends for over a decade, I’d never had a chance to record anything with him up until this EP. He’s supportive, calm, and insightful in so many ways – I’d recommend him to anyone looking to bring the most out of their own material.”

Jake adds, “It’s been such a joy to write with these three. I’ve been lucky enough to have been friends with all of them in overlapping spheres for about 15 years, which may explain how fun and organic the songwriting process has been. Being fans of all of their other musical outputs definitely doesn’t hurt either. I’m so excited to get the rest of these songs out into the world, and continue rounding out the songs that will be on our first full length!”

Cape Crush has some live shows coming up, we have listed them below

We have said it before and will say it again… Great music is like a great piece of art it needs to be shared and enjoyed by the world “San Souci” is a beautifully crafted work of art made by three tremendously talented musicians and it needs to be shared with the world.

Upcoming shows

April 29- Salem, MA @ ChagallPAC

June 3- Allston, MA– @ O’Briens (Benefit Show For Cody Rico)

July 20-23 – Somerville, MANice, A Fest

wakelee Unveils An Absolutely Brilliant Self Titled LP

Sometimes when we review records we get one that simply just takes our breath away , this is totally without a doubt the case with Brooklyn’s indie/emo trio wakelee and their 12 track self titled album that is out today ( April 14th ) produced by Superbloom’s Brian DiMeglio (Bartees Strange, Stay Inside, Proper)

You can listen to wakelee’s self titled album on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We first fell in love with wakelee when we heard three singles ( Mood Rings,”Outside and “Everything Under The Sun” ) which, are all included on the new record. We thought the songs were well crafted songs from a band with a well oiled sound that is most definitely going places.

Photo by- Eve Mahoney

Well apparently the above mentioned songs are just the tip of the iceberg. wakelee has delivered a collection of songs that are absolutely stunning.

We were immediately impressed by the opening track “Plinko” the track is a perfectly crafted and well written song that has great pop sensibilities.

“Tug Of War” which was released as a single, has this great straight groove that really makes the song go . You can check out the video below

It is next to impossible to pick a favorite song when reviewing a record of this quality but, if we had to pick, it would be “Darkness “ not only was the instrumentation absolutely magnificent but the lyrics were brilliantly written.

Regarding the album the band says, This album represents our best ideas at the time and indicates where we’re headed next. It was a truly collaborative process putting it all together. Some songs formed in days and others months, but we believe that they all have something to offer.”

With strong standouts like “Radio Silence” and “Stuck in My Old Ways” make this album and absolute can’t miss . wakelee delivers big time with this record so find a good spot and dive right in to a most enjoyable listening experience.

It’s No Secret, Kurt Baker’s New Single Absolutely Rocks

We can’t keep it quiet any longer , Kurt Baker’s latest single “Secrets” via Wicked Cool Records is pure perfection.

Coming off the heels of his well-received 2020 LP “After Party”, critically acclaimed underground pop rock artist Kurt Baker is releasing a new standalone single titled “Secrets.”

You can listen to “Secrets” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Kurt Baker has this cool retro sound that is just amazing. It’s so refreshing to listen to a song that gets you excited. “Secrets” is text book as what a good song should sound like . We can’t get enough of this one .

Kurt says, Secrets” is a song that was influenced by classic Motown-James Jamerson basslines, mixed with a bit of Big Star high-volume guitar… I love writing and recording catchy pop songs, and the KB Band does it really well, so here’s another great example of us, doing what we do, and playing what we play. Rock on and enjoy the tune!”

We can’t wait for more music from Kurt Baker

We Can’t Stop Grooving To “Back To School” From Pink Flamingo Rhythm Review

We simply can’t get enough of Pink Flamingo Rhythm Review and the electric new single “Back To School” which is out now via Ensemble Records the indie-pop imprint of Brooklyn’s Toucan Sounds

You can listen to “Back To School” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

“Back To School “ is cool,funky, fresh and will have you pushing repeat again and again

According to Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue, Back To School is “about wanting to be with someone who is gonna give you a run for your money. Someone who rewrites the rules, and you wanna play by whatever those new rules are.”

With a mega funky, tongue-in-cheek vibe, Pink Rhythm Revue explores themes of vice, ego and heartbreak through tragic characters who can’t help but get in their own way. Called a “modern classic in waiting,” by MixMag, Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue, aka Eric ‘Doc’ Mendelsohn, has found success with over 12 million streams and has collaborated with some of Nu Disco’s biggest names, including Purple Disco Machine, Adi Oasis, Yuksek, Jean Tonique, Jacques Renault, and many more since the release of his debut self-titled EP in 2018.

People always ask us what’s hot ? what’s new? Look no further than Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue and funky fresh sounds of “Back To School”

Redshift Gives Us A Monster Groove with Single and Video for “Entropy”

It is not often that we are left speechless at The Whole Kameese….. we recently checked out the new single and video for “Entropy” from Bath (UK) based progressive-metal three-piece Redshift and yep! We were left speechless . Redshift , who will be releasing their second studio album “Laws Of Entropy” on April 28th are unlike anything we’ve ever heard …. Absolutely freaking brilliant.

You can listen to “Entropy” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here you can also watch the amazing video for “Entropy” below

“Entropy” is sort of the music version of a super hero who has the ability to be a shape shifter, in that just when you think you have the style of the song figured out BOOM it changes .

The first few seconds into “Entropy” there is this real swing feel that then switches to a real 90’s rock groove feel. “Entropy” then takes this real heavy turn that is just flat out amazing . Just when you think the tune is over it morphs again in to this phenomenal progressive rock feel .

Redshift proved in this amazingly crafted song they are clearly next level musicians with jaw dropping abilities. Liam Fear,vocals,keyboards,bass, Joshua Boniface , guitar and Jack Camp ,drums are a dynamic and tight musical unit unlike anything we’ve seen in a long while.

At it’s core Entropy is a song about the absurdity and the anxiety of an existential crisis.

We can all experience this at some point in our lives and this was an expression of the emotional journey from my personal experience. The words and feelings put into the song come from a place of uncertainty about what I was doing, where I was going, why I had made certain choices, the ones that worked out and the ones that I regret. At the time I wrote the lyrics, I was stuck in a job I didn’t like, single, and hadn’t had a sense of direction as to where I was going. At some points, I could be annoyed with myself and then laugh at myself. Sometimes, I experienced much darker thoughts with the depression I was going through. I managed to see a counselor, which did help me get a better grip on things but at the same time made me feel more peculiar and a bit mad. The end result was Entropy, (nervous breakdown, the musical),” explains lyricist Liam Fear.

For a one of a kind musical experience you need to stop what you are doing and go check out “Entropy” from Redshift, Your music loving heart will be forever grateful.

Penny Rich Take It To A Whole New Level

Cardiff-based punk three-piece Penny Rich deliver electrifying debut album “If Everyone’s An Expert..”

Now a days anyone can record an album, all you need is a computer, a microphone, and a guitar or keyboard and…. Presto “Album”

While this is done many times over and over, there are very few bands who, not only make an album but craft a “musical experience.

On their debut album “Everyone’s An Expert…” , Cardiff based punk 3-piece Penny Rich have crafted a memorable and explosive musical experience like nothing we’ve heard in quite some time.

You can listen to “Everyone’s An Expert…” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here and on Amazon Music Here

Perhaps the most impressive thing about “Everyone’s An Expert… “ is that on the surface it presents as the perfect punk record , It’s loud ,fast and epically powerful. All of those things are great qualities in a record , But “Everyone’s An Expert…“ is far more than a great sounding record. The album boldly dives deeper offering a personal take on today’s polarised political climate, whilst also taking a deep dive into singer/guitarist Ant’s personal struggles coinciding with this turbulent time.

“Everyone’s An Expert… “ is a full throttle adrenaline rush from start to finish . Penny Rich spare nothing on this amazing collection of songs . What you see is what you get and , it is because of this level of honesty that “Everyone’s An Expert.. is so special.

You are lead in to the album with the stunning opening instrumental track “View From The Shallow End” The tranquil track barrels right into the explosive “Spirals”

We in all honesty can’t get enough of “Spirals “ In our opinion “Spirals “ is Penny Rich at their absolute best . The power and fury of this track is a thing of pure beauty.

“Spirals” not only sounds amazing but, it is a brilliantly written song about finding futile solutions to life’s upward and downward spirals from the point of view of someone with underlying perfectionism and OCD. It explores the subconscious reflex of reaching for all-encompassing answers to your problems, be it a fad diet, a new routine, etc. Eventually, these solutions all ultimately fail, leaving you back at the bottom, at the start of the next spiral.

You can check out the video for “Spirals” below

The opening riff on “Sugar Pill” has this real cool early Nirvana feel to it which totally slays . The intensity of the vocals really makes this track stand out . We had this one on repeat for a while .

We always try to pick out a favorite on all the records we review . However, on a record like “Everyone’s An Expert..” it is next to impossible. But, the one track that we kept coming back to was “S.P.A.” We love everything about this song . “S.P.A. Shows how versatile Penny Rich truly are . A lot of bands only have one switch. The greatness in “S.P.A.” lies in the master class level musicianship of Penny Rich

Anthony B , vocals/Guitar , Chris Hampson , vocals/Bass and Tobias O’Reilly , Drums function as an extraordinary musical unit . We can only imagine how incredible Penny Rich is live and in person.

We’ve said it before but, it bares repeating Great records make you never forget the first time you hear them . You will definitely remember the first time you heard “If Everybody Is An Expert…” from Penny Rich

Brooklyn -Based Middle Part featuring Yuno Give Us The Epic Track “Chinatown”

We recently had the privilege to check out the new single “Chinatown” from Brooklyn based Middle-Part featuring Yuno

The punk driven power pop song is all about tackling the burn out born from life in the big city. The track is an eclectic collage of distorted guitars, crystalline synths, and anthemic vocals that deliver the chorus.

You can listen to “Chinatown “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here and not only can you listen to this amazing track but, it also has a cool animated video , you can check out below

We think it’s next to impossible to not totally fall in love with this absolutely amazing track .

“Chinatown” is an infectious punk driven pop song that is stunning perfect . We found our hitting repeat numerous time .

“I’ve been thinking we should probably get away / I’m over everything and never really thinking straight / But don’t you worry I know that we’ll find a way / The city has its way of always taking everything”

The band is joined by friend and fellow artist Yuno who provides a verse and backup for the roaring hook of the song. Together they confront the constant push and pull of wanting to leave New York City and wanting to remain in it.

And…. as we mentioned before there is a fully animated video paired with the song to follow soon after the song is officially released. The video is directed by duo Glendon & Isabella who have directed videos for artists such as Portugal the Man and Surfbort.

Do yourself a favor and check out the absolutely electric “Chinatown from Middle-Part featuring Yuno .We think this might be one of the hottest songs of the summer

We Are Absolutely In Love With The New Single “Hollywood Love” From Sweet Gloom

Photo Credit – James Duran

Today, Los Angeles-based indie pop-punk band Sweet Gloom released the single and music video for “Hollywood Love,” the lead single off their forthcoming debut album Reverie.

We are not going to pull any punches here . It was love at first listen, we absolutely loved “Hollywood Love “

You can listen to “Hollywood Love” Here and you can watch the epic video for “Hollywood Love below

The new Asian Man Records signees are fronted by Jaake Margo (Get Married). Reverie will be out this summer.

Hollywood Love” is a song about people looking past their flaws toward hope, while the lyrics touch on the wistful idealism of old movies. “I think it’s one of the catchiest songs on the record,Margo says. “It sounds like if the Ramones and Weezer wrote a song with Bowling for Soup.”

Jaake Margo continues

This song is about being in love with a woman that looks like an old Hollywood movie star,” says Jaake Margo (Get Married), lead vocalist and guitarist. Actors Gene Kelly and Kathryn Grayson are name-dropped throughout the song, directly referencing Margo’s favorite movie, 1945’s Anchors Away. “I love old movies, and you’ll hear me mention them a bunch in my lyrics.”

Hollywood Love” is at once hopeful and resigned, charting the course of a relationship that’s likely to end like all the others. But there’s still hope. “And maybe it will be resolved in time / Instead of being awful, we can step into the light,” Margo sings. “But I’m drunk in front of some MGM movie / And you’re my last thought before I fall asleep.”

“Hollywood Love “ is a total punk rock work of art, flawless vocals coupled with intoxicating melodies that stay with you long after the song ends . Sweet Gloom is a name to remember, we feel like they are just getting warmed up

Sweet Gloom is made up of Jaake Margo on lead vocals and guitar; Chris Clark (Tiny Stills) on bass and vocals; and Morris Carrillo on drums and backing vocals. Their first album, Reverie, is coming out this summer via Asian Man Records. Sweet Gloom will be hitting the road this summer on a national tour with Startle; dates and venues will be announced soon.

Teenage Wrist Shine Bright With Epic Single “Sunshine”

Today we are super excited to check out the new single “Sunshine “ the first new music from the band since the sophomore album Earth Is A Black Hole (2021). The feel-good track finds them looking towards the light while “letting go of past trauma, being present and finding love inside yourself,” according to front man Marshall Galagher.

Sunshine” features a backdrop of distorted guitars and melodic riffs that open up for Galagher’s soaring vocals. Exploring the intent behind the song’s uplifting lyrics, he says, “It’s about sharing happiness with someone else, maybe giving in to the impulse to say “fuck it” and letting yourself be free and feel something positive. It’s something new for us; I don’t think there was a single happy song in the Wrist catalog until now and we needed it.”

You Can Listen ToSunshine” Here

Teenage Wrist draw inspiration from bands like The Cure and The Smashing Pumpkins, combining the muted aggression of grunge with elements of shoegaze and alternative rock. After forming in 2015 as a side project, they released their debut EP Dazed that Spring, leading to a deal with Epitaph Records in 2017. Their full-length debut, Chrome Neon Jesus, followed in March of 2018, produced by Carlos de la Garza (Paramore, The Linda Lindas, HUNNY). After a lineup change that propelled Gallagher into the role of front man for 2021’s Earth Is a Black Hole, produced by Colin Brittain (Basement, A Day to Remember), a new era of Teenage Wrist was born.

M. Byrd Gives Us The Beautifully Crafted “Only A Feeling “

We were pleased to have recently checked out the latest single “Only A Feeling” from German-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer M. Byrd

You can listen to “Only A Feeling “ on Spotify Here

“Only A Feeling “ is a magnificently crafted song that has this amazing cinematic feel to it . We can definitely picture this track on the big screen.

Powered by a vintage OP1 drum machine, the track features airy guitars weaving around a steady beat as he tries to capture the essence of a panic attack in a song.

M. Byrd explains, I have a close friend who deals with panic attacks on a regular basis. It’s crazy to think of how something just triggers such a powerful reaction where a person has an outburst out of nowhere and ends up gasping for air. The drums even mirror this shortness of breath.”

We are absolutely captivated by the amazing energy surrounding “Only A Feeling “ M. Byrd is gifted and talented musician who crafts meaningful and thought provoking music .

Only A Feeling” follows the release of M. Byrd’s previous singles “Seed,” “Flood,” “Over You / Over Me” and “Outside Of Town,” all off his debut full-length album The Seed out June 16th.

M. Byrd has also announced a handful of European shows, starting September 14th in Paris and wrapping on October 20th in Wien. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit M. Byrd’s website HERE

Anytime Is The Perfect Time To Check Out Molly Warburton And Her Amazing New Single… “Midnight Hour”

We were over the moon to check out the new single “Midnight Hour” from Lancashire (UK) singer-songwriter Molly Warburton

You can listen to “Midnight Hour” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Molly Warburton shines ever so beautifully with her new single “Midnight Hour” Twinkling synths, euphoric harmonies and emotion-fuelled vocals, as the upbeat dance-worthy anthem shines bright with a new-found confidence and self-worth.

Midnight Hour” narrates a moment of realisation after identifying the things in your life that are holding you back. Warburton shares, “Midnight Hour was written about two friends of mine. The song is about being in a dead end relationship with someone but having a moment of madness with someone else in your friendship group – a so-called “stranger” in the song. When you can’t stop thinking about what you could have and fantasising about how young and free it would make you feel but in reality it isn’t something that would work or something anyone could ever know about.”

Give your ears a treat and check out the stunningly brilliant new single “Midnight Hour “ from Molly Warburton

Jughead’s Revenge Delivers Big Time, With Epic New Single “Bridges”

New EP Vultures out May 5 via SBAM

We are super double pumped for a new single, “Bridges “ from legendary skate punkers Jughead’s Revenge via SBÄM Recrds

You can listen to “Bridges” Here you can also listen to “Bridges” via YouTube below

“Bridges” which, will be featured the new EP “Vultures” that will be released on May 5th feature the classic skate punk sound that Jughead’s Revenge has been known for since they came out of the Los Angeles Skate Punk scene in 1990

We are totally into “Bridges” Jughead’s Revenge is blasting in all rocket boosters on this melodically brilliant track .”Bridges “ is the perfect appetizer for the new EP “Vultures”

If Kansas Had Trees Does Everything Right With “Anything Right “

so if you have been following The Whole Kameese , you know that occasionally we stumble across a band that we have never heard of before and share it on the site . Today we bring you “Anything Right” from If Kansas Had Trees . ( Spoiler alert , this song absolutely rocks! )

You can listen to “Anything Right” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

The band consists Joey Nardone,vocals,bass, Maddux Testa,vocals,guitar, Stone Magagna, drums

“Anything Right” is pure sonic perfection. The NEPA band has crafted an absolute gem . We impressed by the band’s musicianship, as they operate like a well oiled machine

Everyone is always on the look out for new music to check out , well look no further than “Anything Right “from If Kansas Had Trees

Chloe Jane Gives Us Honesty,Truth And One Amazing Beat With “Sick Of All The Sadness “

Chloe Jane keeps it real with her latest single and video “Sick Of All The Sadness “

We had the distinct honor to check out the new single and video from Chloe Jane for “Sick Of All The Sadness “

You can listen to “Sick Of All The Sadness “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here You can check out the video for “Sick Of All The Sadness “ which was directed by Caro Knapp below

We are starting to wonder if there is anything that Chloe Jane can’t do? . The 19 year old from New York is a singer ,songwriter, dancer and DJ .

What stands out to us most about Chloe Jane, is how she is able take important issues and present them in away that is relatable.

She is at the forefront of Gen Z with over 115k followers and a social media presence that is rapidly growing.

The electricity in Chloe’s voice is undeniable. There is a vibe and feel in her music that you simply can’t resist. Addictive melodies that wash over you with pop greatness you can’t ignore.

We are attracted to music and authentic, Chloe writes about her experiences with heartbreak, love, and drama as a teen growing up in the effervescent New York City. She often incorporates her concerns surrounding the unrealistic standards perpetuated by social media affecting this generation’s youth in music. Through her music, she wants to inspire her listeners to express themselves freely and to be confident in their own skin.

We think Chloe Jane is an artist with a vibe and sound that is absolutely needed in today’s world . We are absolutely loving “Sick Of All The Sadness” and we think you will love it too!

British Alt-Rock Band Wesson Delivers With Super Charged New Single “Breathing In “

We were beyond thrilled to check out a new track from British alt-rock band Wesson . We found a good listening spot and dove right into “Breathing In “ We loved the last single “Made Me Happy” so we had high hopes for “Breathing In” and….. just as we expected, Wesson did not disappoint.

You can listen to “Breathing In “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Wesson is lead by singer-songwriter Chris Wesson. Based in Milton Keynes, the four-piece band was formed under the mutual decision to find like-minded souls who needed music as part of their everyday life and essence to their being. Along with bassist Callum, guitarist Jimmy, and drummer Dale, WESSON creates music which is relatable, conversational and meaningful.

Wesson is an easy band to like , they craft smart , catchy songs that give off an amazing and refreshing positive energy .

We found ourselves immediately taken with the stunning well constructed melodies in “Breathing In”

“Breathing In” is an honest and relatable track touching on the world we live in and the everyday obstacles we face. The band shares, “Breathing In is about using unhealthy distractions to help cope with day to day living in a toxic, greedy and materialistic society. The song is also about looking for a healthy way out while accepting powerlessness within a society that is bigger than any one individual.”

Wesson is a band you can’t ignore , we have a feeling your going to have “Breathing In “ on permanent repeat

We Just Checked Out The Stunning And Soulful Debut EP “Fire Escape” From Tess Elena…. It’s An Amazing Collection Of Brilliantly Crafted Songs

We recently had the distinct honor to check out the debut EP “Fire Escape” from New York based artist Tess Elena .

You can listen to “Fire Escape “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Tess Elena has this amazing energy and vibe that comes across in her music that has such a genuine and authentic feel to it. Her soulful , jazz flavored style, is part indie pop, part folk is a refreshing approach to music that is needed in today’s musical landscape.

Her debut EP, Fire Escape, is a collection of songs written after returning to NYC from living abroad in Thailand and being thrown back into the big city hustle environment. The story behind these songs are a compilation of romantic relationships, sexual desires, and coming of age. Strong, introspective, and reminiscent, the EP oozes with soul, emulating raw emotion, and dancing between playful yet insightful and powerful yet vulnerable.

We were immediately captivated by the first track on the EP “Emotion Mommy” Tess Elena exhibits flawless vocals that are absolutely breathtaking.

Emotion Mommy,” a commentary on the unfair distribution of emotional labor in romantic partnerships and how to create clear healthy boundaries. Elena shares, “I didn’t want to be the emotional caretaker in my relationships. I wanted to capture how women in romantic relationships often carry an invisible weight of emotional labor that is often at an unfair level compared to their male partners. It started with this concept of “Emotion Mommy” that felt like it was a form of parenting in a way. I realized that it wasn’t fair to be performing all of the emotional labor in the relationship and that it should be an equal partnership. As I wrote the song, I started to think of lyrics that would demonstrate motherhood in a romantic relationship.” The empowering single enters with sultry vocals and moody instrumentation, suddenly picking up in the chorus, with jangly guitars and infectious harmonies creating a memorable listening experience.

We loved the playful vibe on Subway DMs . If we’re being honest this song stuck with us long after the music ended . “Subway DMs” shows the often shamed sexual side to women in a consenting way. Written about meeting a cute guy on the subway and feeling the sexual tension, she speaks of the push and pull of wanting to be forward but also wanting the other person to make a move.

Heart Attack” is a coming of age heartbreak song that shows the vulnerability of a girl’s first love. The artist confides, “All of these songs together create a unified full picture of what my lived experience is as a woman today. I want to show what I believe the tapestry of being a woman can look like, with all the nuance and complexity of being a human being. It’s important for artists to demonstrate through song, what we believe we are allowed to be, especially as a woman.”

Title-track “Fire Escape” shows how the songwriter’s safe space of creativity and growth of her childhood fire escape became a similar feeling in the romantic relationship she is in currently. Raw and honest, this sweet track peels back layers to the songwriter as she gives us a glimpse into her intimate feelings.

We are all in on the absolutely brilliant debut EP “Fire Escape” Tess Elena is an artist who has a breathtaking musical style that is a musical treat that can’t be missed.

Gal Musette Delivers A Beautiful “Moment” With Latest Single

We were absolutely beyond thrilled to check out the new single “Moment” from pop noir singer/songwriter and piano virtuoso Gal Musette.

You can listen to “Moment” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We were first introduced to Gal Musette through her single “Plateau” She continues to amaze with her latest single “Moment “

“Moment” is a beautifully crafted song that fully displays the full beauty of Gal Musette’s voice.

Gal shares , “Moment was a song I wrote one verse for 7 years ago, but at some point I lost the paper with lyrics on it and over time almost completely forgot the melody. Years later when I experienced a significant personal loss, I was struggling to express my grief and fell into a crippling season of writer’s block. By a stroke of serendipity, the lyric reappeared on a folded piece of paper in my glove compartment which triggered a memory of the melody, and led full circle to my finishing the song and beginning to let go.” Gal’s stunning cinematic vocals sing bittersweet melodies over intoxicatedly esoteric chamber pop soundscapes.

“Moment” will be included on Gal Musette’s upcoming album Pendulum out this summer.

Gal Musette gives us an absolute gift with “Moment”

Penny Rich Sparks Greatness With Latest Single “SPIRALS”

Cardiff based punk three piece Penny Rich unleashes latest single “SPIRALS” ahead of their debut album “If Everyone’s An Expert.. which will drop on April 14th

You can listen to “SPIRALS” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

You can watch the video for “Spirals” below

We recently checked out the latest single “SPIRALS from Cardiff based punk three-piece Penny Rich and all we can say we hope you buckle up while listening to this one … Wow !

What Penny Rich have going on with “SPIRAlS” is pure punk brilliance of the highest order . Penny Rich puts their heart and soul completely 100% into their music and you can feel it .

When asked about “SPIRALS” the band commented “‘Spirals’ is a song about finding futile solutions to life’s upward and downward spirals from the point of view of someone with underlying perfectionism and OCD. It explores the subconscious reflex of reaching for all-encompassing answers to your problems, be it a fad diet, a new routine, etc. Eventually, these solutions all ultimately fail, leaving you back at the bottom, at the start of the next spiral.

This song is very personal to Ant, who has long suffered with body dysmorphia stemming from underlying perfectionism and OCD. The song reflects the years of both physical and mental yo-yo’ing, leading to the conclusion that treating these underlying causes is the only way to eventually finding freedom from this never-ending cycle.”

Penny Rich have crafted an absolute masterpiece with “Spirals “ They have artfully sculpted an explosive melodic gem

We are counting the days until “If Everyone Is An Expert ….is released . Everyone always wants to know if we can recommend good music? Look no further than Penny Rich and the stunningly brilliant “Spirals” The boys from Cardiff have given us something spectacular.

You Will Want To Definitely Stick Around For “Stray”From Pollyanna Blue

We recently checked out “Stray” from Bristol(UK) based alt-rock duo Pollyanna Blue

You can listen to “Stray” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here and on Amazon Music Here

“Stray” is the third single taken from their upcoming EP due later this year . Produced and mixed by Ash Scott (Memorist, Harper, Anamallia), the track was inspired by a situationship that occurred between Zoe and someone who repeatedly led her on and walked in and out of her life. Zoe twisted this situationship to fashion a dramatic lyrical story depicting a feud between an owner and their stray cat.

The owner is trying to fulfill their role of caring for their pet, but no matter how much love, affection and play time they would give to this cat, it would never want to hang around. The cat is adamant to make sure that the owner knows that they do what they want, and when they want, because they will always play by their own rules,”
explains lyricist and vocalist Zoe Collins.

Zoe Collins,Vocals, Guitar and Rich Earle , Bass,Vocals have this amazing musical chemistry that really shines through on “Stray”

A well written gem full of melodic wonder and thought provoking lyrics, “Stray” is sure to stay on repeat for days. Do yourself a favor and check out “Stray” and discover the magic and mystique that is Pollyanna Blue

Already Dead Featuring BOS The Rapper, FT Hannah Joy Team Up To Deliver The Electrifying And Powerful Video For“Don’t Wake Me”

What happens when powerful musical energies work together….. Pure Magic

We recently had distinct honor to check out the epic new video for “Don’t Wake Me “from Already Dead & BOS The Rapper FT Hannah Joy

You can listen to “Don’t Wake Me” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

The video was directed by Roberto A Torrones of Berto Media, and was filmed in Methuen, and showcases this explosive collab about a never-ending wanderlust.

You can check out the epic video below

“Don’t Wake Me” is what happens when you blur the genre lines and create from within with no boundaries. The brilliant punk tones of Already Dead laced with smooth effortless style of BOS The Rapper is a combination that down right electric .

When Asked about “Don’t Wake Me” BOS The Rapper commented “It’s about traveling, the desire to move, and see new places and being restless when you’re stuck in one spot. I love an open highway at night, driving and seeing the bright lights of a big city I’ve never been to creep towards me. Something inside always wants to be some place I haven’t seen, having a beer with someone I haven’t met. It’s about dreaming of music being the vehicle that makes it happen, touring and performing in buildings we might never see again.”

The road and music are two things that go together. The video for “Don’t Wake Me “ is a beautiful video snapshot of the two .

More Great Vibes Are Coming Your Way At Warp Speed…. Eddie Japan Featuring Greg Hawkes Give Us The Spectacular Video For “Time Machine “

Photo credit- Joshua Pickering

About two weeks ago we had the absolute privilege of checking out the new Eddie Japan single featuring Greg Hawkes “Time Machine” which, in case you need a reminder we absolutely loved . We were over the moon about the vibe on this song. We honestly haven’t that much fun with a song in quite sometime.

You can listen to “Time Machine on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We included the song on our continuous playlist in the office and made a wish at 11:11 everyday that we would get more music from Eddie Japan featuring Greg Hawkes….

Well we didn’t get new music but ….. hold on to your hats…. We got a super fun video for “Time Machine “ How did we get so Lucky ???

The video takes the themes of “Time Machine” and brings them to life through a lively and super-fun visual, where the band encounters Hawkes as a mad scientist, eventually being drawn down to his basement (the real-life Halloween destination venue of Eddie Japan drummer Chuck Ferreira).

While the idea of the time machine is figurative in the song, we thought it would be fun to make it literal in the video, and have Greg play a character. In some of The Cars videos, Greg added a bit of comic relief, and knowing that he also likes to go all-out on Halloween, we felt he would be into playing the part of the mad scientist.” Eddie Japan’s David Santos

You can watch the video for “Time Machine “ below

In a world that can be a little intense at times, at least we can take a four minute and seven second trip back in time with Eddie Japan Featuring Greg Hawkes and their epic new video for “Time Machine “

You Need To Stop What Your Doing and Immediately Check out Cape Crush And Their Beyond Amazing New Single “Sandwich Wars”

Cape Crush will be releasing their debut EP “San Souci “ on April 14th

We were so excited to check out Massachusetts Power-Pop/Emo Band Cape Crush and their beyond amazing new single “Sandwich Wars “

You can listen to “Sandwich Wars” on Spotify Here, on Apple Music Here and on Amazon Music Here you can also stream on YouTube below

For those who don’t know The Whole Kameese HQ is actually located on North Shore of Massachusetts which, also happens to be where Cape Crush is from so, we were beyond psyched to check out a local band.

Full disclosure we have heard of Cape Crush but, haven’t listen to them , but…… that is about to change today as we get ready sink our teeth into “Sandwich Wars”

“Sandwich Wars “ is a melodic work of art. with flawless vocals from Ali Lipman and expert musicianship from Ali Lipman on guitar and vocals, James Christopher on guitar, Jake Letizia on bass, and Cody Rico on drums.) Cape Crush has artfully constructed an absolute gem, with “Sandwich Wars “ We think that Cape Crush may have delivered your new favorite song , you just don’t know it yet . We can not wait for their debut EP ‘San Souci’ on April 14 via Ancient Injury Records.

Harker Gives Us Greatness With Latest Single “Wasting Time”

Photo credit- Tim Greaves

We recently checked out Brighton, UK punks Harker and their brilliant new single “Wasting Time” via Wiretap Records

You can listen to “Wasting Time” Here

You can also check “Wasting Time” below

We absolutely with a capital L , LOVE the new single “Wasting Time “ from Harker . The track feels like we’ve traveled back in time to when alternative music ruled the radio airwaves and flannel was a fashion necessity.

“‘Wasting Time’ is about the breakdown of communication in modern life – it’s easy to misunderstand and mislead when you only talk through a digital screen. Talk to your loved ones in person, debate face to face, and know when to set your boundaries if it’s not working. ‘Wasting Time’ is a back to basics, 4 chord postpunk pop ruckus track – heavy hooks and fuzzed out guitar walls, just how we like it.”

You can catch Harker live starting in June, see dates below

Tour Dates:

23-25th June – Hamburg, Booze Cruise

30th June – Brighton, Prince Albert

8th July – Bolton, Right To Roam Festival

15th July – Portsmouth, Guildhall

28th October – York, One For The Road Festival

UK Garage Rock Trio The Len Price 3 Re-Releasing Acclaimed 2007 Debut LP ‘Chinese Burn’ on Vinyl For The First Time Ever w/ 4 Bonus Tracks- This Friday, April 7

Previously-Unreleased Songs “Break Your Neck” Now Streaming

You can stream “Break Your Neck” Here

We absolutely love the style and sound of The Len Price 3 , So we were excited to learn that ‘Chinese Burn’ the 2007 debut album from acclaimed UK garage rock combo The Len Price 3, will be rereleased by Wicked Cool Records, for the first time ever on vinyl on April 7, including 4 songs previously not available on the digital/cd.

The Len Price 3 are good, honest rock and roll that is tough not to like , they take the old and the new and make it a sound that is all their own and…. We love it !

One of those previously unreleased tracks “Break Your Neck” is out today to kick off pre-orders for the vinyl reissue.

Front man Glenn Page says, “”Break Your Neck”
is a song about an infamous 17th-century executioner. It was recorded during the sessions for the ‘Pictures’ album. We left it off the record because it seemed like an odd one out at the time. We had fun recording it and I think we played it live a few times. It’s got a touch of the gothic about it – maybe a Cramps vibe. I was also channeling Thee Mighty Caesars.”

We are totally digging “Break Your Neck” It has this infectious raucous retro rock sound that we love . We’ll definitely keep this one on repeat for a while. Check out upcoming The Len Price 3 tour dates below

Pre-order / Pre-Save:

North America –

UK –

Stream “Break Your Neck” here: Here

Upcoming shows:

Upcoming shows:April 28- Birmingham, UK – The Night Owl


June 2nd- Liverpool- International Pop Overthrow FestivalCavern Pub ShowCavern Club (Backstage)

June 16- London- The Dublin Castle


We Love Everything About The Spectacular New Record “Breathe” From Melonball

We had the distinct honor of checking out the debut album “Breathe” from Nuremberg Germany’s Melonball ( Spoiler Alert this record is freaking amazing)

You can listen to “Breathe” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We were completely speechless after we finished the debut album “Breathe” from Melonball. It is such a refreshing feel when a band pours their whole soul into making a record. You can hear it and feel. The creative energy coming from this record is Electric

From the opening riff on “Sicker” you just know that your ears are in for absolute treat .

“Sicker” hits like a super sonic jet , you can help but feel the power of this track.

You can check out the video for “Sicker” below

According to singer Oli, BREATHE collects social and system-critical topics, channels and breaks them down to the human feelings that are left at the end and can make you despair sometimes: It’s at least comforting and often even life-saving to know that you’re not alone, that you’re not the only person feeling overwhelmed by injustice, abuse of power and all the shit that happens everywhere, but that you’re among like-minded people who share the same attitude and morals.”

We said it before and we will say it again. Melonball crafts absolute melodic gems . Track after track the band delivers melodic magic .

One of our favorites on “Breathe” is “Move Your Mind” We love the absolute driving beat coupled with absolute flawless vocals .

Photo credit- Nadine Rodler

The tracks that really stands out to us is “We Go Down “ and “Whatever “ We absolutely love the vibe on these tunes . The tracks reminds us of the 90’s band Letters To Cleo but heavier .

We were absolutely ecstatic when we heard Melonball’s phenomenal cover of the 1985 hit “Use Your Love” from English rock band The Outfield . We would go as far to say that the Melonball version is B.TT.O. ( Better Than The Original)

Music is a universal language, music often can say things that normal communication can’t .

Melonball prove with their phenomenal debut album “Breathe” that they are expert communicators of the universal language of music.

RYMAN Delivers A Spectacular New Video

Ryman gives us his epic new video for his equally epic new song “Sex”

Last week we introduced you to 18 year old Nashville singer-songwriter Ryman and his spectacular new song “Sex”

Now we are beyond excited to share the video . Ryman has a style and vibe all his own and this video brings the song to life with stunning visuals.

The video does a fantastic job of artfully telling the story of the song. The visuals really add a whole new dimension to a perfectly crafted song.

You can check out the video for “Sex” below . You can also listen to “Sex” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

The video which , stars RYMAN and Casey Tiefermann , was written, directed and edited by Mason Mecartea . Produced by Mason Mecartea and Brice Hartwich . Director of photography John Thomas Dickson.

We are becoming more and more impressed with RYMAN. We can’t wait to see what he does next .

Robotic Hawks Run The Table….Delivering Not Only The Epic New Single”Minnesota Fats “ But…. We Also Get The “Minnesota Fats “EP Too!

We recently had the distinct honor of checking out the smoking hot new single “Minnesota Fats” from the New Hampshire power trio Robotic Hawks . We also get the Minnesota Fats” EP as well .

You can check out the epic new “Minnesota Fats EP featuring the epic single “Minnesota Fats” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Right from go with “Minnesota Fats “ you know you are getting a song and an EP that just truly rocks .We are not beating around the bush with this review. When you hear the drums on the opening track “Minnesota Fats” you just know that this is a rock song of the highest order. “Minnesota Fats “ is one of those songs that like it’s namesake has a larger than life vibe that you truly can’t ignore .

When asked about “Minnesota Fats” vocalist and guitarist Tyler Pollard remarks “I felt the story [of Fats] served as a great parallel to the struggles of musicians and artists. To non-artists, lack of financial success or global domination represents failure, losing. However, to me, I’m still here, I’m still playing and writing music that I’m proud of, which overrides that negative expectation/perception. Music is my purpose and my unwillingness to stop doing it makes me a winner. So, I guess ‘Fats’ is really about self-awareness, self-validation, ownership, and perspective. All artists are winners and losers, depending on who you ask.”

Credit – Kelly Davidson Studio

There is this raw electrifying energy with Robotic Hawks that you can’t ignore , they play a brand of infectious and fun Rock and Roll that we can’t get enough.

In addition to “Minnesota Fats “ we hit the music lottery because, we get two additional songs!!! “Turn Away “ and a cover of Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers’I’m Not Your Man.”

We absolutely love the vibe on “Turn Away “ it has this smoke filled bar room feel , that we absolutely love not to mention the flawless vocals . “I’m Not Your Man “ is a letter perfect cover of the original. However we love how Robotic Hawks artfully put their own spin on it .

We have a feeling Robotic Hawks will absolutely bring the house down at their EP release show tonight ( March 31 ) in Boston at The Square Root .

We Have “No Complaints “ About The Latest Single From Answerman….

Photo credit- Pat Piasecki

“No Complaints “ from Boston based psychedelic garage rock band Answerman is a great song , not just a good song but, a great song. Great song stay with you . You are not moved by just the melody but the lyrics as well. “No Complaints “ is a song you can’t afford to not hear.

You can listen to “No Complaints “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We already loved the last single “ Black Heart” but , “No Complaints “ took it to a whole new level .

“No Complaints “ is a sonic juggernaut that has a fearless soul , “No Complaints “ is not a song you can forget. There is a real since of honesty with the track as the song takes us into the workplace, where employees are often burned out and overworked.

When asked about “No Complaints “ Sam Pitino commented “It’s an anthem — an homage to everyone ‘sticking it out’ in toxic work situations… Written around the time I was leaving the corporate advertising world for good — during the pandemic. In advertising, you’re expected to stay late, work weekends and holidays and as long as the agency doesn’t hear of your struggles, everything’s fine. But it’s unsustainable and people find themselves depressed, anxious, overworked, and ultimately unfulfilled. This song is for them!”

As we peel back the onion on Answerman we find a band who are artfully showing a style and vibe that is both unique and needed in today’s musical landscape.

We can not wait for the band to unleash their debut album “Black Light Poster” on April 21st which is the day before their sure to be epic record release party at Faces Brewing Co. in Malden , MA

Stay Out Has Us Coming Back For More , New Album “Just Pretend “ Is Punk Rock At It’s Absolute Best!

We have had this date ( March 31st ) circled and highlighted on our calendar for months because, today is the glorious day that East Bay punks Stay Out release their stellar third album “Just Pretend”

You can listen to “Just Pretend” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

“Just Pretend” is more than just a great record. It is an absolute Punk experience.

Grant Pack , Mason McGeorge , Carl Pospiech and Nate Reynoso are fine tuned punk playing machine .

So find your preferred music listening station and strap in because Stay Out ( deliver a well crafted melodic and sonically piece of art that will blow your socks off.

From the moment you hear the feedback on the title track “Just Pretend “ it is clear that is record is going to rock. ( We can assure you that this record and band do in fact rock! )

We are absolutely obsessed with the opening melody for “Aang” and the vocals are flawless.

“Life So Lonely “ featuring punk legend Joe Queer was the first song we ever had the pleasure of listening to from Stay out and it is one of our favorites on this kick ass collection of songs.

“Clingy” is a well crafted gem that stays with you long after the song has ended .

“Nothing With Me” has this really addicting guitar rift . We may or may not have played air guitar with this song a couple hundred times.

“Kreature” is the best of both worlds it’s punk rock about a monster , seriously how can you go wrong ?

“Don’t Trust Your Government “ featuring Quin Manchester. This is such a well written punk song with great melody. The true test of a good song is if you sing along ( and yes we did)

“See You Space Cowboy..” is a great example of Stay Out dialing it down a bit and the results are epic.

Of all the non singles on “Just Pretend “ , “Not Enough “ is hands down our favorite song . We love the slower tempo it really brings a different side out of the band and… we love it

“Mothman” is the final track on the album and we love the old school feel on this track .

I overheard someone the other day saying that there not any great punk bands left …. Well obviously they have never listened to Stay Out . “Just Pretend “ is punk greatness that you must check out

Love You Later Gives Us Beautiful Honesty With “Are You Gonna Care When I Die? “

We are so excited we got another Love You Later single !!! “Are You Gonna Care When I Die “ is an absolutely amazingly crafted song .

You can listen to “Are You Gonna Care When I Die”Here

Love You Later – the project of Nashville-based artist and songwriter Lexi Aviles – hits one way out of the park with her new single, “Are You Gonna Care When I Die?,” from her forthcoming EP, ‘From The Window Seat,’ out May 5th.

Are You Gonna Care When I Die?” follows the EP’s lead single, “Girl With Headphones,” which, we had stuck in repeat for weeks . With her new single, Love You Later shows off a more vulnerable side of herself while still maintaining her dreamy alt-pop sensibilities.

“Are You Gonna Care When I Die ?” has this “heart on sleeve “ quality that draws you into the song .

I wrote ‘Are You Gonna Care When I Die’ in the midst of a time where I was drowning in rejection from the music industry, and in the real world,” she reveals. “No-one seemed to care or listen or take me seriously. I realized that the attention from these people was not worth my time or energy, and ultimately did not define me. The song is a constant reminder to myself to regain my voice and power to tell my own story. The ones that are meant to notice, will notice. Ultimately, it’s a song for anyone who feels insignificant and undermined.”

We are absolutely over the moon with “Are You Gonna Care When I Die “ Love You Later is a extraordinary musician that makes music that is absolutely magical.

You can catch Love You Later on tour , check out the dates below

Love You Later Tour Dates:
May 5 – Nashville, TN @ The End
May 22 – Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right
June 21 – Los Angeles, CA @ Moroccan Lounge
* tickets for all dates are available here

One Thing Is Loud And Clear… “Silencer “ From Lucky Thief Is An Absolute Gem

We had the absolute honor to check out Bristol (UK) based multi-instrumentalist Lucky Thief and the epic new single “Silencer”

You can listen to “Silencer” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here . You can also check out the lyric video for “Silencer” below

There is this special flash of electrifying energy with “Silencer” that is absolutely stunning

Lucky Thief is a gifted musician who masterfully crafted a brilliant display of audio greatness with “Silencer”

Giving up piano at the age of 10, Lucky Thief never cared for music lessons; instead he taught himself every instrument you hear in his music. Drawing from his own experiences of mental illness, alcohol abuse, sex and his religious upbringing, his music is reflective and relatable.

“Silencer” is the first single to be taken from his debut full-length, Silencer was recorded at Humm Studios with Dom Mitchison (The Manatees, Pet Shimmers, Heavy Lungs), mixed by Ky Witney (The Naturals) and mastered by Pete Maher (Pixies, Jack White, The Rolling Stones).

Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, Lucky Thief explains, Silencer is about being unable to control how we speak. So many people have opinions that are narrow minded, selfish and ill-considered; This song airs my frustration with them. It also looks at how hard it is for me to stay quiet, if I feel something deserves to be said, I will not be silenced.”

We were absolutely captivated by “Silencer” When we had our first listen to the track, we heard shades of Richard Patrick who is the frontman of the band Filter and also, has served as the touring guitarist for Nine Inch Nails . However , “Silencer “ has this incredible authentic soulfulness to it that really sets it apart from other tracks

Lucky Thief is sure to steal any music lovers heart with the absolute gem of a song that is “Silencer”

The Melodically Beautiful “I Don’t Blame The Rats From War Honey Is Simply Amazing

We recently had the honor and privilege to check out Brooklyn based indie rock band War Honey and their brilliantly epic new single “ I Don’t Blame The Rats” which if your scoring at home ( and we know you are ) is their first release since 2022’s EP “Last Woman Left At The Market”

You can listen to “I Don’t Blame The Rats “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

War Honey are artists of the highest degree. They have a sound , style and vibe that is simply otherworldly. Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist , Gabrielle Dana is at the center of a musical experience that is like no other . Ben Fitts, lead Guitar, David Bloom , Bass and Ian Ackerman ,Drums are an artfully and skilled group of musicians who display master class musicianship.

What drew us to War Honey and “I Don’t Blame The Rats” is the authenticity and realness that comes through loud and clear both with the band and the song . Great music is more than just words and chords, it’s a moment and feeling that stays with you . War Honey is a great band, “I Don’t Blame The Rats “ is more than a song but it is a moment and a feeling that stays with you long after the music has ended .

Jordan Duffy Delivers A Powerful New Song With “Wonder Woman”

We recently checked out the amazing new single “Wonder Woman “ from Singer. Songwriter. Musician. Sound Engineer. and producer Jordan Duffy. Duffy has an impressive four octave range , and her flawless vocals shine brightly on “Wonder Woman “

You can listen to “Wonder Woman “ on Spotify Here and Apple Music Here

For good reason, we are huge fans of positivity here at The Whole Kameese . “Wonder Woman “ from Worcester Massachusetts native Jordan Duffy (Shout to Worcester, go Woo Sox) gives us a giant dose of positivity and inspiration with her latest single “Wonder Woman “

The song is all about taking back your power, and realizing you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to in life. Jordan confides, “Everyone puts on their own armor to face the world and at the end of a long day this is the perfect song to throw on and dance your heart out to.”

Jordan Duffy is known for her fun and important musical releases touching upon subjects includings heart breaks in dive bars, female empowerment, exploding toads, one night stands, and zombie lovers. The songwriter has sung to Weird Al Yankovic and is the vocalist for the “Just Between Us” Podcast theme song.

Wonder Woman “ is a beautifully crafted song that showcases the absolutely brilliant talent that is Jordan Duffy .

Ransom And The Subset Deliver Sweet New Single With “Sara Kandi”

We were so excited to check out the sweet sounding new single “Sara Kandi “ from Washington state based Ransom And the Subset.

The band does a tremendous job in giving “Sara Kandi” a classic meets modern pop feel, inspired by hit makers like Elton John, Steely Dan, Nick Lowe, and Ben Folds Five

Their newest single, “Sara Kandi,” is the second drop off of their full-length album “Perfect Crimes” out in April.

You can listen to “Sara Kandi” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Mingled amongst modern rhythms and a rockabilly-style chorus, “Sara Kandi” explores an imaginary relationship that can only exist in your mind. It follows the tail of a man who runs into Sara Kandi at the bank, immediately infatuated by her name and the idea of who she might be in the outside world. Legendary bass player Graham Maby (Joe Jackson, They Might Be Giants, Marshal Crenshaw, Regina Spektor, Joan Baez) contributes a burgeoning bass line that undulates alongside the ruckus rocky pre-chorus. It’s a cacophony of vintage vibes and modern grooves wrapped in a storytelling style that makes room for the imagination.

We have had this one on repeat in the office for a few days . “Sara Kandi” is one of those that you just can’t shake ( that’s a good thing.

A perfect melody with flawless vocals . If your looking for your new favorite song … look no further than Ransom and the Subset and “Sara Kandi”

Like candy for your sweet tooth, “Sara Kandi “ is sweetly crafted ear candy from Ransom and the Subset that you simply cannot resist.

Vaultboy Delivers Our New Favorite Song “Way After Forever”

Sometimes songs have a way of coming into your life in the most mysterious of ways.

We happily stumbled upon “Way After Forever “ from vaultboy and we are beyond happy about it .

You can listen to “Way After Forever” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here you can also check out the lyric visual for “Way After Forever” below

Jeremiah Daly better known as vaultboy has crafted an absolute gem with “Way After Forever.

vaultboy is mostly known for his viral hit “Everything Sucks” However , vaultboy brings it to a whole level with “Way After Forever” proving he is talented and gifted songwriter that crafts meaningful and moving songs .

“Way After Forever “ is a the kind of song that makes you stop and listen ( it’s that good) vaultboy has an absolute gem of a song that you need to hear .

Why Do We LOVE Music? Look No Further Than New Jersey’s PUBLIC SERPENTS And Their Epically Amazing New Record “The Bully Puppet , And You Will Understand

We are pretty sure that if “The Bully Puppet “ from Public Serpents came out when we were younger , we would have found it during one of our local record store treks. We probably would have ran all the way home , locked ourselves in our room and listened for hours . Then we would have told all our friends how freaking cool Public Serpents are and how the “The Bully Puppet “ out via Sbäm Records is a perfectly imperfect stroke of genius

But, as luck would have it we have The Whole Kameese and we can tell even more people than in back in the day how kick-ass Public Serpents and their spectacular new record “The Bully Puppet “ is

You can listen to “The Bully Puppet “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

New Jersey crust-ska punks based Public Serpents who are fronted by Skwert drummer of the seminal squat punk band Choking Victim bring an energy and style that is just electric.

We found out favorite spot and dove head first in to “The Bully Puppet “

The opening track “When Pigs Lie” is the perfect opening track . You get to feel the full unbridled power of the tour de force that is Public Serpents. We are huge fans of the “When Pigs Lie “ video and you can watch it below. And also this video has puppets so it automatically rocks by default .

After dealing with a succession of professional and personal setbacks over the last decade, including incarceration, homelessness, and the end of his marriage, Skwert says of the 13 tracks that make up the new album: My whole life is invested in this. Artistically, physically and mentally, I’d probably die without it… there literally would be no point in living at this point.”

Every track on “Bully Puppet” is a well crafted musical statement that moves your feet and your soul.

We found ourselves attached to the frantic energy of “Not Forever “ We may have put this on repeat a couple hundred times.

Standouts like “Irreverence”, “Half Mast “and “Sorry(When I’m Gone)” make this an album that you can’t miss .

As we say with every review we do , it is next to impossible to pick a favorite track, especially on a brilliant album like “Bully Puppet” But, if we had to pick a favorite…. It would be without question the title track “Bully Puppet “ we absolutely love this track it has this unique sound and vibe to it that makes it a phenomenal track .

Public Serpents are a band that you need in your life . “Bully Puppet “ is a must have for any true music fan . A true melodic work of art that must be experienced.

The band will be hitting this road in the spring/summer beginning on April 28th in Montclair,NJ at The Meat Locker . The band will also be at Rebellion Fest on August 6th in Blackpool,UK . All other dates below .



The Meat Locker Montclair, NJ


Suburbia · Southampton, UK


Matinee Punk Show – Mix N’ Kawa – MK Bar belval · Esch-sur-Alzette

Belval, Luxembourg


MS Stubnitz · Hamburg


Wild At Heart · Berlin


Treibsand – Lübeck, Germany

SUN. Aug 6

Rebellion Fest

Blackpool, UK


Voodoo Glow Skulls

New Cross Inn · London

Eddie Japan Featuring Greg Hawkes Offer Up The Spectacular New Single “Time Machine” And … It Is Definitely Worth The Trip!

Have you ever put money in a vending machine and gotten two items for the price of one? Well, that is exactly how we feel about the new Eddie Japan song featuring Greg Hawkes “Time Machine”

You can listen to “Time Machine” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

“Time Machine” takes the unforgettable melodic sounds and electric energies of Eddie Japan and the unmistakable sound of Greg Hawkes on synthesizer and the results are stunningly brilliant.

We have in a sense won the music lottery as we are getting the amazing track “Time Machine “ today , followed by the official video for “Time Machine “ on April 5th but wait…. There’s more!!!! The brand record “Pop Fiction “ via Rum Bar Records on April 28th

“Time Machine “ is an amazing genre bending crafted song that isn’t afraid to have a sound that is both anything and everything all at once .

The song is about trying to get back to that early stage of a relationship when everything is magical – the rush of new love,” says Eddie Japan vocalist and songwriter David Santos. “It’s sort of the flip side, thematically, to the first single ‘Walk Away,’ wherein the relationship is coming to an end. The male character in the song/relationship realizes the error of his ways and wishes he could start over via time travel, figuratively speaking. We’ve probably all wished we had a time machine for one reason or another.”

It’s easy to listen to “Time Machine” and be transported with Hawkes back to The Cars’ ‘80s heyday, and assume that this pairing is a blip and a beep on both the band’s and artist’s radar. But for Eddie Japan, who have taken the stage with Hawkes to perform the music of The Cars, with an upcoming show at Daryl’s House on April 29 in the New York town of Pawling, the collaboration was the perfect tonic to enhance a career that’s already experienced highs at home and afar, from winning the 2013 Rock and Roll Rumble in Cambridge to bringing 2015 single “Albert” into homes across the globe through Rock Band 4(allowing the single to rack up more than 1 million plays on Spotify). Hawkes produced the band’s prior album, 2017’s Golden Age, and has now essentially become part of the Eddie Japan family.

“In short, it’s been a fantastic thing for the band,” Santos says of the collaboration. “The shows we do with Greg playing the music of The Cars require quite a bit of attention to detail. On the surface, Cars songs may seem like fairly straight-ahead pop songs, but there are lots of tricky bits embedded into just about every track. There is an effortless sophistication to everything they did, and so we take getting that right very seriously. It’s made us a better band. And being able to collaborate with Greg on our own music, and then to have him appear in a video, it’s like a musical Christmas morning every time he’s in the room. He’s also just a lot of fun to be around”

So whether it’s a Hot Tub or a DeLorean find your favorite time traveling device and check out “Time Machine “ from Eddie Japan featuring Greg Hawkes

Sunshine Riot Releases New Single , “Room To Moan”- A Flawless Rock Gem

We recently checked out the latest epic new single “Room To Moan” from Boston based alt-grunge band Sunshine Riot

You can listen to “Room To Moan” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Room To Moan” , the loud/quiet track is the third single from the Boston alt-grunge band’s forthcoming April EP “Loud, Bright and Violent”It was recorded with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago.

We might be showing how much of a bunch of music geeks we are ( We don’t Care) but, “Room To Moan” is such unbelievable track we couldn’t help but imagine it mingled in the soundtrack to one of our favorite films “1991: The Year Punk Broke “ In our book “Room To Moan “ has that magnetic pull that you feel with really great songs.

“Room To Moan “ is loud , a little shaky and has just a pinch of blues feel to give it extra street cred . Room To Moan” ponders the afterlife and what comes next, all in Sunshine Riot’s distinct ’90s-inspired ball-of-noise style.

There’s a line in Soundgarden’s ‘The Day I Tried To Live’, it goes ‘The lives we make / Never seem to get us anywhere but dead’. It always struck me. There’s something gripping about that lyric — I think we all do tend to make a life, at least in part, because we don’t want to think about the one certainty that makes us alive. Death is an awfully scary thing — I’m not sure what comes next. I hope it’s not nothing, forever.”Johnny Orton.

We are literally counting the days until the new EP “Loud,Bright and Violent “ comes out . We will just have to take the first three singles and put them on repeat.

Stunning Trio Holy Reptile Deliver A Hypnotic And Mesmerizing New Single “The Land”

There are some songs that are just a total experience. “The Land” from Bristol (UK) based dark-fuzz trio Holy Reptile is most certainly one of these songs .

You can listen to “The Land” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We found ourselves hanging on every word and note of “The Land” Some bands may shy away from darker tones and melodies however, Holy Reptile charges in at full speed and the results are extraordinary.

Recorded with The WytchesKristian Bell, the band approached recording in a whole new way with this release, choosing to perform the instrumental tracks live, capturing the energy of their live show directly to analogue tape.

While “The Land” is a beautifully crafted melodic gem , what is also impressive is h the track lyrically touches upon elements of southern gothic literature, drawing influence from the likes of Shirley Jackson, Hunter S. Thompson and Kathryn Scanlan.

We hopefully won’t have to wait too long for new music from Holy Reptile as a EP is due later this year .

Lilac Haze Delivers Stunning Debut Singles “The Ghost I Once Knew”/Lilac Haze

We had the absolute privilege to check out Bath (UK) based dream-pop artist Lilac Haze and her absolutely gorgeous debut singles.. “The Ghost That I once Knew”// “Lilac Haze”.

You can listen to “The Ghost That I Once Knew on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here You can also listen to “Lilac Haze” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here . You also check out the video for The Ghost That I once Knew”// “Lilac Haze” below

We listen to a lot of music here on The Whole Kameese (It’s what we do) however, very seldom are we left speechless after listening. But that is exactly what happened when we checked out the debut double singles release from Lilac Haze.

Lilac Haze is the project name for Bath-based songwriter Katrina Swift. Greatly influenced by bands of the ‘80s/’90s, Swift draws inspiration from The Cure, All About Eve, Eva Cassidy and Fleetwood Mac, combining atmospheric and ethereal textures with a sense of nostalgic romance.

Lilac Haze’s positivity stunning debut double singles The Ghost That I Once Knew // Lilac Haze were produced by Calum Wotherspoon (Nightswimming) and mastered by Adam Ayan (Paul McCartney, Lana Del Ray, Carrie Underwood), with guitarist Sam Allan (Nightswimming) and drummer Torin Moore (Nightswimming) collaborating on the tracks to create the backdrop for Swift’s hypnotic vocals.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the singles, Swift explains, “In December 2021, I wrote Ghost after a period of self-reflection during a time when I felt unsure and lost in my new surroundings. It’s a reflection of the loss of innocence as we mature… a farewell to your old self. Lilac Haze however is a song written for anyone who has been affected by loved ones lost to Alzheimer’s and Dementia.”

It is in our opinion that it is simply impossible not to be completely taken by Lilac Haze. Katrina Swift is an extraordinary talent with flawless vocals, music of this quality needs to be forever cherished and shared.

We Just Listen To The Future Of Music And… His Name Is RYMAN

You may not know 18 year old singer songwriter RYMAN and his new single “Sex” But… that’s about to change.

We recently checked out native Nashville singer-Songwriter RYMAN and his epic new single “Sex” ( Spoiler alert: this song might just be your new favorite song)

You can listen to “Sex” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We love listening to an artist that we have never heard before, it feels like Christmas morning and we never know what we might hear.

When sat down to listen to 18 year old singer songwriter RYMAN, we hit play and…… WOW!

To say we were impressed by his latest single “Sex” would be a serve understatement. RYMAN has a style and vibe that is unique and electrifying we couldn’t get enough.

“Sex” is well crafted song with well written lyrics and a great melody. We simply could not get enough of this song.

We were not surprised to learn that RYMAN has intersected with quite the diverse group of unlikely suspects from Alison Krauss, to the New York rap scene, and even Ashely Gorley. After being invited by Buddy Cannon, legendary producer (Kenny Chesney, Willie Nelson, and more) to join him for a writers round at The Bluebird Cafe he hopped on a plane the next day & wound up signing his first record deal with Cinematic Music and Jonny Shipes (who also discovered Nipsey Hussle and Sean Kingston) at the age of fifteen.

We were more than impressed with RYMAN and his epic new song “Sex” and we think you be impressed as well.

Eighty Ninety Delivers A Breathtaking New Single+Video “Stay Alive”

We had the distinct honor of checking out Eighty Ninety -The indie-pop project of brothers Abner (vocals, production) and Harper (guitar, production) James who return with the release of their new single, “Stay Alive,” from their forthcoming debut album.

You can listen to “Stay Alive” Here

You can watch the video for “Stay Alive” below

We loved the first single “2 Carat” so we were excited to jump into “Stay Alive”

“Stay Alive” is a song that is raw, intense emotion. With no guard up, Abner delivers a refreshing account of his struggle with mental health. He adds, “‘Stay Alive is about how our struggles with mental health can affect our relationships and how the things we do to cope and the people we love — and who love us — can help to get us through life’s hardest moments. For my whole life, music has been one of the tools I turn to as a listener and a musician, but I’ve never directly addressed it in a song before.”

Finding himself at a low point, Abner sat down at the piano and “Stay Alive” unfurled from there. From there, the duo transformed the confessional ballad into an uplifting pop tune that promises better days ahead.

The song is a promise to be there for myself and an acknowledgement that the more grounded part of me knows that those feelings pass, and I’ll make it through to the other side,” says Abner. “My hope is that it can also be a loving reminder to anyone else going through a hard time — and a promise to our audience that through our music we are and will always try to be there to help provide comfort and joy to anyone who listens.”

The accompanying music video, co-directed by Abner and Olivia Kimmel, captures the melancholic air of the song. Abner elaborates: “Shooting in a dreamy, vintage, almost unreal feeling and isolated setting felt like the right metaphor for that state of mind – and saving the only real sunlight for the final shot was our way of showing that ultimately this is a winnable fight, and an optimistic song.”

We are big fans of “Stay Alive “ from Eighty Ninety. It is a song full of beauty and honesty, that needs to be heard.

Caroline Romano Continues To Amaze With Her Latest Single “Guts”

We recently checked out the latest single from Caroline Romano , “Guts” (Spoiler Alert: We loved this song) Following “Fighting A War,” her recent pop-R&B collaboration with Julian Rose, “Guts” sees Caroline returning to her indie-rock roots. On “Guts,” her distinctive voice glows amidst a whirlwind of glittering guitar and frenzied percussion.

You can listen to “Guts” Here

Caroline elaborates on what inspired the new single: I’ve always had this thing in social settings — especially at house parties, bars, or really anywhere with pretty strangers — where I feel like people can see right through me, like I’m completely transparent. So, in some terrible attempt at compensation, I’ll say too much or drink too much. I end up spilling my guts to people as a form of free therapy, or self-sabotage, I’m not sure which it is. And then I watch them watch me dig myself further, with my guts on the floor in front of them. That’s how I end things before they’ve even started, and that’s what this song is about. It’s frantic and eager and frustrated all at the same time.”

Caroline Romano is most definitely a star on the rise . Caroline is a musical talent that simply cannot be overlooked. In a musical landscape that can be mundane and bland, Caroline Romano proves to be a splash of vibrant energy that is needed in today’s world.

The New Cade Hoppe Single +Video For “Moon” Is Absolutely Out Of This World.

We had the distinct honor to check out the latest single “Moon” from rising indie pop singer and songwriter Cade Hoppe

You can listen to “Moon” Here You can watch the video for “Moon” below

We continue to be impressed by Cade Hoppe, who keeps delivering amazing music every time.

“Moon” was written and produced by Cade alongside his frequent collaborator Harper James (Eighty Ninety, James Bay, Aaron Taos), and features guest musicians Rob Moose (Sufjan Stevens, Phoebe Bridgers, Taylor Swift) on strings and Dr. Blum (Twenty One Pilots, Mike Posner, Nas) on horns.

Make no mistake Cade Hoppe is “All Systems Go” with “Moon”We absolutely love the cinematic feel on “Moon” it really brings a spotlight on a well crafted song . “Moon” is a celestial yet tranquil exploration of loneliness. It’s also undoubtedly Cade’s most confident and expansive single yet.

“‘Moon’ is a song about being caught somewhere between where I’ve always been and where I’m trying to go,” he says. “To me, there’s nothing lonelier than the moon—out of Earth’s atmosphere, but still in its orbit.”Cade Hoppe

Cade Hoppe made his debut in 2021 with the release of his first EP, ‘Tell Me How It’s Worth It.’ He’s kept the momentum going with his sophomore effort, ‘Everything That’s Wrong with You,’ and a series of buzzy singles. His discography is a continually unfolding process that evolves with confidence and clarity with each new release. With his steadfast determination and undeniable talent, Cade is well on his way to becoming an indie-pop mainstay.

We have made it no secret that we absolutely love the style,sound and vibe of Cade Hoppe

Cade Hoppe gives you a song that you will be absolutely over the “Moon” for.

Alexa Cappelli Shares Heartfelt New Single “Someone Better”

We recently checked out the stunning new single “Someone Better” from Alexa Cappelli out now on Arista Records.

You can listen to “Someone Better “ Here

With deeply relatable lyrics like, “held on thinking maybe it’d be fine to / break all my rules letting myself like you / turns out we’re too different no it’s not you,” Alexa once again proves herself as a “voice of a generation” (MTV). Led by a delicate piano melody and Alexa’s commanding vocals, she bravely captures the conflicting feelings that come with letting go of someone you’ve outgrown. It’s a soul-baring track that will no doubt resonate with her fast-growing fanbase.

Alexa adds, “‘Someone Better’ is the realization that the relationship you’re in doesn’t fit the life you’re living for. There’s nothing wrong with the other person, in fact there’s really only good. But you know the future holds more growth and love for both of you apart, rather than together. Choosing yourself is way more difficult when you aren’t mad at this person who has only ever treated you right. But moving forward, there will be a day when you meet someone somewhere who does the same and is also growing in the same direction.”

Alexa Cappelli molds her songs out of heartfelt confessions, honest thoughts, and unforgettable experiences projected without filter by her traffic-stopping voice. Rather than pull any punches, the Southern California singer and songwriter opens up fearlessly with attitude and sensitivity in equal measure.

We are all in on Alexa Cappelli, she is exactly what is needed in music today . She is a gifted and talented songwriter who is highly skilled in crafting meaningful and melodic musical compositions . “Someone Better” is definitely worth the listen.

Alma Mater Release Beautiful New Single + Video …. “Mercy”

We had the distinct honor of recently checking out the brand new single “Mercy” from Oregon based duo Alma Mater (Spoiler Alert: it’s fantastic. )

You can listen to “Mercy” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here You can also check out the video below.

We fell in love with the sweet sounds of Alma Mater with their single “Fading Moon” Their new single “Mercy “ is an absolutely beautifully crafted song . We were completely awestruck from the first moment we heard it .

Alma Mater is Dirk Sullivan and Andrew Paul Woodworth. The two are veterans of the Los Angeles and of the Portland, Oregon music scenes. Sullivan was signed to Interscope Records with his band Love On Ice and Woodworth fronted Elephant Ride, signed to Sony Records. They have since spent two decades recording and touring in various projects.

“Mercy” is a heartfelt song that is all about showing compassion and love to the world . Andrew comments the song is reminder “To be kinder and to be softer when reacting to people who confuse me. Showing another human compassion and patience and empathy is such a soulful way for me to experience pride.”

You are hit with so much emotion with this song that it almost takes your breath away. Lyrically, “Mercy” is brilliantly written. We were so excited that the lyrics are included in the video because, they most certainly need to be seen .

Mercy” is produced by Gregg Williams (Sheryl Crow, The Dandy Warhols, Blitzen Trapper, Emmylou Harris)

“Mercy” features intricate acoustic guitars, floating lush melodies and emotive vocals, “Mercy” is an important folk pop anthem. We really truly connected with this stunning song and we have a feeling we are not the only ones .

A duo like Alma Mater are an important and vital piece of today’s musical landscape. Alma Mater send a musical message of positivity and compassion .It is a important message comes across beautifully in “Mercy”

It’s Thursday And… We Have More In Between Days 2023 News!!! Single-day lineups announced, hidden ticket fees eliminated!!

So if your keeping score at home… ( and we know you are) 1- it’s Thursday which logistically puts us closer to the weekend (Yay, weekend) 2- we get more news about In Between Days 2023 ( Yay,more news )

In Between Days has unveiled its daily lineups for this summer’s festival in Quincy, Massachusetts, with Modest Mouse headlining on Saturday (August 19) and Lord Huron closing out Sunday’s (August 20) slate. There will be 12 bands performing on each day across two stages, including Phantogram, Trampled By Turtles, Sunny Day Real Estate, and more; please see the full lineups below

In addition to the lineup news, (This is huge by the way) single-day passes also go on sale today, and the festival has announced it has eliminated all hidden fees in its ticket structure, giving clarity to concertgoers who are planning out their summer. Single-day GA tickets are $95.

We’re eager to provide some relief for festival-goers as they plan to join us in Quincy this summer,” says festival founder Alex Magleby. “There’s been a lot of discussion about ticket fees over the past few weeks, and our contribution to the dialogue is to ensure any ticket platform costs are baked into the price from the beginning.”

Quincy,Massachusetts, is a city that is full of history. This summer In Between Days 2023 looks to make a little history of it’s own with an amazing musical lineup and … By Eliminating hidden ticket fees . Sounds pretty revolutionary to us .