The Workday Release- “Running With The Daylight”

Southern California singer/songwriter David Ottestad’s project The Workday Release has just released a new single “Running With The Daylight,” via ENCI Records

You can’t help but feel energized with “Running With The Daylight” It is a track that is both familiar and dripping with a sense of positivity.

Ottestad says, “I wrote “Running with the Daylight” after writing a dozen heavily depressing songs. It can feel good to vent and be angry, but I think sooner or later you come to the end of that and realize life won’t change unless you do. I wanted to write a song that was all about picking yourself up and choosing to be optimistic. I hope it’s something others can find positivity and encouragement in too

You can stream “Running With The Daylight” Here

We are big fan’s of The Workday Release and can’t wait for more .

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