Stalking Gia- Saddest Happy Girl”

Stalking Gia

If there is one thing we love here at The whole Kameese it’s a great pop song. We certainly found one with “Saddest Happy Girl” by NYC based alt pop artist Stalking Gia .

The song is “about having an existential crisis, basically. The pressure of having to succeed, find your life’s purpose, and find a partner in life while keeping up appearances can be daunting.” She continues, “Being the saddest happy girl just means that at the moment nothing particularly bad happened but nothing incredibly amazing did either. It’s this middle ground of peace…relaxing smiling in the sun with an underlining shadow following you of all of the things you’re not.” The riveting alt pop single samples the classic melody of the nursery rhyme “Clementine

Did we wake up today and expect to hear a song that samples the classic melody of the nursery rhyme “Clementine? No, but … we are sure glad we did .

You can listen to “Saddest Happy Girl” on SoundCloud Here and on Spotify Here

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