Blisshouse-“All Night”

The song “All Night “ is a musical tour de force packed with high energy and super sonic melody .

Sometimes you listen to a track and it just jumps out at you . This is the case with All Night “ from from Los Angeles based, Maryland born and bred artist and producer Blisshouse.

The song “came about during came to be after a couple pretty notable changes in my life. I moved back to my mom’s house in my hometown after living in Seattle for two years, along with parting ways with someone who i had been in a long term relationship with, and grown a lot with. At first, this new reality felt fresh and the familiarity of being home was comforting. Soon enough, though, the all too familiar feelings of doubt, restlessness and depression started to set in,” confides Blisshouse.

Blisshouse is the brilliant work of Sam Smisek. Blending equal parts alternative pop, hip hop, and rock, singer-songwriter and producer Sam Smisek is creating a sound that is distinctly his own. Incorporating distorted, woozy guitars and energetic, hard-hitting percussion inspired by the underground punk scene he grew up in, elements of of hip hop through 808’s and candid, direct vocals, the effective simplicity and immediacy of pop-inspired songwriting and the emotional, intimate connection that indie music emanates through honest, vulnerable lyrics and DIY instrumentation and production, Blisshouse. is the sound of the experiences of navigating through life.

We can’t wait for from Blisshouse.

You can listen “All Night “ Here

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