Rocky Votolato- Texas Scorpion

Photo- April Votolato

Any day we get to listen to Rocky Votolato is indeed a very good day . We recently listened to his latest single “Texas Scorpion “ which will also be on his first new record in seven years “Wild Roots “ via Spartan Records on September 9th

If your are not familiar with Rocky Votolato your are in for an absolute treat. Seattle based indie- folk hero Rocky Votolato represents all that is good in music.

“Texas Scorpion “ is A song inspired by his conflicted relationship with his father, who rode with the motorcycle gang the Dallas Scorpions for most of his life. Handcrafted, authentic, and warm, the country tinged harmonies move the story from melancholic nostalgia to redemptive forgiveness.

Rocky Votolato is more than a musician rather a master class artist who skillful delivers honest and thought provoking melodic masterpieces .

You can listen to “Texas Scorpion “ Here

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