Krooked Tongue- “When The Beaches Bleed

Krooked Tongue- when The Beaches Bleed

“When The Beaches Bleed “ Is the follow up to the February release of their debut EP ‘No Vacancy Hotel’, which quickly amassed over 100,000 streams and saw support from the likes of Ones To Watch, HardBeat Magazine and Distorted Sound Mag, When The Beaches Bleed draws parallels between the harsh unforgiving nature of mavericks and that of a soundtrack to fill your soul with confidence, as you stare death straight in the eye.

Speaking about the upcoming single, vocalist and lyricist Oli Rainsford says, “Beaches, to me, is the ultimate homage to something I’ve always been in awe of. Big wave surfing is next level crazy and it’s an art that carries with it, high risk. This song is a tip of the hat but also, I think, doubles as a notion to not be scared to take risks and also not to fear failure. It’s a cosmic ‘fuck you, try it again’ that we often need to be encouraged to carry out. Confidence is key.”

Krooked Tongue

There is a seismic energy that slowly builds throughout the song . The hypnotic bass line lures you in as the song continues to build. The song reaches epics heights as vocalist Oil Rainsford leaves you completely mesmerized with his perfectly placed vocals .

“When The Beaches Bleed “ is a high octane song that washes over you and completely takes you in . Krooked Tongue are far and away one of the tightest bands to do it today.Their supreme musicianship is unmatched.

You can listen to “When The Beaches Bleed “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We can wait for what’s next for Krooked Tongue……

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