NYXEN-Debut Album- PXNK

We recently checked out Sydney based electronic artist NYXEN and the brand new album PXNK which, is out today .

Known for her intricate synth work and guitar-driven production, Chelsea Lester has carved a unique space for herself at the intersection of dance, indie, and pop music as NYXEN.

The opening track which, is the title track PXNK is an euphoric track with incredible energy getting the listener excited right away .

The next track Synthetic has a very 80’s like overtone that has a very relatable and familiar feel .

We were swept away by “Silence in Motion” a very Pop friendly track with great vocals that really stands out . We had this one on repeat since it was released as a single .


I think our favorite track on the album is “Tunnels” everything on this track was perfect . This is a sleek sounding track that hauntingly moves into your soul . The vocal performance by NYXEN is note perfect. NYXEN did a masterful job of putting together a spectacular track .

We found ourselves very intrigued with “The Search “ this song has a great melodic pace that weaves in and out the outstanding vocals leading the listener on a dream like journey.

PXNK is a phenomenal record from NYXEN who has Put together simply a breathtaking and beautiful collection of songs from start to finish .

You can listen to the magnificent album PXNK Here

Do yourself a favor and checkout this unbelievable record

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