Bela Pierce-“More Terrible “

We recently checked out the new single “More Terrible “ from Bela Pierce .

For someone who is just 24 years old Bela Pierce is wise beyond her years . Bela who has been singing since she was 10 years old has had successful Christian music releases with “Free”and “Better” gaining 2 million streams collectively.

Despite her success in the Christian music community Bela, wanted to create music that she felt was more authentic and true to herself. Looking for a fresh start she relocated to Los Angeles.

By betting on herself Bela has created music she can really be proud of, this is clearly evident with “More Terrible “

More Terrible “ is full of raw authentic energy. Bela Pierce proves she is a fresh powerful new voice who is an extremely gifted songwriter. The whole song is a melodic masterpiece That grabs you from note one . Bela proves to be an epic storyteller as the lyrics tell a gripping and compelling story.

You can listen to “More Terrible “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We can’t not wait for more music from Bela Pierce she is an electrifying artist who is just getting started.

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