Cade Hoppe-“Faded Love”

We were thrilled beyond words to check out the new single “Faded Love” by Cade Hoppe

We are big fans of Cade Hoppe his music is full of beautiful rhythm and melody that challenges the mind and soul in an extremely thoughtful way.

The new single “Faded Love” is a syncopated jewel of a song . Cade Hoppe proves on “Faded Love “ that he is an artist on the rise who’s wonderful brand of pop is a welcoming sound on todays musical landscape.

Cade’s warm baritone vocals croon lyrics about the risks and rewards of rekindling an old flame. He adds, “just like how trends come back in style all the time and the world feels like it’s a little on edge, I think love does a similar thing sometimes. When an old love is rekindled it may be the best thing that ever happened to you… or it burns you worse the second time. You have to decide if that’s a risk you’re willing to take.”

We absolutely love watching Cade Hoppe grow with each release he puts out . Right now Cade Hoppe is one of the best kept secrets in Indie-pop however , with such a magnificent song like “Faded Love” we don’t think he’ll be a secret much longer .

You can listen to “Faded Love” Here

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