With The Punches”Stoneham Blues “

Photo credit-Alex Zarek

We recently checked out NY pop punk vets With Punches and their sonically charged new single “Stoneham Blues “ which will be on their new EP “Discontent “ out on May 27th on Mutant League Records .

Of the new track, vocalist Jesse Vadala says, “In the time when we were touring independently and writing our own way around the country, I often felt invincible even if just for a while. Inevitably, the rubber band would snap and bad news would arrive. I would be reminded swiftly of the severity of time and certainty of death. Always mildly obsessed with thoughts of my own.

Stoneham Blues” is pure pop punk magic . With Punches display master class level musicianship that makes this song a pure masterpiece.

You can listen to “Stoneham Blues” Here

The video is below

We can’t wait to hear more from With Punches .

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