Kris Angelis- Damn Shame Waste

We were very excited to listen to the brand new release from Kris Angelis . We first were introduced to her via the song “It’s Tumbling Me” we were instantly drawn to her incredible captivating voice . So when we got a chance to listened to Damn Shame Waste we sat back hit play and…….

The first track on Damn Shame Waste “Run”has this powerful almost hymn like feel to it . Kris Angelis has a voice that rises above the calming melodies . We found ourselves feeling reflective and at ease.

“A Different Story “ is a well crafted soulful song with a well developed story line laced with beautiful melodies and heartfelt vocals.

Inspired by her father a flight nurse in the Air Force who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s . Paper planes is a deeply personal story but, Angelis does a beautiful job of showing the importance of living in the moment .

Once we heard “Win The Game “ we suddenly realized we were listening to an absolutely special collection of flawless musical masterpieces . A symphonic cinematic opening that immediately grabs your attention followed by absolutely stunning vocal performance that is nothing short of magical .

Kris Angelis is a voice that you just don’t hear everyday . She is a spectacular talent that to be heard and celebrated. If you are looking for musical perfection look no further than Kris Angelis and her brilliant body of work “Damn Shame Waste “

You can experience the magic for yourself by listening to “Damn Shame Waste “ Here

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