Band of Silver – New Single “Machine”

Band Of Silver

We are so excited about Band Of Silver “ and their new out of this world single “Machine”

we got all the feels with this one . Band Of Silver which, is from Nashville and is made up of siblings Avery Silvernagel and her younger brothers Alex and Evan) They might be from Nashville but oh my word they ROCK!

“Machine” is song that have rocked in 1982 as it does in 2022. We absolutely love the new wave feel on “Machine”

Avery Silvernagel says, Machine” is about the feeling of losing your autonomy and your body and mind becoming disconnected. I wrote the song after being diagnosed with pituitary failure. I was told I would be dependent on hormones and drugs for the rest of my life. The experience made me realize how many tasks my body performed subconsciously that I took for granted. The thought that I would never have control over these functions again made me feel powerless, like I had lost a part of myself I never knew existed or could be taken away. I felt like my soul was trapped in a machine that constantly needed fuel and repairs in order to function.”

You can check out “Machine” Here

You can check Band Of Silver on tour with Echosmith starting on October 13th

We can not wait for more from Band Of Silver

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