A.A. Triggs : Sounds to Salve the Scarred and Scornful

A.A. Triggs latest offering “Sounds to Salve the Scarred and Scornful” is a collection of 16 cinematic audio nuggets that provide an unforgettable musical experience like no other . Tracks such as “Vipers, “On the Mountain” and “Smoke Em if you got Em” would be the perfect musical background for a classic spaghetti western. Other tracks are experimental in natural and Triggs puts his background as an EDM DJ to good use. The standout track is ” Nowhere Holds A Man” A.A. Triggs is brilliant on this track as he delivers a vocal performance that rivals Johnny Cash .

Do yourself a favor and find a comfortable spot and spend some time with the monumental “Sounds to Salve the Scarred and Scornful you won’t be sorry

The Whole Kameese

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