The Color Study “Future-Past-Present-Tense

We recently checked out Bend,OR indie rock band The Color Study and their new single “Future-Past-Present-Tense which, also happens to be the title of their upcoming album .

This song is why music is such a beautiful form of communication. “Future-Past-Present- Tense is a big beautiful orchestral work of musical goodness . Scott Oliphant has crafted a pure masterpiece that brings you on a delightful journey filled with a million sounds of wonderment.

The record’s title track is most indicative of these sentiments, zeroing in on how interconnectedness can bring chaos into one’s life. Slow acoustics and horns steadily build up into an explosion of sound, much like reaching the a-ha moment of the impression a person or situation has made on you. “How many times have we met?/ How many lines are running parallel and never connect?” Oliphant lyrically questions mere seconds into the song. Everyone’s answers to these will be different, but the resonance is the same – whether or not you believe in fate, destiny or serendipity, you never know who or what might change your life.

The Color Study is lead by Scott Oliphant, and features Melissa Atillo on keys and vocals, Matt Jackson on bass, Miguel Mendoza on horns, Andy Jacobs on drums and vocals and Steve Reinhardt on lead guitar.

You can listen to “Future-Past-Present-Tense on Spotify Here and on SoundCloud Here

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