Palps- “Love,Always”


We recently listened to the latest single “Love,Always” from Essex based rock four-piece Palps. The song is taken from their upcoming album “Black Heart” due later this year.

The creativity is overflowing with this project as , they have turned eight tracks into an amazing eight chapter short film and story which, highlights the daily struggles of someone navigating their poor mental health and how it affects not only them but, those around them .

The raw emotion felt in “Love,Always” is positively stunning . While listening to the song you can’t help but feel the pain and loss that is associated with heartbreak .

Sonically in sync Palps (Alex Gray – Vocals , Guitar , Liam Kelly Guitar , Dan Chapman Bass and Hayden Crease deliver a musical accomplishment in “Love, Always “ that needs to be experienced and celebrated .

We can’t wait for the other chapters in “Black Heart” if they are anything like chapter 2 “Love,Always” then we are in for an epic album .

You can check out Love,Always on Spotify Here. You can also check out the video below

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