Anna Shoemaker-New Single/ Video “Mariah”

Anna Shoemaker “Mariah”

The more we hear from Anna Shoemaker the more we like.

The new single and video “Mariah “ is from her much anticipated debut album, Everything is Fine (I’m Only on Fire) out March 4th on +1 Records.

“Mariah” is a well crafted pop gem that grabs you from note one and doesn’t let go .

The “Mariah” video was shot in one take sees Anna once again collaborating with visual artist Josefine Cardoni It was terrifying because at the end I literally throw a guitar into the fire, so it was an incredibly high stakes situation,” Anna quips about the shoot

About the new single Anna writes,“’Mariah’ is very self-explanatory and maybe that’s why it feels so difficult to put out. I think my favorite thing about writing is being able to sort of create characters to get out my emotions and shitty feelings and keep them far away from me. ‘Mariah’ is all the things I wish I said in a really toxic situation. Also, I always thought Mariah Carey putting out ‘Obsessed’ in response to Eminem saying they were together was the coolest move. I think in a lot of ways, as an artist, you can use music to protect yourself. You can put everything into a song and sort of let it float away.”

We can’t wait for more from Anna Shoemaker and are super excited to listen to her debut album Everything is Fine (I’m on Fire) on March 4th

You can listen to “Mariah “ Here and you watch the video Here

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