Mae Krell-Imposter Syndrome

Fresh off a North American tour , Mae Krell gives us four beautiful well crafted gem with the release of the EP. Imposter Syndrome.

What stands out with Imposter Syndrome is how real these songs feel . The EP is named after the final single to be released, “imposter syndrome,” but was actually inspired by an experience working on one of the other tracks on the EP. Explaining how it came to be, Mae says, “while working on ‘phantom limb,’ Jakob Leventhal (producer) brought in an incredible pianist to play on the track. While sitting in the studio I had this overwhelming feeling of not being talented enough and feeling like I shouldn’t be there. Imposter syndrome is such a common feeling, especially for people from minority backgrounds, and it really hit me like a truck that day. That was then followed by going home and writing this song. Over the course of the ‘impostor syndrome’ EP, Mae masterfully and heart-wrenchingly dissects the relatable feeling of self-doubt. The songs are melodic, intimate, and packed with cathartic lyricism that will strike a chord

The opening track “Colorblind “ has very eloquent cinematic feelings while lyrically there contains a deep and heartfelt message .

The vocal acrobatics displayed on “Rest Stop” are absolutely stunning giving the song a whole new dimension . Again Mae Krell gently weaves delicate lyrics within carefully placed melodic beauty .

Our Favorite track off of Imposter Syndrome is “Phantom Limb “ As we said when we reviewed “Phantom Limb” The song is a delicate and absolutely stunning track . The song which tells the often painful tale of drug addiction and recovery. Mae bears their soul and the honesty and truthfulness of the song shines through”

Imposter Syndrome is a beautiful collection of music that needs to be heard .

The Whole Kameese

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