Niagara Moon-“Bad Vibes “

Niagara Moon

We recently checked out Psch-baroque indie pop artist Niagara Moon’s new track “Bad Vibes”

Bad Vibes” actually has a very cinematic dream-pop vibe that is quite enjoyable.

The track is “a parody of paranoia. A satire of superstition. “Bad Vibes” explores how fear can lead to consuming misinformation. Current events being what they are, there’s a lot to get spooked over. And certain circles of the internet can make things feel even worse…” confides Niagara Moon.

Niagara Moon whose alter ego Thomas Ervin will soon share more of his magical approach to music with the upcoming album Good Dreams .

We are excited and can’t wait to hear more creative brilliance from Niagara Moon

You can listen to bad vibes Here and see a visual Here

The Whole Kameese

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