Clo Sur featuring Nezzy “All My Fault “

Clo Sur / Nezzy – All my fault

Southern California musician / songwriter Clo Sur has released an incredible new single titled “All My Fault “ featuring budding French producer and multi instrumentalist Nezzy

We are so happy that Clo Sur and Nezzy met on YouTube because if there was a world without the amazing track “All My Fault “ that would be not cool . This track is a hypnotic modern gem of a song . “All My Fault “ has an energy that is just perfect . This song can conquer any space it is played in whether it be a sold out club or in your car. The lyrics are very relatable and give the song a very real feel . We have a feeling this song will generate quite a buzz . We can’t wait for more . You can listen to “All My Fault “ Here and watch the lyric video Here

The Whole Kameese

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