sunsetto – “Drugs Are for Fun”


So we recently checked out “Drugs Are for Fun” by Toronto based singer,songwriter, and producer sunsetto. “Drugs Are for Fun” is a fun and breezy melody that is melodically pleasing.

sunsetto does a masterful job of weaving on point vocals and lyrics into the fabric of a very well written song .

sunsetto elaborates on the new single: “I wrote the song in LA last November about coping mechanisms that formed from seemingly harmless fun with partying but that led to some important conversations and changes in my life. The song is disguised as an upbeat catchy pop anthem but, at its core, is a sobering conversation between two people. Nobody is perfect, and we’re not all lucky enough to have someone in our life that cares enough to tell us we need to make a change.”

The accompanying video was shot in Nova Scotia, Canada. With his beautiful childhood landscape as a backdrop, sunsetto uses his own reflection to find comfort.

You can listen to “Drugs Are For Fun “ Here

You can watch the video for “Drugs are For Fun” Here

We are really feeling the vibe of sunsetto.

We can’t wait for more

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