Jeffrey James – “Songs I Found In The Year I lost”

Jeffrey James “Songs I Found In The Year I Lost”

Songs are a powerful vehicle of expression.

Jeffrey James latest E.P. “Songs I Found In The Year I lost” is a musical masterpiece that touches all the senses and needs to be shared with the universe on full blast .

Nashville based Jeffrey James who was featured on NBC’s Songland was ready to take on the world with the release of his E.P. “East London “ ….then world stopped.

Jeffrey sprung into creative mode working with collaborators in L.A., London and Nashville . Three absolute gems were born within this time . “Sober” “Making it up“ and “Small Talk“ . The Other two songs “In The Back Of My Mind” and “We can Be Heroes “ were written pre-pandemic .

The soulfulness and versatility of Jeffrey James voice should be regarded as a national treasure. “Sober” soars and has an electric energy that stays with you .

“Making it up “ is a heartfelt and smart track that oozes honesty and love .

“Small Talk “ is a very well thought rhythmic track that really shows that Jeffrey James is an top notch vocalist .

In The Back of my Mind” Jeffrey James has crafted an absolute gem . It checks all the boxes . It is well written and structured and performed perfectly a truly stellar track.

The final track “We can be Heroes “ has a very uplifting feel to it almost like a rousing church hymn. It is the perfect track to close this brilliant collection of songs .

We highly recommend “Songs I Found In The Year I lost “ from Jeffrey James

You can Listen Here

Jeffrey James

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