Gregor Barnett- Don’t Go Throwing Roses In My Grave.

We just listened to Gregor Barnett debut album “Don’t Go Throwing Roses In My Grave” The album is a powerful and well crafted body of work . If we’re being honest it’s probably the best 40 minutes and 46 seconds that we have spent in a long time .

“Don’t Go Throwing Roses In My Grave” is honest and gritty and Barnett’s voice is like a well poured whisky that has been carefully aged to perfection. The opening track “ Oh Lord , What do you know? has this great drum sound that welcomes you with open arms . “Driving Through The Night” is a melodic gem that has a great feel to it . We were hooked on the brilliant lyric “ wondering what the government knows, about crash landing Ufo’s “

Gregor shows great vocal range on “The First Dead Body I ever saw “ There is almost a throwback rockabilly feel to this track .

The title track “Don’t Go Throwing Roses In My Grave “ has a bluesy energy that races throughout the song . Barnett really delivers vocally on this one.

“Don’t Go Throwing Roses In My Grave” is Gregor Barnett on top of his game delivering a tremendous record .

Do your self a favor and check it out . You can listen Here

The Whole Kameese

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