Ralph Of London – Yellow Sky Highway E.P.

Ralph Of London- Yellow Sky Highway

We have heard the future of music greatness and their name is Ralph Of London . Currently based between London and the North of France . Ralph Of London who formed in 2016 as a solo project by songwriter ,drummer and producer Ralph Phillips .

Ralph Of London are master craftsmen of perfectly perfected pop music . We here at The Whole Kameese have decided if we ever have to have bad news delivered to us , we want it done in song by Ralph Of London. They have an unbelievable ability to take any subject matter and give a danceable happy spin .

The wonderful rich wall of sound that is developed on Yellow Sky Highway is an absolutely stunning display of the amazing musicianship between (Ralph Phillips , Vocals,Guitar , Diane Verspeeten , Vocals, Synth, Léopold Lecoq, Backing Vocals, Synth,Bass , François Brekmans , Drums , Synth ) is an absolute thing of beauty .

Ralph Of London make spectacular use of having both lead male and lead female vocals in the band. The opening track “Rose Of Shame” is a brilliant pop tune that has a very upbeat tone matched with marvelous vocals by Diane Verspeeten accented with gorgeous harmonies.

“White Bred Blues “ comes across as a bright larger than life tune that seems like the perfect song that could energize a whole arena .

The video for “White Bred Blues “ was shot

by Sheherazade Bodin, follows a former homeless man of over twenty years through the streets as he takes her inside what his life once was.

On “Guillotine Kisses “ Ralph Of London, once again sprinkle their magical brand of pop music goodness and bring upbeat tones to an otherwise somber subject.

We liked the change of pace with “Lys” it has an almost hypnotic feel to it . Both the vocals and instruments are in perfect rhythmic sync .

The final track on the masterpiece that is Yellow Sky Highway is “Flowers Of Edo is a dreamy pop tune that flows perfectly and has almost a futuristic feel to it .

We were beyond impressed with Ralph Of London and their epic masterpiece Yellow Sky Highway because not only do they put out incredible music but the have a video game !!!!

It’s an online climate conscious video game that you can check out Here

You can check out Yellow Sky Highway on Spotify Here and on Apple music Here

Do yourself a favor and check out the amazing Ralph Of London and their masterpiece Yellow Sky Highway

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