sunsetto-“Late To The Party”


We were over the moon when we heard “Drugs Are For Fun” from sunsetto in July so when we got a chance to listen to his next single “late To The Party” which , is available today we were over joyed .

Co-written and produced by Michael Lantz, sunsetto’s new single instantly hooks listeners with his highly intoxicating vocals laid over lush, rhythmic production. With relatable lyrics like, “I said I’m sorry, I’m always late to the party,” the song presents itself as a sort of apology letter. sunsetto elaborates: “When you have a dream you’re working towards, it becomes your first priority, and some relationships can suffer because of the lack of attention. I acknowledge the sense of urgency in the summer to go out and fall in love and make memories, especially since summer goes by so quickly in Canada, and the pressure I felt from all directions at one point in my life.”

You can listen to “Late To The Party” Here

sunsetto will have an E.P. set to be released later this year . Don’t be “Late To The Party” and check out sunsetto you won’t regret it

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