PLVTINUM has entered the building …. And he has our full attention . The new single “DIE4MYBITCH ” may turn heads with the title but truth be told this song is down right electric . PLVTINUM flat out slays the track throwing it all out there and skillfully blurring the lines and blazing his own unique style that pulls from different musical genres.

“DIE4MYBITCH “ will serve as the mesmerizing introduction to PLVTINUM’s upcoming E.P. that will be released later this year .

Pairing cinematic production with sinister yet self-aware lyrics, PLVTINUM explores his internal struggle with possessiveness on “DIE4MYBITCH.” He elaborates: “On one hand, my instinct to engage in possessive behavior can be destructive to my relationships, on the other, it can lead to elevated passion and loyalty. This song acts as a device for cathartic expression – instead of attempting to rationalize my more unsavory attributes, I lean into them.”

You can check out “DIE4MYBITCHHere

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