Forrest Hill- Only Love

Forrest Hill – Only Love

We recently checked out the fourth solo album from Napa ,CA based indie folk artist Forrest Hill “ Only Love”

Forrest Hill wasn’t originally going to write a fourth record . Hill has had a very rewarding career first co-founding the Boston Based Funk Rock Band “Judy’s Tiny Head” then as a successful solo artist. COVID-19 hit, his father passed away, and many existential questions came to the surface.

This record may have been a result of the lockdown however, it has a sound that goes beyond the pandemic.

Forrest Hill is an epic storyteller who has the brilliant gift Of being able to connect to the listener on a personal level .

Only Love is full of melodically smart and well written treasures that stay with you long after the last note.

The opening track “Glide” is a beautifully written breezy easy flowing song that sets a very positive tone . “Life Flows On “ is a timeless folk song that has a joyful heart.

The title track “Only Love “ is a beautiful heartfelt song that has such feeling and emotion .

Other standouts on the record include “Rolling back To you “ , “Catch The Beat

You can listen to Only Love Here

Forrest Hill has created a wonderful collection of songs . Do your soul a favor and check out the amazing Only Love .

Forrest Hill

The Whole Kameese

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