Austin, TX One-Man Band Ne’er-do-well Releases “Feel No Pain” – The Second Single Off The Upcoming Debut EP ‘Fun Days’ Out September 30

Earlier this summer we were introduced to Ne’er-do-well which is the one-man band from musical mastermind Bryan Rolli. First it was the very addictive “Compromise “ (For the record we are still singing this song in to our hairbrush… errr I mean “microphone “)

Now just in time to hold us over until the release of the E.P. “Fun Days” on September 30th we get “Feel No pain “a solid 80’s metal like song that would sound amazing in any arena . This song kicks some serious ass. Once again Bryan Rolli went back in to lab and took some massive arena quality guitar riffs , along with some perfect glass shattering screams and threw in a couple of bottles of hair spray (extra strength of course) for good measure and out came the totally awesome “Feel No Pain “You can listen to “Feel No Pain” Here

Of the track, Rolli says: “A few years ago I sang in a rock ‘n’ roll band whose guitarist fired me for a number of reasons supposedly dealing with ‘soul’ and ‘feeling,’ but which were really about me having short hair and not dressing cool enough for his liking. It was a bitter pill to swallow, but one that ultimately inspired me to launch my own project, write my own record and play every instrument myself. Looking back on it now, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Ne’er-do-well’s ‘Fun Days’ arrives on Sept. 30 and is available for preordernow. Produced by Kieran Krebs of Overcast Recordings, the five-song EP is a wry, raucous love letter to the people, places and sounds that made Rolli the person and artist he is today.

Photo Credit-TLC Photography

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