Kulick- Everyone I Know will die

Kulick – Everyone I Know will die

We recently checked out the new record from Kulick “Everyone I know will Die”

We are big fans of honesty and truth here at The Whole Kameese. You definitely get straight up honesty with Kulick . The good the bad and everything in between.

Every track is full of lush melodies coupled with the smartest and sensible lyrics on the planet ( seriously they are that good) As honest as the lyrics are they are also chock full of positivity. ( Let’s face it we could all use all the positivity we can )

The album is a front to back gem but, we really enjoyed “Necessities”,“For once In My Life” The track that really stood out for us is “Don’t Think About Me “ The honesty show in the performance on this track is absolutely stunning – Bravo

You can listen to the brilliance that is “Everyone I Know Will Die “ Here

-The Whole Kameese

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