“Tired of Being Tired”- The Moore Family Band ft: Dan Andriano from Alkaline Trio

Photo credit: Natalia Elsie

We just listened to “Tired of Being Tired “via Asian Man records by The Moore Family Band ft Dan Andriano on bass from Alkaline Trio

The track (which absolutely rocks! ) does a great job of articulating the nagging feeling of ennui that’s all too common these days in a energetic and catchy 2 minuet anthem.

The video, filmed at The Moore Family Band’s childhood home by Natalia Elise and animated by Eric La Febre (Sad Girlz Club), unfolds over the course of one uninterrupted take and is a joyous counterpart to the song’s overall message.

Alyssa,Randy, and Dylan Moore are joined by Dan Andriano from Alkaline Trio as well as Cam Macbain (Stickup Kid) on drums and Tarif Pappu (Get Married) also providing backing vocals .

The Moore Family Band has a style and sound that is both refreshing and explosive.

You can listen to “Tired of Being Tired Here

You can check out the video Here

-The Whole Kameese

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