Jesca Hoop and Elia Petridis Collaborate for the Stunning “Sudden Light “

We recently had the extreme pleasure to check out “Sudden Light “ from the amazingly talented Jesca Hoop . In addition to the very deep and moving track Jesca Hoop collaborated with Filmatics director Elia Petridis for and absolutely stunning video for “Sudden Light”

Jesca Hoop

“Sudden Light “ is a mesmerizing song that has this authentic cadence that brings you and takes you on this amazing almost out of body experience. We found ourselves completely immersed in the vocal beauty of Jesca Hoop.

Elia Petridis is a true master of his craft he eloquently uses his tremendous skill to perfectly marry the song with outstanding visuals. This is truly a magnificent collaboration that works on every level . They are definitely are a perfect creative match as this is their 8th collaboration together

Elia Petridis

You can check out “Sudden Light” below

We can not wait for Jesca Hoop to release her next album “Order Of Romance “ on September 15th . We are also hopeful for more breathtaking collaborations between Jesca Hoop and Elia Petridis .

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