Taxes- “Frozen Lake “

Taxes- Frozen Lake

So there are good songs and there are GREAT songs “Frozen Lake “ from Bay Area indie emo/sad rock band TAXES is a GREAT song.Not only is the Song great but the video kicks ass as well .

Robby Cronholm who is the main force behind Taxes shared vocals on the absolutely stunning “Frozen Lake “ with band mate Aishlin Harrison daughter of Talking Heads’ Jerry Harrison.

Some of the best songs are not always full of cheer and such is the case with Taxes new single “Frozen Lake”singing mournfully and uncertainly about relationships in his past that he now recognizes were toxic, drawing comparisons to walking farther and farther out onto a frozen lake even though everyone warns him to stop.

We simply can’t get enough of this song. “Frozen Lake” does what all the great songs do it makes you think . It makes you reflect and relate to things going on in your own life . It is truly a work of art that needs to be heard.

You can listen to “Frozen Lake” Here and you can check out the very visually pleasing video for “Frozen Lake “ below .

We can’t wait for the upcoming new album!

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