Krooked Tongue- No Vacancy Hotel

Krooked Tongue- No Vacancy Hotel

From the moment you press play on the Krooked Tongue debut EP No vacancy Hotel, you know you are listen to the future kings of music. The Bristol UK based alternative-rock 3 piece made up of Oli Rainsford Vocals/Bass , Dan Smith Guitar and Harry Pritchard Drums formed in 2019 and they are ready to dominate.

No Vacancy Hotel opens with the sonically driven hauntingly beautiful “Vampyre “ The trio gives a well connected thunderous performance leaving the listener charged up and ready for the tremendously explosive brand of music that is Krooked Tongue.

The band shows a playful side with “Freaky Love” Oli Rainsford does not only a masterful job in holding down the low end on bass but, is equally impressive with a brilliant vocal performance.

On “Swarm” you get a tour de force of driving unapologetic rock . Guitarist Dan Smith is on full display with a sound bending experience that is the equivalent of fireworks for your ears .

Drummer Harry Pritchard is truly the God of Thunder. He is consistent throughout the EP but on the title track “No Vacancy Hotel “ he really brings it and give the well crafted and lyrically stunning track the perfect punch .

You can listen to “No Vacancy Hotel “ Here

This was an extraordinary listening experience from start to finish.


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