SHOUN SHOUN – “Monsters & Heroes

SHOUN SHOUN – Monsters & Men

Noise is beautiful….. Bristol UK based experimental four piece SHOUN SHOUN prove to be masters of beautiful noise with the release of their debut L.P. “Monsters & Heroes”.

Building off their E.P. “A Hundred Trips”

“Monsters & Heroes” is the perfect mix of loud commanding noise with a nice blend of dream pop thrown in . Monsters & Heroes” is a brilliantly crafted work of art that doesn’t sit still and moves and flows with emotion that is symbolic of the times in which we live in.

Vocalist, lyricist and guitarist Annette Berlin says, “The album is a fractured collection of songs, reflecting how fractured a period of time the last two years have been. Half of the songs were written and recorded before the lockdowns began and the other half recorded once the band could be together again. Some of the tracks were written in my loft during lockdown as a way to cope with the loneliness. It was all done in complete DIY fashion; I’m really inspired by bands like Bob Vylan and Du Blonde who fiercely protect their independence.”


When we sat down to listen to the record we were blown away how each track was a well constructed cinematic like body of work.

Along with the record, they are also releasing the next single “Did I Play Games” . The track is a wonderful explosion of noise and energy. The song was inspired by one of Annette’s friends who drunkenly crashed on her kitchen floor.

We enjoyed the record from front to back; however, “Much Sweeter “, “Sway”, and “Follow Me” really stood out as strong tracks. The vocal performance mixed with stellar musicianship on “Follow Me” is second to none perfection.

You can listen to “Monsters and Heroes” Here

Don’t deprive your ears any longer “Monsters and Heroes” is a must listen!


  • Annette Berlin – Vocals, Guitar
  • Boris Ming – Violin, Synth & Backing Vocals
  • Giuseppe La Rezza – Drums
  • Ole Rudd – Bass

-The Whole Kameese

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