Ceara Cavalieri- “Liar Liar”

We were psyched to check out the latest single “Liar Liar ” from singer-songwriter Ceara Cavalieri

Liar Liar ” The autobiographical song was inspired when Ceara found out her boyfriend was cheating on her in Vegas with someone she used to be good friends with. She further confides, “I had a dream the night prior that he was cheating with her, and he tried denying it for weeks. Eventually, one of his friends told me the truth with screenshots, and I wrote Liar Liar the following day. It is the worst feeling when you find out your intuition was right when dealing with something like that, especially if you think you’re “in love.” I wanted to write a fun, empowering post-breakup song that you can scream in your car and help ease the pain of being cheated on, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes.

We absolutely love the raw authentic energy on this song . Ceara Cavalieri is a welcome change in today’s musical climate. She is a honest , No B.S. artist and we can’t wait to here more. You can listen to “Liar Liar Here You can also check out the video below

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