Anna Shoemaker “Everything is Fine “ ( I’m only on Fire)

Anna Shoemaker is the real deal. Her debut “Everything Is Fine “ ( I’m only on Fire ) is a fiery collection of songs that showcase the greatness that is Anna Shoemaker .

The opening track “Until I die “ is an explosive track that shows that Anna Shoemaker is not fooling around. Her voice is a very powerful and strong instrument. I’m pretty sure she could move the Brooklyn Bridge just on the strength of her voice alone .

Anna Shoemaker – Until I die

“Sorry All The Time” has a very 80’s vibe with big melodic sounds matching Anna’s big beautiful voice .

We love the edgy feel to “On me “ but Shoemaker proves she can confidently mix a classic smooth sounding vocal with an edgy feel and make a perfectly phenomenal track .

Photo Credit: Josefine Cardoni

Mariah” is a catchy song that we have had on repeat since we reviewed it . We were impressed not only with song but the video as well . The “Mariah” video was shot in one take sees Anna once again collaborating with visual artist Josefine Cardoni It was terrifying because at the end I literally throw a guitar into the fire, so it was an incredibly high stakes situation,” Anna quips about the shoot

Anna Shoemaker – Mariah

“Scared of your Ex (Brooklyn Cowboy) This one was like stepping into a futuristic disco. We were feeling the bass line as we danced along .

“Sick!” had our favorite lyric of the record “And if I could drive until I sleep maybe I could get to you inside my dreams” an absolutely brilliant line .

Another gold star track on the record was “It’s Depression “ featuring Middle Part

The track is very well done and the collaboration between Anna and Middle Part is an absolute treat for the listener.

Everything is Fine “ (I’m on Fire) from Anna Shoemaker available now on +1 records is a positivity stunning debut from start to finish. When we got the last track “Everything is Fine “ we raced to press repeat !

You can listen to “Everything is Fine ( I’m on Fire ) Here


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