Little Hurt- Get out of My Life.

Little Hurt-Get out Of My Life

Every once in a while we will stumble upon an artist by accident and be totally blown away. We had one of those moments recently when we listened to LITTLE HURT and his amazing new track “Get Out of My life”

The little Hurt monicker which was Colin Dieden’s baseball nickname which was of course a nod to Chicago White Sox slugger Frank “Big Hurt “ Thomas .

Colin spent a decade touring and playing with The Mowgli’s decided he was ready to step out as a solo artist .

“Get Out of My Life” is an absolutely gem of a track that is a clinic in what great songwriting and an amazing song is all about . Do yourself a favor and check out “Get Out of My Life” because LITTLE HURT is definitely an artist you want in your life .

You can listen to “Get Out of My Life “ Here


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