Doki Doki – “Liar Liar”,

Doki Doki photo credit: Ryan Perras

We were super psyched to check out Doki Doki, a newly debuted punk band, today released their second single and music video, “Liar Liar,” via Asian Man Records. Made up of members from Dog Party, Small Crush, The Moore Family Band, and Grumpster, Doki Doki has dubbed their blended, collaborative sound “bff punk.” “Liar Liar,” like their first single, is another charged-up track riddled with sociopolitical commentary.

This song feels like your strapped on a rocket and are heading straight for the moon

The energy in this song is absolutely electrifying.

“Liar Liar” is a natural follow-up to Doki Doki’s equally energetic debut single, “I Was Killing It Man.” The band’s raw aggression and taunting chorus is packed into a punchy minute and 32 seconds.

Doki Doki is Lucy Giles of Dog Party, Logan Hammon of Small Crush, Randy Moore of The Moore Family Band, and Donnie Walsh of Grumpster. Together, their individual influences create a scathing punk sound reminiscent of ’90s riot grrrl bands

You can check out the video below

“Liar Liar “ is now out on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We can’t wait for more music from Doki Doki

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