Jeremiah Moon “Sputnik” E.P. Review

Jeremiah Moon

Jeremiah Moon is a genius.

Music needs to be fresh and inventive. We need music that makes us stand up and take notice . Enter …. Jeremiah Moon . Jeremiah Moon is a Seattle based singer/songwriter / classically-trained cellist and illustrator and is exactly the breath of fresh air needed in music today .

Jeremiah Moon’s new E.P. “Sputnik“ on Enci records is a finely woven work of art that captivates not just your ears but your soul.

Starting with the first track “Melusine “ Moon displays masterful musicianship coupled with a smart vocal performance.

The next track “Housesitting “ is a playful tune that stays with you long after the last note.

“Kinds Of Light “ is an interesting tune as it has both a very radio friendly quality to it . But, it also comes across a very cinematic piece as well .

Remember earlier? When I said Jeremiah Moon is a genius??? “Sugarbrain” is where it all comes together a well written song with a stunning arrangement. This is the kind of song that needs to be shared and appreciated with the masses. You can watch the video for “Sugarbrain” Here

The final track “Coda” is a haunting track that is a perfect ending track to an E.P. that is other worldly.

You can check out Sputnik Here

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