NYC’s Baby Got Back Talk Release Debut EP ‘Existential Shred’

Baby Got Back Talk

We just heard the future of punk rock and it comes in the form of New York City punk band Baby Got Back Talk . This band is everything that is good about music. Great melodies and sweet hooks coupled with thought provoking lyrics Baby Got Back Talk is a band you need to know .

The band has just released it’s debut E.P. Existential Shred and by the way it freaking slays .

The opening track on the E.P “ Full Circle” is punk pop perfection . Baby Got Back Talk does a great job of crafting a sound that is very familiar but very much their own .

The next song is the sonically explosive and addictive “Season Premiere “ this song stayed with us long after we stopped listening (and that’s a good thing )

Photo- Kate Hoos

One of our favorite tracks on the E.P. Is “Don’t Go Quietly “ the song has such a strong presence the band sounds unstoppable as they power through this great track.

Do your self a favorite and check out Baby Got Back Talk and the incredible E.P. “Existential Shred” you can listen here . Here

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