Scotchka- “A Dozen Red Roses, Please “ L.P.

Scotchka- “A Dozen Red Roses,Please

We recently checked out the brand new full length “A Dozen Red Roses,Please from Albany based pop punk / emo band Scotchka

To call Scotchka a pop punk / emo band is a good start but as you listen to “A Dozen Red Roses,Please” you realize that this band has a unique and innovative sound that it is almost impossible to peg them to one or two styles of music .

Formed in 2016 under a different name, the band released their first EP, Locket, as Scotchka in 2018. In 2019, the band landed on their current lineup and began working on their forthcoming debut LP, A Dozen Red Roses, Please. The band used their three years of work to revolutionize their sound.

The opening track to A Dozen Red Roses, Please “Small Talk” is a haunting instrumental with a very cinematic feel. It’s a magnificent opening track that perfectly sets up the record .

One of our favorite tracks on the record is “Kush” lead singer/ songwriter Dominick Murdock’s voice really shines brightly on this track collaborating beautifully with the artful musical arrangement.

On the track “Save” you cannot help but be drawn in by the creative and addicting guitar riffs that really bring this song to life .

Painted World “ finds the band in a perfect punk pop groove that really shows off the high quality of musicianship in Scotchka.

On “Keys to Congress” the band shows off it’s amazing versatility with a stunning performance that has almost a jam band feel to it .

A Dozen Red Roses,Please delivers from start to finish with each track highlighting the amazing talent that shines brightly in Scotchka.

The album did not disappoint and when the final track “Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Skate” (which was the perfect bow on a tremendous collection of songs) , ended we wanted more .

You can Listen to “A Dozen Red Roses,Please”below.

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