State of the Secretary “All About”

State of the Secretary

We recently checked the new single “All About “ from State of the Secretary.

“All About” has a very classic alternative rock feel that is both familiar and welcoming. State of the Secretary mainstay Issac Anderson has achieved master level status with a well crafted song that is both relatable and chock full of melodic sensibilities.

All About is all about those feelings of being left behind as older friends sever ties when they go off to college. “On top of that, I had finally worked up the courage to ask out a female friend of mine (after about 5 years of knowing her). That resulted in me getting completely shot down, and ruining our friendship forever. All these things resulted in an overwhelming sense of loneliness, and a general ‘unwanted’ vibe,” Isaac bravely shares. The song has that spiraling-out feeling of how these painful experiences can rattle your self-esteem.

Do your self and your ears a favor and listen to “All About” you will not be disappointed.

You can listen to “All About “ Here

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