Archer Monk- Hidden Doors

Archer Monk- Hidden Door

We recently checked out the new Archer Monk single “Hidden Doors” . Archer Monk is the pseudonym of artist T. Wold. “Hidden Door will be part of the upcoming album Joy Ride Opus.

Wold applies a stroke of music genius that combines perfect crafted melodies and wise thought provoking lyrics .As for the upcoming album

Wold has coined the genre “tumbleweed pop” for this album to describe its vibrantly eclectic stylistic palette, which encompasses Dylan/Prine-style storyteller folk, gospel, alt-country, mid-tempo Americana, hot club-style jazz, and psychedelic folk-rock. He came up in a touring, singing family, and has previously issued three EPs and two albums. “You just keep throwing spaghetti at the walls and see what sticks. I feel like I’m finally reaching my stride as a songwriter. It’s been a joy ride writing these songs,” the Mill Valley-based artist details. Joy Ride Opus features an all-star cast of musicians, including Luke Ydstie on bass and piano (Blind Pilot), Rachel Blumberg on drums (The Decemberists, Califone) and Frank Orrall as guest vocalist on “Hey Bartender” (Poi Dog Pondering, Thievery Corporation).

Witnessed as a sonic epiphany, the album’s closer, Hidden Doors, is a song based on a simple four chord groove and filled with psychedelic imagery. Without intent, the first verse was written the day before a strong mediation session deep in the redwoods and became a prescient predictor of what was to come. The last two verses were penned the day after. “While this might sound so ‘northern California’, the birds and the trees communicated to me that deep down, we all have the tools to chisel out a bit of our own happiness.” This perception is made clear in the closing lyrics: we spend most all of our days/searching for love/hoping for praise/but all of this is just inside/so open the door and open it wide.”

You can listen to “Hidden Doors” Here You can also watch the video below

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