Rocky Votolato “Little Black Diamond “

Rocket Votolato “Little Black Diamond “

Seattle-based indie-folk hero Rocky Votolato has unveiled “Little Black Diamond” the next single off of ‘Wild Roots’— his first album in over 7 years– which will be released on September 9 via Spartan Records and Thirty Something Records (Europe/UK).

An intimate concept album inspired by and written for his family, each song is a letter dedicated to a specific family member and focused on a special memory or moment in time. After losing his child in December of 2021 in a tragic car accident, the entire album, and especially the song “Becoming Human,” now a posthumous love letter, takes on an even deeper while devastatingly bittersweet meaning.

Rocky Votolato is an incredible talent his storytelling abilities making him a once in generation type musician . He is both a honest and fresh voice that screams relatability.He’s put on track 1 and let it play all the way through type of artist.

You can listen to “Black Diamond” Here

You can watch on YouTube Here

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